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My name is Lee Turner Lunsford. I am the creator of the SImply Priceless Franchise. Simply Priceless is an Atlanta, GA based Female Superhero. She has various Superpowers and was modeled off of SuperGirl. The Simply Priceless Franchise is an Adult Superhero Franchise. It is very sexual and violent in a tasteful manner. It isn't X Rated but it could be considered Hard R! Simply Priceless is best descirbed as Lethal Weapon meets SuperGirl. I will add Excerpts and various news to this site, and you can learn more about Simply Priceless and her realm. They are fun stories. There a whole series of stories. I planned seven in the first series but I am also planning the NEW ADVENTURES of Simply Priceless. I hope everybody takes the time to look over my excerpts and I hope they enjoy what they read. Thank You!

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