Life Imitates My Writing

I got into Taekwondo when I was in Elementary School in Greensboro, NC! I earned all the way to my RED belt while studying under Mr. Warren Davis and his wife Elizabeth at Taekwondo Plus as a child.

My favorite action star growing up was Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon Franchise. Even Detective Billy Coatman from the Gunman neighborhood game was modeled after the legendary Lethal Weapon himself Martin Riggs.

I started back Taekwondo in 2021 and began with a fresher of the art by beginning back at white belt since I was an adult starting back in Taekwondo in a different Martial Arts Academy inside a different state.

I shortly found myself back to doing Taekwondo two or more times a week, and I advanced to Yellow Belt before I began to have PT multiple times week with my bad foot and I couldn’t keep up with Physical Therapy and Taekwondo. Sooner rather than later I had to step down from Taekwondo but I plan once I have my own car again, and I get myself out of the massive amount of debt I have found myself in to hopefully get back into Taekwondo by 2024 sometime.

The originally on You Tube show Cobra Kai was the show that inspired me to get back into Taekwondo.

I wish I never had to quit but I just had to do what I had to do!

There has been 5 seasons of Cobra Kai so far with a 6th and Final Season of Cobra Kai Green Lighted on Netflix.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Announcement