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    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
    “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration”


How My MOM Inspired My Work and Me With My Work!


My mom in comparison to my mom and dad my mom is my number one inspiration! Even though both my mom and dad inspire me in different areas of my life! They also inspire me in different areas involving my writing.

One reason my mom inspires me she suffers from fibromyalgia and needs two knee replacements here while she is in her seventies!! Yet she still gets up and goes into work everyday she is supposed to with a no quit attitude. My mom is who I got my “I Play To Win With A Will Not Die Attitude” from.

My mom and grandparents always made the statement to my younger brother and I that “we could do anything on this world we put our mind to!”img_20210814_094451_7398134408787496340538.jpg

I believe what my mom and grandparents taught me about accomplishing anything I put my mind to because I was able to accomplish my LT_Writing Dream Signing at the 2021 Farley Con. This was a Dream Signing I had been trying to make happen for years. This Dream Signing is spoke more along the lines about being a key factor inside The Legacy of The Rated R Novelist on the

My Legacy


My mom has come to almost every event The Rated R Novelist and LT_Writing has attended with my written work!

The first event my mom attended with me was the First Impact Wrestling House Show that took place in Dalton, GA! Why a Impact Wrestling House Show you may ask? The answer is simple….

I was in college at Chattanooga State and I was able to do an interview with Consequences Creed AKA Xavior Woods from World Wrestling Entertainment while he was a wrestler in TNA (Total Nonstop Action) That article reads…

Professional Wrestling: Sport OR Spectacle?

            Professional wrestling. Is it a sport? Is it merely entertainment? The answer is very easy. It is sport’s entertainment. Sure, the majority of the moves are called out in the ring, and yes, the storylines are scripted by a creative writing team, but the moves are real. These men and women put their bodies on the line over three hundred days a year for the fans’ entertainment, facing injury, paralysis, or possible death if a move or stunt is performed the wrong way.

            Droz, a professional wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment, was placed in a move known as the power bomb during a match on October 5, 1999. Droz didn’t jump the right way and wound up landing on his neck, fracturing two disks. Even with surgery, Droz was left a quadriplegic. Then there is Owen Hart, who on May 23, 1999, fell to his death dressed as the Blue Blazer in Kansas City, MO at the WWE Over the Edge pay-per-view match. He was being lowered in a harness from the rafters of Kemper Arena when the release mechanism malfunctioned and he fell to his death.

            I interviewed Consequences Creed, who is not only a professional wrestler but also works closely with autistic children. He told me that in his debut match, at Bound For Glory 2007, he suffered an eyelid injury, and had to wrestle the rest of his match with blood in his eye. That may cause some to reconsider the notion that “wrestling is fake.”

            Creed is from Marietta, GA and wrestles for the brand Total Non-Stop Action based out of Nashville, TN. TNA films their weekly shows, TNA Impact in Orlando, Florida. When asked why TNA wrestling instead of any other promotion TNA said “Because TNA is the best professional wrestling organization.” Wrestling is something Creed always wanted to do and he recognizes that the fans of professional wrestling are very important. He does not smoke, drink or use any drugs including “performance enhancers” and is a role model for the autistic children he mentors. Wrestlers are not “fake,” they are real people. As long as there is a fan base, professional wrestling will always be aound. It’s just good sports entertainment!

That night at the TNA House Show was a night I honest to GOD will always remember, and will always cherish as the perfect memory between my mom and myself. I don’t think she realizes how much that night meant to me to be able to have spent it alone with my mom. I know she was hurting and didn’t feel like being there like at future events but she came with me anyway, and I think we had the perfect time together. I remember more about that night at the TNA House Show than I remember about other events my mom spent with me in the future passed the date of the house show when I was selling my books. Second to the TNA House Show believe it or not was my mom coming and spending my LT_Writing Dream Signing with me and Jordynne Grace.




Turner & Prissey is my Turner & Hooch Short Story Reboot ONLY with a Chihuahua

A few years back in 2018 I was watching the movie Turner and Hooch. The Trailer for Turner and Hooch is below, and I thought what a great story would be if you took the concept of Turner and Hooch and instead of a slobbering big dog, you exchanged the big dog for a Chihuahua.

After that thought the synopsis for Turner and Prissey came to mind, and I created the short story Turner and Prissey for my mom for her birthday that year!

This book is in the image of the K9 movie franchise or Turner & Prissey only with a much smaller dog; a Chihuahua named Prissey! Mark Turner is a Private Investigator on the case of a steroid ring when the death of his mother happens, and he gets his inheritance; her Chihuahua Prissey! Mark Turner must adapt to a new life as a Fur Daddy! Mark must learn to adapt to a new life trying to cope with the death of his mother, trying to continue his work as a PI, trying to deal with the limited personal life he has had, and trying to raise a Chihuahua devil who he is in a love/hate relationship with. Mark is unsure what will happen on a daily basis now with inheriting Prissey life just got that much more complicated while he is on the biggest case of his career! Will life settle down for Mark? Only time will tell!

Turner and Prissey was originally just a book I wrote and published and got just one copy for my mom because Turner and Prissey is dedicated to my mom.

Below is The Dedication to my mom inside Turner & Prissey


This book is dedicated to my loving caring mother and Best Friend! This book Turner and Prissey is also my birthday present for my mom here for her seventieth birthday 11/17/18! Mom I hope you have a happy birthday, and I hope the fictional story of Turner and Prissey brings you joy. After all Prissey is an 100 percent in print copy of our Chihuahua Prissey pictured with me on the front cover, and the mother in my short story Laura Turner and the son in my novel and main character Mark Turner is based loosely on you and me. I love you mom, and am grateful I was blessed to have you as my mother.

It was Christmas Eve December 24th 2017 when I decided to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at 8:15pm and the movie got out at 11pm when I realized how much you truly care about me and my happiness. Since I did not have my car, and you had to drive me to the movie at seven something, and then come pick me up at eleven pm which is rather late for you to go out to go anywhere much less you coming to the movies to pick me up when you didn’t have to. I was happy you brought Prissey with you when you came to pick me up she looked so cute in her pink sweater, and she seemed happy to see much other than the Prissey Chihuaha character in this story towards Mark Turner.

I hope you know I really appreciate you mom, and I wanted to do something special for you, and this mom was the coolest most special thing I could do! Turner and Prissey was inspired by the 1989 Tom Hanks Film Turner and Hooch. The Turner and Hooch synopsis is below…..

Det. Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is an uptight, by-the-book police officer who hopes to leave his sleepy California town and work in the big city. When his friend Amos Reed (John McIntire), the proprietor of a junkyard, is killed, Turner reluctantly inherits the man’s dog. Realizing that the canine may be able to help him solve the murder case, Turner attempts to adjust to life with the big dog, resulting in much household destruction and unwelcome chaos.

I remember being taken to see this movie by you and my father at the Terrace Theater when I was growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Then once out of VHS I watched it when I was able to; when the VHS was where I was while I was growing up. But one night while being grown I found Turner and Hooch on Netflix, and I watched it more than once, and then got an idea what if the Hooch character was a Chihuahua instead of a big dog. So since we have had Prissey for four years, and your maiden name and my middle name is Turner I came up with the idea for Turner and Prissey.

I hope you enjoy Turner and Prissey as much as I enjoyed writing this short story. I love you mom; Happy Birthday! It is something different than I usually write, and this novel is to you for you, and from me one hundred percent for your enjoyment because of everything in my life you have done for me which involves everything I can ever remember from childhood to adulthood now in my mid-thirties. You are grandly appreciated and I love you mom so read and enjoy

I came around and decided to release Turner and Prissey for the entire world to be able to pick up to be able to read.

Turner and Prissey is available on Amazon.

Purchase Turner and Prissey OFF Amazon Here: 

Turner and Prissey is the first anywhere close to being a Family Friendly short story inside the LT_Writing Library. It won’t be the last sort of Family Friendly story inside LT_Writing. because I am currently getting the story together for Turner and Prissey 2 and a possible Turner and Prissey 3 to come? Haven’t decided yet!


Turner and Prissey 2 Synopsis

Inspired by classic film noir Turner and Prissey 2 features Luke Turner and his faithful Chihuahua Prissey who are on the case of the Southern Belle named Laura missing husband who was waiting in Mark’s office the morning after Mark ruffled his fiancée’s feathers about it being two years since Mark proposed to Officer Kaley Brooks, and they still haven’t become husband and wife. One clue leads to next clue in what might turn out to be Turner and Prissey’s most dangerous adventure yet. All of the action triggers the police department to finally take the missing persons case of Laura’s husband the very rich Bruce Winslow seriously, and the police department assign Detective Amber Anderson and her police dog Brutus. Brutus is half German Shepard and half Belgian Malinois, and Brutus is the longest running champion on the dog competition Law Dog vs Street Dog. Now Mark and Prissey were involved in rat race of who were going to solve this missing person’s case with many twists and turns first. As Detective Amber Anderson is flirtatious with Mark Turner and is trying to capture the loveable Mark Turner in her web no matter how much he rejects the nerdy Detective’s advances Prissey is involved in a true David vs Goliath match with Brutus which might possibly lead to the big dance of dog competitions but before that could happen will Mark Turner be able to get on the same page with his fiancée who he absolutely loves and worships while trying to solve the mystery of Laura’s missing husband with a handsy Detective from the police department and her monster police dog on his and Prissey’s tail trying to solve the same case themselves.

My mom has always been there for me, and has always supported me. She is a hard worker and because of her I have the drive that I do. I am so inspired by her, and I appreciate everything she has done for me, and I appreciate her for all the times she has came to my many events over the years when I know she hasn’t felt like coming to any particular event and sitting at a table for multiple hours. I know my events are hard on her because of her health but I see her at least try to make everyone even though she missed a couple and that means a lot that she at least trys to make each one. I love my mom because of all these fantastic qualities she has, and how she has influenced my writing and my life so much like I have mentioned but my dad is a different story! That is for sure!

How My DAD Inspired My Work and Me In Regards to My Work!




  1. a person who compulsively works hard and long hours.

    My dad was always a total workaholic throughout my entire life. I couldn’t stand it but I guess growing up with a workaholic father who wasn’t involved much in my life at a younger age is what made me the workaholic I am today in my writing.

My Dad, Myself, and Doug Jones from the First Two Original Hellboy Movies. This Picture was taken in July of 2018. For some reason my dad’s phone gave us glowing eyes!

Between my dad and my mom I certainly have their Die Hard work ethic of never give up, never surrender! Like my dad my work comes first and that is why I treat my writing which some people look at as a cute little hobby so damn seriously! My Die Hard work ethic is why I try as hard as I do. Even for the the longest my dad did not take me seriously with what I do as The Rated R Novelist!

My dad and my relationship overall has been pretty much Cats In The Cradle!

It wasn’t until my two online articles (Wrestling News Depot, The Johnson Transcript) and my Front Page Newspaper Article (The Daily Citizen) was published (as mentioned on The Wrestling Romance Trilogy webpage) that my dad began to take my job as The Rated R Novelist seriously.

After these articles were written my dad began to support me with my writing in some areas financially at different times. He acted like he supported me morally like my mother but my dad has never made it to any of my events for the most part but he made it to a couple of events after he was back in town, but there were plenty of events my dad could have made to specifically he was invited to but he still chose not to come to even though he was back in town. So I cannot honestly say my dad fully supports me in what I am doing but I can say I got his work ethic, and I stay focused on my writing work like my dad used to stay focused on his office work while I was growing up.

Every weekend while I was growing up his goal always was to clean his desk off but his desk never got cleaned off. He never played outside with me that I can think of. He rarely made it to any of my functions growing up. He wasn’t an active father at all while I was growing up. All I remember with him was we rented a stack of movies of Friday and Saturday night, and usually went to the movies on Saturday and Sunday and this was a routine function we did when I was growing up. I can’t think of a weekend we missed out of this function. On rare occasions we went to the movies on Friday nights too! That was very rare occasions. There wasn’t too many Friday night movie trips other than the trips to the video rental store we used Video Review. or Movie Gallery.

I guess that is The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford’s origin story right there. My dad took me to see the movies he wanted to see or we watched the movies he wanted to watch growing up which on average were R Rated action movies, and I rarely watched a family friendly movie with my dad so I guess that is why I mostly write adult R Rated Content.

I remember while growing up during the time period my dad and mom lived together I remember specifically my dad reading the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series, and I remember my dad and I going to see the original Jack Ryan movies, along with my dad telling me  all about the Jack Ryan character and his various adventure throughout time.


Today in my late 30’s I have seen and own every Jack Ryan movie, I have watched the Jack Ryan series season 1 & 2 on Amazon Prime, and I am presently working on getting through Jack Ryan season 3 on Amazon Prime, and I own 99.9% of all of the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novels that I am trying to read through now as an adult myself.

Because of my dad and our Jack Ryan time the Sean James Franchise was born in 2018 with Sean James first published novel Armageddon


Armageddon Synopsis

Sean James was at home planning for a normal night until his roommate Brandy came home safe and sound but instead of a quiet night in front of the TV he was called into work by his British speaking operative who ruled his life ever since he left the military, and got a job with the CIA. The night and actions that was about to take place were going to be pure hell as it seemed like with terror attack after terror attack which were conducted throughout Sean’s time period trying to take down a coalition of various terrorist from different countries who formed a true Axis of Evil, and planned to use every type of terrorist attack to destroy America in a short time period. Sean James was teamed with another operative named Mel who was Australian, and they were the ultimate Martin Riggs teamed with a cloned Martin Riggs character from the Lethal Weapon movies creating the Ultimate Action Packed Combination! They were a couple of maniacs out on a mission to save the United States from several events that would claim more lives than the Nine Eleven terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center in New York years back! Only these terrorist weren’t only attacking the United States they decided to get personal and wage war on Sean’s personal life by going after Brandy! Will Sean James be able to complete both missions in time saving Brandy and her fiancée from danger along with saving the United States from chaos! Who knows but if anybody has a chance to do so; he does! Enough Said!

I Dedicated Book 1 in the Sean James Franchise (Armageddon) to my father, and that dedication straight from the pages of Armageddon is below…


I am dedicating my Debut Sean James Novel Armageddon to my father John Lunsford. I am dedicating Armageddon to my father John Lunsford because I remember growing up when my parents were together growing up with my father reading the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels, and my father taking me to see the Jack Ryan movies that began with A Hunt for Red October with Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan.

Sean James is my version of Jack Ryan inside the LT_Realm, and this is Sean James’s Debut Novel from LT_Writing, and his first appearance with my work inside the LT_Realm! I am sure my father will love this novel when he reads it because he enjoys the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels so I am dedicating this novel to my father.

I think out of all my novels written, and stories I wrote, printed off, three hole punched, and placed in binders over the years that this is one story my dad will actually like.

My father is a hero in his own right with how he gave me the money to pay to keep my website: online at least until its renewal date now in May 2019! My dad has ordered copies of books for me to sale and have in inventory, and my dad has paid vendor’s fees for me to be able to be part of various wrestling events, wrestle cons, and comic cons selling my work as a vendor at those events!

My dad John Lunsford has done a whole lot more for me than I have ever given him credit for! That is a sad but true statement! I hope this dedication in this debut Political Action Thriller that is debuting my Sean James character helps a little bit to show my father John Lunsford that I appreciate everything he has done for me whether I said “Thank You” or not! No matter if I acknowledge what my dad did for me or not I am thankful to have him as one of my backers with the LT_Realm and have him behind me as I add more content inside the LT_Realm with the work I do with LT_Writing!

John Lunsford and Lee T. Lunsford don’t always see eye to eye on things! There are time we probably feel like ripping the other one’s throat out! It has been a rough time at times throughout our lives but in the end we are there for each other when we need to be! My dad paid the last part of my editing bill to Kym LaFever the woman that edited Simply Priceless for me which was good or it wouldn’t of been released when I planned for it to be released. My dad has done a lot he hasn’t gotten credit for or things that has been overlooked.

I hope my dad appreciates this dedication because I am putting all my heart and soul behind it. I want you to know dad I do appreciate everything that you do whether you get Thank You or not but you should out of common courtesy always get a “Thank You” Let me say I am sorry you don’t get a Thank You 100% of the time. But I hope like everybody else you will read ahead and find out what Sean James is all about. Named after my older brother Sean Black and my Paw Paw James Turner here is your new military contractor action star Sean James in his debut novel Armageddon. If this book became a movie I would like to see Captain America Chris Evans play Sean James but until that time allow Sean to live on in literature, and flip passed this page to check out the actual story of Armageddon to get a feel on what Sean James novels are about before the second Sean James novel Christmas Blood is released. Hope you enjoy dad, this one is for you, and I thought of you as I wrote this thinking if this was a movie this would be one we would watch together! Hope you enjoy and Thanks for everything!

Purchase Armageddon OFF Amazon at the Link Here 

If I didn’t have these two people in my life who inspired me in different ways I wouldn’t be the success I am today. Which you can read about on the

My Legacy


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