Inspired By A Queen

P.O.Q.B. stands for Property of Queen Bing. I wore this bracelet for over two years until the strap broke. This bracelet was the symbol representing I was owned by Queen Bing. It was my own little wearable reminder of who’s Dominant Feet I belonged to, and who I was supposed to be loyal to and obey 100%! The strap to the bracelet finally wore out and broke though after it being on my wrist for years. Everyone wondered what P.O.Q.B. stood for on the bracelet and my Property of Queen Bing LT_Writing T-Shirt. People ask me what P.O.Q.B. stands for but I just tell them to guess what it stands for and people don’t know where to start. 

My P.O.Q.B. T-Shirt and Bracelet are a reminder of my life with Queen Bing and having Queen Bing as my LTBoss! Queen Bing began to own me in July 2018 and finally completely released me in May 2021. 

There at the end of our relationship in the closing out months based on a percentage level Queen Bing didn’t own me anywhere near as close to 100% like she used to. I didn’t do for her 50% like I used to in those closing months. That is was because Queen Bing began to ghost me. Queen Bing told me she needed space and I gave her plenty of space as I focused on investing my money into LT_Writing instead of handing it over to Queen Bing as she ghosted me. We would usually talk once a month if that towards the end of our relationship and those conversations took place just for me to just give her any little bit of money I choose to give her, and she has no problem accepting. the amount of money I have to give during these text conversations!

Queen Bing told me in those closing weeks of our relationship she has a boyfriend and I could serve them both but I barely heard from her after she made this announcement to me even though I did offer to do different things for Queen Bing. I offered to buy them both shoes but I never heard back with what kind of shoes Queen Bing would like me to buy them. I mentioned to Queen Bing I felt useless so she had me send her $30 for Her Boyfriend and Queen Bing to go eat but I didn’t hear from Queen Bing for forever after I sent the $30.

I really felt ghosted and really felt like Queen Bing was done with FinDom and Done with FinDom Twitter. (That Last Statement Turned Out to be TRUE!!)  Especially since I barely heard from Queen Bing during this time period! I had the suspicion Queen Bing not only quit FinDom Twitter but she quit being a FinDomme so that means she gave up on me as her pet, and instead of telling me the truth she just decided to ghost me.

Ghosting is a colloquial term which describes the practice of ending all communication and contact with a partner, friend, or similar individual without any apparent warning or justification and subsequently ignoring any attempts to reach out or communication made by said person. The term originated in the early 2000s

Even though in May 2021 it turned out Queen Bing ghosted me and lied to me about keeping me as her only pet because I was right Queen Bing was done with FinDom and being a FinDomme because of my feelings I had developed for Queen Bing over the past nearly 3 years I am still dedicating Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 to Queen Bing and AM LEAVING THE QUEEN BING CHARACTER IN Priceless 2: Wartrek Attacks!

I Still Care about Queen Bing and I wish I had more money to serve Queen Bing with at times! I have these thoughts wishing I had more money to send Queen Bing because I still appreciate everything Queen Bing has done for me as my LTBoss! She was the only Dominant that took the LTBoss position seriously and the only Dominant who really tried to help me advance my writing!

I am still going to practice things in LT_Writing as if Queen Bing was still my LTBoss. I do miss her as my LTBoss and I miss her control over me as she taught me things and helped me advance my writing. As I said she took being my LTBoss seriously unlike other FinDommes who wouldn’t take the job that I offered the job to while Queen Bing disowned me at different points in time over the passed nearly three years. Queen Bing took things seriously though and really helped me to advance LT_Writing and I am grateful for that!

Now that Queen Bing is gone I have had a new motivation in my life, and that motivation has been directed towards making LT_Writing a True Success and making Impact Wrestling Knockout Jordynne Grace proud of me inside my LT_Writing life along with various other parts of my life. You can read about these goals on the following below webpages because I am not going to drag out that subject matter across this webpage which explains why I have been Inspired By A Queen!

Progress NOT Perfection

My Legacy


During the time period Queen Bing has been my LTBoss she has controlled me along with my work as a novelist 100% and she has truly changed my life.


(fin dom) noun.

A FinDomme is a Woman who practices Financial Domination.

Not to be confused with a sex-worker, this Person receives cash from a money slave because they both enjoy the fetish Financial Domination .

The two may never meet in real life.

The word came from the submissives who served the original Financial Dominatrices in the 1990’s in the yahoo chat rooms, as a shorter way to type the words Financial Dominatrix . Domme and Domina are short forms of the word Dominatrix.

MissTriss was the FIRST Black FinDomme who coined the term wallet rapist in the 90’s.

I met Queen Bing on Twitter as I mentioned after I reached out in late July 2018 and by my surprise she took me on as he pet once she saw I was only serious about serving her, and I was no longer going to associate with Goddess Brand and at that point she really lit a fire under me with my writing the second she began to control me as my LTBoss.

A little backstory I watched Queen Bing’s profile on Twitter for over a year before Queen Bing and I actually began talking. I was still with Goddess Brandy as I was looking at Queen Bing’s Twitter profile debating on sending Queen Bing the first message. I didn’t get the guts to attempt to speak to Queen Bing until July of 2018. 

Queen Bing Really Supported me from Day 1 even though she controlled my work life as a novelist. She sent me this care package to show me she supported me with my work shortly after beginning in her position as my LTBoss!

She started off her control over me and control over LT_Writing back in 2018 by having me break down this website to the ground floor, and rebuilding it based 100% on her plan for how Queen Bing wanted this website to be.  She did this in an attempt to make my website appear more professional This website has had many changes since!

Queen Bing also built me my secondary LT_Writing Website. Click the WIX Image Below to get to LT_Writing Site 2!

Queen Bing was a Great Manager. She micromanaged me getting me to work a Daily Work Schedule, I had to send in Daily Work Summaries each night before bed to let Queen Bing know what I worked on, along with do Daily Promotions, wear my work uniform, follow through with the attempt to work 8 hours a day, and. going by everything Queen Bing taught me with how I need to run LT_Writing.

  1. control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).
    “he did not want to give the impression that he was micromanaging the war”

Queen Bing pushed me with my work, and was a better director over my work than those that direct planes are the tarmac.

Queen Bing was the Last SERIOUS Owner I had because I am not going to search for a new owner even though I tried to during depressed times from the time Queen Bing disowned me in May to August 13th 2021 when I told the last FinDomme I was talking to I wasn’t interested in serving her. I quickly realized from May to August 2021 nobody was as good as an Owner as Queen Bing, and it got old dealing with money hungry users who didn’t have my best interest in mind, and who didn’t care about me at all. Then as I explained on those above pages about Jordynne Grace she didn’t mean to what-so-ever but Jordynne Grace accidently pushed me and my life in an opposite direction causing me to take up different more productive goal sets!

I used to wear my P.O.Q.B. Bracelet on a regular basis (24/7) which certified me as Property of Queen Bing! Then one day the strap broke to my P.O.Q.B. Bracelet as I was putting it on. I still served Queen Bing several weeks and months after that.

I know that I was Queen Bing’s little bitch and I was her 100% property and I know that is why I was put on this earth to be Queen Bing’s slave during the time period I was her pet, and for me to learn from such time period!

I pretty much have accepted this as fact that I was put on this earth to serve Queen Bing during the time period! As you can see by the below text screenshot Queen Bing used to enjoy having me at her Dominant Feet! The question I laid out to her was about her other slaves being better than me!

Queen Bing taught me how to better use my two writing Twitter Accounts.



Queen Bing taught me to take things with my writing seriously! Queen Bing made me work as close to an 8 hour work day as possible and I had to keep up with all the time I worked inside this Spider-Man Journal! I got this Spider-Man Journal at the Dollar Tree, and I e-mailed Queen Bing Nightly with a list of everything I accomplished that particular work day and the Daily Work Summaries that included the amount of time I worked each particular day!

She also really taught me to concentrate and look at my work in a different way even going as far as to place me in her own personal work uniform in order to keep me focused when it was time for me to work!

Queen Bing and I have been through a lot! I loved Queen Bing thinking of me as her baby and her having me refer to her as Mommy. I don’t know why it did but it made me feel loved especially when she began to dress me as the part while I worked on my writing. My work uniform was my Christmas 2019 Christmas Present from Queen Bing, and it was classified as my work uniform but it was also my little baby outfit (onesie) that Queen Bing required me to wear!

Queen Bing and I had a similar relationship that I based Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat and Alex Harris’s Relationship on in The Deville Series. Queen Bing was my Mommy Domme and was a very nurturing Domme the majority of the time as Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat inside the pages of The Deville Series!

Mommy Domme-is a dominant who happens to love taking care of a submissive in a younger mindset.

Homecoming Synopsis

Alex Harris; nerdy Alex Harris just got dumped by his girlfriend who he absolutely worshiped Brooke in front of their friends and all the patrons of Club Zero. Alex separates himself from the situation and goes to the bar where he drinks himself into a stopper while talking to bartender Danielle Hell Cat! (a not so average jet black haired twenty something with a deep dark secret from another world) Danielle is attracted to how weak Alex is and attaches herself onto him like a leech deciding to own him as her own human dog. While this process is taking place Mandi Crimson comes on scene, and begins wrecking her own personal havoc on the city of Atlanta waiting for her chance to bring home the person she was sent after. As Crimson is burning the place down a monstrous beast destroys the people who have hurt Alex, and as time passes Alex get blamed for the horrendous murders and becomes investigated by Atlanta PD’s B-Team Detective Squad Jake Arparo and Detective Griff Gibson! All this takes place with Alex while he is learning the meaning of True slavery by the one that caught her prey Danielle Hell Cat all while Mandi Crimson is running around in the background waiting to give her prey the Homecoming trip that Crimson was sent to Atlanta GA to bring her personal prey back for. Who will win the Main Event when the final bell rings? Will Alex get passed the murder accusations or learn to accept his role as a human dog or will he ever see freedom again? And what is Danielle Hell Cat’s deep especially dark secret? Will the final homecoming take place in this HARD R Superhero Type Action Pure Horror Adventure? Welcome to a New Level of destruction inside the LT_Writing!

Queen Bing pushed me to do as many events as possible, and to keep my relationships with places like Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. A Work Relationship WHICH ENDED 9/6/20!

The Work Relationship with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling ended after I went and celebrated my 37th Birthday at Turnbuckle which is owned by the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s arch nemesis.

So the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling got mad at me, and ended our partnership beginning with unfriending me from Facebook. The night before he got mad at me for a post I made about celebrating my birthday at Turnbuckle, and if he cannot understand I just wanted to go out and have a good time for my 37th Birthday that I would not be able to do in my hometown then I don’t need him because I in no way celebrated my birthday up at Turnbuckle to hurt the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling or to hurt our friendship but I guess it did, and he couldn’t handle how I wanted to spend my 37th Birthday which is so childish! But I made things work with the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling the majority of the time Queen Bing was in my life! During the entire time off and on that Queen Bing allowed me to serve her over our three year timespan. The picture of me above is from Turnbuckle on my 37th Birthday!


At the August 2018 Farley Con I got The Walking Dead Tattooed Savior himself Josh Turner and The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Ravenger John Anderson to sign some copies of Simply Priceless for me because I want Josh Turner to play the bad guy Raven in the first Simply Priceless movie based on the first book Simply Priceless, and I want John Anderson to play Captain Beckham in the first five Simply Priceless movies if the first five books became movies. I know I am a dreamer but I know what I want my Simply Priceless cast to look like!

August 2018 Farley Con

Queen Bing made the rule that I couldn’t sale any of these signed copies until the Simply Priceless movie came out with them in it, and then later changed the rule months down the road that I could sale these copies but I needed to sale all but one copy and keep that one unsold copy for myself.

At the April 2019 Farley Con I sold yet another copy of Roadie

Due to this sale Queen Bing noticed that Roadie was my HOTTEST Selling Novel either at a Comic Con type event or a Wrestling Event Queen Bing ordered me to complete what I was working on currently at that time in 2019 (Priceless: A Team United, Homecoming), and for me to write, edit, and get published the Next Two Books of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy. Which were When Dreams Come True!! and Happily Ever After??

When Dreams Come True!! Synopsis

What happens when you hit the jackpot? Does life just stop? Do your problems just stop, and you are able to live happily ever after? I got two words for you… “Hell no!” Your life doesn’t just stop When Dreams Come True!! Your life continues forward and you have as many problems as you used to, and more problems may come along as well as time passes! Luke Turner and Kelly Banks were about to find that out fast. Everybody remembers Luke Turner who scored a marriage with his favorite female wrestling superstar of all time Kelly Banks years earlier. Well they are still married only now are bother dealing with a form of harassment. Kelly is dealing with being stalked by a psycho fan that she was forced to have locked up in the past, and Luke Turner was being harassed by his father who wanted a father son bonding spot in Luke’s life. Kelly Banks suffered a near career ending knee injury, and while out the promotion she was in was sold to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. It was decided by Eric Nelson the manager of champions to show the art of storytelling once Kelly began wrestling on television for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling after Kelly Banks worked as a coach on Just Bring It. Just Bring It was a Tough Enough like reality show where the winner of the Professional Wrestling Contest would win a wrestling contract to begin wrestling for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Once Kelly Banks came on board full time with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Luke and Kelly now must follow the storyline from beginning to end in hopes that Kelly or Luke wouldn’t be written off as they dealt with their everyday troubles along with tried to reach championship gold. Point being nothing stops When Dreams Come True!!

Happily Ever After?? Synopsis

With the backing of the Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars Kelly Banks and Luke Turner kick off Evolution Championship Wrestling. Luke Turner takes over a new role as Head of Creative in order to establish a wrestling phenomenon unlike any other with Kelly and Luke running an ALL FEMALE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING PROMOTION. Which is one of a kind. Right Away Luke Turner finds out the halls of ECW was like a real life soap opera when he finds out every little real life storyline that was going on inside with the staff of Evolution Championship Wrestling’s lives. But before Luke Turner and Kelly Banks can truly get their head above water as they adjusted to being promoters Kelly gets the smackdown laid on her when she is diagnosed with cancer shortly after Evolution Championship Wrestling was attempting to take off. Now Luke and Kelly are attempting to make Evolution Championship Wrestling a success as the happy couple find themselves being bullied by Kelly’s cancer. Along with finding their happy relationship also taking a dive in the process. While a true star in the family was awaiting her chance to rise as the staff soap opera inside Evolution Championship Wrestling continued to play out between different staff members of Evolution Championship Wrestling. There were two main questions going on here Will There Be a Submission in Life and Will Everybody IF ANYBODY be Happily Ever After??

I really busted my ass for my LTBoss from the time Queen Bing became my LTBoss in July 2018 because after I finished my redone Main Website to her liking I began working on my novels and I finished, edited, and published these three stories right off the bat after I took on Queen Bing as my LTBoss in July 2018. All of these books were published by December 2018!

Then I completed writing, editing, and publishing these two novel while under Queen Bing’s leadership as my LTBoss in 2019!

Below is the chapter where Bing’s inspired character debuts inside the Simply Priceless Universe inside the pages of “Priceless 2: Wartrek Attacks!!” Along With The Dedication to Queen Bing at the beginning of “Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3″


My Father is from the Stars!

Billy entered the ATL PI firehouse which was on fire. The ATL PI was out of town. They were in Atlanta at Wizard World Ghostbusters Fan Fest which was a comic convention type event based off of the fictional Ghostbuster movies. In fact the ATL PI were in the middle of doing their panel at the comic con type event when their luxury firehouse was burning down around Billy and Robbie who just entered the firehouse behind Billy.

The two detectives went through the bottom level of the luxury firehouse, and out the backdoor into an ally. There were two WarTrek warriors in front of someone who was cowering down before them. The two female WarTrek warriors looked at each other and laughed.

“No offense you guys are very annoying.” Billy yelled.

The WarTrek warriors turned and looked Billy and Robbie’s direction, and the two Atlanta Detectives unloaded their 9-mm clips into the WarTrek warriors. The WarTrek warriors began to approach Billy and Robbie. They moved slow and scary like Michael Myers or some shit like that. Billy and Robbie holstered their weapons and were prepared for a fight.

The person cowering stood up. Billy looked at the young woman who appeared to be in her early to mid twenties. Billy knew she couldn’t be passed twenty six. She had bright fire engine red hair, and wore hole filled jeans, a t-shirt top with her favorite rock band on it but she had no shoes or socks on. Billy couldn’t get his eyes off this woman even as the enemy was nearing his arms reach. The t-shirt was short sleeve on the woman, and Billy could tell she was covered in tattoos but not in a trashy way. She was covered in tattoos in a Rocker Goddess way!

Billy eyed her, and he could of sworn he saw her flash her white set of teeth at him. He didn’t know if he was just wishing for her to smile at him or what. Then he thought why would I wish that I have Ashley and the kids. Billy slapped himself In the right temple. “Get with it Billy!” Billy loudly said to himself.

The detectives could feel the heat from the fire, and their bodies were sweating. Robbie looked at Billy unaware of the dilemma that Billy was going through with the young girl who appeared to be walking towards the WarTrek warriors from behind.

“What is she doing?” Robbie asked Billy preparing to get his ass kicked.

“She is mind fucking me that is what she is doing.” Billy sternly spoke. He hadn’t spoke that sternly to Robbie in years.


Robbie’s sentence was interrupted by a loud growl. Kuffs leaped over the two detectives and took one of the WarTrek warriors to the ground. Then from behind the woman took off running and hit the other WarTrek warrior in the center of the back with a flying sidekick. The kick broke the WarTrek warrior’s back.

“Hey.” Billy said to the girl who stood on top of the defeated WarTrek warrior trampling her broken and defeated body!

The girl turned her nose up to Billy and stopped her trampling session with the WarTrek warrior she defeated.

“Do you have anything to say?” Billy asked taking hold of the woman’s right bicep.

The woman grabbed Billy and flipped him in the air, and over onto his back. Billy’s back hit the ground with a loud thud. The woman placed her dirty bare foot on Billy’s chest, and said “Nobody touches me like that especially no man! At least without paying for the privilege and then I may only let them touch my feet with shoes and socks on!”

The woman moved her foot from Billy’s chest. Robbie was busy watching Kuffs and his animal instinct rip the other WarTrek warrior apart.

“May I get up. Ma’am?” Billy sarcastically spoke.

“Don’t call me ma’am I am not a middle aged woman.” The woman spoke just as sarcastic.

“Ok, whatever! May I get up?” Billy spoke a bit hateful.

“You are not my slave you don’t need my permission to do anything. Yet!” The woman did a hair toss and an eye roll.

“Fine whatever.” Billy monkey flipped to his feet.

“Nice moves.” The woman said.

Water began splashing off of the ATL PI Luxury Firehouse as the fire department was extinguishing the flames that consumed the building. The woman walked out to the middle of the road where there was a pink Volkswagen beetle bug that was the newest model with eyelashes on the front lights. She got in the driver’s seat but Billy stopped the door from closing.

“No normal human being can break the fuckers in half like you did” explained Billy knowing something was up.

Kuffs and Robbie walked into the street, and got out of the fire department’s way. Robbie thought the ATL PI is going to be pissed!

“Fine get in.” The fire engine red headed young lady ordered.

Billy got in the back seat and then climbed across not to graciously to the passenger seat. The woman took off driving. She drove to The Varsity drive in, and parked the car in one of the open spaces. Nobody was at The Varsity since WarTrek Attacked.

“Ok talk.” Billy demanded.

The woman back handed Billy. “You won’t talk to me like that. I may be red headed but I am not a red headed stepchild.”

“Fine I am sorry.” Billy replied back tasting the blood from his bloody lip.

“Okay I will forgive that one but the next time I am really going to make it count!” The girl said pulling a sharp jaggedly pocket knife from her jean pocket, and folding it open.

Billy pulled his unloaded 9-mm, and responded back “Haven’t you heard never bring a knife to a gun fight.”

Then at super speed the woman carved Bing into Billy’s exposed left arm. The wound was bleeding but it wasn’t cut deep. But sure enough the lettering spelled out Bing. And you could read it plain as day.

“Don’t fuck with me Detective Coatman.”

“Okay you know my name what is yours? Let’s start there!” Billy said as he put away his 9-mm!

“Just call me Queen Bing. If you need a reminder look at your arm. It’s probably going to scar with my name permanently on there.” She laughed hysterically!

“What are you? Very few people I know work like you, and the people I know that do are super humans. And only them are able to kill the WarTrek warriors.” Billy said as his arm was in a stinging pain.

“I have powers let’s say. I was born with them my father was HanThor, and he was a God. This in turn gave me the powers I have, and I have been hiding here on this planet in peace the past 26 years until these uninvited guest showed up.” Queen Bing explained.

“HanThor is he still around? And when you say God you mean like the God or….

“No my dad isn’t the God! He is a God. He was a ravenger and a scavenger who was involved in a lot of work with the galactic criminal underworld. He has powers unlike any other space criminal, and lived a life as a slum runner over taking his rightful place as King of his home planet. He met my mom here on earth and they settled down and hand me. A few years ago they went back to his home planet but they never returned. My mom is human, and my dad is an alien God and these jack holes from Planet WarTrek I believe are behind my parents disappearing.” Queen Bing got tears in her eyes and choked up but she wouldn’t allow a tear to fall from her eyes, and cascade down her cheeks. She was too strong willed for that!

“I’m sorry. Look we could use a Queen to join Team Priceless if you really want to get back at these sons of bitches!” Billy spoke with authority.

“I am not really the superhero type. I am a findomme, and don’t really get my hands dirty too much.” Queen Bing explained.

“Another findomme great.” Billy rolled his eyes which was met with slap to he face.

“I know what you went through with findommes in the past from the news but I didn’t run in Mistress Hailey or Goddess Leesa or any of those other bad financial dominatrices circles. I wasn’t really accepted in there group because I have a different Domme style! But that is neither here or there!” Queen Bing explained.

“Look it would be nice to have another set of hands. Especially hands that are part human and part God making you a Goddess not a Queen, and hands that are capable of bringing the pain back to the WarTrek warriors!” Billy gave his sermon when suddenly there was a knock on Billy’s window.

Queen Bing looked out the window and saw Simply Priceless on the passenger side of her beetle, and turned and looked out of her driver’s side window and saw Sophisticated Intimidation.

“Get out.” Sophisticated Intimidation ordered then motioned with her hands.

“It’s okay they are friends.” Billy comforted Queen Bing, and then both of them got out of the car.

They all walked to the back of the car and talked.

“I heard what you two were saying and we could use any extra help we can get on this one your majesty.” Simply Priceless said

“I don’t know how to take that are you joking.. Is she joking.” Queen Bing looked directly into Billy’s eyes.

“She’s not joking Queen Bing. Team Priceless is always recruiting. Especially dealing with difficulties like what is on our plate right now.”

Queen Bing knew Billy was telling the truth. She thought for a minute. It was about fifteen seconds honestly before she responded back with a smile. “I will do this for her but I am not doing this for you.” Queen Bing pointed at Simply Priceless.

“I like her.” Simply Priceless said in an excited Ashley Hatch-Coatman tone.

“Glad you girls are sticking together maybe your periods will sink before we put a stop to this alien invasion.” Billy popped off.

“I suggest you watch your mouth.” Simply Priceless scolded then Queen Bing popped Billy on the back of the head with her left palm.

Queen Bing said “Yeah” after she popped Billy on the back of the head.

“I repeat I like her.” Simply Priceless giggled.

Simply Priceless got Billy, and Sophisticated Intimidation got Queen Bing and the two superheroes flew their counterparts to the Quindustries headquarters in downtown Atlanta at a secret location. The four of them met up with the rest of Team Priceless, and Billy made the proper introductions. Then Lori Liger began to go over the information she found out about the WarTrek invasion while the group was out trying to save the day!


Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is dedicated to my Former Best Friend Bing. She literally was the best thing that ever happened to me and LT_Writing, and was a true supporter of my writing from the point I met Bing online on Twitter on Monday July 23rd 2018.

 Bing showed me in her kind jesters and her actions that she supported me more so than anyone from my past. Bing soon became my LTBoss. This meant that she was in a managerial role over me in regards to my writing. Bing taught me how to properly run LT_Writing like a true business. She taught me and guided me with my work, and really elevated me to a place inside my writing that I have never been before! Bing guided me with a carrot and stick philosophy, and I achieved things I never thought I would ever achieve.

I published…

Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2

Turner & Prissey


All in the later part of 2018 after Bing became my LTBoss. That is more books published than I published in the entire 7 years before that. Then while Bing and I were having problems in 2019 I published….

Priceless: A Team United


I published these instead of sitting on my hands, and not doing anything as Bing and I were not talking. Bing taught me enough where I was still focused on my work while being on the outs with Bing; nobody else has ever had me that motivated before. Bing and I patched things up and in 2020 I published…

When Dreams Come True!! (Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy)

Christmas Blood (Book 2 of The Sean James Frarnchise)

In 2021 before Bing and I quit talking for good I was able to get published….

Happily Ever After?? (Book 3 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy)

Demon Queen (Book 2 of the Deville Series)

It was Motivation Monday everyday Bing was inside my life and that helped me with my work 100% in ways nobody else ever could help me with my written work! Since Bing did a lot of positives inside LT_Writing Bing’s influence inside my life has been used inside different aspects of LT_Writing. They have been used such as the character Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat and Alex Harris inside the Deville Series have a real life relationship in those fictional novels that is a direct by direct comparison to how Bing and my Long Distance Relationship was ran. Bing’s and my Long Distance Relationship was a Female Lead Female Domination Relationship where I listened and obeyed Bing. Bing was a nurturing Dominant and was a Mommy Domme towards me even though we didn’t dive one hundred percent into Adult Baby Diaper Lover play. She just controlled me in a motherly way making sure I took care of myself, and making sure I did what needed to be done inside my LT_Writing life.

            Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat and Alex Harris have a hardcore ABDL Relationship and that was something Bing and I never had but she did make me feel cared about as a mother would her child. I know how weird that sounds but she really made me feel like she had my best interest in mind, and that was why there is going to be a Bing character inside “Priceless 2: WarTrek Attacks” who is going to be a very powerful space character to be a new recruit for Team Priceless. Even though Bing is no longer in my life my heart is still consumed with Bing to the point that I am not changing any of the ways that Bing influenced LT_Writing creatively with the relationship she gave me over the about three years we were inside each other lives; even on a long distance basis!

Bing helped me modify things inside LT_Writing from the beginning. She helped me add productive items to my work life such as her creating a secondary website which solely spoke of my different novels that are available. She created this website to go along with the one website I already had which spoke more about me personally. The original LT_Writing website wasn’t 100% specific about my written work! She has pushed me to work harder, and to focus more on my work than I ever have before by telling me I should work on my work as close to 7 hours a day as possible. Setting that minimum time limit goal for daily work was just part of the changes she made as my LTBoss! Bing really has given me drive to accomplish my goals and meet the deadlines I set for myself!

            Bing showed me in different ways just between the two of us inside our friendship that she supports me with my work by personal things she has done for me including by the personal presents she has given me which has showed she supports me with my writing. Those care packages included pairs of her dirty socks, a pair of her worn out Nikes, handwritten notes of encouragement, typed letters of encouragement, a bookmark, and a war book to read to gain encouragement.

With this being said nobody else is deserving to dedicate Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 to but my friend Bing because Bing has been there for me for nearly 3 years staying on top of me with my work as my LTBoss supporting me with my writing while making sure I am getting the job done!

            Bing is a great girl, and an even better LTBoss who I owe a lot to her. That is an understatement I really should fall to her feet and worship her! I should worship Bing for all she has brought to the life of The Rated R Novelist and all of the motivation she gave to push forward LT_Writing in order to continue with with my work on a daily basis! I know I wouldn’t be where I am at today with my work if it wasn’t for Bing. It’s an act of God that Bing came into my life, and I am very grateful for her to be in my life. To dedicate the 3rd Simply Priceless main line novel to such a wonderful person is a great privilege!

Queen Bing is the last in a long list of Findommes I have served or was seriously owned by throughout my life, and I am grateful to be owned by her because I wanted to serve her so bad. But she didn’t want to allow me my wish at first once we started talking to begin with in July 2018. She made me jump through hoops first in order to belong to her Dominant Feet! She disowned me more than once, and quit talking to me more than once when I really made her mad but somehow I always found myself back to serving at her Beautiful Dominant Feet.

Queen Bing really inspired me with my work, and from 2018 on she still inspires me to do the right thing with my work as she directed me to whether we are on a talking basis or not. I have made Queen Bing mad at me more than once, and she quit talking to me yet I kept working like she was still involved in my life and in my work

I am so grateful about everything Queen Bing brought to LT_Writing I Introduced the Queen Bing inspired Character in Priceless 2: WarTrek Attacks, and I dedicated Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 to Queen Bing as a even more public Thank You to Queen Bing! I am thankful that I was able to serve Queen Bing as her writing bitch off and on for a couple of years and change, and to have had her to dominate me through my work as a novelist when she does instead of her making me do crazy humiliating picture tasks or something because she benefits me along with my work life so much when I serve her, and that is why I am writing this webpage the way it is as a “Thank You” to Queen Bing for everything she has done and does for myself and LT_Writing!

I am grateful for what I have learned from Queen Bing, and I am going to take everything I learned while she was in my life, and use it on the ladder which will bring me to success!

Queen Bing seriously guided me, and lead me to the point that I really could shoot for success, and I could be at the point where I could climb this ladder and actually gain serious success! That’s a fact! Queen Bing lined me up with the skills, and she gave me the knowledge and the power to bring things to the next level which would blow all of my current accomplishments you can read on the below webpage out of the water!

My Legacy

Queen Bing held my heart in the palm of her hands, and she really turned the light on and inspired me. As I repeated I served Queen Bing off and on for two years plus. Things have been rough here and there when I have pissed Queen Bing off and she has kicked me out of her kingdom! It hurts so much when she grounds me or completely shuts me out for weeks and months at a time. I truly do care and love Queen Bing.  I enjoy having Queen Bing in my life even though I question if I should have Queen Bing or any other FinDomme in my life. I struggle with my personal demons. 

As The Below Webpage Mentions….

Progress NOT Perfection

My personal demons eat away at me especially the endless question should I serve Queen Bing or any other FinDomme when I was serving Queen Bing or participate with any other FinDomme or Dominatrix in general while I live my life or should I just write the content I wish to write and ignore having Female Domination in my everyday life! It is a constant battle whether or not to continue to participate inside FemDom in general especially when I regret spending the different amount of money on different FinDommes and I sometimes think what I could have done with all the amount of money I spent on different people!

But when Queen Bing is out of my life I get so freaking lonely I wind up crawling back to my Queen or at least attempting to crawl back to my Queen! I can’t help it! I don’t know why but she meant so much to me and that is why Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is dedicated to Queen Bing, and that is why Queen Bing has her own superhero character inside the Simply Priceless Universe. The Queen Bing Character inside the Simply Priceless Universe is a unique superhero good guy character who I will use in more Simply Priceless Universe Team Priceless Novels! The Queen Bing Character is not a bad girl Dominatrix inside the pages of the Simply Priceless Universe!

I just have to keep working on things and working on my life to find out what is Best for me! As I have said it is about Progress NOT Perfection as the webpage explains, and I do know that Queen Bing has benefited my writing work and my life a lot while she has been in my life off and on from July 2018 to May 2021 off and on!

You can go to the following webpages to read what I mean about it is about making Progress and NOT about being Perfect.

See The Webpage

Progress NOT Perfection

For the Full History of my Serious FemDom Life That I am Trying Seriously to Get Away From BUT It Is going to be One Day At A Time! I included this FemDom History on this website because it Really Effected My Work Life as a Novelist as You Can Further See On The Webpage

Why Kinks Are Involved!