About The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

About The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

Farley Con 2020

Welcome to my page. Here you will find a Real Life Multiverse consisting of The Three Faces of Lunsford. Those Three Faces are….

The Creator Lee T. Lunsford

The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

Unknown The Alien Assassin

I am Best Known for my Wrestling Romance Trilogy, and being the guy who brought Impact Wrestling Knockout Jordynne Grace to the Annual East Ridge Comic Con Farley Con in 2021.

Roadie was the first novel I published back in 2011 after finishing the initial rough draft for Book 1 in the Wrestling Romance Trilogy in 3 weeks in 2008. Since Roadie’s release in 2011 I have became a Full Time Novelist in 2014 when this website originally launched.

I typically am known as The Rated R Novelist because as a whole the LTRealm is MOSTLY Geared Towards Adults but I am working on a less edgier line inside LT_Writing!

People have asked why I chose R Rated Content for the most part in my writing, and the reason is very simple when I was growing up my dad and I would rent movies on Friday and Saturday nights and would go to the movies Saturday and Sunday on average. When he and I would watch movies when I was growing up I had no choice in the matter from what movie we went and saw in theaters to what movie went inside the VCR, and my dad did not watch kids movies with me on average so I saw whatever 80’s or 90’s action movie action star he wanted to see that particular day. While my friends grew up on children’s movies I grew up going to the movies with my dad and seeing movies like Rambo or the Lethal Weapon movies, and other 1980’s 1990’s action movies R Rated movies in general.

I did see children’s movies with my mom but I can’t write something I wouldn’t read myself so that is why I typically write R Rated or PG:13 borderline R depending on who judges that particular work out of my writing. Of Course PG:13 and PG movies from the 80’s and early 90’s were a whole lot different than they are in today’s world.

I have quite the library inside the LTRealm. I of course have as mentioned The Wrestling Romance Trilogy but I also have the Simply Priceless Universe, The Deville Series, The Sean James Franchise, and other titles like Turner and Prissey.

My life to get me to the point of having my own library of my own authored published novels hasn’t been all fun and games, and the yellow brick road that led to this moment has not been easy for me what-so-ever!

I have fought a number different learning disabilities my entire life being on the spectrum of autism and fighting real bad Attention Deficit Disorder all through my school age years. I was in speech throughout my childhood along with Physical and Occupational Therapy growing up. Doctors said I wouldn’t run, walk, ride a bike, talk, the whole nine yards, and thanks to the mother I had and my dad funding each appointment my parents made sure I hit every mark in each of my weekly therapy appointments to make me the functioning adult I am today!

I got my GED when I was 18 at Endless Opportunities, and I spent my college years at Chattanooga State majoring in Journalism (Where I wrote for the school newspaper The Chattanooga State Communicator) Before accomplishing these key points inside my life these were key experiences where I had doubters over my lifetime and I had a number of doubters afterwards in different situations who said the successful outcome of whatever situation would never transpire.

I don’t know when it will be published but I plan to publish “Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story” in order to properly detail my life, and properly spell out my true underdog story that I believe the world should know about in a TELL-ALL Fashion!

This TELL-ALL Autobiography will cover all aspects of my life including how Financial Domination and Female Domination is a key part of my adult line R Rated novels! FinDom and FemDom are a key adult topic that I write about in my novels that are just sold to readers 18 and UP! FinDom and FemDom about ruined my life that is why it is key subject matter inside my 18+ novels. The Full Story about how FinDom and FemDom about ruined me is going to be spelled out inside “Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story“! I have started writing the initial rough draft manuscript for “Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story” and I look forward to following through and publishing my autobiography into the LTRealm.

If you would like to read a brief concept on how FinDom and FemDom about ruined my life you can always read the…

Progress NOT Perfection

webpage on this website for a brief explanation on that FinDom, FemDom Topic ALONE!

Now to touch on the 3rd Face of Lunsford UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin!

Unknown The Alien Assassin is a character I came up with on my 37th Birthday when I bought the mask I am wearing in the promo picture above. I debuted Unknown The Alien Assassin to the Independent Wrestling Community when I was a vendor at Superstars Fan Fest at KLT Arena in Rome, Ga in April of 2021. Ironically Superstars Fan Fest was one of the first stops on The Road to Farley Con and My Jordynne Grace Signing #ShamlessPlug Tour in 2021. I dressed as Unknown The Alien Assassin and went to series of wrestling related events across many independent wrestling promotions since the Superstars Fan Fest event I was a vendor at. I even added Unknown The Alien Assassin to the Simply Priceless Universe and Unknown The Alien Assassin recently arrived in the published “Priceless 2: WarTrek Attacks

Unknown The Alien Assassin was originally planned to be a bad guy inside the Simply Priceless Universe but after I saw how much kids loved Unknown The Alien Assassin it was like the grinch’s heart grew three sizes because I couldn’t be a bad guy knowing kids like Unknown The Alien Assassin.

I have taken many pictures with people of all ages and signed many autographs for kids mostly since I debut Unknown The Alien Assassin at Superstars Fan Fest. I began to officially cosplay as Unknown The Alien Assassin at various 2022 events even more hardcore than in 2021. Although below is the best pictures I had made in 2021 as Unknown The Alien Assassin.

To my surprise in January 2022 the Independent Wrestling Charity Promotion Wrestling For A Cause Chattanooga has become interested in my Unknown The Alien Assassin persona and brought me on board un March 2022 to do interviews and help them with other things involving their product and their Independent Wrestling shows. I was told by Vice President of Talent Relations for Wrestling For A Cause Chattanooga that I would be to Wrestling For A Cause Chattanooga as Excalibur is to All Elite Wrestling.

I know I will have to alter Unknown The Alien Assassin character to be part of a live Family Friendly Wrestling Event compared to what Unknown The Alien Assassin is inside the Simply Priceless Universe and I am fine with that but to know more about Unknown The Alien Assassin and Unknown The Alien Assassin’s following check out the

Unknown The Alien Assassin

webpage on this website

In closing like I said earlier I only write about things that interest in so below are two articles when I was given the opportunity to write I jumped on doing so with full force.

If you click on the Below Ghostbusters pictures you will be brought to Ghostbusters .net where I have two published articles on that website which is Ghostbusters related. Another thing about me is that I have been a huge Ghostbusters fan since birth so it was very awesome to be able to write these articles, and to have my name on these articles that were published on a Ghostbusters News website!