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ABOUT ME (About Lee T. Lunsford)!

Glad to see you made it this far. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Lee Turner Lunsford, and my pen name is Lee T. Lunsford. I am The Creator and the Rated R Novelist here inside the LT_Realm.

I am turning 37 on my birthday September the 6th 2020, and I have overcome a lot of obstacles in my life, and I continue to overcome and fight back against compulsions and various problems on a daily basis.

I suffer from ADD and other learning disabilities, and am on the spectrum with autism along with suffer from a variety of other problems that sometimes take hold over my life. When I was born I was told I wouldn’t walk or talk or live a normal life but 37 years later I have done a great job proving the doctor’s wrong.

Writing is my life and has been my full time work life since 2014. I go to a variety of events throughout the year as a vendor or as a fan and that pretty much is my life now that I no longer have the job I had for 5 years at the local movie theater in town. You can find the events I attend as a Vendor on the following webpage…

Author Lee T. Lunsford Personal Appearances

I began going to events to sale my work at the Independent Bookstore “The Book Knook” back in 2013, and I have continued going to as many events as a vendor as I could find a year sometimes multiple times a year since. I have hit up more events some years since 2013 than other years but this event at the Independent Book Store where I sold out of all but two or three of the tens books I brought with me to this event.

These are books my main backer bought me at the time Charles Johnson which the world can read about on the



This folder featured in this picture to the right contains a lot of my childhood stories. Some of those stories like The Janitor were written on the word processor at my tutor’s office.

Other stories like the Gunman series were written on a typewriter and those Gunman stories are relevant today. Gunman was a childhood neighborhood cop game I played with my friends in my elementary school days. I played a character named Billy Coatman. Billy Coatman was trained in all the martial arts and fighting styles in the world, and had a lot of weapons training by the CIA. He later was blacklisted by the CIA, and after he took care of the members of the CIA that blacklisted him he became a New York Homicide Detective. That was the original Billy Coatman story line while playing the Gunman game! I wrote Gunman stories about what I played out the cop game as a kid with my friends along the line of that original Billy Coatman storyline.

Present Day Detective Billy Coatman can be found on the pages in the Simply Priceless Universe Novels! Billy Coatman in those novels is an Atlanta Detective, and is one of the Main Characters in the Simply Priceless division of the LT_Realm! The Billy Coatman backstory is different of course. Billy Coatman in Simply Priceless  is trained in martial arts at a Mixed Martial Arts academy as part of the backstory, and he is a military man. It is a story that would remind you of Martin Riggs’s story in the Lethal Weapon Franchise. In fact the original Simply Priceless Novel has a Lethal Weapon Theme with partnering up the character Simply Priceless with Detective Billy Coatman in a Forced Partnership! Martin Riggs as you can see was kind of like my hero growing up!

They said that the Marvel Comics movie Captain Marvel was going to be the first comic book movie the closest to the movie Lethal Weapon. Maybe for a movie to date Captain Marvel is the closest to Lethal Weapon but if Simply Priceless was turned into a movie people would see which movie is the closest to the Lethal Weapon Franchise, and I made that clear just fine when I commented ComicBook.com’s Retweet I made from their Original Tweet!

Below is the Synopsis for the First Book in the Simply Priceless Universe; Simply Priceless!

Simply Priceless Synopsis

Simply: Absolutely, Altogether. Priceless: Inestimable Worth, Invaluable. Ashley Hatch is a woman who’s looks are Simply Priceless but she is not an average woman. Sure she has all the physical features and feelings of a woman. Sure she is human but she’s not just human she is superhuman. In the ATL; Atlanta GA Ashley is a superhero known only as “Simply Priceless.” Billy Coatman is a renegade detective who doesn’t like rules. By actions out of their control Billy and Simply Priceless are forced to become partners to take down a massive crime family. So the adventure begins.

I live and breathe superheroes, and am a real Fan Boy that is why my MOST Planned Out Franchise that includes Several Spin Offs in the Simply Priceless Franchise because there is an entire Simply Priceless Universe Already Planned Out with These Characters which I hope to Completely Bring ALL THESE STORIES to Life Before my Death!

Another Options I have in mind to play Simply Priceless if the Simply Priceless Universe hits the BIG SCREEN and becomes more than a HARD R Superhero Novel is the Former UFC Champions and the Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey would actually be a good pick for to play Simply Priceless because she is an action star, and she is capable of conducting the stunt work that would be needed in filming a Simply Priceless Universe movie. Plus she is a trained fighter, and a professional athlete so she is in the perfect shape to play a superhero. Honestly I would love to see Ronda Rousey in a Simply Priceless costume fully dressed as Simply Priceless from head to toe. She would be an awesome pick, and if Simply Priceless was made with Rowdy Ronda Rousey as Simply Priceless I know she could put butts in seats especially if her Mile 22 co-star Mark Wahlberg was cast as Detective Billy Coatman. Imagine that Lethal Weapon type team up in the terms as Mark Wahlberg playing an adrenalin action junky Detective similar to Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon Franchise and Ronda Rousey playing Atlanta’s Guardian Angel Simply Priceless.

After All the idea of the Simply Priceless story is Lethal Weapon meets Supergirl, and if the film was made with Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey in the roles I mentioned it really would be Lethal Weapon meet Supergirl.

Putting superheroes aside for a moment I must go into that Professional Wrestling has been a key part of my life ever since I was three year’s old to hear my mom say it and this was because of the Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan.

I remember being a Hulk Hogan fan all through my childhood. My dad took me to meet Hulk Hogan in 2016 at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

I met my female professional wrestler I was a BIGGER FAN of Than Hulk Hogan and who the character Kelly Banks was depicted afterward Kelly Kelly at the 2019 July Fan Boy Expo!

Since Professional Wrestling is a Key Part of my life this is one part to where the idea of my Debut book; the Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie came from and the other part was because I just lost a good friend who I was close to for a few years when she made the choice to ditch our friendship for a romantic relationship with a middle aged man. A middle aged man who no longer wanted her being friends with me. I guess since he was old enough to be her father she listened to him like he was her father.

So one night I was watching WWE’s Version of ECW after I quit being friends with this girl on the Syfi Channel, and my Favorite Female Wrestler Kelly Kelly came out to wrestle. I wondered what life would be like to go on the road with Kelly Kelly, and be her Personal Assistant like Hollywood Celebrities have.

I fantasized on that thought for a few days before I started writing RoadieI eventually started writing Roadie before the Next Week’s ECW, and 3 weeks later I had finished rough draft manuscript for Roadie, and I published my Wrestling Romance Novel through Infinity Publishing!

Roadie was published in 2011, and at the time I got my first Royalty Check I was living 2 and a half states away from where I live at currently in my Long Term home in the state of Georgia, and I lived with not only my Girlfriend at the time but my Owner Goddess Lisa.

You might ask yourself what do you mean Owner? Because slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment.

Yes, slavery by force is illegal but here’s the thing I have always wanted to be a slave to the right girl from my furthest memories dating back to my childhood. All this is explained on the

Progress NOT Perfection and the Why Kinks Are Involved! Webpages!

I haven’t had that many girlfriends in my 37 years. I have had more female owners either Long Distance Owners or Real Life Owners in my life than Romantic Relationships. I am into Female Domination and have submitted a lot with Financial Domination to findommes. I even served one Alpha Couple in my lifetime belonging to my ex-girlfriend Goddess Brandy years after Goddess Lisa was out of my life, and the guy Goddess Brandy left me for Master Jordan. The Full Story of my FemDom Life is told on the two Webpages Listed Above from findommes I met online to the Queen who Inspired so much of the LT_Realm just in the 1ast year and a half.

Below is a series of definitions to give you a better idea what type of relationship has no pun intended Dominated the majority of my adult life.

financial domination: a form of erotic humiliation in which one person gives money and control of their finances to another.


(fin dom) noun.

A FinDomme is a Woman who practices Financial Domination.

Not to be confused with a sex-worker, this Person receives cash from a money slave because they both enjoy the fetish Financial Domination .

The two may never meet in real life.

The word came from the submissives who served the original Financial Dominatrices in the 1990’s in the yahoo chat rooms, as a shorter way to type the words Financial Dominatrix . Domme and Domina are short forms of the word Dominatrix.

MissTriss was the FIRST Black FinDomme who coined the term wallet rapist in the 90’s.


Femdom refers to a woman who is a dominant partner in BDSM sexual activities. The term can also describe the activities themselves.

I have tried to walk away from this type of relationship even though a FemDom Relationship is so easy, and so wonderful to have when I am getting along with my Owner and the Best Owner and Best FinDom Relationship I had was with Queen Bing as my LTBoss, and because She was my LTBoss for a couple of years and change and really used her position as my LTBoss in a True Managerial Role to control me with my work as a novelist from July 2018 forward off and on fore a long period of time! I loved working HARD for her. I love the type of servitude I have at Queen Bing’s Dominant Feet for ALL THE TIME I HAVE SERVED HER so much Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is Dedicated to Queen Bing, and the following webpage lives on my LT_Realm site 1 forever….

Inspired By A Queen

The relationship with Queen Bing is mostly off and is working on being permanately off as of Queen Bing’s birthday October 11th 2020. It is all about making Progress in Lige and NOT TRYING to be perfect since their is no such thing when it comes to being perfect.. All this is described on…

Progress Not Perfection


Below are ways Queen Bing has controlled me. Below is an example of the Terms and Conditions Queen Bing has given me in the past as part of an agreement for Queen Bing to give me my spot back at Her Dominant Feet!

Welcome To Hell

Monthly Payments

Will Be Received Between 1st and 5th of the month

All Extra sent will be placed in good graces for only the current month being sent. Nothing will roll over until the next month.

No Bullshit what I say goes.

Book Criteria

No social media will be shared any longer. All conversations will be via text or e-mail. Texts are limited to 2 Media Messages per day (Put ALL of your long messages into ONE message. I do not want long messages coming through my phone and being split into multiples anymore. Very small messages are allowed, nut not repetition.

Books will constantly be WRITTEN along with Promoted. Sales are important and required to maintain contact.

I do not require daily summaries any longer

I will not babysit your work or attitude

Alternative Exclusiveness

If you choose to earn the chance to change anything, I suggest thinking before speaking always. I no longer dabble much in fandom or femdom as much as I am doing much more exclusive platforms for other things. I do not have time for drama or bullshit. The chance you are receiving is one in a million.

Apologies are $10 for every time something is wrong

I work 5am=11pm Monday through Sunday now with three jobs

I have no time for bullshit or toxic behavior

You are to work hard and be-fucking-have

Queen Bing fulfills a version of the Femdom Fantasy I always wanted from the time I was 13. That relationship version is me having a Best Female Friend who I was a complete and total bitch to. The only thing that would be better than what Queen Bing gave me would be a Dominant Girlfriend I got along with, and maintained a healthy Romantic Relationship with that I was also a slave to and Owned by. Because those were my two fantasies I had growing up…

Fantasy #1 would be to be in a Dominant submissive Relationship that is Romantic and loving with whoever my girlfriend was at the time as her slave day in and day out throughout our relationship!

Fantasy #2 would be to have a friendship with a Dominant Female Best Friend where our friendship will be based on me serving as my Best Friend’s slave. Only there will be a True Friendship between us!

Recently at 37 I have tried and I continue to try to get passed these types of Domination submission Relationship again even though I have urges and continued obsession wanting to find a new Owner on one hand and on the other hand I keep behaving the same way and I have kept trying to serve Queen Bing throughout time even though I know that will cost me money, and my relationships with Queen Bing has never been 100% successful, and there has been a lot of mistreatment and abuse involved in picking the wrong people to serve.

They say the definition of insanity is keeping making the same choices and the same decisions expecting to experience something different to happen. Even though the Insanity Definition is 

What  ran me down this slippery slope about Ownership…

It wasn’t long after I was home after Goddess Lisa and my break up that I began to turn my attention towards peddling my Roadie copies selling them in person, and not just waiting for a Royalty Check to come in, and I turned back to writing again too after Goddess Lisa was completely banished from my life like the true witch in Disney Princess clothing that she was. Goddess Lisa was a true Big Bad Wolf in my life, and she was a monster over my life from July 2010 until April 2014, and I was glad for her to be gone and for Goddess Brandy to slide in the backdoor in April 2014 because Goddess Lisa was an emotionally abusive bratty monster so when Goddess Brandy slipped in the backdoor in April 2014 after meeting her on Plenty of Fish I was grateful to have Goddess Brandy to push myself with my work as a Novelist, and try to make something out of myself as a Novelist for Goddess Brandy! I busted my ass for Goddess Brandy even though she really didn’t care about my work as a Novelist like I later pushed myself to work for Queen Bing who did require me to work like I was for her under the Terms and Conditions of Queen Bing Owning me. The same two webpages mentioned above will cover plenty about Goddess Brandy and Queen Bing to go along with Goddess Lisa.

The picture to the right is Goddess Brandy holding the Roadie copy I gave her on our first date.  Holding that book for that picture is the closest she came to reading Roadie and that is only if she read the cover of the book while holding the book to photograph this picture. Goddess Lisa read different rough draft manuscripts I printed off of her of stories which some of them have been published and other’s haven’t. Even Queen Bing said she attempted to read my work I mailed her, and I know she bought e-books I published but I don’t know if she read any of it but I do know that Goddess Lisa said she read what I sent her.

Queen Bing is the MOST Dominant out of all my Dominant Owners who has been the most involved in my work even though she hasn’t gotten through all my work, and that is why the

Inspired By A Queen

webpage I mentioned earlier exists, and why Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is deducted to Queen Bing. My relationship with Queen Bing means so much to me I laid out the relationship between Alex Harris and Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat’ in the First Deville Series Novel Homecoming similar to mine and Queen Bing’s relationship. Only Alex Harris and Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat’s relationship was 100% in Real Life!

Homecoming is my erotic, succubus, horror, superhero, romance novel, and is the first in at least a three book series.

Homecoming Synopsis

Alex Harris nerdy Alex Harris just got dumped by his girlfriend who he absolutely worshiped Brooke in front of their friends and all the patrons of Club Zero. Alex separates himself from the situation and goes to the bar where he drinks himself into a stopper while talking to bartender Danielle Hell Cat a not so average jet black haired twenty something with a deep dark secret from another world. Danielle is attracted to how weak Alex is and attaches herself onto him like a leech deciding to own him as her own human dog. While this process is taking place Mandi Crimson comes on scene, and begins wrecking her own personal havoc on the city of Atlanta waiting for her chance to bring home the person she was sent after. As Crimson is burning the place down a monstrous beast destroys the people who have hurt Alex, and as time passes Alex get blamed for the horrendous murders and becomes investigated by Atlanta PD’s B-Team Detective Squad Jake Arparo and Detective Griff Gibson! All this takes place with Alex while he is learning the meaning of True slavery by the one that caught her prey Danielle Hell Cat all while Mandi Crimson is running around in the background waiting to give her prey the Homecoming trip that Crimson was sent to Atlanta GA to bring her personal prey back for. Who will win the Main Event when the final bell rings? Will Alex get passed the murder accusations or learn to accept his role as a human dog or will he ever see freedom again? And what is Danielle Hell Cat’s deep especially dark secret? Will the final homecoming take place in this HARD R Superhero Type Action Pure Horror Adventure? Welcome to a New Level of destruction inside the LT_Realm!

I never dreamed beginning with Roadie in 2011 that it would ever lead to the library below which would include a published novel like Homecoming.

I also never dreamed an entire Simply Priceless Universe would be coming together from the HARD R 2017 Simply Priceless novel I released that September. Up to date here in the beginning of 2020 there are 3 Simply Priceless Universe Novels.

But I am a lot more than superhero novels and the LT_Realm is a lot more that Wrestling Romance Novels. Two books that are not superhero related so far in the LT_Realm are Turner and Prissey and the First Novel of the Sean James Franchise Armageddon.

Turner and Prissey is my buddy cop buddy dog novel that was modeled after any of the movies with similar subject matter like the K9 Franchise and Turner and Hooch only the wild beast in Turner and Prissey is a Chihuahua. The Synopsis for Turner and Prissey is below.

This book is in the image of the K9 movie franchise or Turner & Prissey only with a much smaller dog; a Chihuaha named Prissey! Mark Turner is a Private Investigator on the case of a steroid ring when the death of his mother happens, and he gets his inheritance; her Chihuahua Prissey! Mark Turner must adapt to a new life as a Fur Daddy! Mark must learn to adapt to a new life trying to cope with the death of his mother, trying to continue his work as a PI, trying to deal with the limited personal life he has had, and trying to raise a Chihuaha devil who he is in a love/hate relationship with. Mark is unsure what will happen on a daily basis now with inheriting Prissey life just got that much more complicated while he is on the biggest case of his career! Will life settle down for Mark? Only time will tell!

This book is dedicated to my mom and you can find the dedication on the


webpage. Along with the dedication to my dad from the First Book of the Sean James Franchise Armageddon on that same webpage above. Below is the synopsis to Armageddon.

Sean James was at home planning for a normal night until his roommate Brandy came home safe and sound but instead of a quiet night in front of the TV he was called into work by his British speaking operative who ruled his life ever since he left the military, and got a job with the CIA. The night and actions that was about to take place were going to be pure hell as it seemed like with terror attack after terror attack which were conducted throughout Sean’s time period trying to take down a coalition of various terrorist from different countries who formed a true Axis of Evil, and planned to use every type of terrorist attack to destroy America in a short time period. Sean James was teamed with another operative named Mel who was Australian, and they were the ultimate Martin Riggs teamed with a cloned Martin Riggs character from the Lethal Weapon movies creating the Ultimate Action Packed Combination! They were a couple of maniacs out on a mission to save the United States from several events that would claim more lives than the Nine Eleven terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center in New York years back! Only these terrorist weren’t only attacking the United States they decided to get personal and wage war on Sean’s personal life by going after Brandy! Will Sean James be able to complete both missions in time saving Brandy and her fiancee from danger along with saving the United States from chaos! Who knows but if anybody has a chance to do so; he does! Enough Said!

 The LT_Realm is NOT STRICTLY a HARD R LIBRARY and is NOT STRICTLY a SUPERHERO LIBRARY! I am capable of writing more family friendly stories like Turner and Prissey and I am capable of writing storylines that have nothing to do with being a superhero with superpowers trying to stop supervillains. 

If I am not working at a comic con, wrestle con, or other event which you can see my schedule on the below webpage as I mentioned at the start of this page.

Author Lee T. Lunsford Personal Appearances

I am going to the same types of events as a fan, and talking to different celebrities about my work. Whether it is actors and actresses about the Simply Priceless Universe or it is wrestlers about Roadie and the Wrestling Romance Trilogy. A number of these celebrities and wrestlers got FREE SIGNED COPIES of the book I brought to their attention.

This process began with Ms. Payton Banks from TNA Wrestling (Total Non-Stop Action) when I used to be pen pals with Ms. Payton Banks back when MySpace was a thing!

Speaking of which I sent Kelly Kelly a private message on MySpace after I created a fan page about her back when I was writing Roadie and Kelly Kelly actually responded to my message, and I got that message printed off and framed because I was so excited to have gotten a message from Kelly Kelly. That was the only message she responded to and the only message I sent her but Ms. Payton Banks and I used to send private messages back and forth often.

Ms. Payton Banks and I sent messages back and forth often for a while there, and she even allowed me to mail her the first signed copy to Roadie and she sent me the two signed headshots below wishing me luck with my Roadie project!

The slideshow below are pictures of some of my in person meetings with celebrities or wrestlers which I spoke to about different works of mine, and some walked away with their own autographed piece of the LT_Realm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow above doesn’t have all the pictures from every comic con or wrestling event I went to over the years. Below are pictures from the first Comic Con I went to for fun to start my life of just going to events for fun if I don’t go to an event and work it; Knoxville Fan Boy Expo 2013!

This is all I do. I don’t work any other job. I just spend my time going to events for fun or going to events to sale my work. You can find other pictures that are not posted on this page from various events over the years that I either went to for fun or to work along with other pictures which relate to the LT_Realm in the LTGallery which is of course under the


webpage, and there are pictures from the wrestling promotion who’s events  I mostly worked with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling but I have attended other wrestling events to sale my work!

While you are at it check out….


webpage and see everyone who has been behind me on my journey!

My own Fortress of Solitude has become quiet the museum that I am proud of so I wanted to include a little tour before I end this page, and I hope once this page is over it perked your interest enough where you will venture forward and check out the other pages. I am sure it will and I hope you decide to check out the LTShop, and pick up a signed LT_Realm Novel that Best Meets Your Interest. You just go to the


webpage and you can easily check out with PayPal! I ship fast, and always priority shipping with provided tracking and insurance but before you leave this page be sure to take a tour of my Fortress of Solitude where the magic comes together for all my various works!

Roadie is LT_Writing’s #1 Best Seller out of ALL my Titles Available for Sale!

(Roadie Wall in my Fortress of Solitude)

(Simply Priceless Wall)

By September 6th 2023 I hope to publish my autobiography on my 40th Birthday to discuss how I got this life being a full time novelist, and to discuss how I have dealt with my various disabilities. I also plan to include a TELL ALL aspect to my Autobiography Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story that will include my romantic relationships, and wthe relationships I had with Dominants involving the kinks I included on this webpage and included brief summaries of me serving them on other pages on this website or included feet pictures of on this website. I am not ashamed in what made me; me and I am going to bring it to light and how I got passed my demons I am working towards getting passed. Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story is going to be my Biggest Project Ever, and I am looking to be able to write a Walking Tall classy ending by the time I get all my thoughts together, and complete the book! But one thing I will do before everything is said and done for me I will finish and publish Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story whether I do it on September 6th 2023 or even do it later but 2023 is the goal! 

Walk the Line about Johnny Cash is my favorite autobiographic film.

I don’t know if my autobiography will end with me finding God like Johnny Cash’s movie but I feel God has always been near and dear to my heart even though I made the past and Present consisting of findom and femdom mistakes I have made in my past, and I continue to fight the urges of being in that type relationship again. I can’t help it because this was an urges I was born with, and a way of life I wanted to live for the majority of my entire life as is explained on the

Progress NOT Perfection and the Why Kinks Are Involved! Webpages!

Unlike the type of personal relationship i want on the Professional Side being a Novelist wasn’t always the plan for my life. I attended college for a few years at Chattanooga State under a Journalism Major, and while I attended Chattanooga State those few years I was passing all of my writing and reading classes, and I even passed an Intro to Theatre class. I was well on my way to working towards my journalism major until I was forced to take a Foreign Language Class because I didn’t have a Foreign Language in High School because I just got my GED, and didn’t graduate from a regular high school due to the school system being unable to meet my needs. I chose Spanish but I just couldn’t do the class. Then to stay in school I tried math and then I would go back to Spanish later on, and I was having too many difficulties with Math class which was just a learning support class because I didn’t score high enough on the math part of the test to go straight in Algebra. Let’s get something straight I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide but when it comes to fractions and all of that extra BS you don’t frankly need to know to get by I am no good at, and that includes Spanish. Even though I know it would be an asset to know Spanish it is just not in my DNA to learn and comprehend how to speak Spanish. I wound up being forced to drop out of college at Chattanooga State, and this was at the time I began to really push Roadie so I went with just focusing on my life as a novelist, and pushing my Wrestling Romance Novel!

I never dreamed I would get to this point I am in time with such LT_Writing Library as I mentioned up on this page. Going to events to sale my work and going to other events just for fun throughout the year as I focus on my writing is a much better life for me than the idea of me being cramped up in some news office ever could benefit my life. I am living a true dream right now, and overall enjoying life because of my choice to give up on the road to have a Journalism Degree and the decision to just focus on being a novelist, and building my Rated R Novelist Brand!



In Closing I am an excellent writer and have even wrote Online Articles on top of my novels and those online articles involve one of my long time personal interest the Ghostbusters!
Those Ghostbusters Articles are on Ghostbuster.Net! The links to my articles are below!

Collect and Build the Ghostbusters Firehouse with Select Series 6 – 10

Diamond Select Toys brings the iconic 1986 Ghostbusters television series to life!

If I couldn’t be a Successful Novelist I would love to be a Ghostbuster because those are my favorite movies of ALL TIME! Even the ALL Female Ghostbuster Team Movie from 2016 was good! And I had No Faith in that movie at all when I found out the details but I didn’t want to talk bad about it because I don’t want people talking bad about my ideas! I watched the movie even though I had my doubts about quality, and I was rather surprised. As surprised as you will be when you venture on into my website and learn more about the LT_Realm and all of LT_Writing