Welcome to The LT_Realm

This LT_Realm Website is Dedicated to a Key Supporter in my work and life: my Favorite Cousin and Best Friend Monique Carpenter!

Monique was a HUGE Aerosmith Fan! As you can see by the book that was left to me when my cousin passed away!

Welcome to The LT_Realm!

The Home of The Creator; The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford!

Welcome to LT_Realm site 1

Welcome to The NEW LT_Realm site 1! This is the Home of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy, The Simply Priceless Universe, The Sean James Franchise, The Deville Series, and OTHER Stories like Turner and Prissey!

As anyone can see the LT_Realm consists of everything from love stories that surround around professional wrestling to erotic horror succubus stories, and buddy cop with his partner dog stories along with superhero stories and Tom Clancy like stories in between.

On LT_Realm Site 1 you will learn about….

  • About The Rated R Novelist
  • About Various Aspects of The LT_Realm including my Editor and a Queen who had a BIG INFLUENCE on The LT_Realm During Her Time Ruling Over The LT_Realm and The Rated R Novelist
  • My History with Kink which lead to a BIG Aspect of LT_Writing
  • My Constant Struggle with Trying Not to Stay Entangled with those kinks but knowing it is about making Progress fighting bad habits and staying away from addiction than trying to be Perfect because Life in General is About Progress NOT Perfection
  • The Rated R Novelist’s Legacy along with his Supporters and Partnerships, and my Inspirations
  • There Of Course is the LTShop to buy Personalized Autographed Copies of The Rated R Novelist’s Various Work
  • There is the LTGallery, Excerpts from LT_Writing,¬† Coming Soon Page for Future Building Blocks in the LT_Realm, Contact and Personal Appearance Page

FinDom and FemDom Subject Matter is on this website so if that type of information will offend you then you need not venture any further if R Rated Subject Matter is an Issue including Kink and Various Fetishes involving Alternative Lifestyles are against your way of life then my work that is inside the LT_Realm is NOT for you, and you can venture back from here to whatever site you were previously on.

Marvel, DC, WWE all have Universes but I have the LT_Realm, and the LT_Realm is built with the finished published products from the Various Novels I write and publish while they are going through the process of being written, edited, and published during the LT_Writing stage of a novel or short story before that piece of work gets published, and becomes part of the LT_Realm!

LT_Realm Site 1 is a More Personal Site about the Writer of Kink, The Rated R Novelist, and The Creator Lee T. Lunsford. In Order to know MORE Specifics on my specific pieces of work you will need to go to LT_Realm Site 2 by clicking the WIX Image Below. Where you can read all about the various current Main Stream Projects inside the LT_Realm.

But if you are ready to learn more of a backstory on the LT_Realm including all of my Supporters, along with me The Rated R Novelist personally including my inspirations, Why Kinks ARE Involved in my work, and want to learn all the personal aspects of the LT_Realm before venturing to learning more about the Main Stream Work that builds up the LT_Realm on LT_Realm site 2 I can only suggest you Navigate Forward to the

About Lee T. Lunsford

webpage to learn MORE About me The Rated R Novelist.

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