My Legacy


My Legacy

10849880_10204521031738957_4725302071816185099_n I finished publishing Roadie in 2011 and didn’t pursue my first book signing until I believe it was in December of 2013. I remember it was 2013 but I don’t remember the exact month. Then in April 2014 I met Brandy, and Brandy pushed me to pursue my current role I continue to have in life 9yrs later as a Full Time Novelist. After Brandy pushed for me to begin to commit myself to being a Full Time Novelist in 2014 I built my initial website, I went on a search mission of finding a wrestling promotion who would allow me to sale Roadie at, and I tried to find a wrestling podcast to go on.

I don’t know if I finished the initial website first or not but I do know out of the other two scenarios I found a wrestling podcast that had me on to speak about Roadie on.


It was the King of Podcast Wrestling Podcast. This appearance on this Podcast took place around the same time as those online and printed articles about Roadie that anyone can read on this site on the

Wrestling Romance Trilogy


Those articles and my appearance on this wrestling podcast was just the beginning of establishing My Legacy as The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford back in 2014. Who is now in Present Day The Three Faces of Lunsford with those Three Faces being…..

The Creator Lee T. Lunsford

The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin

From Left to Right

The Creator Lee T. Lunsford

The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin

These are The Three Faces of Lunsford

From The Wrestling Romance Trilogy I went on to create my Simply Priceless Universe. You can go on to read all about the Simply Priceless Universe on the

Simply Priceless Universe


You can move forward to LT_Writing site 2 to read MORE INFORMATION About The Wrestling Romance Trilogy and the Simply Priceless Universe at the links below.

You can also read all the articles that were written up on Roadie and The Rated R Novelist on the

ALL About Roadie


You can read those articles and see how I built My Legacy on Roadie and The Wrestling Romance Trilogy.

I first debut Roadie at The Book Knook Book Signing in 2013.

I got Simply Priceless published finally in September 2017 thanks to My Editor Kym LaFever and the first event I debut Simply Priceless was at Farley Con 2018.

You can read about My Editor who made it possible for me to get Simply Priceless available in 2018 on the

My Editor


The First Wrestling Event I brought Roadie to was with the promotion Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and was at SCW’s Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 Meet and Greet Event.

When I published Simply Priceless back in 2017 Battlegrounds Games and Comics picked up selling Simply Priceless before I began to debut Book 1 of the Simply Priceless Universe at various events the following year.

You can read all about everything Simply Priceless on the

Simply Priceless Universe

webpage! You read how Simply Priceless began the Simply Priceless Universe and how Simply Priceless spawned every idea I got that followed Simply Priceless and branched out the Simply Priceless Universe.

I wrote the initial Simply Priceless in 2009 when I finished writing Roadie and got ready to publish the final version of Roadie.

I finished the initial rough draft of Simply Priceless in 2009 and then finished a Reboot of the initial Simply Priceless novel in 2014. Before I finally had My Editor Kym LaFever publish Simply Priceless in 2017.

Once Simply Priceless was published in 2017 the mission to complete and publish the Simply Priceless Universe was on!

I spoke to Dan Jolley in 2013 and got his advice with publishing Simply Priceless. We had our conversation at Free Comic Book Day 2013 I believe at Fantasy Factory which is the other comic book store in Dalton, Ga.

Dan Jolley is an American novelist and comic book writer. His comics work includes DC Comics‘ Firestorm and Graphic Universe‘s Twisted Journeys, a series of interactive fiction or gamebooks in graphic novel form, and his novel work includes the young-adult science fiction espionage series Alex Unlimited along with his international best selling novel, The Gray Widow’s Walk, which is his first book in the Gray Widow trilogy that he publishes through Seventh Star Press.

The Above Paragraph is from Dan Jolley’s wikipedia page.

I gave Dan Jolley a signed copy of Simply Priceless at the 2021 Next Chapter Con! The picture above is from that Next Chapter Con event.

I continued to push forward with the Simply Priceless Universe throughout the late teens. Then in 2021 I decided it was time to have my Wrestling Romance Trilogy Dream signing.

I finished the initial rough draft manuscript for Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy When Dreams Come True and Book 3 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy Happily Ever After before I contacted Rocky Spurlock the promoter of the East Ridge Farley Con Comic Con event. I asked Rocky if it would be alright for me to bring Jordynne Grace to the the 2021 Farley Con Event.

I met Jordynne Grace for the first time at the Knoxville Fan Boy Expo 2019.

At the 2019 Fan Boy Expo we spoke briefly about Roadie before my photo op took place, and then in 2020 she did some Roadie advertising for me when I mailed her Jordynne’s own signed copy of Roadie after contacting her on Instagram. She posted to following two pictures in a Instagram post with a caption revolving around Roadie, The Rated R Novelist, and This Website.

People began to contact me right away, and I made some Roadie sales out of Jordynne Grace’s Instagram posts. You might be asking yourself before I move on who is Jordynne Grace?

Jordynne Grace is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling, where she performs! Jordynne is a former Impact Digital Media Champion. Jordynne Grace is also a former two-time Impact Knockouts Champion and Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

Jordynne Grace also signed a handful of Roadie copies and mailed them to me for me to add to my LT_Writing Signature Collection at the same time she did the above Instagram Post.

All that was before I arranged to have my LT_Writing Dream Signing with Jordynne Grace at the 2021 Farley Con in East Ridge, TN on August 14th 2021.

Below is The Road To Farley Con 2021 beginning in February 2021 with Tattin Shop A Mania.

I had a great Road to Farley Con 2021 and I am in the beginning process of The Road To Farley Con 2923 but below is from Farley Con 2021 where Jordynne Grace attended at LT_Writing’s table until she had to leave early afternoon to drive to Nashville for Impact Tapings.

The Following Pictures are from when Jordynne Grace First Arrived at Farley Con 2021.

Jordynne Grace really made Farley Con a memorable experience for me as I not only sold my Wrestling Romance Trilogy beside Impact Wrestling Knockout Jordynne Grace but I did a soft rollout of UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin to the Farley Con 2021 community.

I used part of my money earned selling my Wrestling Romance Trilogy earlier in the day to pay for a unique photo op between Jordynne Grace, UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin, and WWE Legend Sergeant Slaughter.

I really was living my LT_Writing Dream Signing on August 14th 2021. Jordynne Grace brought me a present to reward me for all of my HARD WORK involving my overall lifestyle and health change both inside and out. That t-shirt was a Grace’s Gym T-Shirt which was an exclusive T-Shirt inside a Wrestle Crate so this t-shirt was in limited production. I couldn’t bring myself to ever wear this t-shirt. I couldn’t have anything ever happen to it. It was given to me by Jordynne Grace. I always dreamed of catching anything thrown to the crowd at wrestling events which is something I have yet to be able to do, so with this t-shirt being personally given to me I couldn’t let anything happen to it! I wanted to keep it safe and displayed forever inside My Fortress of Solitude.

This t-shirt really means more than Jordynne Grace would ever know, and she made the LT_Writing Dream Signing a True DREAM COME TRUE!

As I remolded this website I think how much adult material the original LT_Writing site 1 had about an Alternative Lifestyle I have been busy attempting to kick more so than ever before! Jordynne Grace told me to stay strong in 2021 and she didn’t know how much this inscription to the 8×10 she gave me at Farley Con 2021 would actually mean in the end!

Some of this information may be repetitive to the information found on the

Inspired By A Queen

Webpage. But there is a lot of new information to explain different information from the webpage mentioned above how my life is much better today since I am no longer at this Queen’s Dominant Feet. Even though she did inspired me and her inspiration made a lot of the above Key Advancements happen!

All information included in this website about Queen Bing and other Financial Dominatrix who have been in my life and weren’t my LTBoss will be included inside my TELL-ALL Autobiography Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story (Coming Soon from The 3 Faces of Lunsford)

In ALL HONESTY Bing was a FinDomme or a Financial Dominatrix but she didn’t control me with kinky tasks. Instead she controlled my work and pushed me to be a better novelist and truly focus on turning LT_Writing into a True Success by first treating LT_Writing into a REAL JOB!

Bing pushed me to work a 8hr work day daily, and had me keep track of the exact time I worked each day and had me summarize everything I got accomplished each day and then I had to e-mail her daily work summarizes each night of the time I worked daily and the various work I accomplished on each particular day.

Right off the bat in 2018 I got published….

Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2

Turner and Prissey


I quickly got the idea I needed Bing to accomplish what I needed to accomplish with LT_Writing and I began becoming dependent of Bing and her working with LT_Writing and working with me as The Rated R Novelist in order for me to be successful with my writing.

This was a unhealthy obsession because the truth was I did 100% of the work even though most of Bing’s suggestions and tasks she laid out at me were good for me follow through with me doing. I was blinded as I gave Bing money on a monthly basis. I was blind with my obsession for Bing and thinking I really needed Bing to be a success because of all of the inspiration Bing filled me with!

The Moral of the Below Story REALLY DOES FIT my relationship with Bing…

Every night, this woman used to sleep with an enormous seven-foot python.When she lay on her stomach the reptile would lay from her head to her toes in what she thought was a beautiful bonding moment. That is until she noticed that her snake had started to starve itself.

The worried owner took her pet snake to the vet to make sure the animal wasn’t sick. But, when he asked about the snake’s daily routine the owner was greeted with a horrifying surprise.

What the vet told her was shocking. It turned out that the python was fasting in order to prepare itself for a big meal – its loving owner. The vet explained that when the python moved and curled up around her during the night, it was to better judge the size and weight of the young woman. In other words, the python was sizing the woman up and getting ready to eat her!

I had some time away from Bing right before Farley Con 2021 until October 2021. I went back to my old ways with Bing in October 2021 until March 2023 when I realized that LT_Writing and Lee T. Lunsford would not be in the position that it is currently in if it wasn’t for The 3 Faces of Lunsford.

The Creator Lee T. Lunsford

The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford

UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin

I alone will move LT_Writing forward and I dismissed Bing and all other people wanting a FinDom Lifestyle from my life! Even though it is Progress NOT Perfection!

My Character UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin was picked up by Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga in early 2022!

View The

UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin

webpage to Learn More About UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin and his role NOT ONLY inside The Simply Priceless Universe but inside the world of Independent Wrestling!

In the beginning of 2022 I was offered a spot as my character UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin inside the Independent Wrestling Promotion/Charity Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga.

I began with Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga on February 22nd 2022, and I published Priceless 2:WarTrek Attacks and debut the UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin in the Simply Priceless Universe at Farley Con 2022 that August. As anyone around me knows there was always a plan for UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin to be part of the Simply Priceless Universe. It was NEVER THE PLAN for UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin to have a role on the Independent Wrestling Circuit in any role! Now in Present Day I plan to overall have my Creative Writing World and my Real Life Wrestling World as UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin at W4ACC Events! I will keep these two worlds as separated as possible. Even though UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin has a webpage on LT_Writing site 1 and 2.

Getting a job with Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga is another KEY ACCOMPLISHMENT within My Legacy because I have had the UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin character out with the public for just under a year when I was notified by Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga wanting me to come on board.

The Funny Thing to this accomplishment is that I was unfollowed by Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga as I tried to get picked up by Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga in 2021. They UNFOLLOWED me because they didn’t agree with one of my post on my Rated R Novelist Instagram page.

It took almost a year but Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga began to follow me back on Instagram on my UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin Instagram Account instead of my Rated R Novelist Account.

I went to their event they had in Downtown Dalton titled Chaos in the Cage on November 19th 2021. It was a FREE event but I donated $5 to the cause behind Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga even though I didn’t have to in order to attend the event.

The opportunity that came to be part of the team at Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga that came as a surprise in January 2022. This was after Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga unfollowed my Rated R Novelist Instagram and Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga seemed uninterested in me coming on board to help their Independent Wrestling Promotion the couple of times I offered my help beginning around August 2021.


UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin

Webpage here on LT_Writing site 1 & 2

I am happy as I begin back building My Legacy here in March 2023. I hope to have my TELL-All Autobiography Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story published in my earlier forties and I hope my TELL-ALL Autobiography inspires those that choose to read my autobiography because I experienced a lot between 2008 until 2023 with FinDommes like Queen Bing and I can final say that I kicked my hangups and habits involving FinDom (Financial Domination) and thinking that I need an LTBoss inside my life in order to accomplish Key Accomplishments inside My Legacy. A Legacy I plan to continue to expand up on as I continue to walk on this planet earth!

As for Right Now My Legacy WILL CONTINUE to Build Itself. This is only the foundation as I plan for a Legacy that is so excellent and so well known that when I pass from this earth that I am so well known and so popular within all aspect of my work that my name Lee T. Lunsford is wall to wall news coverage after I take my final breath.

All I know is as I continue to breathe I will continue to work on building the Legacy that is proper for Lee T. Lunsford and I will continue the task to build My Legacy until my final breath whether I am publicly and openly remembered as a novelist or not.

I have to build this Ultimate Legacy for myself to prove my doubters wrong which I have done a lot of already and I have to build this Ultimate Legacy to make all those important to me proud and fill a special place inside my own heart.

I play to win with a will not die attitude so now feeling life has given me a second chance with everything that took place in December 2021 and March 2023 I know what is Best For Business and it is time for Lee T. Lunsford to look out for Lee T. Lunsford and to build the Legacy worthy to be known as The Three Faces of Lunsford! The Official Legacy when things are done will use all that has happened so far as just the foundation to what will be a giant tower known as The Legacy of The 3 Faces of Lunsford by the time my time on this earth expires.