My Legacy


My Legacy is built on a one of a kind Romance Novel!

Romance Novel: Novels of this type of genre fiction place their primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.”

One of a kind because it was a Romance Novel surrounded around the World of Professional Wrestling. I will start this page off with the Roadie Backstory!

Roadie Backstory!

I was in a “relationship” I use ” ” because here almost 2yrs later I don’t know what it was? It is confusing. We hung out. We to movies. We out to eat. Watched wrestling both on TV and at WWE in Chattanooga/Atlanta but that was it. Nothing romantic went on. She claimed she loved me. I loved her as a friend at that. She was somebody I could depend on. I figured she would always be there for me. How was I mistaken….

On December 27th 2007 we are sitting second row at a WWE Raw Live Event in Chattanooga at UTC Arena. She continues getting up walking off on her cell phone. After about three or four times of this she comes back crying. Being the nice guy I am on top of being concerned I asked her what was wrong. She goes on to explain to me she had been talking to a guy old enough to be either her and my father, and he told her that if she expects for him to have anything to do with her then she had to leave me alone. He was upset she was with me. 3 years of whatever ended that night. Never looked back.

If I was to say right now that I wasn’t hurt my the incident I would be lying big time. I was hurt. She was my friend like was mentioned. Friends don’t do something like that to one another. I talked about this situation to anyone with ears that I knew that would listen to me. I am surprised people just didn’t tell me to quit talking about it so much. Mostly I talked about it with my managers at worked. Us 3 worked together as regular employees before they became managers one was one year after I started and the other three years after I started. Both are guys. In my age range; twenties, and they listened.

Funny thing is this girl worked there too well she worked with them too. She quit a back up in the year in 07 so she could have Sundays to spend with me. For a sort time peirod about a year maybe a few months over I worked at O’Charley’s as well. Point being everyone kenw one another, any they listened to me. Nobody agreed with what this girl did but to tell you the truth I am happy that she did because I am a happier person today but I will get into that later.

One night in late February of 08 it was a Tuesday Night and ECW was on. Kelly Kelly comes out there to wrestle, and for a hair line moment I thought I wonder what this girl I am talking about would think if I wound up on the road going from town to town with Kelly Kelly. I thought being an assistant to a female professional wrestler could be pretty cool. I would do it in a heart beat. I wouldn’t care what they wanted me to do whether it is shining their wrestling boots or going to get them a water or anything in between it didn’t matter. Then I thought guy and girl together on the road romance could spark out of that. Which brought the thought if I was Kelly Kelly’s personal assistant what would I like to have happen. These thought consumed me for days.

Then one day closer to March 1st I began typing then stopped. About a week passed I didn’t touch it. I guess I had a page typed. I am the type of person that even though I might make notes to what to type and work into my stories I basically just go on thoughts. I was talking to my AM at work, and told him what I was thinking. I told him I didn’t know how to type it that it was complicated, and I didn’t know whether to break it up in chapters which I have never done before or just type it straight out. He told me to break it up into chapters for sure and if I want to do then do it not to let fears or concerns stop me.

I guess by this time we are about a week into March. I flip open my laptop, and just begin typing and typing and typing. Some people say that “Roadie” reads like a screenplay. I can agree with that. It came to me as a giant conversation. I knew what I wanted to happen as far as events but it was more of the conversation that happened at those events. Maybe that is good maybe it is bad it confuses me and I can’t get a straight answer to that. Just depends on who I talk to.

I sat at my computer 12hrs + somedays. Taking the adderall that has been prescribed to so I could concentrate late at night to be able to keep on track with my book. Maybe sleep 3hrs only to get up to do it again. It became an obsession. I go through phases of obsession because right now I am obsessed with my new book “Simply Priceless” and then entire 7 book franchise but maybe another day for that story.

It became an obsession. I rarely stopped to eat. I didn’t have to work because business was slow so that is all I focused my time on.

On March 31st 2008 I typed the last paragraph finishing it up right after I watched Wrestlemania 24 on PPV. I was like I have to publish this. My doctor told me about a publishing company called Infinity. I checked into them. Sent my work off Mayish got my first proof book Julyish. Started proofing and proofing and proofing.

Got my 2nd proof book in October. Which I still have because in December my writing instructor from fall said it could proof it over Christmas holiday but he still has the extra copy I let him borrow to proof. The extra copy of the original proof book. Infinity sent 3 1 to proof 1 to send to the Library of Congress and a extra one. I am still reading through the 2nd proof book debating on mailing it in to get the 3rd or to wait for me to get my other proof book back from my writing instructor and just copy everything over in the 2nd proof book. I will figure something out.

I did tell my writing instructor that I would like to have my proof book back when school returns in the Fall so I finish up publishing by the end of the year, and hopefully have the book sigining like I want to have it Fall of 2010. This is my book signing and it will be the way I want it or it will just not take place, and that is final on that issue. I will have a female professional wrestler at my book signing of my choice. I will pay her apperence fee myself, and have the signing. I will buy my own book copies as well. I have funded this whole thing so far and haven’t had anybodies true help.

Nobody has actually proofed my work from beginning to end as of yet. People have skipped around and marked a few things but that is it. Even my writing instructor says he hasn’t got far in it. That is fine I will get it back read through it myself with his corrections, and if it has errors in it still then I will just have to live with that but I feel the majority of them are out because I am not finding any on this read through I am on now. That is besides the point ​

My female professional wrestler’s name I picked is Kelly Banks which comes from my two favorite female proffesional wrestler Kelly Kelly and Payton Banks. I talk to Ms. Banks frequently on myspace. I have only recieved one message back from Kelly Kelly but she is more busy being professional and with Payton Banks being back on the Indy Circuit while going to college I understand getting less responses from Kelly than Ms. Banks. 

The birth of the Wrestling Romance Novel took place a little over a decade ago. After my ex-friend decided to give up our friendship for a relationship with a middle aged man, and now bounced forward 11 years after my LTBoss wrote me off I am back starting to rewrite my own life from scratch. Only I have a number 1 Wrestling Romance Novel in regards to my work for a Best Seller and I am working on writing the Next 2 books in the Wrestling Romance Trilogy as my LTBoss wanted me to do because none of my other titles sell like Roadie sales! And I have met the female professional wrestler that I modeled Kelly Banks after which was WWE’s Own; Kelly Kelly!

Of Course that Fictional Wrestler’s Name is Kelly Banks which was a combination of WWE’s Kelly Kelly and TNA’s Ms. Payton Banks who is Also Known As Rain on the Independent Wrestling Circuit!

I used to talk to Payton Banks on Myspace before that became NO LONGER a Thing, and we haven’t been in touch with one another since I mailed her the first signed copy of Roadie I ever gave to anyone. At least the first copy of Roadie was given to one of the key individuals needed in created Kelly Banks. The second half of Kelly Banks got her copy of Roadie at Knoxville’s Fan Boy Expo 2019 when I gave Kelly Kelly her signed copy of Roadie!

Above was one of the greatest moments of my life. Even better than meeting Hulk Hogan who I also gave a copy of Roadie to. I was so happy to meet who inspired the female wrestling character Kelly Banks for my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie.

Roadie’s Synopsis goes as follows…..

“Roadie” is all about following your dreams and shows in life anything can and probably will happen. Have you ever fantasized about any celebrity regardless of their line of work? Luke Turner did. Roadie is one big fantasy turned reality. It all starts with some major bad luck. Which led Luke to apply for his dream job and meet the woman he idolized. A journey quickly began unlike any other. Roadie is a story about life, love, friendship, and all the struggles in between. It follows Luke Turner on his quest to find true happiness. Is there such a thing?

Roadie in this fictional Wrestling Romance Novel which as I mentioned is LT_Realm’s #1 Best Seller is the beginning of my Legacy and my Accomplishments.

Roadie was featured in 2 Online Wrestling News Articles and Wrestling Podcast Interviews Conducted with me about my work with Roadie! Along With I Was In The Local Newspaper in My Town The Daily Citizen!

Click Image Above to Read The Daily Citizen’s Article



Many male wrestling fans around the world have at least once fantasized about being with one of the beautiful Divas that stroll across your tv screen every week. Maybe you were lucky enough to meet one of your favorite wrestling divas, or had the chance to see them at a live wrestling event.

Really that’s the closest you have ever gotten to them, right? Yeah, but your fanasty lives on. Big time wrestling fan and now a newly published writer took his fanasty to the next level, he wrote a book about it.

I had the chance to talk to Lee T. Lunsford from Dalton, Georgia, He is the author of a great book called “Roadie”. When I spoke to him about his book he graciously gave me a little back story on the book before he sent me my own personlized copy. The following is what he told me.

“In 2007 on December 27th no joke I was at a WWE House Show with a girl I considered a Best Friend. Well that night ended whatever it was we had when she chose another guy over our friendship. I was upset for weeks, and then one night I saw Kelly Kelly coming to the ring on ECW on the Sci-Fi Channel. Looking at her coming to the ring with her “Holla” ring entrance music playing I thought, “What would my former friend think if I was able to get a job traveling the road with Kelly Kelly.” So I plotted and planned then started writing “Roadie” a few days later.”

“Roadie” is all about following your dreams, and shows in life anything can and probably will happen. Have you ever fantasized about any celebrity regardless of their line of work? Luke Turner did. Roadie is one big fantasy turned reality. It all starts with some major bad luck. Which led Luke to apply for his dream job and meet the woman he idolized. A journey quickly began unlike any other. Roadie is a story about life, love, friendship, and all the struggles in between. It follows Luke Turner on his quest to find true happiness. Is there such a thing?

Lee also told me that he knew he couldn’t use the Kelly Kelly name in his book, but he got as close to her real name as he could. What he did was he combined Kelly Kelly with Former TNA Knockout Payton Banks creating Kelly Banks.

Like I said Lee is a wrestling fan and has met wrestling stars in his life, and he has his own collection of autographs and wrestling memorabilia, but unfortunately he is not really with a dream diva in his personal life, but his character and alter ego “Luke Turner” has lived the dream. So through him Mr. Lunsford has also lived the dream.




by Daniel Johnson

Interviewer’s Note: Lee T. Lunsford is a writer based out of Dalton, Georgia  who published his debut novel, Roadie in December 2011 through Infinity Publishing. The story details the journey of Luke Turner, who after running into some bad luck pursues his dream job in the professional wrestling industry. The tale’s other primary character is Kelly Banks, a female wrestler who’s name was created by Lunsford by combining the monikers of former WWE diva, Kelly Kelly and former TNAknockout, Payton Banks. Lunsford’s writing draws inspiration from what he loosely defines as a relationship he had from November 2004 to December 2007. A lifelong wrestling fan Lunsford plans to turn the Roadie world into a trilogy with two upcoming novels, When Dreams Come True! andHappily Ever After???. Lunsford can be found on Twitter @leesspfrancise and his YouTube page can be found here. This interview was completed on October 10, 2014. In this interview Lunsford and I focus on the topic of writing his first wrestling novel.

Daniel Johnson: In a sentence or two how would you describe your book, Roadie?
Lee T. Lunsford: Nicholas Sparks has nothing on me.

Daniel Johnson: For those who have yet to check out the book what would you tell them that may inspire them to check it out and where can it be purchased?
Lee T. Lunsford: It is a true wrestling fan’s fantasy turned reality in print. It can be purchased onAmazonBarnes and, and eBay. Search Roadie, might have to add my pen name Lee T. Lunsford in the author block.

Daniel Johnson: Going way back before you started to write this book I was wondering when and where were you born and how did you first come to be interested in writing?
Lee T. Lunsford: I was born in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. I moved to Dalton, Georgia in 1996 after my parents had their divorce. To hear my mom say it I have always been interested in writing, but I am not sure exactly what age I attempted to start.

Daniel Johnson: Who are some authors that interested you from early in your life?
Lee T. Lunsford: I’ve never been one to truly read for fun. I’ve always rather written than read, but when I did read growing up in elementary school I read a bunch of RL Stine.

Daniel Johnson: Likewise, I take it you’ve read some wrestling books. What have been some ones that stick out the most for you? Have any directly influenced you?
Lee T. Lunsford: None have directly influenced me, and I did read some wrestling autobiographies in junior high, but they weren’t an influence with anything in my work or life.

Daniel Johnson: Likewise, wrestling novels are a very niche and intriguing genre. So I was also curious how did you first come to be a wrestling fan?
Lee T. Lunsford: I turned 31 years old on September 6, 2014, and to hear my mom say it I have been watching professional wrestling since I was 2 or 3 years-old. I don’t really know how I got into it.

Daniel Johnson: Who were some characters in wrestling that first really drew you in?
Lee T. Lunsford: Hulk Hogan of course. I began watching wrestling in the 1980s so there were all the iconic 1980 wrestlers.

Daniel Johnson: Getting more into your first book, Roadie I understand it is a very personal story for you. For readers who may be unaware of the history behind the book could you give a brief explanation of it?
Lee T. Lunsford: I was in a friendship with a girl for three years, and after three years she decided to turn her back on me. One night I was watching ECW on Syfy, and Kelly Kelly came out. I thought what would life be like if I could go on the road with Kelly Kelly as her assistant. Like an assistant Hollywood stars have. I later turned that thought into a one of a kind wrestling romance novel. Something that has never existed before that I am aware of.

Daniel Johnson: What was the writing process of Roadie like? I read in an article about you published in The Dalton Daily Citizen you spent 12 hour days working on the book. What did a typical day of writing the book consist of and how long did the process take in total?Lee T. Lunsford: I worked on Roadie between December 2007 and WrestleMania XXIV in 2008. I did work on it about 12 hours a day, and probably typed the rough draft in about three weeks, but it took from December 2007 to WrestleMania 24 to get everything plotted, typed the rough draft and proof it to the point I sent it off to Infinity Publishing.

Daniel Johnson: What was the most challenging part of writing this book?
Lee T. Lunsford: I wrote it with an ease. Not to be cocky, but I just used my fantasy to lead the way. I wasn’t working much at the movie theater at the time because they were cutting hours so I got to dedicate all my time to it.

Daniel Johnson: I also read on a piece about Roadie published by that you got the female characters name, Kelly Banks from combining the names of former WWE wrestler, Kelly Kelly and former TNA wrestler, Payton Banks. What was it about these two performers that stuck out enough to you to name your character after them?

Lee T. Lunsford: I won’t lie I was attracted to both, and I have a thing for blondes. So Kelly Kelly’s physical looks play into Kelly Banks. I used to talk to Ms. Banks on MySpace at the time when that was the hottest thing at the time. She was fun to talk to, and I even sent her the first signed copy of Roadie, along with an article I wrote on wrestling for the Chattanooga State Communicator which was the school newspaper I wrote for when I was attending there [Chattanooga State Community College]. I got to interview Consequences Creed, and attend the first TNA live event in Dalton, Georgia for free. We talked up to the point MySpace just crashed out. I combined the two names, and added in personality traits of my dream girl, to create the fictional character of Kelly Banks.

Daniel Johnson: This is kind of a side question, but given the WWE and TNA influence I was wondering if you stick to these promotions as a fan or if you are into indie wrestling as well?
Lee T. Lunsford: I’ve never been to an indie wrestling event.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of wrestling in general and also getting back to your book in that aforementioned article I understand Mick Foley gave you some advice when you had the chance to meet him. I was curious have you gotten any other feedback from those in the wrestling industry?
Lee T. Lunsford: No, I haven’t.

Daniel Johnson: Looking to the future I understand Roadie will be part of a trilogy along with two upcoming books, When Dreams Come True! and Happily Ever After??? When can readers expect to see these books released and how can they get them?
Lee T. Lunsford: They are a work in progress. It will be down the road because I have other work I am working on currently, and I just want to get them right.

Daniel Johnson: Can you tell us anymore about these two books currently?
Lee T. Lunsford: Slowly, but surely they drift away from professional wrestling and focus more on their lives.

Daniel Johnson: Looking beyond this trilogy are there any further projects you are working on? If so then what are they? Also, do you have any interest in writing non-wrestling books?
Lee T. Lunsford: Yes, Simply Priceless, my superhero genre book. I like to refer to it as 1980’s action meets modern superhero adventure, it is kind of like the Lethal Weapon franchise meetsSupergirl. I am in the editing faze of that book right now. Yes, I have interest in writing non-wrestling books.

Daniel Johnson: To wind down interviews I always like to ask a few non-wrestling questions then a few more wrestling relevant questions. First, what is your favorite movie to come out in the last year?
Lee T. Lunsford: Well, I don’t know if it counts, and maybe I am being a bit of a smart ass, but my favorite movie of all time is Ghostbusters, and it was just re-released back in September for its thirtieth anniversary.

Daniel Johnson: What do you most enjoy watching on TV these days?

Lee T. Lunsford: Wrestling of course I watch the majority of the time, but I love The Big Bang Theory other than that. I watch some of the shows on TruTV and A&E such as Hardcore Pawn,Lizard Lick Towing and Impractical Jokers. Then on A&E, Epic InkShipping WarsWahlburgers,Brandi & Jarrod and such but the majority of things I watch are Big Bang Theory reruns and wrestling. I also watch Law and Order: SVUFriends reruns and Duck Dynasty. I can’t watch TNA anymore because my cable provider dropped Spike.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Lee T. Lunsford: The last book I read was the Supergirl novelization to the Supergirl movie, and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t much different from the movie. It is just up to the point if the person liked the movie or not whether I would recommend them to reading it.

Daniel Johnson: Have you tried any new foods in the last year? If so what has been your favorite new food you tried in the past year?
Lee T. Lunsford: No, I haven’t.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song to come out in the last year?
Lee T. Lunsford: I don’t really listen to music.

Daniel Johnson: Getting back to wrestling I was curious since writing is such a big part of wrestling these days what is your favorite wrestling angle of all time and why?
Lee T. Lunsford: That question is so hard to answer but the NWO is a classic. And probably because it was one of the most memorable due to all the havoc it caused between the two companies.

Daniel Johnson: Have you ever considered writing/booking for a wrestling promotion at the independent level?
Lee T. Lunsford: No, I haven’t.

Daniel Johnson: I’m always curious about anything people may find odd about their work. So what if anything was the weirdest part about writing a wrestling book for you?
Lee T. Lunsford: Nothing was odd about it because it was all my driven fantasy of what I would love to happen in regards to hooking up with a female professional wrestler.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Lee T. Lunsford: Not at this present time.

Check out a promotional video for Roadie by Lee T. Lunsford here! Former TNA knockout, Payton Banks has expressed support for the work. In 2013 she wrestled against former WWE diva, Jillian Hall for Victory Pro Wrestling (VPW) at VPW Eighty…and Counting:

Book 1 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy Available with MANY Buying Options inside the LTShop!

I am currently in Present Day am working on Book 3 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy written, edited, and published. Since I got Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy published.

Happily Ever After?? Synopsis

Kelly Banks and Luke Turner now with the backers of the Jacksonville Jaguars are placing together the best ALL Female Wrestling Promotion ever in existence. Kelly Banks and Luke Turner sign Thunder Hendrix as a headliner superstar as their last competitor inside The Temple Thunder wrestled at with her lucha libra promotion as the last female competitor the happy Alpha Wrestling Couple needed for their all female wrestling promotion Evolution. Kelly was taking an executive role on the weekly Evolution wrestling program. She would be in a General Manager Authority Role in the Evolution realm. Luke Turner would take over the lead role in being a boss and head writer in Evolution’s Creative Department. Things were going great for the longest, and Luke and Kelly actually thought they were living happily ever after. Until a health scare takes place which brings them both to their knees! Kelly Banks is given a dramatic fate with her life expectancy being threatened, and an expiration date put of the time Kelly Banks will remain on this earth! Luke Turner thought he was going to live Happily Ever After hooking up with his favorite female wrestling superstar, having a real romantic relationship, getting married, having a family, and being successful in a career he always wanted to be surrounded around! Now Luke’s Happily Ever After was being questioned, and in major jeopardy, and only God the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knew what would happen next, and know if Luke Turner, Kelly Banks, and their children who were grown teenagers would experience their Happily Ever After??

The Reason I have been working on the last two books of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy SO HARD lately which (1 out of 2 is Published) is because that was the last thing my LTBoss ordered that I do with LT_Writing in order to improve the LT_Realm before she quit being my LTBoss. You read all about my LTBoss of the LT_Realm Queen Bing on the Following Webpage Below….

Inspired By A Queen

I have had other partnerships of a business sense. One Big Partnership I had that advanced Roadie and myself selling inside the world of wrestling was with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. That Partnership with that Independent Promotion Lasted From July at Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 until September 6th 2020.

Eric Nelson the Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling was the only Independent Wrestling Promoter to give me the time of day with me coming to the wrestling venue and selling my work which was (Just Roadie at the time) Most people didn’t reply to the message I sent them! Others replied and had Terms and Conditions to consider having me at their event selling my initial Wrestling Romance Novel which was reading the book first, and if they approved the book I could sale there. Then one day I contacted somebody who was helping putting on a wrestling even around Atlanta and they put me in touch with Eric. We wound up talking on the phone and setting up me coming to Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015. Then things just expanded with me being able to do Future Events and with Eric helping me advance my writing by putting me in touch with Kym LaFever for an editor. Eric really tried to help me while we were talking and he was always there for me and always good to me until we just broke apart, and quit associating.While this Business Relationship was Together it was a was a real home run situation for me as a Independent Wrestling Promotion. I once could depend on Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Owner and Promoter Eric Nelson so much because he advanced my football and kept pushing for me to finish the Wrestling Roance Trilogy which I didn’t have a finished Rough Draft for Book 2 When Dreams Come True!! and Book 3 Happily Ever After?? of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy until after my FORMER LTBoss and FORMER and Last Owner Right Before I vowed to rid FinDom and FemDom out of my life (Queen Bing) pushed me to get the Wrestling Romance Trilogy Copelete because Roadie is the LT_Realm’s Number 1 Best Seller! So I listened to Queen Bing and now I have When Deams Come True!! (Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy) PUBLISHED in 2020 and I have a Rough Draft Manuscript of (Book 3 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy) Happily Ever After?? that I am editing to hopefully publish Before the Clock Strikes Midnight to Begin 201 On January 1st! If it wasn’t for Eric Nelson’s Stranglehold Championship Wrestling pulling me in and helping me out I probably wouldn’t be able to get in and be a vendor at any of the other wrestling events I have been able to get into after I began attending Stranglehold Championship Wrestling events that weren’t Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. So being apart of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling when I was wound up benefitting me in a lot of ways before things blew up…..

Below is a little bit about the partnership I had with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling.

The first event I did with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling was Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015, and then I did Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Royal Blood 2016 and did Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s BIG WrestleCon Event Call to Arms 2019!

Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Promoter Eric Nelson really took me under his wing allowing me to attend his bigger events and sale my work for free! The first event as I mentoned on other webpages was Stranglehold Wrestlefet 2015. The event took place in the summer of 2015 in a warehouse that was even air conditioned. It was hotter than hell and miserable if you had to be in that warehouse without anthing to do. There were fans stuck different places but those fans didn’t cool off anything! I had the time of my life selling my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie at my first wrestling meet and greet though.

Goddess Brandy spent the night at my house the night before so she could go with me to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015.

I was so excited to have Brandy go with me to my debut wrestling event to sale Roadie. The only thing I had done selling wise with my book was the successful Book Knook sale!

Goddess Brandy made me feel on Easy Street and really inspired me with my work as a Novelist In a sense Goddess Brandy was a LTBoss by moral support because she didn’t really instruct me with anything to do with the LT_Realm but I wanted to make it BIG as a Novelist for her so I could supprt her financially which was the same goal I had for Queen Bing!

Goddess Brandy was so nice to me when she attended Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 and didn’t pitch a bitch wanting to leave because of the heat. She talked about use leaving before everyone else started to leave to make it easier for my mom and Charlie who were there too. You  can read about these two on the following webpage(s)….


And you can read more about my mom and how she benefits my work on….


I sat at Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 and sold copies of Roadie with the girl I absolutely loved and worshipped at the time sitting beside me and I was in heaven during this event as I stood up and walked around the warehouse area this event was taking place in and picked up autograph and photo opopprtunities from the different wrestlers that were in a attendance that afternoon during the Meet and Greet Event!

Brandy never went with me to another event I sold my work at. In fact I went to the rest of my Stranglehold Championship Wrestling events alone because now that my mom and Charlie saw what a Stranglehold Championship Wrestling event was all about, and they met Eric the Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling they trusted that I could go by myself and be safe! Below are pictures from Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Royal Blood 2016!

You can Purchase Brandy Scotch Baker and The Party Princess Kayla Lynn Autographed Copies of Roadie from the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Royal Blood 2016 Event on the LTShop Webpage! Brandy Scotch Baker is (Eric’s Wife) and she wrestles for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and her opponent at Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Royal Blood 2016 was The Party Princes Kayla Lynn and those are the two women above I had my picture made with the night of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Royal Blood 2016.

I was very tight with Eric Nelson and Stranglehold Championship Wrestling for work events that after Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 where Eric charged me for my table to be a vendor there once he got to know me as we continued to talk after that Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 event Eric quit charging me a vendor fee to attend his events. In Fact I WAS so tight with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Eric Nelson that he invited me to come to the Flashback Games arcade where he put on a FORMER WWE Gangrel Meet and Greet at for Halloween in 2018. His only condition for me to come was he wanted me to buy one autographed $10 headshot for Gangrel to sign my championship belt I was bringing with me just to help out with some of the expenses for bringing Gangrel there to Flashback Games! I didn’t mind doing that! So I agreed!

I brought the last few unsigned copies of Roadie with me to this very unusual Meet and Greet. While at this Meet and Greet Brandy Scotch Baker (Eric Nelson’s Wife) signed the majority of the copies I brought with me. Then I gave a personally signed copy to Gangrel and to Peter Josef Schmidke a Stranglehold Championship Wrestling wrestler that was in attendance that night at the Meet and Greet. I hung out and I talked to Gangrel about Roadie and I never felt so awesome with the amount of attention my Wrestling Romance Novel was getting that night. Then Eric got me a coke, and I had a very up close and personal Meet and Greet unlike any other where I just hung out with Gangrel and the crew from the Stranglehold Army as different people came into the arcade to meet Gangrel. It was very awesome to hang out with the WWF Attitude Era Brood Leader! It was an amazing situation I am very happy I was able to live!

At this Gangrel Meet and Greet ALL Eric talked about was putting on a WrestleCon event that would blow Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 out of the water! This Gangrel Meet and Greet event took place in October 2018 and then after going through the process of finidning the Right Venue, Booking the Right Vendors and Wrestlers, and getting all of his Ducks in a Row; I Found Myself Near 6 Flags at Riverside Epicenter A Week Before Knoxville’s Fan Boy Expo 2019!

I Found Myself at the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Call to Arms 2019 Wrestle Con!

This Would Be The LAST Event I Did With Eric Nelson’s Stranglehold Championship Wrestling!

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This event caused plenty of problems for Eric Nelson and myself. I wasn’t doing much business at all there, and I was hungry. So I packed up my table early towards the end of the Meet and Greet part of the Wrestle Con. Then I went and put my books in my car and went and got me something to eat. It took forever to get  my food the place I chose to eat at inside the Riverside Epicenter was so crowded. By the time I got done eating the wrestling event part of the Wrestle Con had started. I didn’t know where my seat was and I didn’t want to go into the auditorium and just go on a search and rescue mission for my seat and everyone hate me for walking in front of them so I just drove myself home.

Eric and I didn’t talk for awhile after Call to Arms. Then Queen Bing kicked me out of her Kingdom so I was depressed. I decided to turn my life back to Professional Wrestling. Now I don’t know the financials for Call to Arms but the Meet and Greet wasn’t as crowded as I expected.  So I didn’t think Eric’s financials worked out for him for what I knew was a high dollar to put on that event. Especially where it was at. Eric said if this event didn’t work out he wasn’t going to do another one. Based on him not talking to me really and based on what he said I figured he lost money on this event and wasn’t going to do another one. With that being said I turned the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Twitter Account that I set up and I ran into a LT Wrestling account specifically @LT_Wrestling83

I then decided to tweet anything wrestling from Professional Wrestling to Independent Wrestling to Random Stuff Involving my Wrestling Related Stories. I did this so I could get over Queen Bing and with that being said Eric accused me of trying to start my own Independent Wrestling Promotion.

Things went silent after Call to Arms. The only thing Eric wanted me to do was give all the Stranglehold Password Information for the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling WIX Website I started for him and any other Stranglehold Championship Wrestling account I started like E-Mail and Twitter to another friend of his who was going to take over promotions for Eric’s Wrestling Promotion!

I sent all the information they wanted except for the Twitter Account I took over for myself but when Stranglehold Championship Wrestling got their own Twitter Account I posted a pinned tweet of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s New Twitter Account so those that followed my rebranded account with it being Stranglehold Championship Wrestling First could Follow the Official Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Twitter Account if they wanted to. The pinned tweet is still on my @LT_Wrestling83 Twitter Account Today.

But Eric and I quit talking for the longest! He got his own place for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and began to put on monthly shows before Covid-19 struck! Eric also later down the road when we finally spoke to one another before the final blow up Eric told me that MomoCon gave him a contract to bring Stranglehold Championship Wrestling to their Comic Con Event! So Eric began to plan about who to bring to the MoMoCon Comic Con Event and Eric invited me to go with him! I agreed to go and we talked about doing something BIG with my Wrestling Romance Novel there by having me Sponsor a Female Superstar and having whoever she would be sit with me at my table at MoMoCon signig the copies Roadie I sale to to people. That was the original plan until Covid-19 struck and the world began to experience this pandimic we are in!

Eric and I quit talking again after it was announced that the MoMoCon would be rescheduled to a later date and soon enough my 37th Birthday Came!

For my Birthday I decided to get my mom and Charlie to take me to Turnbuckle Wrestling Bar & Grill and me going there pissed Eric Nelson OFF! In the Blue Text Below is the Excerpt From The…..

Inspired by a Queen

Webpage where I explain why my long Business Arrangement with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling came to a end. Eric seemed jealous and upset when he found out I was going to work at Superstars Fan Fest a Wrestle Con that was supposed to take place in Rome, GA in April 2020 but got pushed back to April 2021. I wasn’t under contract with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling in anyway. I wasn’t exclusive to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling in anyway! So I do not know why Eric acted the way he did! Eric was never my employer and I was never his employee! He had no control over me or what I chose to do with the events I chose to work or anything I chose to do for fun but the below text might be blue but I am not blue or depressed over any of this at all!

The Work Relationship with Stranlehold Championship Wrestling ended after I went and celebrated my 37th Birthday at Turnbuckle which is owned by the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s arch nemesis.

So the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling got mad at me, and ended our partnership beginning with unfriending me from Facebook. The night before he got mad at me for a post I made about celebrating my birthday at Turnbuckle, and if he cannot understand I just wanted to go out and have a good time for my 37th Birthday that I would not be able to do in my hometown then I don’t need him because I in no way celebrated my birthday up at Turnbuckle to hurt the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling or to hurt our friendship but I guess it did, and he couldn’t handle how I wanted to spend my 37th Birthday which is so childish! But I made things work with the Owner and Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling the majority of the time Queen Bing has been in my life the entire time off and on when she allowed me to serve her. The picture of me above is from Turnbuckle!

I was so close with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling that wrestling promotion Kelly Banks and Luke Turner are in inside the pages of When Dreams Come True!! Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy is Stranglehold Championship Wrestling, and When Dreams Come True!! is Dedicated to Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker. You can read that Dedication Below….

When Dreams Come True!!  (Dedication)

Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy is Dedicated to the only Wrestling Couple I know personally The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker. As you get into When Dreams Come True!! you will see Eric Nelson’s Georgia Independent Wrestling Promotion is reinvented into a Florida Promotion with the same name Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Also in this book When Dreams Come True!! The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker have their own leading role characters with the same name in this Wrestling Romance Novel Follow Up!

Eric was the only wrestling promoter to allow me to come to his events beginning at the WrestleCon Meet and Greet Type Event Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 to sale my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie. I contacted many other promotions around Georgia and Tennessee to either get no response at all in return back or to be told they had to read my book before they would consider allowing me to be a vendor at their wrestling event, and then there were ones that flat out told me no in regards to me wanting to come to their wrestling event to sale my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie. I later wound up talking to someone on Facebook, and I am sorry but I don’t remember that person’s name all I know he was attached to Independent Wrestling in Georgia, and he put me in touch with Eric in 2015 before the Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 event so I got in touch with Eric immediately.

We wound up touching base via telephone and we talked in that first conversation for over an hour, and then I sent in my vendor fee payment to be part of Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015. From that day in July to Present Day I have been part of a handful of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling events, and because of Eric Nelson I have had experiences involving Wrestling that I would not have had or would have been given under any other circumstances. I have met and have been up close with a number of my childhood Professional Wrestling Heroes and Legends because of Eric Nelson. The wrestlers I am speaking of to name a few from my childhood Road Warrior Animal, Gangrel, The Rock and Roll Express, Cowboy Bob Orton, Tony Atlas, and many others. I also met more modern day wrestlers line TNA’s Gunner who is now in WWE NXT in the group The Forgotten Sons. I also met female superstars like The Priscilla Kelly, and many Independent Superstars but things weren’t all fun and games there was business involved.

Eric tried his best to help me get more for my dollar with my Roadie copies I sold at his events and around other places by when I came to his various events and brought my Roadie copies Eric would have his wife and women’s wrestler that leads the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Women’s Division Brandy Scotch Baker sign any amount of Roadie copies I wanted plus had Brandy and her opponent from Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Royal Blood 2016 The Party Princess Kayla Lynn autograph Roadie copies, and he didn’t expect anything from it.

Eric also tried to set up me sponsoring different wrestlers to work my table with me when I sold my various works that grew past only Roadie as years passed by to help try to increase my sales for that particular event. I admit he tried everything he could for me to be as beneficial as I could while I was a vendor at any Stranglehold Championship Wrestling event. That is why even though I have been a vendor at other event types and other wrestling events my Home is Stranglehold Championship Wrestling!

Even Brandy Scotch Baker has been Very Supportive and been behind me with my Wrestling Romance Trilogy with Both Brandy and Eric pushing for me to complete the Wrestling Romance Trilogy years before I finally listened to Bing who Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is Dedicated to, and I began to go through the process of Completing the Wrestling Romance Trilogy!

I am glad to be able to call both The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker friends, and I couldn’t have two better people behind me supporting my Wrestling Romance Trilogy or supporting my Writing In General. I couldn’t ask for better people in the Wrestling Community behind me or my work, and I just hope after they read this Book 2 Follow Up to Roadie that they approve of their The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker LIKE with the same name characters here in Book 2 of The Wrestling Romance Trilogy and I hope they enjoy the overall story of When Dreams Come True!!

            If you are a Wrestling Fan in Georgia or thinking about coming to Georgia I suggest you see a Stranglehold Championship Wrestling wrestling event, and Be Sure To Join The Stranglehold Army Facebook Group!

Thank You Eric and Brandy for all you have done, and welcoming me into the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Family!

When Dreams Come True!!  (Synopsis)

What happens when you hit the jackpot? Does life just stop? Do your problems just stop, and you are able to live happily ever after? I got two words for you… “Hell no!” Your life doesn’t just stop When Dreams Come True!! Your life continues forward and you have as many problems as you used to, and more problems may come along as well as time passes! Luke Turner and Kelly Banks were about to find that out fast. Everybody remembers Luke Turner who scored a marriage with his favorite female wrestling superstar of all time Kelly Banks years earlier. Well they are still married only now are both dealing with a form of harassment. Kelly is dealing with being stalked by a psycho fan that she was forced to have locked up in the past, and Luke Turner was being harassed by his father who wanted a father son bonding spot in Luke’s life. Kelly Banks suffered a near career ending knee injury, and while out the promotion she was in was sold to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. It was decided by Eric Nelson the manager of champions to show the art of storytelling once Kelly began wrestling on television for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling after Kelly Banks worked as a coach on Just Bring It. Just Bring It was a Tough Enough like reality show where the winner of the Professional Wrestling Contest would win a wrestling contact to begin wrestling for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Once Kelly Banks came on board full time with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Luke and Kelly had come onboard, and now must follow the storyline from beginning to end in hopes that Kelly or Luke wouldn’t be written off as they dealt with their everyday troubles along with tried to reach championship gold. Point being nothing stops When Your Dreams Come True!!

AVAILABLE On Amazon and Inside the LTShop

I wanted to write a superhero novel after I wrote Roadie. Then on May 26th 2008 I was really thinking of what my superhero novel would be about, and my characters names and such. And by chance Ted Dibiase JR Debuted on This Night.

I saw Ted Dibase JR’s Debut and I liked the name Simply Priceless for a female superhero, and then I saw Beth Phoenix and thought there if I described it in words is Simply Priceless.

So I did just that, and from that point forward Simply Priceless WAS BORN!!!

This was almost 9 years to the day before the first Simply Priceless Universe Novel was published!

I talked to Author Bobby Nash at the first Farley Con in March of 2017. At that event I only had my Roadie copies and Mr. Nash told me about create space and gave me the run down how Amazon’s create space worked. After I got home from that event I started the processes with My Editor Kym LaFever to get Simply Priceless published. You can read about the editor of the LT_Realm on the webage below.

 My Editor

I gave Mr. Nash a FREE Signed Copy of Roadie and told him the background with me publishing Roadie along with the publishing company I used. Mr. Nash let me pick a book of his that I wanted for me giving him that signed copy of Roadie, and I picked the book below which he signed.

There has been one Simply Priceless Universe novel that has came out a year since Simply Priceless was released in September 2017. None of this would have taken place if I didn’t talk to Bobby Nash that day at that first Farley Con. So Far in 2018 and 2019 the two Simply Priceless Universe novels below came out.

In 2020 I am planning to Release Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3! It is in the editing phase right now. I just had to pick between reaching my goal by debuting When Dreams Come True!! at Superstars Fan Fest or getting Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 published and not likely accomplishing my goal with Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do everything I had to do in order to have books on hand for When Dreams Come True!! at Superstars Fan Fest! With that being said I put Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 on hold and publishing it later in 2020.

I am a lot more than a Wrestling Romance Trilogy and a HARD R Superhero Universe. I began a Tom Clancy Jack Ryan like Franchise known as the Sean James Franchise publishing the first book in 2018.

Only the Sean James Franchise is a Jack Ryan movie on steroids. The first Sean James Novel that was published in 2018 was Armageddon. 

Armageddon Synopsis

Sean James was at home planning for a normal night until his roommate Brandy came home safe and sound but instead of a quiet night in front of the TV he was called into work by his British speaking operative who ruled his life ever since he left the military, and got a job with the CIA. The night and actions that was about to take place were going to be pure hell as it seemed like with terror attack after terror attack which were conducted throughout Sean’s time period trying to take down a coalition of various terrorist from different countries who formed a true Axis of Evil, and planned to use every type of terrorist attack to destroy America in a short time period. Sean James was teamed with another operative named Mel who was Australian, and they were the ultimate Martin Riggs teamed with a cloned Martin Riggs character from the Lethal Weapon movies creating the Ultimate Action Packed Combination! They were a couple of maniacs out on a mission to save the United States from several events that would claim more lives than the Nine Eleven terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center in New York years back! Only these terrorist weren’t only attacking the United States they decided to get personal and wage war on Sean’s personal life by going after Brandy! Will Sean James be able to complete both missions in time saving Brandy and her fiancee from danger along with saving the United States from chaos! Who knows but if anybody has a chance to do so; he does! Enough Said!

Armageddon is dedicated to my dad John Lunsford…

Armageddon Dedication

I am dedicating my Debut Sean James Novel Armageddon to my father John Lunsford. I am dedicating Armageddon to my father John Lunsford because I remember growing up when my parents were together growing up with my father reading the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels, and my father taking me to see the Jack Ryan movies that began with A Hunt for Red October with Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan.

Sean James is my version of Jack Ryan inside the LT_Realm, and this is Sean James’s Debut Novel from LT_Writing, and his first appearance with my work inside the LT_Realm! I am sure my father will love this novel when he reads it because he enjoys the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels so I am dedicating this novel to my father.

I think out of all my novels written, and stories I wrote, printed off, three hole punched, and placed in binders over the years that this is one story my dad will actually like.

My father is a hero in his own right with how he gave me the money to pay to keep my website: online at least until its renewal date now in May 2019! My dad has ordered copies of books for me to sale and have in inventory, and my dad has paid vendor’s fees for me to be able to be part of various wrestling events, wrestle cons, and comic cons selling my work as a vendor at those events!

My dad John Lunsford has done a whole lot more for me than I have ever given him credit for! That is a sad but true statement! I hope this dedication in this debut Political Action Thriller that is debuting my Sean James character helps a little bit to show my father John Lunsford that I appreciate everything he has done for me whether I said “Thank You” or not! No matter if I acknowledge what my dad did for me or not I am thankful to have him as one of my backers with the LT_Realm and have him behind me as I add more content inside the LT_Realm with the work I do with LT_Writing!

John Lunsford and Lee T. Lunsford don’t always see eye to eye on things! There are time we probably feel like ripping the other one’s throat out! It has been a rough time at times throughout our lives but in the end we are there for each other when we need to be! My dad paid the last part of my editing bill to Kym LaFever the woman that edited Simply Priceless for me which was good or it wouldn’t of been released when I planned for it to be released. My dad has done a lot he hasn’t gotten credit for or things that has been overlooked.

I hope my dad appreciates this dedication because I am putting all my heart and soul behind it. I want you to know dad I do appreciate everything that you do whether you get  Thank You or not but you should out of common courtesy always get a “Thank You1” Let me say I am sorry you don’t get a Thank You 100% of the time. But I hope like everybody else you will read ahead and find out what Sean James is all about. Named after my older brother Sean Black and my Paw Paw James Turner here is your new military contractor action star Sean James in his debut novel Armageddon. If this book became a movie I would like to see Captain America Chris Evans play Sean James but until that time allow Sean to live on in literature, and flip passed this page to check out the actual story of Armageddon to get a feel on what Sean James novels are about before the second Sean James novel Christmas Blood is released. Hope you enjoy dad, this one is for you, and I thought of you as I wrote this thinking if this was a movie this would be one we would watch together! Hope you enjoy and  Thanks for everything!

I also write more Family Friendly items like my Turner and Prissey Series. The First Turner and Prissey started off as just a birthday present for my mother and I even dedicated the First Turner and Prissey to my mom. That Dedication can be found on the



Click The Image Below to Be Brought to The Turner and Prissey Webpage!

Turner and Prissey is modeled after the buddy cop buddy dog cop movies from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The one I named it after was Turner and Hooch because my middle name is Turner and also because Turner and Prissey was originally just a short story published birthday present for my mother before I decided to reveal it to the LT_Realm!It is LT_Realm’s majority family friendly novel!It is not a 100% copy of Turner and Hooch or any other movie with similiar subject matter the only thing in common is the terrorizing dog only this terrorizing dog is a Chihuahua instead of a giant monster drooling beast!

Now imagine craziness like what happens above only with the pint size less than 10lbs dog which is the type of dog beautiful women usually carry around in purses.

Above is Prissey and I which is the idea for the Mark Turner and Prissey characters from Turner and Prissey! The Synopsis to Turner and Prissey is below…

This book is in the image of the K9 movie franchise or Turner & Prissey only with a much smaller dog; a Chihuaha named Prissey! Mark Turner is a Private Investigator on the case of a steroid ring when the death of his mother happens, and he gets his inheritance; her Chihuahua Prissey! Mark Turner must adapt to a new life as a Fur Daddy! Mark must learn to adapt to a new life trying to cope with the death of his mother, trying to continue his work as a PI, trying to deal with the limited personal life he has had, and trying to raise a Chihuaha devil who he is in a love/hate relationship with. Mark is unsure what will happen on a daily basis now with inheriting Prissey life just got that much more complicated while he is on the biggest case of his career! Will life settle down for Mark? Only time will tell!

Even though Turner and Prissey originally just started off as something I did for my mom for her birthday I am planning to one day eventually write a Turner and Prissey 2 and maybe have an entire Turner and Prissey Franchise just like there was a K9 Franchise. The K9 Franchise’s Movie Trailers are below for those well known Buddy Cop Buddy Dog movies.

I imagine a hit series involving law enforcement with a Chihuahua. After all there is Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a family friendly Chihuahua movie as you can see it made by Disney but Turner and Prissey is a family fr friendly story especially compared to Homecoming. Turner and Prissey could easily be a more realistic movie where the Chihuahua in the movie doesn’t talk or speak in anyway besides bark, and have it filmed like K9 or Turner and Hooch or with a much smaller trouble making dog! I could see an entire series of Turner and Prissey family friendly books inside the LT_Realm.

The above picture I plan to use as the cover for Turner and Prissey 2 when it gets to that time and if I get a story which brings it to that time.

But this is My Legacy so far as a Full Time Novelist. I feel I have accomplished a lot for when I said to various family members like my father that I was going to be a Full Time Novelist, and I was going to publish Roadie I got responses back from my dad that I was too obsessed with Kelly Kelly and I wouldn’t sale a single copy!

I sold several copies and I plan on continuing to bust my ass and continuing to use LT_Writing to build the LT_Realm. I do hope to accomplish a hell of a lot more, and to get my own major book deals along with to get movie deals at some point as I continue my life as a Novelist. I hope at the end of my life I am remembered like I remember Tom Clancy being remembered but I hope before my death which I hope is a very long time away that I finish getting out entire franchises like my Simply Priceless Universe and my Sean James Franchise. I should have the Wrestling Romance Trilogy out and Available to the Public by Superstars Fan Fest April 24th 2021. I am going to move forward, and I am going to bust my ass because I have a STRONG WILL and I PLAY TO WIN with a WILL NOT DIE ATTITUDE! I am going to Build My Legacy where in the End it is Something in Which A LOT of people remember and talk about for a VERY LONG TIME!

It is going to be a Legacy in the End that will live on in the pages of my autobiography Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story and hopefully by the time I do pass stories of my Real Life will live on in various other books as well like the Based on the True Events Story of my Emotionally Abusive Relationship with Goddess Lisa. This way everyone who takes the time to dive into my life after I pass will get a full understanding about what the life of The Rated R Novelist was completely about!