Progress NOT Perfection

 Progress NOT Perfection




  1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

    “the satiny perfection of her skin”

    • a person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection.

      “I am told that she is perfection itself”

      synonyms: the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, the best; More



    • the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.

      “among the key tasks was the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management”

      synonyms: improvementbettermentrefinement, refining, honing


      “the perfection of her technique”




  1. 1.

    forward or onward movement toward a destination.

    “the darkness did not stop my progress”

    synonyms: forward movement, advancegoingprogressionheadwaypassage


    “boulders made progress difficult”


  1. 1.

    move forward or onward in space or time.

    “as the century progressed, the quality of telescopes improved”

    synonyms: go, make one’s way, move, move forward, go forward, proceedadvance, go on, continue, make headway, work one’s way


    “they progressed slowly down the road”

For those that wonder why I write about the adult fetish and kink content that I do this webpage is here to dive into my Dark Side.


I know this stuff is a little personal, and I have been told by multiple people it is not professional to mention it so I am going to hit on the key bullet points in the subject matter on this webpage, and I only mention it because this subject matter is why that LT_Writing has the subject matter it consists of, and why I am The Rated R Novelist.

I always wanted to be a slave to the right woman. My ideal dream beginning when I was about 13 was to find a girl to either be her slave and boyfriend at the same time or find a girl to be her slave and her best friend at the same time. Well neither one of those things happened until another 13 or so years passed by and I was 26. This fantasy was originally developed when I was in 8th grade.

In 8th grade I was doing research on slavery for my Georgia Studies class, and I came upon BDSM Websites when I searched for slavery information. Then when I found those websites I searched feet and found foot fetish websites. This was the first time I saw websites like this on the internet. These were an interest of mine from birth. I always wanted to be a slave and wanted worship a girl’s feet from birth so I began to look at these websites. I snuck down into the living room after everyone went to bed and look and examined Female Domination and BDSM FAQS and I read different Female Domination and BDSM Erotica. I also read different foot domination erotic short stories and Female Domination erotic stories in 8th Grade. I actually wrote a foot fetish story that I submitted to a foot fetish story website, and the owner of the website posted my foot fetish sexual foot content story to their website.

I tried to find a owner everywhere. I even tried to find a owner in an neighbor up the street from where I lived with my mom and younger brother, and that neighbor allowed me to listen to her a little while doing stuff like clean her condo. That female neighbor was an adult and was friends with my mom, and she used to kiss me when she was drunk and really come on to me. I made a bet with her on a baseball game where if I lost I had to be her slave. The team I picked to win lost and I had to be her slave. She taught me about BDSM as she had me clean her condo, and go through her yard to pick up the cigarette butts in the yard. Along with keep her cat’s litterbox clean. My mom was upset I was doing everything the neighbor asked out of me because I didn’t help any inside my own home. My mom didn’t know I was her friend’s slave. She did not know about the bet. She knew nothing about her friend explaining to me different things involving BDSM. Even though nothing truly sexual happened between the neighbor and I once I asked to rub her feet, and she laughed it off and later told my mom about me asking to rub her friend’s feet but my mom didn’t believe I would do something like that. As of right now Present Day 11:39pm on 8/22/21 I have yet to admit I asked to rub her friend’s feet.

I guess serving my mom’s friend was the first Female Domination experience that I had at a younger age, and it was a great experience because as I mentioned she taught me about Female Domination. Even though she was an adult and I was a teenager she still let me serve her.  Which to this day I appreciate. We didn’t do anything remotely sexual where she would get in trouble.

I know everything I am mentioning here is personal but I am mentioning all of this in more detail involving the story above, and much more inside my autobiography “Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story” which I plan on Releasing On September 6th 2023.

Autobiography Book Cover

As I got older I tried to find someone around my age to control me but I wasn’t unable to. I had my first experience with Financial Domination or FinDom when I was 18 when I met this girl named Mary online and she would just have me buy her stuff. It wasn’t long until that relationship flaked out with Mary! It didn’t flake out until after months of purchases and me not getting anything positive in return! Time passed and I wound up in a friendship for three years, and when I got out of that relationship in December 2007 was when I wrote Roadie.

Then after I got done writing Roadie in the Spring on 2008 I was directed to a FemDom FREE Personals website titled Collar Me by a Mistress Sandy I talked to on MySpace and later began exchanging e-mails with for awhile. She figured I could meet someone on Collar Me that I could really hit it off with and have that FemDom Fantasy I always dreamed of.

My first experience on Collar Me ended with Goddess Kristen turned out to be truly a relationship with Goddess Heidi. Goddess Heidi was using her daughter’s pictures to catfish people. It took a few searches to figure out Goddess Kristen wasn’t real. This was after I paid out to “Goddess Kristen” from night one of communication. I confronted Goddess Heidi and she came clean. I still served and paid her for a little while before I quit Goddess Heidi and left Collar Me only to comeback to Collar Me sometime later and that was when I met a Princess Kylie.

Princess Kylie I am sure now was also a fake profile but she taught me all about Financial Domination. I didn’t know it had a term. But Princess Kylie taught me all about Financial Domination, and that was how I figured out what I had in my relationship (No Matter How Brief) with Mary in real life was Financial Domination.

I tried to quit. I wanted to quit. I just couldn’t tell Princess Kylie no. She later about a year later after draining me of thousands of dollars quit talking to me. Did I quit then? No! No I didn’t! I wound up serving another online Findomme from the Collar Me website named Princess Savannah. I served Princess Savannah for about a year too, and during that year Princess Kylie came in and out of my life so I was virtually serving both of those Online Findommes at the same time financially.

Then July 2010 came and I met Goddess Lisa. Goddess Lisa was 18 at the time I met her and I was getting ready to turn 27 that September 6th. We started talking on collar me on a Friday night. This of course was the same FREE BDSM Personal Website I was talking to Princess Kylie and Princess Savannah on still! Princess Kylie and Princess Savannah were still strictly using me at this point in time! I swear that Free Personals Domination submission Website that Mistress Sandy directed me to was nothing but a site full of a bunch of Piranhas only they didn’t want to feast on someone for food; they wanted to feast on a slave for his cash!!

It was a website full of a bunch of users.

Below is the true meaning and the way true encounters of Financial Domination should take place. My the encounters so far on Collar Me with Goddess Heidi, Princess Kylie, and Princess Savannah were not true financial domination because they did not contribute a real Findomme finsub Relationship since they were virtual instadommes.

An insta-dom is any Dom/me who is in a rush to gain any degree of control over a sub!

Goddess Lisa who I met July 2010 (On Collar ME) started texting and calling me right away. Goddess Lisa even ran off Princess Kylie and Princess Savannah for good, and made it where I was just hers. We talked everyday in some sense. We chatted on the computer or through text, and we talked on the phone. We began watching movies together Long Distance through TeamViewer, and really got to know each other. Goddess Lisa turned into the first Real Owner I Ever Had!

In March 2011 I drove to her hometown (A 8hr Drive), and I spent a week with her. Then she guilted me when I had to come home for having to leave. Then after I came home she said she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. She was abusive like this all the time with the HOT and cold scenarios she put me through. She was very emotionally abusive. In fact between July 2010 and April 2014 with Goddess Lisa in my life it inspired a Based on True Events story I am writing titled E.A. Games to go along with all the truth about Goddess Lisa and my relationship that will be involved in Borrowed Time: The Lee Lunsford Story!

E.A. Games has fiction mixed in with the reality from Goddess Lisa and my relationship, and the main truth between the relationship in E.A. Games and Goddess Lisa and my relationship is the fact the girl is emotionally abusive, and the fact that the couple in the romantic relationship in E.A. Games argue all the time, and sometimes those arguments went to unhealthy levels. Just like Goddess Lisa and my relationship the couple in E. A. Games  argue like cats and dogs. As a matter a fact I think my cats and dogs get along better than either Goddess Lisa and myself or the couple in E. A. Games.

E.A. Games Synopsis

Based On True Events: Emotional Abuse: is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder  Such abuse is often associated with situations of power imbalance, such as abusive relationships, bullying, and abuse in the workplace. Mike had a secret from his mom and the rest of his family, and that was he was into being owned property to right female willing to own him. The website he found his owners at was Then on July 16th 2010 it was out with the old, and in with the new when Goddess Kimberly disowned him and Mike found Goddess Nicole that night. Finding Goddess Nicole lead Mike down a rabbit hole full of all type of kink adventure involving Female Domination! Along with caused problems between his mom and him, and lead Mike into severe depression as he was Emotionally Abused by Goddess Nicole who held the title of being Mike’s Dominant Girlfriend eventually, and him being her slave boyfriend! This Based on True Events tale spans from July 2010 to April 2014, and it tales a Domination tale even The Fifty Shades of Grey book series cannot top. So flip turn this book around and flip it open to the first page, and start reading through this book about the kinky dysfunctional tale of an Average Guy named Mike, and the younger than him Online Dominatrix he had relationship with which that relationship was labeled many different things over time!

In the relationship I wasn’t that much of a boyfriend even though I was told by Goddess Lisa that she loved me, and she did nice things for me for my birthday and other holidays while we were a couple. Below is from the TNA Impact House Show we went to in Dalton GA for my 29th Birthday. Picture is Goddess Lisa, myself, and Mr. Anderson (Kennedy)!

I was more of a slave to Goddess Lisa than anything else, and Goddess Lisa was nothing but a Spoiled Princess!

I was forced to obey Goddess Lisa or not be with her. I wasn’t allow any limitations, and if I told her I wouldn’t do something she wanted she would pitch a hellashish fit. She would literally yell and scream and just plain be psycho. Goddess Lisa was such a bitch in our relationship I created a character based off of her for Simply Priceless named Goddess Leesa who is the head Findomme Bad Guy in the First HARD R Superhero Novel in the Simply Priceless Universe!

They say to write what you know so I write what I know. That is the whole point of this webpage because my life inside this Alternative Lifestyle has been a BIG INFLUENCE on my life, and my writing!


My Relationship with Goddess Lisa ended in September 2012 as far as anything romantic. I moved out the residence we lived together in the night of September 11th 2012 at dusk with all my stuff packed up in my car packing me up like a sardine. (We Had Moved in Together After Experiencing an Almost 2 Year Online Relationship that was Long Distance! with a Visit Here and a Visit There!!) Goddess Lisa and I got our own place in February 2012. I moved the two and a half states away from my mom’s house where I used to live at the time, and against my mom’s approval. I lived with Goddess Lisa Until September 11th 2012 at Dusk when she came home that day and told what I think was a tall tale in order to get me out of our place claiming she didn’t know who her father was, and she was just dealing with a lot and she needed to be alone.

We had been arguing a lot at the time and I was planning on leaving anyway so I got my stuff together, and I came home after calling my mom to tell her I wanted to come home. That wasn’t the end of our relationship though. Our relationship started back in October 2012 and lasted until April 2014 with me just being Goddess Lisa’s online slave and doing financial things she wanted, and she rewarded me with foot pictures of her feet.

I got tired of our continued arrangements in April 2014 and got tired of being used and not being appreciated so I got out of that situation. Just like when Princess Kylie ended and Princess Savannah ended I vowed to never get in a relationship like this again. Like I vowed when I got done serving my first Financial Dominated Relationship with Mary and I started my 4 year friendship with the girl that hurt me which that 4 year relationship ending inspired me to write Roadie. Even though that 4 year relationship was strictly vanilla and did not bring any FemDom or FinDom into my life!

I got lonely one night, and hopped on Plenty of Fish .com.

Then After messaging different people over a 48 hour time frame I met Brandy who later turned into Goddess Brandy because once she found out I was submissive and into this type of relationship she told me on our second date “I want you as my slave. I want to see other guys and have sex with other guys but I want a real relationship with you plus I want you to be my cuck.”

Goddess Brandy made me this offer while rubbing her foot on my bare leg under a table at the park we went to in order to hangout and talk! I agreed to what Goddess Brandy wanted right there on the spot! I didn’t need to think about it. She really convinced me especially since she was talking to me so sexy and was rubbing her bare and smooth foot on my leg. She convinced me that this relationship would be the best thing for the two of us! It didn’t take much convincing and I started right away after that serving her and buying her different things, and I admit things were great between us even though she wasn’t a Spoiled Princess because she was a Spoiled Brat, and she admitted that she was a Spoiled Brat.

I didn’t mind that she was a Spoiled Brat because we saw each other often. She was only a 30 minute drive down the road, and we went back and forth and visited as well she came over and spent the night often. Unlike Goddess Lisa who it was months apart without me seeing her because she was two and half states away from me until Goddess Lisa convinced me to move out to her hometown for the seven months I lived under roof with the younger bitchy Goddess but Goddess Brandy and I only spent days apart before seeing each other at the most! 

Things were great up until December 2015 between Goddess Brandy and I! 2015 was when Goddess Brandy broke her promise, and she left me for one of her play dates as she referred to them as. I waited until February 2016 to find someone else, and I wound up meeting a 40yr old woman on Plenty of Fish named Jami. She decided to have me as her slave and slave only, and have me belong to her Dominant Feet! I knew the drill!

I began going to her house weekly for 2 months doing anything and everything she wanted from cleaning her house weekly to becoming her friend with benefits and was a Netflix and chill slave.

Netflix and chill, as a distinct phrase, means to watch Netflix with a romantic prospect, with the eventual expectation of sexual activity.

I did what Goddess Jami wanted without hesitation and without question, and this included the sexual stuff even though I wasn’t her boyfriend because Goddess Jami was clear I was just her slave and she didn’t have any feelings towards me! I forced myself to do everything because I just wanted to get over Goddess Brandy but then in April 2016 Goddess Brandy came back into my life!

Goddess Brandy had an offer to be able to serve her and her boyfriend (The Guy She Left Me For) and in exchange I would get to do stuff with her like a boyfriend does with his girlfriend date wise NOT sexual wise; meaning I could take her shopping, we could go eat, and we could go to the movies because her boyfriend wasn’t into everything she enjoyed doing. Her boyfriend my Master (At The Time) was named Jordan, and he said he would not be jealous of me since I was just Brandy’s and his slave and I was getting Goddess Brandy’s Dominant Feet to worship and couldn’t do anything sexual-above the ankles!

Plus I was just spoiling Goddess Brandy in ways that he has no interest in doing because he rather stay at home and play his XBOX One. I of course was still in love with Goddess Brandy so I agreed to be my ex’s bitch, and I was ready to do whatever she wanted and pay whatever it costs to keep Goddess Brandy in my life at that time in April 2016.

It started with me meeting Goddess Brandy and Master Jordan at the Cracker Barrel that day in April to talk things out, and once everything was agreed on and after we all ate and I paid for everybody’s food Goddess Brandy and I went to the mall and went shopping.

During the time I served Goddess Brandy and Master Jordan it was clear I belonged to BOTH of Their Feet and NOT JUST Goddess Brandy’s! We all talked often for nearly a year, and got together! It was just Goddess Brandy and I the majority of the time who did stuff together for nearly a year. My servitude was a happy one until February 2017 when Goddess Brandy and I was going to see Black Panther, and Master Jordan pitched a fit and told Goddess Brandy he was jealous. Then after that Goddess Brandy went back on all of her promises to me again.


Then came March 2017 and my first Farley Con.


At this event I talked to fellow author Bobby Nash, and he tells me about create space (NOW Kindle Direct Publishing). Bobby Nash and I traded books. I got the book below for giving him a signed copy of Roadie. He talked up Create Space, and convinced me to use Create Space to begin publishing my novels instead of going through a publisher where an Independent Author must pay out in order to have their books published. I wrote down all the information Bobby Nash spelled out and was ready to check into it shortly after the Farley Con event;


Summer of 2017 (still thinking of the information I got at April 2017’s Farley Con) I pushed forward to publish Simply Priceless after I worked out a deal with Kym LaFever to be my editor, and to do all the formatting on Create Space that needs to be done in order to turn Simply Priceless into a novel! I wrote off Goddess Brandy during that time frame and just focused on getting Kym LaFever a copy of Simply Priceless that was worthy enough to be edited and published.

You can read about My Editor on the

My Editor


I got Simply Priceless published in Late Summer/Early Fall of 2017. I was very proud of myself as you can see below.

Right Away I got Simply Priceless placed into Battlegrounds Games and Comics to be For Sale to the Public Eye!

Then shortly after all of this success I wound up going back to Goddess Brandy just like I found Princess Kylie after I finished and published Roadie. I served Goddess Brandy off and on (both in person and long distance) and we talked (texted) off and on until I Left Goddess Brandy for good on July 28th 2018 for a Online Twitter Findomme named Queen Bing! How did I finally get the nerve to give up Goddess Brandy you may ask yourself; well I was tired of her games. I was tired of her treating me like a toy and putting me on and taking me off a shelf, and not even taking the time to reply to a simple text (The majority of the time). Goddess Brandy’s behavior got old and I was told I wouldn’t get passed Goddess Brandy until I was ready by a therapist! I sat down and talked to a therapist once or more times a week ever since September 2012!!

After I got back home from leaving Goddess Lisa on September 11th! I still remember driving all night long on 9/11/12 from dusk until dawn packed up in my car like a sardine across two and a half states back home to the house I should have never left!

On July 28th 2018 I was ready to get passed Goddess Brandy who was just using me anyway because it wasn’t worth the time or the money to text Goddess Brandy if she wasn’t going to take the time to text me back! And I admired Queen Bing’s Twitter profile for over a year before we ever talked about me serving her, and by surprise she was willing to accept me as hers!! I couldn’t turn down her ownership and stay with someone who wasn’t texting me back!

Queen Bing was my LAST SERIOUS Findomme Owner who I scouted out on Twitter for several months (Actually OVER A Year) looking at her tweets and retweeting a bunch of her stuff before she and I ever talked. I always fantasized about being hers and I never dreamed that Queen Bing would become such a beneficial role to LT_Writing!!


You can see how Queen Bing was a beatifical part of LT_Writing and The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford’s life ALL Spelled Out on the

 Inspired By A Queen


Queen Bing was a bigger influence to my work than Goddess Lisa who read different rough draft manuscripts I printed out for her to read because she wanted to! Below is the REAL LIFE Roadie SCENE SET UP FOR GODDESS LISA WITH ALL THE PRESENTS I BROUGHT HER ON MY FIRST VISIT OUT TO WHERE SHE LIVED AT! THIS WAS AFTER WE TALKED ONLINE AND ON THE PHONE FROM JULY 2010 TO MARCH 2011!

My Attempt to Act Out a Scene Out of Roadie Decorating A Hotel Room with Gifts 2/2 for Goddess Lisa

In those binders are two of my stories I wrote at the time. Goddess Lisa claimed to actually read my unedited unpublished rough draft manuscript and like them! But she still wasn’t as big of a influence to LT_Writing with the support she gave me as Queen Bing, and neither was Goddess Brandy.

Goddess Brandy did not support me with my work at all. She went with me to my debut event with Roadie which was an independent wrestling meet and greet type event with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling called Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 but this was the first and last event she attended with me!

Queen Bing supported me from Day 1. One of the First Things we did was I mailed her a signed copy of Simply Priceless and Roadie, and she mailed me everything below in a care package to show me she supported me with my work!

I worked HARD for Queen Bing (My LTBoss)and I worked my work as a novelist like a Full Time Job! I had Queen Bing as my LTBoss to Dominant me through my writing and be my boss as in a managerial role like managers and owners of any other business. Queen Bing taught me to work my writing as a job. She taught me how to properly promote my work, how to have my internet site set up, and how to be successful at being a Full time Novelist! I write stuff edit Full Time. I grow the LT_Writing Brand and the LT_Writing Library. I try my best to get work done daily and to really work hard at what I do. I really busted my ass for Queen Bing while she was my LTBoss and listen to her about how to improve this or that, and then I do exactly as she says. 

Queen Bing wanted me to have a website strictly directly to my work. You can view that website by clicking the picture below, and being brought to LT_Writing site 2!

They say to write what you know so I write what I now. That is the whole point of this webpage because my life inside this Alternative Lifestyle has been a BIG INFLUENCE on my life, and my writing!

Below is the Secondary webpage to Follow Up this webpage so I suggest you check that page out to get a better handle on my addiction with FemDom and FinDom!

Why Kinks Are Involved!

As time has passed since my adventure with findom has began I’ve tried to quit FemDom and FinDom Multiple Times but I just haven’t been able to. I have asked doctors for help but no doctor has been any help. I have an addiction to this kink and this way of life, and I have since childhood when I would look at a beautiful girl on TV, and say I would like to be her slave or I would like to lick her feet! That is a True Story!

I was into FemDom before I knew any of the terminology. I had a foot fetish before I knew the word fetish. I know now that gay people are born gay because I remember being born wanting to at least explore the kinks I have explored, and during my life there has been times I rather have a FemDom or FinDom Relationship that worked for all the parties in the group than be in a normal romantic relationship especially if I was going to have to explain to some girl what my kinks were, and wind up getting embarrassed because whomever the girl is would not like my kinks.

It has been a constant battle to give up FemDom and FinDom because findom has been a part of my life the majority of my life as I explain further on the above webpage!

The below graph explains the symptoms I have encountered while dealing with findom and femdom throughout my life even though I was very happy at Queen Bing’s Dominant Feet I know that I don’t need a relationship with any financial dominatrices!! I don’t need a relationship with anyone where it involves me being a paying slave or paying for any type of relationship!!!

Even though! I was back and forth on the issue of spending money on Queen Bing or Daddy Bing as I began to refer to her as towards the end of our relationship. I got the idea to call her Daddy because that is what Sonya Deville is called in WWE! I was back and forth on the issue just like this chart below until it was clear I was 100% Disowned in May 2021, and it was clear that Queen Bing was not going to keep her promises to me that even though she was giving up FemDom and FinDom she was going to keep me as her only slave. Which she went back on that promise. Then after Queen Bing was completely out of my life I lived this chart approaching different people in the FinDom World, and attempting to serve a few of those people sending to them until I sent out my last set of payments on August 9th 2021 to a Goddess Nightmare and I quit talking to Goddess Nightmare and all other Kinksters on August 13th 2021.

I feel like I have been doing the above cycle of a slave or especially a Financial slave for WAY TOO LONG! I have been like the guys in the pictures below for way TOO LONG! I am reaching very close to being 100% over this Alternative Lifestyle, and I am Ready to Focus on myself and living a Healthier Lifestyle along with focusing on pleasing myself Financially and making the Right Choices Financially! Life needs to be different nearing 40 in a couple of years because I focused on and been used by too many people and all the wrong people for WAY TOO LONG!!

I have to have the “Eye of the Tiger”  because I try to fight my urges involving FemDom and FinDom!! I want to fight my urges with FinDom and FemDom and finally conquer them one day. I want to no longer experience these kinkster thoughts and I hope that is the end result in the end! I have tried to quit several times over all these years, and it has just been VERY HARD to do so or maybe I didn’t have the right motivation to be able to quit completely!?!


I have been pretty much in a FemDom and FinDom enslavement prison with Queen Bing and other FinDommes all the way up until the 9th of August 2021.

Since August 14th 2021 I have NEVER been MORE on the verge of Breaking Out and being OVER MY PAST!



The above folder contains all types of different information to help me get passed these problems mentioned here on this webpage about my past. I plan on following the details on these various documents in order to help me to live a better life.

I am planning a full overall emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical change, and am planning to get passed wanting to live the above life. I began my own exercise plan which was an exercise plan I have been planning on since Cobra Kai season one was on YouTube RED. That exercise plan was for me to use DDP Yoga and to begin to attend Taekwondo classes at Top Martial Arts.

I began Taekwondo at Top Martial Arts the beginning of May 2021. I haven’t done Martial Arts since my childhood and Cobra Kai season one perked my interest with getting back into martial arts.

I have been doing DDP Yoga workouts so I will be doing DDP Yoga at my home in hopes to stretch me out in order for me to perform better at Taekwondo at Top Martial Arts.

It is now a few weeks away from September and I have been on my Taekwondo and DDP Yoga plan for several weeks. I have graduated from being a beginner at white belt in Taekwondo to the next level up at yellow belt. The below picture is from my Yellow Belt Promotional Testing.

On August 14th 2021 I had my Dream Signing at Farley Con in East Ridge, TN at Camp Jordan Arena. You can read about the Dream Signing and My Road to Farley Con and My Jordynne Grace Signing #shamelessplug Tour on the

My Legacy

webpage. This signing itself has always been a plan to take place within LT_Writing. It had been a plan since 2008 but the female wrestler to come on board for the signing was always in question until 2020 when I secured for Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Champion, Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Champion, and Current Impact Knockout Jordynne Grace to attend Farley Con 2021 with me just one week ago on Saturday August 14th 2021.

I had to put the amount of financial servitude I was doing for Queen Bing on hold during the time period I was getting Jordynne Grace the money she required to do the appearance, and placing the book orders for the Wrestling Romance Trilogy novels I needed to buy to successfully conduct the signing at Farley Con 2021.

Because I was doing less for Queen Bing she got rid of me in May of 2021 and I have not heard from her since. From May to August 2021 I toyed around with different online FinDommes and still felt so lonely that I would pay a FinDomme for a fake friendship in order not to feel so lonely and feel so depressed.

I wanted to quit searching kink accounts, and I wanted to quit pursuing relationships like I had in my past but I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t until I had this signing with Jordynne Grace.

Having my signing with Jordynne Grace really boosted my morale. It really inspired my heart and made my life seem so much better. Ever since my Jordynne Grace signing my life has seemed so much better. I have been inspired with my writing because I have wanted to show Jordynne Grace I could be a success. I have been inspired to give up talking with findommes and kinksters because if I could talk to Jordynne Grace at Farley Con then I could talk to the right girl whenever I meet her for free.

The signing with Jordynne Grace really made it possible for me to change my life and I am very grateful for this fact. I am ready for the change I fought so hard in the past from allowing change to take place.

It is still about making Progress NOT Perfection. It is still about doing better each and every day. But at least this past week it looks like that my life is going in the right direction and it is a direction it hasn’t been in since before Princess Kylie.

I am back to the point I was in inside 2008 before Roadie was published. I am back focused on my work like I used to be, and I am satisfied with being alone. Along with I am focused on staying strong with all my problems in life, and know my problems are being taken care of one by one as I am being pushed in the right direction by Jordynne Grace.

I want to be strong for Jordynne Grace. Jordynne Grace realized how much weight I lost and since I first met her at Knoxville Fan Boy Expo 2019 and that made me proud of myself. So I want to lose more weight for Jordynne Grace.

It made me proud that Jordynne realized I lost weight and was proud of me. Jordynne Grace brought me this Limited Edition Wrestle Crate t-shirt for me to wear but I decided to get it framed at Hobby Lobby instead of wearing it.

To know Jordynne Grace gives me her moral support really influences me and really wants to make me be a better person. Before I knew of Jordynne Grace I contacted other wrestlers for a signing just with Roadie because the complete Wrestling Romance Trilogy was not complete at the time. Those wrestlers said they wouldn’t do a book signing.

Jordynne always seemed to be behind LT_Writing. She signed a number of copies of Roadie for me through the mail during the pandemic for me to sale, and she took pictures with my initial Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie and posted those pictures on Facebook. She did this without any issue. She has been a real supporter with LT_Writing and it has been much appreciated.

It went from this to a matter of months later Jordynne Grace being willing to do the Farley Con 2021 LT_Writing signing that was under roof of the Farley Con 2021 Comic Con Event.

I am in a different headspace now. I am doing much better in my thought process involving FinDom and FinDommes. I tried from the time Queen Bing dismissed me to Early August as I mentioned to find a replacement for Queen Bing but I never could. Don’t get me wrong Jordynne Grace isn’t that replacement either. She is not a FinDomme and she and I don’t talk like Queen Bing and I did. She is just what makes the Wrestling Romance Trilogy Knockout Approved.

That fact above inspires me to push myself with my work and focus my finances around my work and being productive instead of throwing money in the garbage and setting it on fire. Which that makes as much sense to do with my money as it does to hand money over to FinDommes.

Spending time with Jordynne Grace on Saturday August 14th 2021 gave me a clearer head and I feel God made that signing happen for a reason because I have finally been released from the FinDom prison I found myself in since 2008. I know God uses people in different ways and I feel God used Jordynne Grace to get to me on the date above and Jordynne Grace really did get to me and so far I have stuck on my track of success for one week which doesn’t seem like much but it is a True Achievement!

I know I am not a hundred percent perfect Christian but I do believe in God, and I do believe Jesus died on the cross for the remission of man’s sins not to go too far into my Christian beliefs and I do believe God uses people to affect other people’s lives. I also believe there is a season for everything in a person’s life. With that being said I believe God made the signing with Jordynne Grace happen so I could see the season of experiencing the girlfriend experience with FinDommes is over with!

I am proud of this signing because a week later I can say it truly changed my life. It was a major factor in changing my life and my view of needing somebody and not being happy with myself.

I need to love myself and allowing people to use me is not loving myself. Jordynne and I don’t communicate on a regular basis. We are not best friends but I know she follows me on Instagram and Facebook and I am sure she has seen different Queen Bing and FinDomme post and it is embarrassing the thought of that because I don’t want to be judged for how I once lived my life by my Favorite Female Wrestler of ALL TIME!

As I said once lived my life because I know I am better than how I once lived my life, and if I continued to live my life the way I once did I do not want Jordynne Grace to be disappointed in me because she seemed pretty proud of me in certain areas of my life when we actually spent time in person at Farley Con 2021!

Before Farley Con 2021 a week before to be exact I spoke to Lex Lee about my signing with Jordynne Grace. Lex Lee is Paul Lee’s son and wrestles for the AWF in Ringgold, GA and is currently one half of the AWF Tag Team Champions. Picture below is UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin with Lex Lee outside of the Circus Tent Arena as UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin was waiting to go inside AWF Heatwave on August 7th 2021.

Talking to Lex Lee made me realize people pay attention to what I post different places. This made me decide to completely revamp different areas of LT_Writing including websites, and various posts on different social media pages. I appreciate this conversation with Lex Lee even though short it really opened my eyes and opened up my heart to change!

Then I had the Jordynne Grace signing which further moved me towards 100% Change and an overhaul life goal and writing goal change.

Then I talked to Dusty Davis and his conversation with me sealed the deal that change is the right way for me to move my life forward! I know I am human and not perfect and I know as a human I am flawed so I possibly will make mistakes from time to time but with that being said and with it being noted all this is about Progress NOT Perfection I am ready to go down a journey I have not been on since 2008 and all this is because Jordynne Grace helped me find a person that has been imprisoned inside for over a decade and helped me find my smile. So now I want to live my life as the old me focused on my writing and focused on my own personal happiness and no longer placing people ahead of myself that do not care about me or my best interest as a human!

I am thrilled to death even though as I mentioned everyday is about Progress NOT Perfection to have this guy back and be able to push forward in my 38th Year of Life Beginning 9/6/21 as an official reboot to my overall life knowing I am in a much better place now!