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Simply Priceless Excerpts (R RATED EXCERPTS)


Simply Priceless

Classic Opener (Chapter 1)

The local high-risk, hotshot, loaded gun, lethal weapon, loose cannon, young and highly publicized Atlanta Detective got off his motorcycle. He was still wearing his Atlanta Detective badge. His 9683 badge number shined underneath his t-shirt. Billy wore a college boy button up red and white designed button up shirt open over a You’re Next black professional wrestling t-shirt with blood red block lettering. He completed his casual assemble with wearing a black leather belt which fastened his jean tightly along with tennis shoes that had a black and white pattern to them that completed that days wardrobe. He wore a black hat he got from a gamers points rewards catalog from a local video game store for his favorite Mercenaries game completed his clean cut college boy look. This was his everyday work look. He in a brisk walk strolled through the parking lot into the pet store.

Billy was leaving after buying his golden Labrador Buffy’s dog food. at Pet World when he spotted something worth stopping for out of the corner of his eyes. He bent down to pick that object up. It was a hundred dollar bill.

As he was bent down he was suddenly staring at a pair of blue painted toenails. The feet were very tan. Billy was distracted as he followed his sight up some freshly shaven tan legs to a plaid red and black skirt. The girl was wearing a white button up blouse.

Billy extended his hand with the money in it. “Is this yours?”

Billy was secretly undressing this girl with his eyes. She had very sexy tan skin and appeared to be Hispanic on top of that.   She was about five foot eight with green eyes, and jet black hair. He was hoping he would get at least a dinner out of the deal

The girl giggled. “Yes sir.”

The Atlanta Detective thought what he would do with her. Go ahead and clear your head Billy continued to think what they could do together in an nonsexual way. She looked much younger than him though. He wondered if she was even legal to go all the way with. What to do he thought? He knew if he stood there and spoke any further he would just wind up getting in trouble.

Billy never had a relationship which he wanted to have lately. All his relationship were bad and toxic in his lifes but one that was very close to his heart. His last one was very toxic especially but it didn’t help the ones that were going half way decent that Billy didn’t want to settle down with. He was an untamed stallion out in the wild. He was there to roam free, and graze as he sees fit. He was in charge of his own life and the young Detective had nothing else to say about it. Detective Billy Coatman was a Tom Cat, and was used to fighting for his bowl of milk. A Tom Cat who didn’t have his ball surgically removed, and was in no way feral cat because Billy was never domesticated in the first place. He always was a wild cat or wild dog for that matter who never had been domesticated to a full 100% but he was close to being once but at that point in time he never saw himself being domesticated again since his relationship with Amanda had been over with for sometime.

He is a very misunderstood soul. Billy wondered if he would ever find somebody that would understand him. He wondered if he would be like the movie Hostel which is banned in the Ukraine because of the movie promoting eastern European countries as buyers for people who capture and torture people for money. Owning that movie in private is still legal. Hostel is now a popular horror movie franchise with two movies in theaters and one direct to home viewing. He wondered if he would be completely banished like that movie but only from the female universe.

Hostel hit theaters in 2005, and follows a group of friends in Amsterdam. The friends get hunted down and kidnapped the best of my memory to be tortured by people who had paid a club to be able to kill somebody

Billy remembered seeing it and liking it just like he did most torture porn. Torture Porn is a term that is coined by a variety of critics which discusses the most recent trend in horror! Hollywood now has horror movies which consist of absolutely no story whatsoever but only gratuitous images of individuals who are having random body parts removed–from legs, heads to even penises in Hostel 2. It’s for those who don’t remember the good old days where storytelling was key over visuals back in the eighties and before most likely.

Billy liked those type of movies though. He thought of his last date in front of the movie rental vending machine at the grocery store.

He asked “Want to rent Saw III or Hostel II?”

“I’m so sick of all this torture porn!” His date replied. This was the first Billy heard of the term torture porn. He did notice that all horror movies were going that direction here modern day. He thought that was an awesome term. Billy wasn’t a porn watcher never really had been but gore was his thing if done tastefully in horror. It could work. Most girls who watched movies of that type with him were squeamish. He never found a girl completely into the horror movies he enjoys. The Detective was sidetracked in his own mind about what was going on inside his head. He finally found himself back into the real world and was staring into this young girl’s mysterious dark eyes.

“No need in calling me sir. What is your name?” Billy asked

Billy hated being called sir. He was reaching the thirty year old mark, and everybody around him was giving him a hard time about it. He didn’t know what to expect when September 6th rolled around. He didn’t tell everybody about his personal life including his date of birth but the ones closest to him knew, and that scared him. Not really out of fear scared but out of full blown anxiety because he didn’t want black balloons or black roses being sent to him filling his house. He didn’t like surprises, and didn’t like the lack of control in some situations compared to others. Even though he was an alpha and over all Dominant male he had his sensitive size. Which would turn on a lot with the right person, and he knew he could be a true submissive on a hook like a worm to the right Dominant woman if she really knew how to treat him properly and he felt comfortable.

He knew he wasn’t that old though, and he was dreading thirty. He was dreading thirty because there was a lot he wished to accomplish which he hadn’t by this point. He just couldn’t forgive himself for it. Billy wrote in his spare time, and when he was with Amanda around a decade ago or a little longer he was writing a novel. He always enjoyed writing but this time he was serious about publishing a book. It was a semi true story about a young detective, and the various situations he faced on the police force. He added in some torture porn elements along with demonic ordeals. It made it scary as hell even though he hadn’t really experienced these circumstances but has seen quite gruesome crime scenes especially as of late he labeled the story: Based on a True Story! He even had a publisher set to publish the book for him that his Captain directed him to. He was excited to publish Demon Knight but it never got to that point.

The game changed when it got closer to the point Billy was ready to ask Amanda to marry him. Yes… Marry Him! He loved her, and he never loved anyone since. He thought about the bird that visited them their last night together. He knew he would stone it to death if he was ever given the opportunity. That’s another story all in its own.

The story then was being called sir and how it made his blood boil but he couldn’t allow it to bother him too much. She didn’t know and if he wanted her as his little enchilada then he had to keep his cool but his Detective senses were kicking into affect that moment as the conversation continued wondering why she just didn’t take the money and walk away. Billy looked at her left hand and there was a diamond ring.  A pretty big rock at that and Billy’s favorite line in regards to diamond rocks do you smell what the rock is cooking. That statement simply meant that a guy who would buy a very big diamond ring was a very insecure guy in fear of losing his girl, and believes the only way he could keep his woman is by purchasing large item jewelry. It’s an insecurity thing.

Billy hoped deep down to get Demon Knight published before he turned 50. If he could just get back on track he had a wrestling match with himself in his own mind. He thought he was a good writer. His English editing skills weren’t perfect and yes there were typos but hell nobody is perfect he thought. He stood by his work and Amanda supported him in his dream to become a famous novelist. He knew with his action load his body wouldn’t hold up as an Atlanta Detective forever. He had to have something to turn back on and he always enjoyed writing. He was bitten by the creative genius bug. It was just a matter of adapting back to that energy.

But sir? Sir! He was yes male but he was not to be called sir. He didn’t look old, and didn’t even appear to be as close to thirty as he was. He appeared to be in his early twenties, and she appeared to be in her late teens. Billy knew she was probably older but he didn’t care. He knew his age and he knew he didn’t like being referred to as sir. He hated turning thirty for many reasons, and he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday that year. It frustrated him to death knowing he was going to have to.

He all ready felt old. His hair started falling out about five or six maybe seven years ago. He tried everything to get it to grown back but then Amanda finally convienced him to shave his head. This was drastic for the young Detective to do because he loved his hair like some uncle on a family sitcom. He really didn’t want to do it. He enjoyed having short brown with blonde highlights. He wore his hair spiked up prior to shaving his head. Billy looked like a double o agent with his old hair style but now he enjoyed the aspect of not having to do much matinence to his head now and even though Amanda was no longer with him he vowed to keep his head shaved for her because he knew one day he would see her again. Even though that most likely would be several years down the road at least he hoped.

No hair feeling the feeling that he was out of shape even though Billy wasn’t out of shape and other mini factors mad the detective feel old. The word sir was the exclamation point of all those feelings mass blotting his feelings of regret for getting sidetracked and not publishing Demon Knight.

“What should I call you then?” The girl asked ignoring Billy’s question as she retrieved the bill from Billy’s fingers, and placing it in her purse.

“Question is what is your name?”  Billy replied this time ignoring the girl’s question then paused, and replied in a British accent. “Coatman. Billy Coatman.”

“Funny. I’ve seen those movies. It is kind a corny being used in real life.” The girl laughed.

“I am a funny guy. You know you never told me your name.”

“Eve Mendez. See I said my name in the correct order.” Eve smarted off.

“Glad to know you’re not dyslexic.” Billy returned the favor, giving up any hope he would have with the young woman.

“Well thank you sir.” Eve said getting ready to walk off.

“I am not one to take anything from anybody.”

As soon as Billy said that he felt the ice cold metal spout of a 357 magnum buried into the center of his neck. He closed his eyes tight for about three seconds then opened them back up. No matter how many time situations like this happened to him he never got used to it. No matter how much of a hard ass a person believes they are the fear of death is always within them deep, and Detective Coatman wasn’t ready to check out of this world just yet. He closed his eyes real tight again but this time it was only for about two seconds as he developed his master plan to remaining a live inside his head.

“Too bad we can’t say the same thing now give us your wallet, and the keys to the motorcycle.”

There was nobody else around. They were in a dark area under a walkway. There was a narrow dead end ally way to Billy’s right which held two restrooms. Two more men walked up beside Eve, and they escorted Billy into that ally way.

“You guys are about to have a very bad day. You see I’m a cop.” The young detective fixed his eyes back and forth eyeing the purpertrators around him.

The guy pressing the gun against Billy’s head was African American. The two other degenerates were Hispanic.

“Listen to me. If you all just turn around and walk away. You can get you a little portable DVD player from the electronics department at the store next door. Maybe an apple from the fresh fruit section. You could get you a pecan pie from the fast food joint in the back of the store, and you will live to fight another day.” Billy explained with a smirk.

No matter how many times he found himself in situations like this which with his partner Jeff Bear happened often Billy always tended to turn into a wise ass.

“Shut up or you’re dead! Got it!” The guy holding the gun yelled.

Another man found Billy’s badge. The other found his gun. The guy with Billy’s gun released the clip, and dropped the gun without empting the chamber. The 357 magnum held to the back of Billy’s neck was removed for a hair line of a second by a disgrace to the criminal world not paying a bit of attention to the situation at hand. The flip switch action junkie quickly threw his head back full force hitting the wannabe street thug behind him in the nose. Blood splattered all over the back of Billy’s neck. Then like an action figure in a war game on any gaming console he turned sideways and kicked the same asshole who was one of four placing a burden on Billy’s dog food shopping trip much less his night in the right knee shattering it. Then he grabbed the man quickly before gravity completely took effect considering the new health status he found himself in and jerked his gun from his loosened grip that occurred as soon as the unbearable pain took effect. He quickly slung the man to the ground as the other two bad guys pulled guns finally their social skills taking effect to what was taking place. Somebody obviously didn’t take their Ritalin today Billy thought realizing their delay in timing to their friend humpty dumpty he just made topple over.

Billy dove into the women’s restroom. He hid in the back stall standing upon the toilet. One of the guys walked in there and fired rounds into each stall. Once he got in front of the stall Billy was in Billy kicked the stall door knocking it back into the guy’s face. Then Billy released three well placed rounds into the man’s chest.

All of a sudden Billy had the war brought to him by the other guy. The man was so stupid he fired all his ammo at the detective. Billy stuck his arm around the corner of the stall and automatically without sweat in his brow projected two slugs into the man’s chest. He then walked up to the man who was lying part of the way in the bathroom, and the other half of his body out on the sidewalk then with a cold stare as the man was gasping for breath and throwing up blood a third shot was implanted into the center of the man’s forehead.

Billy’s six little friends had eluded him but he walked back out into the alleyway anyway. The girl pulled a gun but seemed rather shaken, and didn’t react right away. She thought how she never had to take care of business herself before. Eve was trembling and her eyes had water in them. She never thought this day would come to where she would actually have to pull a trigger and end someone’s life. She stared at Billy who gave her a smirk then before she had time to react thrill seeker Coatman dove on the ground picking up his own gun which still had the round left in the chamber. He destroyed her knee with that single shot as quick as a cat. Afterward he stood up and kicked her gun away that fell in a close vicinity to her as she toppled over instantaneously when the bullet passed through her kneecap and out the other side. She lay on the ground crying. The adrenalin junky then picked up his clip and reinserted it into his weapon when suddenly somebody tapped him on the back. He spun around with his right hand in a fist.

The man backed up. “It’s just me Billy. Jeff your partner. I heard the call on the scanner and knew you told me you were coming here tonight to relax from all the stress today with Python’s men so I figured I would stop by.”

“Thanks Jeff. I’m going home.” Detective Coatman bent down and picked up his badge then walked passed his partner.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Jeff asked.

“Maybe it is my day off you know how I always seem to tag along with you anyway on my day off.”

Jeff had a smile. “If you want she might show up.”

Billy laughed. “No thank you I have to get home to get some sleep so I can check in the paper tomorrow to see if her or I made front page news. I think I might have her beat by killing these gang bangers.”

“Why are you so jealous of her?” Jeff asked.

Billy paused mid walk and turned around. “Me jealous?” Billy cockily spoke.

“Yes Billy you are jealous.” Jeff insisted.

“No Jeff I am not jealous. There is nothing to be jealous of everybody knows who the best crime fighter is in the ATL.”

“Billy I really don’t think you would get the popular vote especially with guys between eighteen and twenty four. I mean her looks are Priceless.” Jeff replied.

“No opinion. See you tomorrow Jeff.”

Billy jogged got on his motorcycle and sped off waiting what lies await tomorrow. If he only knew what he was fixing to get himself into. It is going to be a messy one.

Meeting of the Minds (Chapter 2)

Jeff Bear walked down the road to the local convenient store to buy his pack of cigarettes that he always buys before he begins his shift at the Atlanta Police Department. Billy always told Jeff that his smoking habits would kill him. If Billy only knew. Billy Coatman is a young twenty one year old detective. He is the youngest detective on the Atlanta Police Department

As a youth Billy was a hooligan being kicked out of school after school. He finally found himself graduating from military school, and going straight into the military. He served sometime in the Iraq war though special ops, and did his fair share of kills seeing plenty of action across many countries.

Back to his childhood Billy was all the time getting in fights as a kid. He just seemed to always find himself in them. Whether it was over a girl or a guy taking Billy’s lunch money the end result ended with the guy Billy fought being knocked out. Billy is a real bad ass, and became a true lethal weapon over the years. He trained in all the various martial arts growing up going from the various styles of combat. He also had a personal trainer who trained him in boxing and MMA. He fought and won a variety of tough man competitions with his various fighting training.

One night at a bar he was sitting at a table watching the professional wrestling pay per view. He sat their drinking a coke, and eating some supreme nachos when a man stood up drunk as hell. The man gripped the servers perfectly formed ghetto bubble butt, and squeezed.

“Nice ass bitch.” The trucker looking lard ass said.

The girl attempted to push the guy away but the small petite long redhead server with a face of an angel had no chance.

The man leaned in and hugged the server, and tried to kiss her. She spit in his face then slapped him, He let go and she tried to get away but was quickly grasped by her arms.

Billy stood up as the server screamed. “Hey, dick head. How about you grab me like that.”

The man let go of the server and she slid out of the way. The redneck pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. He gave Billy a cold stare as he slowly placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it not removing his eyes from Billy’s. They were in a dead lock stare down paring deep into each other’s souls.. Billy walked around the table as the man’s other trucker buddies stood up.

“You made a big mistake young man. Now I am going to make you my bitch.”

“Let’s dance.” Billy replied smiling big.

The man approached Billy but he quickly stopped the man’s approach with a swift kick to the man’s left kneecap. The man fell forward and Billy threw two swift punches to the man’s gut. The man fell to his knees. Billy grabbed the smokers quickly turned ashtrays wrist he had the cigarette in and broke it. Then he removed the cigarette from the man’s now limp hand, and stated “About that bitch statement?”

The man was in tears as Billy demanded him open up his mouth, and stick out his tongue then it will all be over with. The trucker did as Billy ordered, and he proceeded to put the cigarette out on the man’s tongue.

The trucker’s buddies watched plotting out what to do. One of the men swung on Billy and he ducked under the man’s swing. When he arose on the other side he grabbed the man’s wrist spun around twisting the man’s arm, and Billy slammed it over his own shoulder. The man’s arm broke immediately and the bone slammed through his arm’s skin squirting blood all over the people nearby. Billy flipped the man over his shoulder and onto the floor.

Billy turned around and stared at the third guy. “You next sunshine?” He asked as the man downed his beer, and then took off running.

The police came then called in the military police. Billy was released on a dishonorable discharge after an investigation was settled after a seven to ten day timeframe.

Where were we? O’ yeah Jeff Bear. Jeff Bear is Billy Coatman’s partner and best friend. Jeff and Billy have known Billy for a very long time. He had been a close friend of Billy’s family and mother Billy’s entire life. In fact Jeff got Billy his job into law enforcement by getting him a job as a guard at the county jail. He didn’t work at the county jail job but for a matter of six months till the supervisors over their passed him off to patrolling the street of Atlanta as a patrol officer.

The past repeated itself when the captain over the patrol division passed Billy along in his law enforcement career when he was nearing his twenty first birthday, and got the exceptions from the people wearing the big boy pants, and made it able for Billy to take his detective’s exam. Which Billy passed, and became Atlanta Georgia’s youngest detective.

The police commissioner partnered Billy with Jeff. After all it was Jeff and his status with the Atlanta PD who was able to keep Billy on the force without being fired. Like everyone wanted to make happen but Jeff had influence and pull with the Atlanta PD so he saved Billy’s ass many time. It was probably the up and ups thinking if they make Billy Jeff’s partner that it would be a little payback, and maybe in some ways it was! Since Jeff did have his hands full with Billy. Jeff is a laid back detective but he does things directly by the book. He tried to convience the man he considered a son to do things the exact same way but it was no use.

Jeff is in his mid-fifties, and was very hesitant to have Billy as his partner to a certain degree. Even though he knew Billy his whole life. There were parts of him that didn’t want to be responsible for Billy but there were other parts that knew he could watch over Billy and direct him how to lead the way after he retired

Billy did piss him off so bad at times that he went to the captain and told him to give Billy to somebody else but the captain knowing how the up and ups felt told Jeff either take Billy as your partner or take early retirement. Then when you do leave those doors with the box from your desk lead Billy out with you because he’s fired! He chose to have Billy as his partner. He still had those chats with the captain off and on, and got the same answers. He didn’t think he would have it any other way though.

Jeff and Billy were like those buddy cop movies. Where the older detective were getting ready to retire and the younger cop was driving him crazy. Then it all comes together at the end. They make sequel after sequel till finally both actors are too old to continue make that type of movie for things to make sense. In one of the sequels the older detective is trying to get a new partner down the road. It was just like that between Billy and Jeff only difference with them things were real!

Jeff’s about six foot. He has gray hair, and dark eyes. He wore black dress pants, black dress shoes, blue dress shirt, and a red tie as he walked to get his cigarettes.

“Your usual Detective Bear?” the clerk asked.

Nothing was unusual about that morning. Jeff stood there with his palms on the counter moving his fingers. He was in a very upbeat mood that morning. He was happy because his ex-wife was talking about taking him back. They had been separated for six months exactly, and Jeff was very depressed. He tried desperately to get the love of his life back. She left over the stupidest reason. She thought Jeff was having an affair.

One day Jeff was interviewing a prostitute. He was on a case about a serial killer and rapist targeting prostitutes. Billy wasn’t with him. The prostitute Roxxie kissed Jeff. Jeff gave her a ride to the prescient, and Roxxie placed the thong she was wearing underneath the backseat where she was riding. She was back there spreading her legs trying to get Jeff to pay her some attention. Jeff didn’t see what Roxxie did. She was back there in the back spreading her legs from side to side, and making movements with her hands on her body. Jeff was able to get to the prescient interview her, and then had another officer drive Roxxie to the flea bag motel she was staying at.

When Jeff went home his wife saw the lipstick on his face that he didn’t know that was on there. His wife flipped. Jeff was finally able to calm her down till a few days later his wife found the sexy pink thong underneath the backseat. She packed her stuff up, and left immediately. She left a note on the counter with the thong on top.

Jeff was gone with Billy to the movies. He came home to find his wife was at her mothers. He sent roses, and various gifts which got no response. He went over there, and she wouldn’t see him. Finally Billy stepped in. Jeff wanted him to stay out of it. He said he wanted to do this on his own.  Billy didn’t listen however. He was tired of seeing his partner depressed so he hopped on his motorcycle, and sped over to Jeff’s mother-in-laws. He talked to Jeff’s wife, and she called Jeff within forty eight hours. Needless to say Jeff was on top of the world.

“I believe so Joe.”

Joe got Jeff’s usual pack of cigarettes and laid them down on the counter. “I am sure you know the price by now.” he said.

“Yeah. Yeah. I still think it’s too much” the detective replied.

Jeff always complained about the prices of cigarettes but he was too hooked to quit. He would pay a hundred dollars a carton if the price rose that high. Smoking was so relaxing to him. Whether that was smoking a cigarette or a cigar it didn’t matter to him. He calmed his nerves, and in his line of work people need a chill pill.

“You could always quit those things kill you know” Joe said.

Jeff had been smoking since he was sixteen so he was pretty much in trouble health wise anyway from smoking for so long. He thought to himself if I hadn’t died already then why quit now.

Two men walked into the convenient store.

“I really don’t think these are going to kill me.” Jeff said as he paid Joe.

Jeff placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it and then turned to walk out of the store.

“You’re right.” One of the men that walked into the store said

One of the men pulled out an uzi another a 9-mm handgun and they began to fire shots into Jeff before he even had time to react. Jeff’s body began to erupt splattering blood all over the place like something out of pure gore hell as the hallow point led entered the various parts of his body. It was like slow motion out of a movie as the cigarette fell out of his mouth into the puddle of blood that began to form underneath his feet and quickly branched out as his body spasmed while by some ungodly reason he was still standing when each of multiple bullets pierced him till he fell to the ground dead. After what seemed like hours of gunfire. The flash of the weapons firing off mirrored in the murderous scum’s eyes, and the sound of the gunfire echoed throughout the convenient store. Once they were out of their current ammunition they ejected their clips, and both reached into the duffle bag one of them carried in and pulled out a pillow case a piece. They both poured the contents of their individual pillow case over Jeff’s body as blood was dripping from his wounds as he neared completely being bled out. The pillow cases were full of snakes. The blood on the floor formed a giant pool with the snakes swimming in it like a school of fish.

Joe was crouched down on his knees behind the counter with his head between his legs. He was so scared he peed himself. He shook like a group of leafs on a windy day. His eyes was clinched shut as he prayed that these men wouldn’t do harm to him.

“You can tell your boyfriend of a partner he is next because Python doesn’t appreciate his business being messed with.” One of the men said.

“Looked like a bunch of Hollywood blood packs on a stunt man going off huh bro? Where is miss simply worthless now. That cheap ass bitch is going to get hers in the end.” the other men said.

“That’s not a little innuendo is it because I always thought you had a thing for that blonde bitch.”

“Don’t go there Scott.” the man said.

Scott was this man’s older brother. He had picked on Nick his whole life. All the time beating him up anytime he wanted. They got along most of the time though. As Nick got older him and Scott began running scams at school. Mostly gambling scams but there were also bigger scams. They sold the freshmen cigarettes when they were seniors, and began selling marijuana. There crime wave led to stealing cars, and bring them to chop shops. Python found these men when they had some robbery charges dropped against them because the victim who was the witness refused to testify at trial. The prosecution had no reliable evidence without the witness’s testimony. Python approached the men through some of his associates, and they jumped onto Python’s team like a bass on a hook.

“No I mean she is hot but I just wouldn’t attempt to go there.” Scott said.

That was a lie every straight guy in their right mind thought about going there with Simply Priceless. She was the living breathing definition of the word goddess. She is the type of girl that can turn a gay guy straight, and that is not talking about with any of her superpowers but physically. and her superpowers sexually. Even though she didn’t really have a massive sexual resume she was stupendous at kissing.

“Do I need to shoot you?” the man aimed his gun at Scott.

Nick and Scott bickered like school girls their entire life. They were the mere definition of the word brothers. They fought regularly as kids and even teenagers. As adults they just fussed. Neither was man enough to strike the other. They had pulled guns on one another before. No physical violence ever happened though. Both men are all talk.

Scott aimed his gun at his brother.  Joe popped up saw this then ducked back behind the counter as all this took place.

“Look Nick we can stand here all day dicking around because we both know neither one of us is going to shoot. Or we can leave this joint before simple cheap ass bitch comes to save the day. You know they say there is nothing worse than a women’s scorn.”

“Maybe you’re right I don’t want to feel her wrath.”

There are some people in this world male and female who enjoy being beat by women. Maybe it is hot to some people to be dominated by a woman. It is hard to say what a person might enjoy but for argument sake not any machoist would enjoy a beating from Simply Priceless.Talking about a powerful woman doesn’t even describe Priceless. She has strength, beauty, and brains. She is the total package, and the last thing anybody wanted to do was piss her off.

Nick and Scott ran out of the convenient store and got in a town car and sped off.

The question now is who were these men talking about.  There is this girl named Ashley Hatch. She is in her twenties. She is twenty four to be exact. Her parents were John and Barbra Hatch. They were scientist. Both her parents worked for the United States government for a while. They worked on cloning and steam cell research.

They even did their own experiments. Barbra and John messed around with various DNA strains and then mixed in their own DNA to try to create the perfect child. The experiment was under the radar. Nobody knew about it. When they got everything to their liking they artificially inseminated Barbra with all the DNA.

Barbra was pregnant but her pregnancy process was like cut in half. She delivered Ashley as a healthy new born baby girl only after four and half months. There was always the argument to who Ashley looked like. Barbra had long blonde hair, blue eyes and her husband also had blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though John’s was more brownish than blonde but there was a hint of blonde. John was taller than his wife. He was about six four whereas Barbra was five ten. Neither parent were overweight both were trim not too muscular but not fat they were in their weight zone perfectly for their age group.

Most people say she looks like her mother even though she got her height from her father. Everybody said she had her mother’s eyes, and the way her hair hung off her head was just like her mother. Ashley didn’t really know who she looked liked. She knew she was the perfect combination that her parents could bring life to.  She was a very special girl who couldn’t imagine she would be living the life she is.

John and Barbra raised their daughter until the age of eighteen. That was when a tragic event occurred. Python wanted Ashley’s parents to do an experiment for him. One which will make him super human. He wanted an elixir which could make him very powerful. He heard rumors of such a thing being invented to be used by the United States military. John and Barbra since had retired from the United States Government. They refused to do Python’s bidding and since they did that he had them killed. Ashley wasn’t home when it took place. She was out with friends. When she came home the house was on fire and police and firemen were everywhere.

John and Barbra were dead and the corner later revealed that both Ashley’s parents were tortured for hours, and then shot in the back of the head, before the fire was set. All that was found was a three and half foot python in the backyard. Ashley knew Python had to do this.

Who is this Python You may ask? Nobody really knows who he is exactly. All that is known he is leader of a major organized crime unit. This unit causes trouble all over Atlanta. Rumors have it they plan on branching out with other gangs and organized crime units to take over everything in the United States. Police have yet to be able to crack the surface with this crime family.

Back to Ashley she has long blonde hair, blue eyes, she stands at six foot three inches, and she has a model type body, and is well formed all over. She is not too muscular, and she is not overweight; she is physically fit. She has set out to take down Python’s crime family. How you ask? Simple; Ashley realized at age one she wasn’t the average girl. She appeared to be. Ashley has super powers. What will be gone into later. She is a superhero. Laugh go ahead. It sounds funny but it’s true. In the city of Atlanta Ashley is known as Simply Priceless.

Forget what you have seen in movies or in comic books because that is the fakest stuff Surely anybody has ever seen. Superheroes don’t act like they do in real life like is depictured in comics and movies. They are actually normal people. Sure they have a lot of things the average Joes doesn’t have but they have real feelings. Ashley is a very lonely girl. She likes someone and doesn’t know how to go about telling him that.

Ashley began her gig as Simply Priceless at age eighteen. She vowed to get revenge for what Python’s goons did her family. She has learned various martial arts by watching various action movies. If she sees something she can do it if she chooses to do what she has seen. She has a lot of various powers will get back to Ashley later.

Billy Coatman laid on his bed taken the sexual frustration his girlfriend was taking out on him. He lay there holding onto her hips as she grinding on top of him. He closed his eyes as he felt her body. It was so smooth. Her roots were shining through her auburn colored hair, and her green eyes glistened in the dark.

            Billy was surprised by the animal like sexual encounter. He just got in from a long shift, and then he went to the bar with Jeff. Jeff had a beer and ate a foot long chili and slaw dog. He covered the dog with mustard and dipped out a big pile of relish over his French fries. The young hot shot didn’t eat. He just had himself a coke as they sat there and discussed Python. 

            “Why don’t you just go see the movie to find out how things end.” Jeff blurted out about twenty minutes into the conversation finishing the last of his food, and starting a second beer.

            “You know I can’t stand her.”

            “Why Billy she’s one of the good guys” He guzzled back on his beer.

            “Don’t you think she is profiting from all the Simply Priceless merchandise, the comics, and now the live action movie? Sure she isn’t the star of the movie, and no she didn’t do the voice for the Simply Priceless cartoon but it is her being merchandised.

            “Billy does Hello Kitty benefit from all the Hello Kitty sales?  I mean just the other day at McDonald’s I saw Hello Kitty girl Happy Meal toys but just two weeks before it was Simply Priceless McDonald’s Series 2 toys both a set for boys and girls. You might have a point.” Jeff replied downing his beer.

            Jeff thought better of ordering another beer besides it was 11:58pm, and last call was about 30 minutes ago. He knew Ronald the bartender would give him one if he wanted one with him being Atlanta PD, and a frequent customer but still he decided against it. Jeff paid for his meal and got up, and him and Billy walked outside.

            Jeff wasn’t fazed by the alcohol. He was a heavy drinker and smoker. He lit a cigarette, and Billy and Jeff discussed Simply Priceless some more. Jeff always believed Billy had a bit of a crush on SP. But he knew Billy was in love with Amanda. Jeff asked Billy the magic question “If Amanda wore a superhero uniform or costume whatever they are that was similar to Simply Priceless and or any female cape flying superhero from comics would you still…. (Jeff made a hole with the fingers on his left hand then with his right hand put his index finger and middle finger together. He only held out those to fingers then repeatedly pushed them in and out of the hole that he made on his left hand, and made a squeaking sound.

            “Fuck you Jeff.” Billy laughed ignoring the question.

            Jeff knew he had Billy, and even though Billy would never admit it probably more than likely there was something there between SP and him besides personal animosity. Jeff declined a ride home from Billy who he road to the bar with, and instead took a cab. Billy came straight home, and fed Buffy. Then he fell asleep as soon as he laid stomach down on the bed.

            It was about 7:48am, and Billy’s gun was being slowly slid out of the back of his pants. Billy jumped and spun around ready to fight the intruder that he didn’t hear come in, and wondered why Buffy didn’t go crazy. The intruder pushed on his right shoulder just as she put his 9-mm Ruger down on the nightstand.

            “You can easily roll over and shoot yourself baby. What did I tell you about falling asleep with your gun still in your britches.” Amanda asked as she removed her boyfriend’s shoes then quickly jerked off his socks in one clean pull for each sock.

            Billy sat up “I guess this is what you want.” He removed his Kelly Banks t-shirt from the movie Roadie along with blue stripped long sleeve shirt he wore over his Roadie t-shirt.

            Amanda got him the Roadie t-shirt, and he enjoyed the movie very much, and he even read the book. The book was the first love story he ever read but it surrounded around the world of Professional Wrestling so it was a major plus for him. He had imagined being a boyfriend to a female professional wrestler. In fact he met Amanda at a wrestling event.

            No she wasn’t a female professional wrestler but Billy was there working security at the big event for extra money, and at the end of the night he wound up by choice, and for no extra money helping Amanda clean up the concession stand area because all of the other concession workers laid out or called out. It was ridicules but in the end Billy scored a date, and they began to talk on a regular basis. Soon enough Amanda had her own key to Billy’s place to help take care of Buffy the Golden Lab Amanda gave Billy for his first birthday that they spent with each other.

            Amanda found a Labrador Breeder in the paper, and was one hundred and fifty dollars for Buffy. Buffy was even a AKC Registered. Buffy was sold to Amanda as a show quality dog but she doesn’t have the dog show temperament. She is wilder than a bat, and the only person she semi listens to is Amanda. When she went to pick the dog out the Breeder only had one Golden Lab and the other was a Brown Lab. The Brown Lab was a boy, and Buffy of course is a girl. She picked Buffy for that reason. She always heard about how boy dogs go around, and hike their legs on everything. Amanda found this disgusting.

            She didn’t find the human penis disgusting though, and she laughed at that fact when she was removing Billy’s boxer shorts since she already removed his jeans. She reached into the nightstand, and pulled out a condom. Her man was standing at attention as he leaned up on his elbows.

            “What do I owe this pleasure?”  

            “Shut up!” She demanded.

            Amanda thought how she loved Billy’s penis, and was a bit of a cock lover she thought that when it came to Billy. She enjoyed playing with it with her hands, and her mouth. She thought of his reaction when she rubbed her tongue ring on the tip of his penis and down his shaft. It was only mildly like that for other guy but some guys little willies were just so disgusting she thought at times when she has talked about Billy and his body to her female friends, and then would talk about dicks with her male gay friends. She described how a penis should be circumcised to her friend Cat. Cat agreed, and then she showed her a screen shot on her phone of a guy she was blackmailing.

            Cat then told Amanda the story about why she was blackmailing the guy. She explained that the guy contacted Cat on a free dating site, and it wasn’t even a Fetish Kink Dating Site. He flat out told Cat he didn’t want to spend the money on a Financial Dominatrix but he wanted to be blackmailed. He told Cat the details, and then proved his income level by giving Cat his financial log-in information. She was hesitant, and didn’t do it right away but over the next couple days she thought about the deal the guy offered, and eventually checked his financials. He was loaded in Cat’s eyes.

         She against all that told her not to sent the man a message back and took him up on the offer. She researched how to be a Dominatrix to further understand the scene. She had some sort of idea but wasn’t completely sure! Cat had the man send her all sorts of humiliating pictures such as pictures of him eating dog food, eating cat food, those were on the lighter side then the pictures moves up to pictures of him in his college aged daughters room in her panties and bra, then they got disgusting because he had to rub his toothbrush all over his anus inside and out, and then brush his teeth with that toothbrush. Cat got picture after pictures both sent to her email, and some text to her phone. She kept a well-organized system for the pictures, and various forms of messages.             The man sent Cat various contact information which were for his college aged daughter, his wife, his boss, his daughters friends, his social network log-in information. Complete with home addresses, work addresses, school addresses, emails, phone numbers, and even everyone he gave their personal information how to contact them on social network. Cat was set. She had the blackmail information of who to contact and his blackmail task photos. That night while Amanda was at work she was watching her blackmail whore lick all over his toilet to clean it because he told Cat he needed to clean his toilet. She told him to set up his computer inside the bathroom, and to lick all the urine and fecial mater off of the toilet seat. He had to point the camera at the spot he was doing it, and wear his daughters panties. 

           The man pleaded saying his daughter was to be home anytime soon because she was home from school that weekend from that Monday night because of a holiday till Wednesday. He begged and pleaded to let him have something in the bathroom to be able to cover up with if she came home but Cat was in a bitchy mood, and told him he couldn’t. The man trying to cop an attitude but Cat threatened to expose him to his daughter stating that Teamviewer was on and she took picture of him on his hands and knees in front of the toilet because the camera to the laptop was facing down at him from the vaniety. 

            He broke down in tears, and Cat turned on the sound to his computer, and voice call option. She wanted to hear him weep like a bitch. She was really getting into this whole I am a Ruler deal. She told him to get licking and if he turned off voice call, the volume, or the computer he would be exposed.

            The man got licking fearing his daughter would be home any minute. Then the worse thing happened! Cat began to play clips of sessions loudly on his computers. Clips from him jacking off and moaning her name, to saying how much of a sissy faggot he was, and telling the instructions to how to get a dildo to fit in his ass without lubricant. She played a lot of the various clips that she recorded through Teamviewer during Skype sessions with him. He wanted the sessions. Each and every one of them, and he knew she was going to blackmail him. They met once at Wendy’s and signed a contract. The guy has been doing exactly as he promised about Cat has been bringing home a extra 5 to 10 thousand a month. This guy is a loaded multimillionaire, and always had this blackmail fantasy.

            He was pale white with limited hair. He was bald overall but had a sort of clown hair look. He was fat, and had a small penis from what Cat could see. His gut covered it up, and for her to see it she had to get him to hold his gut up. She called him her Hippo Penelope. He was so embarrassed. One night she made him go to the grocery store and buy several sacks of groceries.

He had to sit on the tile floor in the kitchen wearing a diaper, and eat all the groceries with no break until he got sick. Then when he quit throwing up he had to lick up the vomit!

Amanda turned off her thoughts of everything Cat told her about the guy she was blackmailing and the thoughts of all the penis talks she had, and then proceeded to put the condom on Billy, and begin to grind on him. She took off all her clothes but her Gunman t-shirt she had airbrushed. The Gunman t-shirt had a 9-mm on it, and it showed below the handle of the gun was a bullet casing, and the barrel was smoking. Inside the smoke was he number 9683.

Gunman was the codename people called her lover in the military. Billy tried desperately to get people to call him that there on the Atlanta PD but he had no luck what so ever. Nobody would call him that. He referred to himself as that at times, and got laughed at. It didn’t keep him from trying. He didn’t understand why nobody would call him that because he was a kickass shot better than all others. He rarely missed! He didn’t understand but as Amanda reached down to grab his wrist he knew he was her Gunman.

The sexual encounter was reaching its end in Billy’s mind as he felt himself get closer, and closer, and closer to cumming on top of the moon……

Billy’s cell phone rang waking him from his wet dream and he answered the phone quickly “Amanda”

“Billy it’s Captain Mitchell. You need to get up, drink some coffee, and sober up” the Captain ordered.

“This better be important because this is my day off.” He slurred his words

“I am afraid I have some bad news.”

Billy reached over to his nightstand and picked up the pack of Light Cigarettes. He pulled out a cigarette and then he placed it in his mouth. He followed that up by pulling the lighter out from in between the wrapper of the cigarette pack. He light the cigarette, and began puffing away waiting for the Captain to say something. Billy was pissed off for the Captain interrupting his dream. It wasn’t just any dream however. It was a dream with him having sex with his one true love who was wrongfully taken away from him by a murderous mad man. A hitman, A mercenary, a grungy no good bastard, who needs dental insurance for sure to fix his crooked rotten teeth, he has need a full blown full body re-creation which Billy knew insurance didn’t cover so he knew he would have to do the world a favor, and cause this animal to go extinct.

Billy quit smoking for Amanda. He smoked when he was depressed among other things. Waking up from a dream of him having mad passionate love with the woman who was wrongly taken away from him to a phone call from his Captain saying he had some bad news was every reason for him to smoke.

Captain Mitchell sat behind his desk with his phone in his left hand, and a doughnut in his right. It was a strawberry filled doughnut, and some of the strawberry was in his mustache. Crumbs were all over his white button up shirt, and lap between his legs. It was his sixth doughnut of the night. Captain Mitchell is a large man close to two thirty. He has black hair, and brown eyes. He seems to be a very serious guy. Billy has been on his bad side off and on since he was assigned to the unit. Captain Mitchell liked Billy however, and has done a good job working with Billy for Billy’s ruthless behavior. He dreaded to tell Billy the news he was forced to tell him. It broke his heart because he knew Billy would be hurt but the police Captain knew it would be better for the information to come from him than another officer on the force.

“What’s that chief finally told you that you had to fire me?” Coatman sat up in bed, put his not even half smoked cigarette out dropping into a 20oz soft drink bottle that was still over half full from the night before with only one swig missing. Then he pushed a series of at least five Jack Daniels fifths off the bed combined with fast food togo bags filled with the trash from the meals among other trash stuffed inside to the brim of the bags off the bed, and onto a hardwood floor lined with dirty clothes.

Billy was making a joke but the situation had nearly came true on a few occasions. Billy’s attitude has got him in trouble plenty of times, and he had been suspended a few times for it. He never seemed to learn his lesson however. He eventually would go back to his wild ways. He wasn’t your average detective as anybody who was close to him knew.

“No I haven’t got that lucky yet. Bad joke but no Jeff…Jeff…
“What he’s dead?” Billy sarcastically said sitting up on the edge of the bed with Buffy jumping up on his back. She just kept jumping on her own no matter how much he attempted to push her off.

Billy didn’t mean that statement. In the back of his mind he always figured he would die before Jeff. Jeff wasn’t really the adventurous type. Billy was the type to jump from roof top to roof top or dive on the hood of a car where Jeff would just wait for the suspect to come down from the roof or would shoot the tires out causing the vehicle to crash.

Captain Mitchell was silent.

“What! Is he? Capt what going on?” Billy sped talked.

Billy heart sank to his chest. He felt tears begin to form in his eyes. It was Billy’s day off but he still planned on going into work anyway. Even if he would just be riding in the car talking to Jeff. He counted on Jeff, and Jeff counted on him. It was the worse news Billy could get thinking that Jeff had been killed. He prayed his suspicions of Jeff’s death would come up false but people can’t be quite that lucky all the time.

Sometimes a person’s psycic thoughts come true at various points in life. It’s like something paranormal and who are yu going to call?

“He’s dead Billy. They found snakes all over the crime scene so you know what that means.”

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.”

Billy and Jeff had been dealing with various crimes involving Python’s men. Many murders have taken place. In fact Billy and Jeff had caused Python’s group the most trouble out of the Atlanta police department. They have been very close to ending this crime families’ spree but it just seemed like as they were reaching the end of the game they hit a detour, and a whole new level began. Billy wanted to kill Python. He knew the way he felt at that moment if he found Python he would beat the shit out of him. Then torture him for hours on end. Once he was satisfied that Python had enough only then he would place the bastard out of his misery.

“A lot of people feel that way Billy.” Captain Mitchell said.

It was a true statement Captain Mitchell said. A lot of people wanted to kill the mysterious Python. The only thing was Captain Mitchell knew Billy meant it. Not only did he mean it he was capable in doing it. Billy had killed quite a few people while he began the Atlanta PD. Billy didn’t take no shit. He would slapped the hell out of you if you looked at him funny. Python just pissed off the wrong young detective. His time period on this earth became very limited. Billy thought If I was Python he needs to find a hole and slither himself in it.

“Where was wonder girl, super female, miss money money money.” Billy said almost in tears.

Billy never really spoke to Simply Priceless. He had arrived on crime scenes as she was leaving. As far as a conversation besides hi or how are you none other conversation happened. Simply Priceless wanted to talk to Billy she just never did. He was often jealous that Simply Priceless got so much fame. She was in the headlines on a daily basis. Her stories were covered on the front page of the Atlanta newspaper as Billy who was also in the headlines stories were featured on pages further in the newspaper. Billy felt if she could stop so many other acts of crimes then she should have been able to stop Jeff’s death.

“I don’t know Billy.”

Captain Mitchell knew Simply Priceless had to have a good reason why she wasn’t there. She wasn’t the type to lay down on the job. She fought with heart and courage and always found a way to succeed even faced with the darkest of danger

“I told you that you can’t count on her. Why you keep depending on the bitch to save your officers’ ass I don’t know.”

He knew Simply Priceless did some good but he felt she wasn’t a guaranteed thing to depend on. He didn’t actually know how to feel about her because he had never been around a superhero before. The only thing he knew about superheroes was what he saw in the movies. In fact when Simply Priceless began to make her crime fighting presence in the city Billy was ready for films crews to come out and say you have just been pranked. He had interest in talking to her but he never would because he allowed his pride to get in the way. He should be the one getting all the attention. Billy is a bit of an egomaniac along with a perfectionist and narcissist. He was a stuck up person, and was extremely arrogant. That is mostly when it came to his professional life. Other than his attitude when it came to work his work persona can be best described as a lethal weapon. He was like some teenager wanting all the attention. Which he was front page news till Ashley came along. He was ready for things to flip flop back to the way they were pre Simply Priceless.

“Look Billy you might not agree with Simply Priceless’s style but it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on a situation.” Captain Mitchell lectured and explained..

“I can’t argue with that. Where is Jeff’s body?”

Billy had to see Jeff before he was laid to rest. He truly loved the man, and had the highest of respect for him. Billy was disappointed in himself that he wasn’t there to save Jeff because he knew Jeff would take a bullet for him. There wasn’t a question in anybody’s eyes that these two partners were on the same level when it came to police work. They always had their eyes on the ball and knew just how to drive the ball down the court or field and score.

“He is still being examined at the coroner’s office. You can go see him if you like. His family is having him cremated.” Captain Mitchell answered.

“Alright I’ll talk to you later.”

Billy knew exactly what was going to happen. No matter what his Captain said he would die himself before anybody would stop him from killing Python. Python was public enemy number one in his mind. It wouldn’t matter to him if a massive terrorist attack happened on the United States he would make sure Python was dead before killing the sons of bitches that conducted the terrorist attack.

“Billy don’t do anything stupid.

Captain Mitchell knew it was no use to tell Billy not to do anything stupid because Billy’s actions when it came to fighting crime would mostly be considered stupid in other people’s eyes. Billy is the type of guy when a car is getting away he would jump on the hood, and hold on for dear life like was mentioned or if a helicopter is taken off he will jump, and hold on to the rail or if there was a ladder a bad guy climbed up he would jump and climb that. He is the type of cop to fight it out with three or four people. He will fight the biggest guy in the room if he had to. He will shoot it out with the best of them as well. He will fight men or even women that are armed with knives or guns when he has nothing. Billy is wild and crazy. He always has been, and he has the bullet wounds, stab wounds, along with other scares to prove it. Lethal weapon best describes Billy just wanted to clarify once more. He is trained in various martial arts along with weapon training. He can fend for himself, and those that get on his bad side better pray for their life. They better male themselves right with God because if not the young detective will punch their ticket to hell. Billy will hunt you down. He will hurt you and he will kill you without taking a second breath. He doesn’t care what it takes Billy gets his man, and when you mess with one of his friends or loved ones it only makes things worse for you!

“I’ll talk to you later.” Billy repeated.

Captain Mitchell recognized Billy’s voice tone. His voice tone means he was ready to take care of business. Billy knew at that moment it was time to step up his game in order to bring Python’s group to a close. Billy was ready to kill them all. Event though he has the tendency to take things way too far even though facing termination or suspensions Billy will always be Billy and do things his way. Jeff always got him out of it. Jeff had pull in the department, and could pretty much get anything he wanted. Jeff was with the department since the age of eighteen. He had the chance to be Captain once but he turned it down. He wasn’t ready for desk duty. Even though he wasn’t as wild as Billy. Everybody loved Jeff, and that was partly why he was able to get Billy out of trouble. Jeff had friends all through the department, and friends in even higher places. Billy knew he had to kill Python and his men to pay Jeff back in death for everything he did for Billy in life.


Billy hung up the phone.  He walked over to his nightstand and pulled out his 9-mm. He stuck it down the back of his pants. He proceeded to walk out the door. He placed his gun under his motorcycle’s seat. He hopped on and sped to the coroner’s office. He walked inside and the corner directed him to Jeff’s body.

“Hey big man. You know it should be me laying there. I do a whole lot crazier stuff than buy a pack of cigarettes.” Billy began to tear up.

Billy patted Jeff’s shoulder.

“I’m going to find them Jeff. If it takes me till my last breath on this earth, I will  find them and kill every one of those sons of bitches. There dead. I promise you Jeff. They are dead!” Billy began to cry and turned around and walked out of the corners office and back up to his motorcycle.

Billy was ready to rage a broad scale war against Python and his men. He would hunt them down in their hole, and kill them in their sleep. He would kill all men and women that associated themselves with the disease known as Python. He was ready to slaughter them all like pigs. He would beat them like a scolded dog. Business was about to pick up.

He stood by his motorcycle crying. He eventually placed one leg over his motorcycle. He was getting ready to sit down and fire his motorcycle up when he heard “Billy.”

Billy turned and looked. There stood Simply Priceless wearing her pink and black superhero suit. Her suit was tight made out of black latex it was also sleeveless with pink flames. It zipped in the front. Her attire had slits cut out on the side exposing the side of her stomach. The top area was cut low in the middle showing her neck along with the upper part of her breast, and it had straps over her shoulders. The reverse side was open exposing her back the leather straps over her shoulders came down in a Y shape which met to where her bust area part of the costume wrapped around. Ashley’s shoulders, shoulder blades, and her whole lower back was showing. She wore boots with a matching pattern her boots were basically professional wrestling boots. She has several of these costumes or uniforms you might say in various colors complete with matching boots. She had her tiara on her head with the pink diamonds in it. No superhero assumable would be complete without a cape. Ashley’s cape completed the costume. Billy got off the bike and walked directly up to her. Billy had to look up at her because she is taller than him.

“I’m sorr…

Simply Priceless truly felt awful that she was unable to save Jeff Bear’s life. Not only because it upset Billy but because she feels guilty whenever there is a loss of life. Especially if that life is somebody from the Atlanta PD. Ashley feels it is her duty to protect not only those regular civilians that need protecting but she needs to protect those that do the protecting. When she is unable to protect either she is her own worst critic.

“Where were you? Huh! What kind of super excuse do you have?”

Billy took all his grief bottled it up, and directed it in a negative sense toward Ashley. He felt she should be able to save everyone. He believed Ashley could have done a better job being at the other side of town Detective Bear was on. He blamed her when in actuality he blamed himself because he felt he let Jeff down since he wasn’t by his side at the end.

“Billy I was on the other side of town taking care of more of Python’s men. I didn’t get there in time….

Simply Priceless was in a battle on the other side of town with an army of Python’s men who took over a shopping mall. They were inside murdering, raping, and robbing people. Not to mention they robbed every store and kiosk in the mall. Python’s group came in with automatic weapons, and completely shut the place down. They set the place with C4 explosive, and no police officer could get close to the place. It was deadlock. The Atlanta PD brought in a hostage negotiator but it was no use Python’s men began executing people. The group of men demanded a helicopter to land on the roof so they could fly out of there. They also requested more money, and a few extra large works pizzas. Instead of getting what they wanted off their wish list they received a very ticked off superhero. Simply Priceless slipped into the mall, and took every bad guy out. She was able to beat everyone down enough to allow tactical teams to bust in and either kill or arrest the men. She saved many hostages from their definite deaths.

“Damn right you didn’t get there in time.” Billy said

Billy was fuming. He didn’t want to hear any super excuses. He knew nothing about the incident at the mall. He was at home relaxing on his day off debating on whether or not to just go into work. Billy hates sitting at home. He is a workaholic, and thrives off of action and adventure. If he is not getting shot at he doesn’t know what to do. He feels at his best whooping some guys ass. If he didn’t have his job he wouldn’t have anything because he had very few true friends, and he really didn’t have a major love life. He felt terrible because he was one friend short due to Jeff’s death.

Billy and Jeff didn’t hit it off right away. Like was mentioned Jeff was forced to take the young detective Billy Coatman under his wing. They were the ultimate odd couple. It was similar to what you see in buddy cop movies when two people are forced to form a partnership. They were at each other’s throat. Mostly it was Jeff getting onto Billy for his wild ways. Eventually they came together as a unit. It took a little while but it happened. Billy was there for Jeff when nobody else was when his wife left him for another man but she eventually changed her ways and came back. Jeff went through a very hard time during that time period Billy gave him a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to talk to. Jeff eventually learned to deal with Billy’s wild ways although he didn’t approve of his tactics at times. They worked through it though. They became more like father and son than police partners. Jeff was one of Billy’s best friends, and Billy was ready to avenge his death.

“Billy I truly am sorry I can’t change the past. I want to make it up to you by us joining forces and taking out Python and his group.” Simply Priceless said. Simply Priceless pointed sadly at Billy while being scared of Billy’s reaction.

“No!” Billy yelled his face was bright red.

Billy wouldn’t join forces with Priceless if it was the last thing he had to do on this earth in order to go to Heaven. He would rather spend an eternity in hell than spend five seconds as her partner. He was so angered she didn’t save Jeff. She had saved so many other people including officers, and other city worker etcetera why couldn’t she save Jeff. It made no sense to Billy. Billy felt for sure at that moment Priceless couldn’t be counted on. He was full of anger and rage, and who knows if Priceless wasn’t a girl he might have slugged her right then.

“Billy you might not like me but you will need my help one day.”

Priceless fought back tears because she had never had someone with such firm hatred toward her before. She is a very liked person both in her business life as well as in her personal life. She is loved by people all across the world as Simply Priceless. As Ashley Hatch she is loved by a bunch of people as friends. They live two separate lives but they are both the same entity. Just like a coin it has two sides but it is still a coin. Like God and water. Water can be water, ice, and steam as God can be God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost so both God and water are just one thing. She prayed Billy would see the light one day but only time would tell.

“If I ever need your help do me the same favor you done for Jeff.” Billy turned around got on his motorcycle and sped off.

Billy really never wanted Simply Priceless’s help. He much rather die than allow her to help him. Simply because he had such harsh feelings toward her at that moment. He not only didn’t understand her but he didn’t understand how she could allow somebody to die. Especially an Atlanta city detective. It made no sense. Superheroes are supposed to protect people Billy thought. Billy didn’t know anything about the chaos at the mall. He for some unusual reason had his police scanner turned off. Billy never turns off his police scanner but on that day he did. Probably because Billy just wanted to relax and take some downtime which he never truly is able to do. He always finds a reason to do something work related whether it is something as little as heading to the firing range. He just knew then he didn’t want anything work related to go on between him and Simply Priceless not even her saving his life. He never foresaw a day where he would ever be in the predicament for her to save his life, and he didn’t believe she would be able to save his life if that day came since she couldn’t even save Jeff’s.

Simply Priceless stood there with tears cascading down her cheeks. Then she flew up in the air. She flew back to her luxury loft apartment. She walked inside from the balcony and changed for bed her Chihuahua Prissey was jumping at her feet. Ashley nudged her small, pot belled, three pound Chihuahua to the side. She looked down at Prissey with a glance. All she was thinking was why am I being put through this. The person Ashley Hatch truly likes more than a high school crush or any type of infactuation is none other than Billy Coatman. She has liked him for a while. After all she saw his name somewhere in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on a daily basis for whatever action role he played the day before as one of the cities true heroes. It was only a school girl crush she told herself sometimes. Ashley told herself this hoping to convince herself to stop obsessing but deep down she really didn’t want to quit thinking about him. Just like Ashley wanted so badly to tell him but she didn’t want to get hurt. Ashley Hatch couldn’t afford to get hurt in any type of physical or emotional sort of way by anyone. She knew Billy wouldn’t not to mention couldn’t hurt her physically but she knew he had the power to rip out her heart emotionally and step on it.

Scenarios ran through her head as she went through the process of going to bed.  Ashley went to sleep thinking of everything she should have done. Ashley took a hot bath to her liking after getting the pajama pants and t-shirt out of her closet and draping them across the sink. Prissey was running around like a nut. She got out of the tub and dried off at super-speed. After Ashley drained the water and got dressed for bed she went into the kitchen, and Prissey followed closely behind. It was time to eat Prissey thought. She thought about time in what would of probably been said in a Mexican accent if she could speak English.

Ashley took a saucer out of the cabinet, and opened up the refrigerator door. She pulled out a can of duck and chicken dog food, and scooped a little bit on the saucer. Prissey sat and watched. She never barked. She would just look at Ashley with her little black eyes. Prissey grew much bigger than what Ashley believed she would be when she first got her from the pet store. She paid a lot of money for Prissey, and had no regrets over it. She got her payback and then some.

Ashley put some small bites of dog food on top of the wet food and stirred it all up like her mom showed her with the animals at the humane society when she was alive and volunteering there. Ashley thought about her mom a lot. Like how her mom used to bring her to the humane society with her. She thought about how some days she didn’t want to go but how she went anyway just to make her mom happy and spend time with her. There was better ways she thought she could spend her Saturdays though. In the end Ashley always regretted not going if she ever played hooky, and after her parent’s brutal murder she regretted a lot.

She sat Prissey’s food down on the ground, and hopped up on the bar. She had her hands flat behind her leaning back and swaying her legs. Ashley looked down at her a little over 6 month old tan nose, tan under the eyes, tan eyebrow, with a slick crow black body, and white and black Boston Terrier looking head. She has a white neck with what appears to be a black heart on her right side of her neck, and a white streek on the top of her hair, and a white tip tail. She’s a very cute and rambuncas dog. Ashley questioned getting her but in the end she knew that she saved Prissey’s life.

Ashley went into Pet Universe one night while she was out as Ashley Hatch. She was looking around when she stumbled across Prissey. She was behind glass in a room with one of those mop dogs. She was jumping all over the other dog, and the employee working behind the puppy cages had to move her to a cage by herself.

Ashley asked to play with Prissey and did. Then she went back home alone. She thought about the dogs she had growing up, and going to the humane society with her mom. She also thought how her dad told her that he and her mom use to breed Chihuahuas before her mom got pregnant with her, and when her mom was spending less time at work. That was during the time frame that her mom and dad were planning out the experiment of all experiments. Which brought Ashley to life.

She could barely sleep the night she played with Prissey. She wanted her. She didn’t have a boyfriend, and had no friends. Her parents were dead and she has no other family. Ashley Hatch wanted this dog. The next night after she got done fighting crime Ashley went back home and cleaned herself up. She changed into Ashley Hatch gear and went back to the pet store.

Sure enough Prissey was still there. Ashley dealt with Chris who sold her Prissey. Chris looked like an obese beaver. He was about her height though if not an inch or inch and a half taller. He was extremely fat with bucky gapped up teeth, brown eye, a freshly shaved head, and an earring in his right earlobe. He helped her get what she needed, engraved the pink and green Simply Priceless merchandise dog tag that Ashley picked out, and checked her out after signing all the “necessary” paperwork. She felt like Chris had a bad attitude, and after the purchase was final she had a bad feeling about things.

The dog tag Simply Priceless Merchandise came from Ashley Hatch. She invented the Simply Priceless Merchandise line to make her an income. She didn’t take rewards or any type of financial support being Simply Priceless. She didn’t need the money because her parents made her very extremely-to the-maximum well off. The apartment she lives in was bought by them while they were still living for Ashley to have a place of her own. It wasn’t like she was hurting for money at all but she just wanted to have something on her own. She made a Simply Priceless line of clothes, fictional novels and kids’ literature, toys, collectibles, just a bunch of various lines of products which included yes, pet products. There were Simply Priceless outfits for dogs and cats which Prissey wouldn’t wear her Simply Priceless custom cape because she in the end is smaller than an extra small often. After getting Prissey and having her awhile Ashley Hatch later released the smaller capes out to the public.

Ashley took Prissey home that Friday only for Prissey to become deathly ill. Ashley called the vet that was supposed to be over the puppies there at that pet store, and the number was disconnected. She didn’t have time to investigate so she just took Prissey to the vet over the humane society as Ashley Hatch of course. Prissey was in the vet hospital linked to the humane society for over a week. Prissey nearly died three time but they were able to bring her back to life.

Ashley was very upset about her puppy. She had a vision in bed one night about the vet for Pet Universe not existing, and how when puppies get sick there Chris takes them out to the country and tortures and kills them very slowly. Simply Priceless’s popped open her eyes in the middle of the night with fire burning in her pupils.

The next day she followed her senses, and flew out to that country road that Chris took the animals to. There was an old rundown shack, and rvs scattered about with dogs barking. Simply Priceless worked her way around to a barn. She heard dogs howling inside.

“Shut the fuck up!” Chris yelled covering his ears.

Priceless entered the barn. There was a Dalmatian blooded with a broken leg limping and growling. Chris held a hammer. “If that bitch in the kiddy Dalmatian movie had me all of them would have been dead.” Chris said with a smirk.

Simply Priceless went into stealth mode like on some sort of video game, and snuck up behind Chris and grabbed the hammer from his hand. The speed from her grabbing the hammer and pulling it from his hand jerked him back. She spun him around then struck him with the hammer in his left rib cage. Then Priceless used the bottom of the hammer and hit Chris on the tip of his nose. Blood squirted everywhere as his nose was split open. His ribs were crack but Simply Priceless wasn’t done. She kicked him between the legs, and he bent over letting out a giant Jurassic scream. She slammed the hammer down on his spin then tossed it outside.

Simply Priceless then grabbed him and tossed him over a work table with torture devices. She floated over to him and pressed her right boot down on his throat. She told him how his shady pet store business is done. How he was going to jail and all the dogs were going to a no kill shelter with the humane society. She explained how she all ready spoke to Judge Patton and she signed the order for his arrest.

There was sirens heard in the background. Before the police got there Priceless pressed Chris over her head and slammed him down putting him through the work table full of torture devices.

“How does that feel you fat ass, gay looking, buck toothed decrease to beavers looking bastard.”

Chris laid in pain not able to feel much on his body but what he did feel he couldn’t handle. Simply Priceless or Ashley Hatch didn’t usually speak with such vile distain. She didn’t like cussing but she also knew she didn’t like animal beaters especially. They were right up there with wife and girlfriend beaters along with child molesters in her book. After all in the end she loves dogs better than most humans. The police and humane society officials came. Chris was crippled, and they had to call an ambulance in to get him out of there.

It was proven in court that the Pet Universe puppies only pet store was a scam. The vet didn’t exist. Neither did the groomer people got a free coupon to. Not to mention the warranty department was a scam set up in the Middle East. Chris’s dad left him a lot of money after he was murdered. That’s how Chris was able to set all this up. Simply Priceless was later able to prove and bring charges against Chris for murdering his father himself. Chris’s charges varied but he was sentenced on multiple counts, and was give a life sentence without parole.  Which he spent his prison time in a wheelchair due to Simply Priceless’s vengeance.

Chris had to pay out refunds on both the puppies sold and their extra vet care from prison. All his money was gone to the point he couldn’t afford his lawyers anymore to try to get him out. In fact he know owes them countless amounts of money. What’s done is done though  Ashley Hatch got Prissey back, and she was better than ever.

After Prissey was done eating Ashley picked up her dogs plate and rinsed it off and placed it in the dishwasher. She then swooped Prissey up and flew her to her bed. Ashley lifted the covers and Prissey shot down to the end of the bed. Ashley followed getting in and getting her body under the covers when Prissey ran up and licked her face. He tongue moved quickly all over her face and up her nose. Ashley was being waterboarded by a Chihuahua she thought. At the time of the bad feeling when getting Prissey she didn’t know what was going to happen. She never got a full imagine in her mind but all she thought in the end was she was glad nothing happened to her due to the fact Prissey was her best friend. She knew Prissey would never hurt her even though after she was done licking she bit Ashley on the nose and ran back under the covers between her owner’s legs curled up and went to sleep. Which Ashley followed in Prissey’s footsteps.

Why do they call Ashley Hatch Simply Priceless you ask. Well that was something the media came up with. They decided on that name because of her good looks. The reporter said they were Simply Priceless.

Billy walked in the backdoor of his home carrying the famous brown sack he had been carrying for some time now. Ever since Amanda’s demise but now he had another reason to “celebrate.” He walked to the bar in the corner of his living room-man cave and sat the bag down. He pulled out three fifths of Jack Daniels. He sat the plastic bottles on the counter. He pulled up the lid to his R2-D2 Cooler and pulled out four coke 20oz bottles. He won the R2D2 Exact to Scale Identical Resemblance Cooler to the most famous Star Wars droid in a raffle at the 3rd Shift She Beast Comic Book Store Grand Opening. Billy has been in love with it ever since.

The next step was flipping on the television, and throwing three large dog bone treats down the hall. Buffy stormed after them. The broken hearted detective began his nightly ritual of drinking. He sat on the couch drinking and drinking and drinking as the television went on. The night went from action movie, to Late Night Programing, to Paid Program Infomercials, to waking up the following morning with the right side of his face on the cold floor, and his dog sleeping on the couch.

This or something similar was Billy’s usual night seven days a week ever since Amanda was killed. Now with Jeff nothing mattered to Billy anymore. He thought suicide for a brief moment the night before. He even released the clip from his 9-mm but kept a bullet in the chamber complete with the hammer being cocked back. He pressed the cold snout of his 9-mm Ruger to his temple, and then the center of his forehead as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror. He found his gun on the corner of the vanity when he finally pulled himself out of the floor the next morning.

Billy wasn’t the person he was year ago that he suddenly found himself as. He was now truly labeled a dysfunctional alcoholic. His life was going nowhere. Jeff held it together for the longest but now that he was gone it was a hopeless case. He flashed back to remembering pressing the gun against his head the night before, and thought how he couldn’t kill himself just yet. He pondered how his new temporary purpose for living would be to use his ruthless aggression to kill Python and every single last one of his men. Plus kill anybody associated with them.  It was time for a modern day showdown at the OK Corral only the streets of Atlanta would be filled with discharged gun shells and blood.

The young detective took on the title of The Angel of Death as the Rogue Cop who was now the enforcer over the city of Atlanta, and who demanded in the back of his mind that the superhero stayed on the sidelines. He closed his eye thinking of one of the few superhero movies he truly loved which was the last movie Amanda and him saw together. He didn’t see a visual of the scene but he heard the line inside his head “You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain.” It was time to play a game, and Billy had two words for what was about to transpire “Game On!”

Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2

Meeting with Atlanta PI Leader

Dr. Frances Engill met with Doug from the Atlanta PI at the burned down sight of Valor’s house of worship. Doug was walking through the burned up remains of Valor’s church with a Spirit Electronic Detector which was a handheld device that would move in various directions and then beep plus on a digital word box will give an amount of how much spiritual particles it detects plus whether it is good spirits or bad spirit particles. Dr. Frances Engill was dressed for work, and was about to go in for his final third shift shift at Fulton County Jail for another six weeks. The following day he would switch to morning shift for three weeks, and then do mid-day till seven pm for three weeks, and then after those six weeks he would be back on third shift. Doug was dressed in the Atlanta PI jumpsuit with combat boots, and him and Dr. Frances Engill enjoyed a conversation.

“So he discussed Halloween Havoc huh?” Doug said as Dr. Frances and him got to the middle of the rubble, and his spiritual detector went nuts, and it claimed there was evil spiritual particles in that local off the charts.

“He mentioned a Prince of Darkness known as Vampiro.” Dr. Frances Engill said calmly as he looked at the device go crazy.

Doug ran the device around Dr. Frances Engill’s body like he was being wanded by security. There were no evil or good spiritual particles on Dr. Frances. So Doug went back to his mission at hand.

“I am going to have to talk to him, and see him for myself. Order a MRI, and let me see the results. Then I need to perform an EEG, and possibly some other tests. I will come alone! Just let me know when.” Doug explained as he saw that his particle dedicator was picking up more and more evil particles.

“Okay I will call you tonight.” Dr. Frances Engill said then got into his Corvette, and sped to the hospital.

            Dr. Frances Engill had the prison response team bring Peter to get the MRI. They chained him in place, and the MRI was taken. Then Dr. Frances Engill had Peter Wells chained in the position for the EEG. He placed all the stickers in the places they needed to go, and Peter Wells told Dr. Frances Engill that he would regret everything when Vampiro arrived and Halloween Havoc takes place.

            A few hours passed, and Dr. Frances Engill had all the tests complete, and he called Doug’s cell phone, and told him he was ready to come to the prison. He said to Doug just to show identification up at the front desk that he has been approved to come in, and be able to do his thing!

Doug was still investigating Valor’s church rubble but he told Dr. Frances Engill he would be there soon.

Doug marked off on a map that all around the church rubble there was no evil or good spiritual particles but on the inside of the property zone of Valor’s church it was a hot zone. Doug figured that when Halloween Havoc was to take place that inside this hot zone would be where the gate would open to unleash the monsters. Doug did other research to do a process of elimination to make sure he finds the right opening, and all his evidence points towards this sight of the church’s property line. After all Valor turned out to be a hypocrite, and not a true Christian. What is more evil to commit blasphemy or to commit suicide? Which is the worse sin! Doug was always told it was the lack of believing that is the worse sin!

Doug messaged Mike on the Walkey Talkey and ordered Mike to find information on a Vampiro. Mike replied “Ten for” and then went to work as Doug drove to Fulton County Jail. He said who he was up front, and showed his ID. A jailer brought him to where Dr. Frances Engill was, and to work they went.

“Look at this.” Dr. Frances Engill said starting off by showing Doug Peter Wells’s MRI.

It was clear that there was a demon creature inside Peter Wells. Then Doug reviewed Peter’s EEG. All the brain waves were 666 all over the print out of the test. Doug went into details with Dr. Frances Engill about what was going on with Halloween Havoc in a private room where their conversation could be completely solo between the two. He explained to Dr. Frances Engill everything he knew, and Doug could tell that Dr. Frances Engill was very scared and wished he never took this job in Atlanta.

After the talk Doug was brought in the room with Peter. He began running that particle detector all around Peter like he did Dr. Frances Engill earlier. The detector went crazy clarifying that Peter Wells was a demon.

Doug tried to talk to Peter but it did no good. Peter snapped at Doug and spit towards Doug, and finally two prison response team members had to come into the room, and gag and bag Peter.

“Has he ate anything?” Doug asked.

Dr. Frances Engill replied “No” and added “He won’t take his medicine either, and the medicine we inject him with has no affect.”

Doug then got a call on his cell phone from Mike, and he told Doug that he has Doug a print out on all the information he needs to know about Vampiro. Mike said he three hole punched all the pages, and put them in a three prong folder, and sat them on his bed.

“Thank you kind sir.” Doug replied.

Doug told the doctor just to keep Peter here in the psychiatric ward of Fulton County Jail until he came up with a solution for the problem at hand.

“That’s it?” Dr. Frances Engill asked in hysterics.

“Really that is all you got.” Dr. Frances Engill continued.

            “It will be okay!” Doug said then patted Dr. Frances Engill shoulder and left.

Doug went to Atlanta PI Headquarters took a shower, and then cuddled up in bed with the paperwork that Mike got together for him. He began to read all about the Prince of Darkness, and he knew this demon at the Fulton County Jail is the sign he was looking for, and the more he reads he knows that where that humongous Christian Church that burned down in downtown Atlanta has to be the opening for these monstrous creatures who are on will call ready to rage war against the planet earth, and bring the planet earth into darkness which would be ruled by Vampiro. Doug studied up everything he could study on the subject until he got himself so worn out from studying that he passed out asleep!

PI:  Paranormal Investigation

Inside an abandoned fire house lived a group of eight people but only seven were home. There were three women, and five men. They ranged from age seventeen to twenty eight. This group was known as ATL Paranormal. They were paranormal investigators. They proclaimed to be ghost busters only they have never busted any ghost they have only investigated haunted places.

They have investigated haunted houses, restaurants, prisons, fire houses, hospitals, and graveyards. They have written several books, and believe strongly in their beliefs. The ATL Paranormal have all kinds of various gizmos and gadgets. Some of those gadgets the group says that they are capable of capturing and containing a ghost. Only that hasn’t been proven yet because the ATL Paranormal have yet to do combat with any real ghost but only time will tell.

They have been invited to various Haunt Conventions, and Comic Cons. At these Haunt and Comic Cons they were invited out to meet fans of the paranormal.. That way fictional Ghost Buster lovers of all the movies in the Ghost Buster Genre in live action movie form plus animated can meet a Real life and in person Ghost Busting Crew plus take pictures with them, and get pictures made with them! Both of which the Atlanta PI got paid for the appearance fee, and paid for the photo op and each signature from each one the Atlanta PI members that they signed for fans! Plus other more professional business and professional spook conventions at those last two they were paid for speeches! The Atlanta PI poured this extra income back into their business so they will have the money to keep building gadgets, and keep pushing forward keeping everything alive and keep their business a float!

“Doug did you get the EMF Readings for 1217 Valencia?” Casey asked yelling up the stairs.

“Huh!” Doug yelled from upstairs standing behind the guardrail peering down at Casey who stood on the bottom steps.

Casey was wearing Simply Priceless lounge pajama pants, and a cartoon shirt displaying a cartoon ghost busting team. She was binge watching the cartoon on the TV in the downstairs living room and just finished up disc 4 of 9. Doug just got in from going to Little Tokyo, and eating by himself a chicken and shrimp teriyaki plus two chicken egg rolls. He was wearing jeans and a solid black t-shit plus a Bullet Club snapback hat. He just got out of his shoes, and was scooting around upstairs in his sock feet on the hardwood floor.

“Yeah they are up here in my desk. Come up I want to show you something.” Doug motioned for Casey to come up the stairs with his left hand. Then he walked out of sight.

Casey walked up the stairs. She passed through the paranormal investigators sleeping quarters. Inside the quarters were Kimberly and Matt. They were sitting on a cot playing go fish. Both were dressed down for bed, and were so consumed in their game that neither looked up as Casey passed through the sleep courters heading back to Doug’s private office space!

“Doug!” Casey spoke with excitement.

“In here baby.” He replied calmly to someone who was very special to him from his private office space!

Casey is a young eighteen year old high school senior. She does the whole parnormal thing on the weekends, and whenever school is out. Her family is completely against it because they are big time Christians. Doug stood up from the desk turned around and locked lips with Casey. She kissed back then gave Doug a big hug.

The fragrance of Casey’s shampoo, and body wash filled Doug’s nose, and it excited him very much. He loved Casey’s hugs, and loved cuddling with her at night or any free moment he got. It was a major perk to being in a relationship with Casey. They were friends prior to Doug beginning the Atlanta PI. They always talked about the paranormal, and when Doug came into money from his dad’s death, and he opened the Atlanta PI Casey was the first person to sign on, and be part of the team. It wasn’t always romantic however but it turned that way. Neither one of them regretted it either!

Doug is twenty six. He has been doing the whole paranormal gig for about eight years. Doug and Casey have had their relationship for the past year and a half. Casey had long brown hair with blond highlights. She has green eyes, and is very trim. She has a model’s build but overall looks pretty average. Doug is six foot two, and very muscular. He is tan with long black hair, and glasses. He has blue eyes and a great smile. He also is an average looking guy.

“The papers are right here.” Doug said passing Casey the file on Valencia.

Casey took the folder, and look at her boyfriend with a lovable smile and replied “This was just my excuse to come and see you.” She giggled again, and before she was able to look through the Valencia file for curiousity sake romance began to come her way. Doug kissed Casey again but there schoolyard romance was interrupted when another guy walked into the room.

“O excuse me.” The guy said throwing his arms up in the air. The man was another Atlanta PI employee and he was dressed in the full Atlanta PI get up that they wear when they go out on business. He was a little embarrassed walking in on such a lovey dovey moment, and figured he might have should have knocked.

“Come in Mike.” Doug said a bit short.

Mike could tell Doug was irritated, and he could tell Casey wasn’t too happy herself by that bitchy look on her face. Mike calmly spoke “Sorry.”

“It’s ok Mike what do you need.” Casey replied hoping Mike would get to the point, and hurry and leave so she and Doug could get back to the love making they planned on doing during that time frame.

“Well I was just wondering when the new equipment was coming in?” Mike seriously asked knowing he sent off the equipment to the lab partner he had putting the equipment together who was a top secret partner to the Atlanta PI some time ago, and he knew that the equipment should have been there at any time! Mike was busy testing the equipment they had in the basement, and they were getting closer to having a full arsenal of equipment to take ghost and the paranormal off the street. To best describe Mike; Mike is twenty years old. He has a buzz cut, brown eyes, and a gut. He was relatively new to this organization.

“It should be in before Halloween.” Doug replied sharply then motioned with his eyes for Mike to leave the room without Casey seeing his motion to Mike in regards to leaving Doug’s Private Office.

Mike left the office, and he closed the office door behind him. Doug and Casey began kissing again. Doug sat in the chair in front of the desk, and Casey sat in his lap.

“Doug!” In ran a six foot seven very skinny man probably about thirty. He had spiked up black hair, and blue eyes. He busted through the office door opening it, and slamming it behind him ignoring the fact when the door is closed it means that Doug wants his privacy for whatever reason.

“What do you need Willard?” Doug yelled in a bit of a heated voice because once again he was enjoying himself with Casey.

“There is high chatter of something big taking place on Halloween. Come listen!”

“I’ll be there in a minute now will everybody please leave me alone.” Doug yelled asking out his question..

Casey kissed Doug’s left check, and calmly replied “Go listen baby.” Then she got off of Doug’s lap.

“Ok but only for you.” Doug said with a smile, and pop kissed Casey’s lips.

Casey took a seat in the chair as Doug and Willard walked into the next room where there were many listening devices. Doug picked up the headphones on one of those devices, and placed them on his ears. There was static. It was a special EVP radio it was suppose to tap into places that are not supposed to be tapped into.

“Chh. Chh.…wee…n….havoc….. Was all Doug heard. He removed the ear phone’s and lowered them to the desk. “What the hell is Halloween Havoc?” Doug asked very concerned.

About that time Mike walked into the room with a supernatural guide.

Mike pulled the large supernatural guide off the large bookshelf in the other room The Atlanta PI got this rare from A to Z 100% Complete supernatural guide from an Antique Bookstore named Adventures Downward. Adventures Downward had all sorts of antique books of evil, and such. They were able to buy the book for $1200, and it was the only book like this still in Excellent reading condition. The $1200 price was an excellent price because the Atlanta PI could easily resale this book for $12,000 if they got out of the business dealing with the supernatural which Doug never planned on doing.

“Halloween Havoc is a time of year the monster and supernatural realm wages war on all human kind. In other words it is total human domination.”

In walked the youngest of the group seventeen year old Nicole. “What is happening Halloween? We going to see some action like real action?” Nicole spoke very excited. She was for sure the addreniline junky of the group, and was ready to see some real action, and bust some real ghosts for once other than just talking about it. To her talking about it was like a cast member of a live action ghost busting franchise where the two movies were made in 1984 followed by a sequel in 1987, and then the actor from that franchise keeps discussing and throwing out in interviews the idea of a 3rd movie in that original ghost busting franchise with all the original cast. Yet 20 something years later plus that movie the third movie of the sequel never gets made, and they wind up making a remake involving 4 of the opposite sex that are the ghost busting crew which absolutely tanks and makes less movie than the second ghost busting movie in that original franchise from 1987! It became a joke to listen to that actor Reigh Parker to talk about the 3rd movie to be made in that franchise with all the original cast just like it was becoming a joke to Nicole not seeing any action.

In a lot of ways Nicole had a Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon personalty out of all the Ghost Busting Employee of the group, and she was debating on quitting the ghost busting team if everything did not pick up very soon!

“Continue Mike.” Doug ignored the young naïve seventeen year olds question. Doug spoke his order very seriously to Mike looking directly in his eyes.

“It says the last time the monsters tried this was back in 1947 when a werewolf name Dubre got a collation together to try to end the world because he didn’t like the direction the United States was going in. The only thing that stopped Dubre was a doctor, a science teacher, and a engineer. These three together was able build a device which sealed Dubre into the spiritual world for good but Dubre had several followers who probably didn’t want to give up on his grand plan to take over the world.” Mike explained.

“What device did they build?” Nicole asked.

“It doesn’t say the passage actually ends after it said that the three foyers of Dubres plan built a device which sealed Dubre into the spiritual world for good. Surely if he formed a collulition he has or had followers.” Mike replied like a Mister Know It All!

“Does it say anything about how these monsters and evil spirits were going to break through?” Willard asked with fear in his voice.

“Nothing…Wait a minute…. Mike continued looking down into the huge spirtual guide.

“What!” Willard, Nicole, and Doug yelled all the Atlanta PI members were on the edge of their seats.

“No nothing…well. wait. There it is they will break through where the full moon meets the eastern dawn. It says the moon will turn to blood, and the dead shall walk the earth.”

“Look guys this is serious we have to track down as much information on this that we can. Check all the normal literature and surf the net. Find out anything and everything you can find on Dubre and these three saviors of the city.” Doug ordered.

Mike and Willard left the room. Nicole stuck around to ask “Do you think I will be able to go with you on this one?”

“We’ll see baby sis.” Doug replied.

Doug left the room and met Casey in his private sleep quarters. Casey was laying under the covers, and all that could be seen was her feet sticking out from under the covers. Her toenails were painted black and white. She was covered from the ankles up. Doug changed for bed. He wore a Simply Priceless t-shirt, and black boxers shorts with white, green, red, and blue ghost on them. The boxer was his first gift from Casey.

“What is going on?” Casey asked as Doug lay down beside her.

“We are about to get in way over our heads.” Doug seriously spoke more serious to Casey than he ever spoke to Casey in his life.

“What do you mean?” Casey asked kissing Doug’s neck and cuddling up to him. She didn’t seem fazed at all by what Doug was saying, and Doug could sense it.

“There is plans for a supernatural takeover. In other words monsters and evil beings are going to wage war against human kind, and we are the only thing that stands in their way.” Doug confidently explained.

Casey laughed.

Doug stenly spoke to Casey to break her laughter. “I’m serious babe.”

“What really?” Casey replied a bit scared because they have never seen anything like what was projected to happen before.

“Yes.” Doug firmly said then kissed Casey’s lips.

Casey looked shocked. “But we have no actual in field experience.”

“We will worry about that when the time comes.” Doug commanded holding firm..

“As long as you are beside me I could spit in the devil’s  eye and or kick the anti-christ in his go nads.” Casey replied kissing her boyfriend she was so passionately fond of.

“Good. That is kind of corny but good. I will protect you from anything whether that anything be an Islamic terrorist or a free roaming vapor or even an insane man in a hockey mask. Any kind of mask for that matter. Even those that don’t wear masks. You get the idea. Now let’s go to sleep.”

Casey and Doug kissed then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

1-Hour Later

Doug wakes up and gently wakes up Casey!

Increasement in the Paranormal’s Popularity

Doug and the rest of the ATL PI paranormal exterminators were on Goth Girl Christy’s Midnight Hour discussing how they saved Atlanta from Halloween Havoc. Since the rescue of the city of Atlanta by the paranormal exterminators known as the Atlanta PI a lot of commercials, and interviews came Doug’s and the other member’s of the Atlanta Paranormal Investigation’s way! It was amazing how many late night commercials filled the television advertising the Atlanta PI’s business along with the various twenty four hour news outlets doing stories on the ATL PI, and the various written media outlets doing stories on the Atlanta Paranormal Investigators.

Other paranormal investigation groups from around the country contacted Doug in hopes that they could open up their own Paranormal Investigation Ghost Extinguishing Business in their town. The increasement of the Paranormal Popularity should did go up since the ATL PI saved the city of Atlanta, Georgia from Halloween Havoc.

Movie producers and directors along with writers got in touch with Doug from Hollywood about doing an Based on True Events movie about the Atlanta PI saving the ATL from Halloween Havoc. Along with documentary directors got in touch with Doug in hopes to do an documentary on the ATL PI, and a Reality Show famous creator got in touch with Doug about two possible Atlanta Paranormal Investigation Reality show.

One show would be a Reality Show Crew following around the ATL PI, and showcasing all of their missions, and another Reality Show which would be a Reality Show Game Show in hopes for the winner to become an honorary ATL PI Crew Member!

It was amazing how famous the Atlanta PI beme where everybody wanted their autograph that saw them out in public. They could hardly go out anymore without being recognized! So the Atlanta PI mostly stayed in and ordered out for food. The ATL PI members starred in their own commercials. Doug had scripts written for awhile how he wanted his ATL PI commercials to go.

One of those commercials went like….

.           A Yellow Spirit was swarming above a couple in bed played by Doug and his real life girlfriend Casey.

“What are we going to do?” Casey screamed and acted pulling the covers over her face.

The Yellow Spirit flew all above the Paranormal Investigators turned commercial actors head. It was apparent the Yellow Spirit was no more than a puppet on a string being moved all about by a puppeteer experienced in using his expert puppet abilities to have the puppets he is using no matter what puppet he is using to professionally filmed.

“I will show you what I am going to do.” Doug yelled.

Doug rolled onto the floor, and then reached into a cubby area underneath the drawer on the nightstand to Doug’s left. He pulled out his cell phone and began to fake dial a number. Phones sounds beeped as he supposedly pressed each key. With each noise sound a number popped up on the bottom of the screen until a fully phone number in length displayed below the above action of the Yellow Ghost swarming Doug’s head like a yellow jacket. Doug rolled under the bed and began to have a conversation.

“Yes Atlanta PI. I am at eight hundred Fictional Lane, and I have spook that is driving me and my lovely fiancee nuts.” Casey thought Doug misquoted his line because he was supposed to say girlfriend nuts instead of fiancee nuts.

“I don’t think we have five minutes.” Doug yelled into the phone then the bedroom door was kicked down, and in entered Willard and Mickie. Fake CGI streams effects that looked terrible came out of their Ghost Guns, and wrapped around the Yellow Spirit. Then Mickie threw a trap, and stepped on the petal to open the trap and more faker than hell CGI effects later the Yellow Spirit was trapped!

The commercial ended with a reality surprise because Doug got the commercial shortened in areas so he could purpose Casey for her hand in marriage, and Doug made it look like a complete surprise with Casey not knowing she was actually his fiancee the entire time inside of being the girlfriend who was having the shit scared out of her; supposedly! Casey shouted “yes”, and the ring was placed on the proper finger. Then there was a brief voice over that had details on the ATL PI’s prices for their various services. Services that was anywhere from helping with putting on a child’s birthday party to catching a ghost that is pestering your home or business!

Doug sat on stage in a black leather chair holding his Fiancee’s Casey’s left hand in his left hand while on Goth Girl Christy’s Midnight Hour talk show. Goth Girl Christy showed various footage of all of the Atlanta PI, and their various real life busts and their various advertisements. Then Goth Girl Christy’s announced “Following this show on MySpace Group Chat will be the Atlanta Paranormal Investigators coming online for one hour only to answer my fans questions. So go to my MySpace Business Account here at Goth Girl Christy’s Midnight Hour, and purchase your special hour long pass to the Group Chat, and all proceeds I am donating to the Atlanta PI to help with their cause!”

“Thank You Goth Girl.” Casey said.

Goth Girl then questioned Doug and Casey solo about their relationship for about fifteen twenty minutes, and that was followed by questions from the crowd.

“Do you all have any pets at your fire house?” A child in the audience asked.

Suddenly out from underneath the stage came a blue ghost from below the stage out from the behind the ATL PI on Goth Girl Christy’s stage.

Doug turned around as the crowd and Christy screamed. Goth Girl Christy shouted out for everybody to calm down as this blue fat spook the size of a potato sack appeared scared as all get out at all of the yelling that was taking place. The Blue Ghost covered his ear canals that were open on the side of his head without earlobes with the palms of his top two set of hands. The ghost had six royal blue arms, and two sets of eyes one above the other. The ghost’s eyes were crystal blue with black pupils. On the top set of eyes the ghost wore a small set of antique glasses. The ghost was the ATL PI Compound’s ghost and pet of sorts, and his name is The Blue Meany.

“You introduced me to this little guy earlier back stage would you now like to introduce him to the world?” Goth Girl asked with excitement.

Casey took over the introduction because she was The Blue Meany’s favorite Atlanta PI member, and they were the closest.

“Well world his name is The Blue Meany. The team and I found him in a vacant soft drink factory. He was being picked on by other ghosts. So us paranormal investigators decided to bust the other ghosts, and we took The Blue Meany under our wing since he was the gentlest ghost we ever met. He is like a large blue puppy.” Casey explained then The Blue Meany licked the right side of Casey’s face leaving a large streak of blue goo.

The Blue Meany hovered overhead of the Atlanta PI as the Talk Show titled Goth Girl Christy’s Midnight Hour continued on another little over half hour. Soon enough they found themselves back stage in front of computer in a MySpace Conference Chat Room which people paid to be let into the chat room in order for a chance to get the ATL PI to answer their questions. Each individual Atlanta PI member were at their own station, and they sat there and did that chat for two hours longer than they were originally scheduled to end the chat in order to attempt to answer as many of these fans questions as possible!

It was after 4am when they got back to their fire house. Each member of the Atlanta Paranormal Investigation Team went to sleep with ease knowing they were doing a good job for the world, and without them this world may not even exists anymore Doug thought. He fell asleep thinking with all the chaos that destroyed the majority of the city of Atlanta, Georgia he didn’t know if Simply Priceless or Sophisticated Intimidation or both of them together could have stopped that portal and the monsters with the mission of Halloween Havoc? He wasn’t sure he just knew he was a major helping hand with his team to help save the city, and since then him and the rest of the Atlanta PI were treated like God’s in their own right

Their Net-worth was certainly going up with all the thousands that the ATL PI made that night doing Goth Girl Christy’s Midnight Hour and doing the MySpace Conference Chat afterwards for 3 hours. Life was looking good as their commercials were on television and free moment any of the Paranormal Investigators had a chance to view television for anything at all. No matter the channel the Atlanta PI’s commercials came on between regular scheduled programming frequently!

Doug fell asleep spooning Casey who drifted off way before her Fiance Doug. The Blue Meany slept in his dog bed on the floor underneath Doug’s and Casey’s king size bed only because their bed was up above ground, and The Blue Meany felt safe in his dog bed underneath their bed. He knew he was lucky for the ATL PI to have found him, and to have decided not to put him in their containment cell for ghosts and the paranormal which they brought back trapped in traps to the fire house!

Everyone else slept good too as they all wondered what their next mission would lead them on when that next phone call comes in, and the alarm bell at the fire house sounds. Then and only then will the Atlanta PI know they have a new mission to venture out on but right then they were getting their beauty rest so they could be ready and rested for their next mission!

Two in the Chest

One in the Head for Good Measure

Vampiro got up off the ground and looked at Billy and Billy stared back. It was nearing the ultimate fight. Money Mayweather and UFC’s Conor McGregor had nothing on the fight that was about to happen. Neither did the most intense theatrical superhero battle. We are talking Star Lord vs Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 had nothing of the Celebrity Death Match that was about to take place. Both men were celebries in their own fields. Vampiro a much feared vampire monster from the underworld, and Detective Billy Coatman a famouse Atlanta Detective who’s adventures lead to world news stories. Billy stared at Vampiro; then he blacked out mentally and charged Vampiro!

“Billy don’t!” Simply Priceless yelled in fear that her husband was about to die. She couldn’t handle it if her hubbie and the father of her children passed away before he was supposed to. That would be the end of Ashley Hatch!

“Baby I have to do this!” Billy yelled back over his right shoulder as he neared striking distance of Vampiro.

Priceless went super speed and caught up to him then grabbed Billy’s right forearm.. Billy gave her a look. “Let me Billy just let me handle this.” She said in the most caring voice that she ever stated any sentence in!

“Ashley if you want to stop me kill me!” A determined Gunman spoke! He spoke in a hateful tone but his hatred wasn’t directed towards his wife. His hatred was directed toward the man that killed his mother. Billy was tired of people being eleminated from his life. He was over it. First it began with Jeff, and then now years later his mother. He couldn’t handle it anymore, and he was ready to step up to the plate and face the vampire with the name Vampiro, and lay everything out that day. If he was to die then at least he died for a good cause! That was what Billy thought but he wasn’t pursuing Vampiro with the thought process of Billy facing death. He was pursuing Vampiro to take the vampire out of this world!

“Are we just going to dick around all night?” Vampiro asked.with a sneer while staring at the romantic couple! Vampiro bounced back and forth swaying his arms from side to side. He was ready to fight the grand Detective Billy Coatman. He knew Billy’s reputation of what a great fighter he was so Vampiro was ready to test the champ as he bounced around like Brock Lesner. Vampiro felt like WWE Wrestler John Cena, and that was for Billy to be the true champ he had to go through and defeat Vampiro in this fight to the death!

“Fine Billy! Fine! I am turning my back on this one. If you want to risk not seeing your family again then I will try my best to understand….. Simply Priceless shoved her husband, and then turned and her eye’s glowed red in Vampiro’s direction. Billy caught his balance then gave Ashley a evil look!

Simply Priceless spoke those last few sentences defeated. She felt like she lost this battle that she was fighting with her husband breifly. She figured that she might as well allow Billy the chance to get his revenge! Simply Priceless decided to referee things from the outside of the supercard fight that was bigger than Mayweather and Connor McGregor! Then if her husband needed help with putting the vampire down then she would step in and finish the job!

“Don’t you give me any attitude Ashley Hatch. I love you but you’re not stopping me from doing this unless you kill me. I will be fine trust me.” Billy interrupted Simply Priceless train of thought. Billy only spoke his wife’s true idenity because they were alone with Vampiro, and if Vampiro died as planned Simply Priceless secret identity would stay between the happily married couple, and that warehouse!

“Are we going to do this or not. One of you come on so the other can watch whomever die then they can be next.” Vampiro taunted waving his hands in a come on and fight me movement.

“I hope you know what you are doing.” Simply Priceless spoke in a Ashley Hatch-Coatman concerned tone then walked to the side giving her husband the chance to step up to Vampiro’s challenge.

Billy approached Vampiro. They walked inside a circle of gasoline. Vampiro dropped a match and they stood in a ring of fire. Billy looked around, and thought somebody was going to get burned before this whole thing was over with, and Detective Coatman did not plan for that person being burned to be him!

“Do you have any idea what it takes to kill me? I don’t think you are man enough for the job.” Vampiro taunted hoping to get Billy so irritated that he would goat Billy into attempting to make the first strike in this battle to the death!

“An ancient vampire such as yourself I figure…(Billy pulled his gun and fired two shots in Vampiro’s chest)…two to the chest…(Billy shot Vampiro in the center of the forehead as he was stumbling back)….one to the head for good measure.”

Vampiro stumbled back closed his eyes then fell to the ground. Billy lowered his gun and admired his work. Priceless used her x-ray vision and saw Vampiro jump to his feet. “Nope!” He yelled. In a very demonic voice. Vampiro yelling that was like the time keeper ringing the bell in a wrestling match or any other fight live each week or on Pay Per View monthly!

“Fine asshole you want to play rough then you green motherfucker let’s play rough!” Billy released the clip then pulled back the slide of his 9-mm and emptied his chamber of his 9-mm! Billy was determined to beat Vampiro to death with his educated hands and feet. He then took off his gun belt that held his other two 9-mms and extra loaded clips. He tossed that weapon belt to the side.

Billy didn’t have time to react because Vampiro at super speed hit Billy in the face knocking him to the ground. Billy was bleeding from the mouth. Blood dripped out of Detective Coatman’s mouth, and ran down his chin. He was lucky that all his teeth were in tact! Billy got in a fight in high school with a Zac Suttles. Zac was a black guy and was the Quarterback of his high school’s football team. Zac always picked on Billy for how Billy dressed while going to school. Billy wore khaki pants, dress shoes and socks, a nice leather belt, with his dress shirt tucked in, and his hair slicked back. He was a target to Zac and all of his friends. Zac was like the old men in the balcony on  The Muppets Show always coming down on Billy about his dress. Billy finally fired back at Zac on a very bad day Billy was having. He called Zac a Chihuahua with how much the guy spouted off at the mouth. Zac returned a physical move to Billy’s comment hitting Billy in his right eye with his State Championship football ring. Billy fired back with a reverse spin around side kick to Zac’s chest. Zac beant over so Billy kneed him in the face with his right knee that connected with Zac Suttle’s mouth, and knocked out his front top and bottom set of teeth that fell in the puddle of blood that immedietely puddled up on the grass! Billy then grabbed Zac’s head and hooked it when Zac started looking at the ground again, and he fell backwards perfect executing a wrestling move known as the DDT! Zac’s forehead busted open on the giant rock that was on the ground. Billy pulled off his tie, and ripped open his dress shirt. Buttons flew through the air as all of Zac’s football friends watched scared shitless as Billy placed Zac’s right arm in an armbar, and he broke Zac’s arm as school security and teachers along with the principle and football coach finally got on scene to break up the fight! Billy let go of his arm bar, and stood up! Billy was kicked out of school, and his mom wasn’t too disappointed in him because she taught Billy never to start anything but to always finish things! Which Billy did! Both Billy and his mom were happy that Billy didn’t get his teeth knocked out, and that he still had vision in his eye which was bloodied up! His eye looked awful but the X-Ray came back normal. Zac never started anything with anybody again. The school was mad that they lost their star quarterback for the season due to Billy destroying Zac’s throwing arm. Zac under went a lot of surgies, and the Junior Varsity’s football player was moved up to play on the Varsities football games along with playing for the Junior Varsity! Both teams had a losing season that year! So the High School higher ups were real angry for what Billy did. Billy didn’t regret it though he was proud of himself! His MMA Studio director found out what Billy did,. and placed him on punishment for three weeks.

For three weeks Billy had to come to the MMA Studio seven days a week, and clean the studio up, and he wasn’t allowed to train at the studio but he was getting a fitness test at the end of the three weeks which if he failed then his MMA Instructor would be done with him because Billy was expect to continue training at home during those three weeks of being off from training at the MMA Studio! Billy kept up with his training, and he did his three week punishment. Then fitness test day came, and Billy ran the best mile he ever ran before while attending the studio. He was  also able to keep up with the moves and patterns from various aspects of the warm up at the MMA Studio. When Billy was done everybody all the students and the instructor was applauding him. Billy’s instructor shook Billy’s hand, and told him that he would continue to train him but he was better than allowing Zac to goat him into a fight which ended with Zac becoming seriously hurt.

Billy’s thoughts came back to the problem at hand. Fighting and destroying this Ancient Evil known as Vampiro! He heard Simply Priceless yelling his name as he decided his next move set!

“Billy!” Simply Priceless tried to blow and put the fire out but the flames wouldn’t go out. She tried flying over it but she hit an invisible force field. She couldn’t get in there in any possible way.

Vampiro yelled “The flames will go out and the force field will go out when one of us are dead! It’s a little potion my ex wife came up with consisting of a special liquid and match. Watch and enjoy!” Vampiro smiled and his vampire teeth shined in the light, and Simply Priceless could tell those fangs could rip through anything Vampiro was to bite. She was scared because she couldn’t stop this fight if she wanted to, and she knew if the time came that Billy was beat down bad enough she would want to stop this fight to death, and step up to the plate to take Vampiro out. Simply Priceless thought of the movie Creed which was a Rocky spinoff staring Sylvester Stalloone where he played an older Rocky, and was placed in the Mickey character’s position from the original few Rocky movies! Simply Priceless knew she didn’t mean to put Detective Billy Coatman in a fight that she couldn’t stop, and she knew how Rocky felt seeing Alpollo Creed dying in the boxing ring in Rocky IV. He died fighting Ivan Drago in the batttle East vs West. The same movie where the Russian nearly destroyed Rocky! Simply Priceless didn’t want a dead or brain dead husband so she tried thinkinig what she could do in order to get through this forcefield of evil!

Vampiro began to repeatedly kick Billy! He kicked Billy with all sorts of kicks to various parts of the Detective’s body. Vampiro held up Billy’s right arm and kicked Billy’s rib cage. Billy fell the ground, and Vampiro lead Billy around the evil ring of fire by his right wrist beant back and kicked him. Vampiro showed off his beating he was giving to Detective Billy Coatman to Billy’s wife Simply Priceless. The more of a beating Simply Priceless saw Vampiro giving her husband the more fury fired in her heart, and the more she knew she had to get Billy get back on top!

“Billy! No Billy! Get up! Get up Billy get up! Listen to me Billy Coatman! Damn it you stupid fool.” Priceless yelled breaking down in tears falling to her knees seeing Billy getting beat to death right in front of her eyes. Billy was bloodied up bad, and right away started bruising up. He was being beat to death, and all he thought about was he can’t give up, and he needed to get an adventage and come back on top, and get his revenge!

Vampiro stopped his on slot of violence to look at Priceless. “This is for you you crazy super bitch!” Vampiro wasn’t able to say anything else because Billy punched him below the belt. Vampiro bint over and Billy head butt him. Vampiro stumble and Billy was able to get up then kicked Vampiro in the side of his head. Vampiro fell to the ground and the young detective straddled him and began to pumble him with fist. Greenish blueish blood began to cover Billy’s fist. He hit Vampiro harder than he hit anybody in his life ever! The satanic evil vampire was on the ropes as he was getting the holy hell beat out of him which Priceless noticed, and her eyes widened in excitement!

Priceless stood up watching her husband who has taken control of the fight. Billy was done with half ass trying to hurt Vampiro. He knew if he was to beat the evil satanic vampire to death that he had to become the evil person that Detective Billy Coatman knew he could be but he didn’t like to be. Evil began to fire up in Billy’s chest as he began to give Vampiro a verbal assualt along with the physical assualt he was taking out of Vampiro’s ass!

“Listen you blue ancient piece of shit nobody kills my mom, nobody kidnaps my kids, and nobody and I do mean nobody calls my wife a bitch!” Billy ranted.

Billy slammed Vampiro’s head into the concrete ground. Blood was spilled all over the concrete floor. Billy’s red blood and Vampiro’s bluish greenish blood was all over the demonic satan ring of fight to the death! The fight should have been a Pay Per View extravaganza because of how hardcore of a fight this fight turned into. Suddenly. Vampiro flipped Billy off of him. Billy rolled across the concrete floor inside the flames. When suddenly Vampiro got on top of him and punched him twice in the face. Priceless covered her face as Vampiro held out Billy’s right arm and stuck it in the fire. Billy screamed in pain as his arm burned and his skin began to bubble up.

“Come on Billy!” Priceless yelled fearing the worse. She saw how Billy’s arm. It began to bubble up. It was most definitely burned severely, and would need medical attention when everything was over said and done with!

Billy began to punch Vampiro in his right temple. He then headbutt Vampiro again this time in his nose. Greenish bluish blood splattered in Billy’s eyes. Vampiro rolled on his back and Billy got up but he was blinded by Vampiro’s blood. Billy felt the air in front of him then began shadowboxing because Vampiro was nowhere near him. Vampiro got up laughing. He touched the top of Billy’s head then moved back. Then he pushed Billy. Billy was blinded he couldn’t see a thing.

Billy did a few kicks but didn’t connect with anything. Then he tried to rely on his other senses. He could hear Vampiro’s movement, and could smell the wretched smell of Vampiro’s skin. Billy took a fighting stance like somebody out of a kickboxing movie. Billy heard Vampiro to the right of him. He jumped in the air spun around and kicked Vampiro in the head. When he landed he hit Vampiro twice in the chest then with a uppercut following that up with a swift kick below the belt. Billy hook Vampiro’s head then fell backward dropping Vampiro on top of his head.

Billy felt the heat and lifted Vampiro up and stuck Vampiro’s back in the fire. Billy could smell Vampiro’s flesh bubbling, and he heard the sizzle at it burned. Billy got up and was able to get the blood out of his eyes, and his vision began to come back. Vampiro stood up and he was on fire. Billy jumped in the air and spun around connecting with Vampiro’s face. Vampiro’s blood sailed the air.

“This is for calling Simply Priceless a bitch!” Billy yelled kicking Vampiro between the legs again.

“This is for killing my mom!” Billy yelled then kicked Vampiro in his left knee shattering it. Vampiro fell to the ground then Billy broke Vampiro’s right leg as well. The fire on Vampiro’s back went out by this point.

“This is for kidnapping my kids!” Billy then picked up Vampiro’s left arm. Billy straightened it out then began breaking Vampiro’s finger’s one by one. Vampiro was screaming and crying. He screamed even louder when Billy broke the vampire’s left arm. He repeated the process on his right arm. Then he broke both of the ancient vampire’s ankles.

“You picked the wrong family to mess with!” Billy yelled as he began to stomp the vampire’s face. Teeth went everywhere and his face began to swell.

Vampiro was defenseless. Billy proceeded to roll Vampiro’s body into the fire. Vampiro lit up right away. Billy dropped to the ground in extreme pain as Vampiro’s body blew up in a puff of blue smoke. The force field went away and the flames went out. Billy got up and walked toward Simply Priceless bloodied and battered with a smug grin.

Priceless ran up to him and balled up her fist and began hitting her husband’s shoulders.

“You idiot! You stupid idiot!” Billy quenched in pain not saying anything with his eyes closed tightly as Priceless hit him and few more times. Then she stopped hitting him and grabbed both sides of his face and kissed him very forcefully.

Billy opened his eyes in shock. “I love you Billy Coatman but that is one of the stupidest things you have ever done but I still love you.” Simply Priceless began to cry.

Billy hugged his wife. “I love you too. Please calm down I don’t want you to be sick. I’m sorry but he is dead now. I’m sorry but we still have a lot to work to do.”

“I will be fine Billy but the question is are you ok?” Simply Priceless asked her battered husband.

“I am sore, blooded, and battered but we still have a mission to accomplish and that is stopping the chaos with all the other monsters, and ending the ordeal with Finisher.” Billy ran over the details of the next objectives.

“You’re right Billy. I so love you just don’t ever leave me. Ok!”

“I promise you I am not going anywhere.” Billy said.

Billy rearmed himself completely then Billy and Simply Priceless went outside. They saw a giant robot walking through downtown Atlanta, and a rock monster walking down another street. Then flying beside them were a whole group of monsters.

“Baby I think that is your description I am going to hunt Robbie down, and close up this Finisher bullshit.”

“Watch your mouth Billy you are already in trouble with fighting Vampiro don’t make it worse.” Simply Priceless said taking to the air.

Billy stared at the time. “Trouble why am I in trouble. I killed him for you, my mom, and the kids. Baby! Please Simply Priceless!” Billy stomped his foot then heard quit pouting inside his head.

New Friends: Feline vs Plantae

Strapped to a medical table which was standing up was a five foot six long blonde hair blue eyed girl. She was only wearing a bathing suit. She had tubes sticking in her arms. “Why are you doing this?” She yelled at another woman dressed in a lab coat with long black hair, and dark eyes. She was very tan, and just had a wicked smile on her face.

“Katie it will be alright.” The woman said in a sarcastic tone.

“Jennifer why are you doing this?” At that moment when Katie said that various cat DNA began to pump through the tubes and into her body. She closed her eyes tightly.

The room was a giant lab full of various exotic plant life. The woman Jennifer Catlyn was a botanist.

Katie Hollands began to purr. Her blue eyes turned emerald green, and her finger nails turned to claws. She began to grow fur. Jennifer looked with interest. She had a giant smile on her face because the experiment was going exactly the way she wanted it to go. Katie began to jerk in her bounds. She tried talking but all that came out was cat language.

She jerked her right arm then her left. Then her right again. Her arm ripped out of the restraint. Jennifer got scared and headed for the door. Jennifer wasn’t able to make out of the room though because Katie escaped her restraints, and took off running toward Jennifer on all fours as fast as a cheetah. She pounced Jennifer. Jennifer stumbled back and fell into a Venus fly trap that was attached to a special mixed up serum. The plant began to tighten around Jennifer then inside the plant several chemicals came out of the pores. The chemical filled up inside the plant submerging Jennifer underneath.

A transformation took place. Jennifer’s tan turned a tent of green. Her hair turned green. Jennifer’s nails grew with green tips both fingers and toes. Katie stood there puzzled when all of a sudden Jennifer was spit out. She stood up and spit aconitum juice at Katie. Katie and Jennifer locked up and went round and round in the room till they crashed through a window, and fell out into the streets below.

Katie and Jennifer were battling it out in the streets neither one of them were out doing the other Katie’s fur was standing on end. She had her claws extended with her hands up as Jennifer stood moving her arms around which were in the form of vines. They stood there staring each other down awaiting the others plan of attack when a thunderous boom took place to their right. They stopped doing battle and looked.

“Can I help you ladies?” Simply Priceless asked standing with her hands on her hips.

Dream Team Born

The day of crime fighting was over at the Coatman house. It was around 11pm. Everyone ate. The kids were asleep. Billy was in the living room with the TV on in a twilight sleep as Simply Priceless made one last round around the city.

The first Thanksgiving and Christmas passed since Halloween Havoc. The city of Atlanta was in the process of rebuilding, and things on a scale of one to ten had calmed down a lot locally but not as much so globally. War on America was just off the American coasts. Billy had true fear over the amount of chaos that was taking place globally, and Billy knew as a war vet soon things will be determined by whoever will draw first blood.

The words from the news broadcast was sinking into Billy’s brain as he slept, and he began to dream of each one of these superhero encounters that were reported on the WWN news broadcast.

WWN News Anchor began her spill; “Today Whisper in the Wind stopped a drug ring out of Carey, North Carolina. While Double Team stopped a bank robbery in Columbus, Ohio. The Gargoyle was helping victims of a naturally disaster in Los Angelus. Chill put a “freeze” on an oil spill in Anchorage. The Fallen One put an end to a serial killer in New York. In Atlanta Sophisticated Intimidation, Simply Priceless, Detective Robbie Brewer, and Detective Billy Coatman diverted a hostage situation at Hartsfield International Airport.” The news correspondent announced with no enthususiasm.

After Billy dreamt out the encounters with superheroes around the world Billy began to dream about the hostage situation that took place at Buffalo Wild Wings earlier that day around 11:30am when a group of six men went into Buffalo Wild Wings as the employees were inside opening up to rob the place from their Sunday night deposit that the General Manager Ralph Bennit was taking to deposit into the Wells Fargo bank that morning. This deposit was the biggest Sunday night deposit since that Buffalo Wild Wings opened in the Apricot Shopping Center.

Ralph’s recently fired employee Helen got five of her male friends together to get her revenge from Ralph for him firing her earlier that Sunday night. Helen was fired because of her poor service and the fact she didn’t ring up three parties drink orders who were friends of her’s. So Ralph let her go, and Helen Trader went home, and offered her ex-boyfriend who lives with her to get four more of his friends to rob Buffalo Wild Wings, and get what she knew was the highest Sunday deposit since opening, and probably the highest deposit ever off of Ralph’s hands.

            Billy and Robbie were in Krispy Dunk Doughnuts next door to the Buffalo Wild Wings. They sat at the bar eating chocolate glazed doughnuts. They were splitting a half a dozen. They sat at the bar talking. Billy was drinking a Dr. Pepper while Robbie drank a Cappuccino. Then all of a sudden a silver and royal blue older model mini van pulled up in front of the Buffalo Wild Wings next door to the doughnut shop, and Billy noticed six people dressed in rugrat baby head masks exit the mini van heavily armed, and rush into the Buffalo Wild Wings next door to Krispy Dunk Doughnuts.

            “You see that?” Billy said to Robbie who was too busy scarfing down his third chocolate glaze doughnut to notice anything.

            “See what?” Robbie spoke with a mouth full of doughnut.

            “Come on we are on the clock.” Billy stood up and downed the rest of his Dr. Pepper, and then pulled his 9-mm. He pulled back the slide of his weapon, and then exited the doughnut shop with Robbie on his tail.

            They walked up to the Buffalo Wild Wings which was right next door to the doughnut shop, and they peeped inside. The two detectives saw the group of six armed suspects who were dressed in rugrat masks and complete rugrat costumes from the Nickelodeon cartoon pushing the opening staff at Buffalo Wild Wings around.

            Rugrats was a nickelodeon cartoon from August 11th 1991 to August 1st 2004. Rugrats was about the misadventures of four babies and their snotty older cousin as they face the things in life they don’t understand. Rugrats’ reveals the world from a baby’s point of view. Everything looks bigger, more mysterious and uncontrollable. Angelica, the oldest, likes to terrorize her cousin, Tommy, and his friends, and is famous for screaming, “You stupid babies!” The adults in the series are often clueless.

            About that time Billy and Robbie heard on their walkie talkies that the silent alarm was tripped at the Buffalo Wild Wings in their vicinity. Billy radioed back “We are on it Lucy.”

            “I will take the back.” Robbie said as he headed around to the back of the Buffalo Wild Wings.

            Billy walked through the first set of front double door silently. He found himself between two sets of doors. Detective Coatman head all the Rugrats speaking and yelling in their individual character from the Rugrats cartoon voice. The Atlanta Detective knew he had to act quickly or people would begin to die.

            Billy put his 9-mm in the back of his jeans, and then walked through the second set of double doors.

            “What do I smell a stinky diaper.” Billy said real loud then four of the six Rugrats aimed their sawed off shotguns Billy’s direction.

            Next thing Billy knew two more Rugrats brought Robbie in from the kitchen where he got caught.

            “I am going to let you go and give you a chance to come back with what we want.” The person dressed up like Angelica from the Rugrats said hatefully.

            The Rugrat dressed like Tommy Pickles gave Billy a list and told him that he had one hour and then sent Billy back out the way he came in to get what they wanted accomplished.

            When Billy went out into the parking lot Simply Priceless and Sophisticated Intimidation were on scene a long with a whole lot of uniform officers arrived on scene.

            Almost an hour passed until Simply Priceless and Sophisticated Intimidation both clapped their hands hard out in front of their body. The windows and the doors exploded inward. A gust of wind knocked the six Rugrats down. Their weapons went sailing across the floor. Billy went into the Buffalo Wild Wings with his 9-mm drawn behind the superhero sister duo.

            An all out fight began to take place between Billy and the Rugrats characters that brought themselves back up to their feet.

            Billy was using his martial arts patterns on the Rugrat characters as Simply Priceless and Sophisticated Intimidation were getting the hostages including Robbie out of the Buffalo Wild Wings. Billy turned Tommy’s giant head mask around backwards so the person wearing it couldn’t see. Then Billy kicked the guy between the legs.

            Billy did plenty of judo throws. Then suddenly an all out shootout broke out. Billy could smell the gun smoke as it circulated the air. Two out of the six Rugrats were shot dead, and another two wounded. One was seriously wounded. All within a matter of minutes.

            Billy was on top of his game and before he knew it he was closing up the crime scene by taking Helen into custody. Captain Beckham sent Billy home early that day after the shootout at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Billy spent the remainder of the day laying in the recliner in front of the television worn out!

Billy came back to as the news anchor got to that day’s top story! Believe it or not the United States superhero news was not the top story!

“Meanwhile on another front in Europe the violence continues to escalate of what some experts are predicting to be a pending World War Three.”

Billy sat there icing his bruises watching the news from the comfort of his own bed. Simply Priceless returned in Ashley mode and came into the room, and sat down beside her husband on the arm of the leather recliner.

“What do you think of this?” (Billy pointed at the television screen that displayed all the violence.) The Axis of Evil has formed with everyone from World War Two and are teaming up with other countries against the Alliance. World War Three is starting baby; can you look into your crystal ball, and tell me what is going to happen?” Billy spoke the top story!

“You know I am good but not that good sweetie.” Ashley said unfazed.

“Billy knew when the nukes began to go off it was all over with. He knew Russia had just recently joined the Axis of Evil along with China so things were about to get a whole lot nastier.

On July 16th in the year 1945, the United States of America conducted the world’s very first test of a nuclear weapon. Then less than a month later, two bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing about the end of the Second World War.

The man behind the Axis was The Genius Damon Sandone. Nothing much was known about his background but all that certainly known was Damon had a hunger for World Domination. How he was able to form the Axis was very uncertain. He had the original World War Two Axis along with other countries behind him. Damon had a strong feeling against his face, and was very concerned about his looks. He had several doubles out there and was always hid in a secure location. He is meaner and crueler than Adolph Hitler, Saddem Hussein or any other dictator ruler. He was the face of evil. Currently he was in Iran speaking to their President about joining the Axis which the world didn’t know yet but Iran agreed.

After The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon the superhero couple went to bed after they checked on their sleeping children one last time. They were the happiest little super family and put The Incredible to shame! Ashley was dressed for bed beside her husband when suddenly her cell phone went off. She picked it up off the nightstand. It was an unknown number. She didn’t know why but she knew she just had to take that call. She usually didn’t answer telephone numbers that were unknown or private or numbers she did not recognize or were not in her list of contacts but in Simply Priceless mode Ashley Hatch-Coatman knew that this phone call was going to be special!

“Hello.” She answered.

“Simply Priceless?” A female voice said.

“Yes.” Ashley replied confused but gearing up for Simply Priceless mode!

“We need you to come to Washington DC to the Verizon Center. The United States has a mission for you. The Agenda has been initiated.” The female voice spoke with authority. The woman spoke in a very top secret tone. It was like something out of a cartoon but it was real!

Ashley didn’t get a chance to answer before the line went dead. Knowing this wasn’t a prank call she whispered into Billy’s sleeping left ear “I have to go sweetie.” She slid out of bed not waking her husband and suited up in her standard blue outfit with the hot pink and lime green Simply Priceless symbol on the front of her suit on her chest. She then walked out onto the balcony and took to the air. She made it to the Verizon Center, and landed. Less than a millisecond later Sophisticated Intimidation landed behind her sister.

“Glad to see you made it. I am surprised they woke you up. You are such a hard snoring sleeper. Ashley’s sis joked.

“O’ Shut up Cali.” Simply Priceless rolled her eyes.

Billy and Cali sat in the living room while Ashley slept in the bedroom. Ashley was worn out from a day of fighting with Plantasha, and chasing down other bad guys. So Ashley came straight home and passed out. Ashley was snoring up a storm as Billy was increasing the volume on the television.

            “I don’t think you are going to get the TV louder than that.” Cali said with a smile.

            “Yeah I don’t think they make televisions that go that loud.” Billy smiled back.

            “Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.  Anthony Burgess.” Cali said then laughed.

            Billy didn’t know who Anthony Burgess was but he fired back with a one liner anyway. “I envy people who sleep next to someone who snore… Because I lie awake all night next to someone who snores!”

            Cali didn’t even crack a smile and replied “That isn’t even a joke but a true statement.”

            “You have to feel sorry for me.” Billy spoke in a pouty tone.

            “O’ believe me I do.’ Cali then burst into heavy laughter.

Priceless and her sister walked into the Verizon Center, and out onto the main floor. There were several secret service agents, and military personnel. Along with the President of the United States but beyond the norm there stood; The Fallen One, Chill, and Whisper in the Wind. Not to mention The Gargoyle who towered over them all!

Gargoyle stood at almost twenty feet tall. He was a purple camouflage color his skin mixing in with shades of purple and black. Gargoyle was a beast and extremely muscular and ripped. He had fangs unlike any beast, and face looked like a hideous monster. He appeared rough and he was very scared all over from various battles. Gargoyle had giant wings, and short black hair that had red highlights which he wore spiked up on top of his head. Gargoyle wore cut off jeans he turned into shorts to cover his lower region. Gargoyle would remind you of one of the Gargoyles from the Gargoyle television cartoon show.

The Gargoyle television show aired on October 24th 1994 and the last episode aired on February 15th 1997. The Gargoyle cartoon television show was about The Manhattan Clan who now has to deal with a city that knows about them and fears them. There was three seasons of the Gargoyle cartoon show. The Gargoyle cartoon was known for its dark tone, very complex storylines, and a melodrama character characteristics that were very Shakespearean! The show Gargoyles received favorable audiences like Batman: The Animated Series and Gargoyles was its own comic book from 2006 to 2009!

“Glad I can see everyone could make it. Priceless, Intimidation I will need your two Detective friends on this one. I figured I would allow them to sleep for the time being.” President Kiebler said.

President Kiebler had dark circles under her eyes. Dark baggy circles and it didn’t appear that President Kiebler had slept in days. She wasn’t expecting to experience something of this magnitude straight out of the shoot from becoming President between Halloween Havoc to now this World War Three scenario President Kiebler’s Presidency was going to be known how she handled a shit ton of chaos!

“What is this meeting about?” The Fallen One said while lighting a cigarette using his right index finger forming his hand like a gun.

The Fallen One is a demon only on the good side. He was a fallen angel who has been sacrificing his own downfall in hopes to get back into heaven. He stood at about six foot five inches, and appeared just as any demon would be imagined.

The Fallen One had pointed horns on top of his head with dark raccoon looking eyes. He was bright red, and appeared to be burnt on his skin. The Fallen One wore a red costume he made himself with jet black boots. The boots were covered with little devil faces. He wore fingerless biker gloves, was very physically fit but not too over muscular. He was just in shape.

“The United States of America needs you. The Priceless Agenda has been initiated. We all prepared for this!” The President declared.

“Need us for was?” The Ice Princess Chill rebuttled. Chill is very soft spoken. Her voice would remind you of a sugar baby being over joyed about something her sugar mommy or daddy did for her. A child like tone and a voice perfect for telling bedtime stories. Chill’s voice tone was soft and sweet, and it was so soft and sweet it would be hard to imagine by hearing her speak how dangerous Chill really is.

Chill is a four foot eleven Ice Goddess. She was like something out of a story book being able to freeze things with her breath, and making it snow at the simple thought. She had the same type of powers The Fallen One had only his was with fire.

Chill lived at the North Pole. The coldest place up there in a mystical wonderland not so nearby lived Santa Claus she would say if you asked Chill who her neighbors were. Whether that is a true statement or not is hard to say. Nobody has ever seen Santa Claus but not too many people have seen superheroes in their everyday life. Who knows Santa Claus might exist? Only time will tell!

In walked another superhero; Double Team. The Vice President smarted off to Double Team about his and his and her tardiness. It explained he had another act of courage to do prior to being able to leave. It explained people were breaking into an elderly woman’s house, and they tried to rape her.

Double Team was a hero to the LGBTQ Community. Or the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer community. Double Team’s birth name was Maven Maverick. He was just a normal United States Marine who under the Obama Administration was able to participate in the United States military. Until the administration took over that Alex Trump was the Vice President in, and that President rolled back all over Obama’s policies beginning with allowing for Transgender to be in the United States military.

Double Team got his superpowers when he was undergoing his operation to physically change from Maven to Marcy Maverick. He was over in Thailand because it was easier for him to get surgery quicker over there than waiting to receive surgery in the United States. While Maven was under the knife a group of terrorist invaded the clinic to kill the doctor over the clinic because he owed their ring leader money. The end result ended with Maven the bald headed African American male being hooked up to a special toxic gas that the terrorist hooked up to Maven’s oxygen container, and in turn after the contaminated his blood Maven Maverick was given the ability to be able to change from any woman to any man and vice versa at will regardless what they looked like.

Double Team awoken from his unconsciousness that day in that doctor’s office in Thailand before the terrorist left after his blood mutated, and he went on the warpath with his Marine skills killing all of the terrorists that were there. He later flew back to the United States, and became a dominatrix and a cash master all in one considering the fact he could switch back and forth between a man and woman at will. So Maven Maverick made money in financial domination as both genders to supplement the money he did not make being a superhero.

“I don’t need to envision that Double Team. How old was she?” The Vice President couldn’t help but ask.

“She was in her eighties and bed ridden you freak.” Double Team smarted back at the Vice President. Double Team was in the form of a sexy librarian.

Double Team the explained she had to stop these men from conducting such an awful act. Its tardiness was excused, and the meeting continued as Double Team joined the team in their little huddle.

“We need to activate the Priceless Initiative and put an end to the Axis of Evil before they destroy the world!” The President said then explained the entire situation.

Ashley sat in the center of her bed Indian style only in a pair of Simply Priceless pajama pants and a blue tank top with the word spoiled on the front spelled out in hot pink bold lettering. Her blonde hair was tied up above her head which brought more attention to her crystal clear blue eyes. She sat there combing through a magazine as Billy sat on the couch flipping through the channels. Then out of the blue he was called into the bedroom with the woman who saved his and his pet’s asses.

            “You asked me something, and I know with all that is going on you feel like you are in the Twilight Zone or are in an episode of the X-Files but all the stuff we make fun of in the movies or various novelizations on any format but the fact is I don’t know the lesser of the two evils.”

            Billy took a seat at the end of the bed, and unable to look at Ashley in the eye he instead watched how Ashley’s Chihuahua was running circles around his Gold Labrador.

            “What do you mean?”

            “I know you are intimidated by me Billy so you stare out at those two jack a’s but that’s beyond what I am getting at. Go into my closet, and open the cabinet in the bottom right secret storage place below on the floor. There is a series of folders inside.”

            He didn’t reply but went into action doing what Ashley wanted. He was embarrassed because he was intimidated by such a powerful woman. He knew there was nothing he could say to counter act that, and he was too macho to be willing to admit she was right. He didn’t know what to expect but he opened the door anyway. Surprisingly the closet was pretty clean. Billy dropped down on one knee and felt around where Ashley told him to, and then figured out a way to flip a switch. The outcome caused a trap door to open up, and inside the small isolated cabinet was a series of files. A light lit up inside the little cubby hole. He looked at Ashley.

            “Go ahead bonehead take them out shut the door so the light doesn’t burn out and get back up here.”

            Billy did as instructed. All of the folders were labeled. One was labeled Whisper in the Wind, the next Double Trouble, followed by Gargoyle, and The Fallen One. He began to go through each file after getting Priceless’s permission. The individuals in this folder were superheroes in other states across the United States.

            Gargoyle was a massive beast triple the size of the fictional The Incredible Hulk. He looked just as a Gargoyle statue outside an office building but he was purple. He didn’t transfer from human to gargoyle he stayed Gargoyle just as Fantastic Four’s The Thing maintained his rock look.        The Fallen One was a demon cast down from heaven, and then banished from hell. He appeared to be a slick devil, and wore a black and red uniform. His ears were pointed like Spock, and he wore a van dike facial hair style with pride. His counter part you could say was Chill. Chill is the Mother of Winter. She was a great fantasy wilding Goddess. She appeared to be frozen, and one of her superpowers was to be able to freeze people. Her lips were ice blue, and there were frozen snowflakes around her eyes instead of mascara. The Fallen One’s superpower was his intense speed, and ability to fight with the dark demon forces being capable to summon them on command. It was like comparing Heaven to Hell with those two.

            Double Trouble gave a new meaning on being transgender. He or she was able to switch back and forth between the genders, and able to take the appearance of any average looking or super model body in the world. Double Trouble didn’t have much in the superpower field but it made the perfect spy over the years. Whisper in the Wind however the most sound-speed breaking speed and awareness than anyone on this planet or in the universe from front to back.

            Billy talked to Simply Priceless at her perfect filing abilities. Each file came with pictures and various newspaper and magazine articles from all across the United States including some foreign news media. She told Billy that she got her filing habit from her mom who filed everything. She explained to Billy that Barbra insisted you would never lose anything if you put it up and know where it is. Meaning don’t move it.

            The detective and the superhero bonding as Simply Priceless told Billy that his file was in the top nightstand drawer. He asked if he could look which the request was granted. Sure enough there was a chart on him just as if not more thorough than the ones on the out of state superheroes.

            “The President of the United States put into affect the Priceless Agenda where I will team up and lead these superheroes and possibly others in any mission that the United States or United Nations can not handle.”

            “I thought there was already an Avengers plus Justice League is taken as well.” Billy laughed.

            ‘Not funny we are Priceless.”

            “You and me?” Billy touched his chest then pointed at Simply Priceless, and then back at himself.

            Billy got laughed at that time we she explained to Billy that if this group or superheroes or any others under the Priceless Agenda would team up under her that their team unit division name would be simply called; Priceless.

            Billy smiled as he knew that she would have him on her team, and she smiled knowing what Billy was thinking. She was tired and about ready to lay down when she had a vision. “I am not the same person I was when I died.” Simply Priceless heard a voice she did not recognize.

            “Billy Robbie is your partner now let him back in the office.” Captain Beckham said.

            “I just don’t trust you.” Simply Priceless spoke.

            When Simply Priceless heard the voice all she heard was sound in a dark hole. When she was dreaming about Billy, Robbie, and the Captain discussing Billy’s new partnership in the Captain’s office Priceless saw that just as she would a movie.

            Billy stood there asking Simply Priceless if she was ok till she finally snapped out of it. She explained to Billy there would be two other Priceless members to be added to this list in due time. She just gets her paperwork and mindset in order. Simply Priceless got up and suited up, and then off Billy and her went for another crime fighting filled day!

The superheroes no matter how hesitant decided to team up for the very first time under Team Priceless but would their egos be too big to join forces as a cohesive unit; only time would tell.

The superheroes were measuring each other up. This was the first time they have ever been in the same room together as Team Priceless. Of course they may have seen one another’s crime fighting news reports on the news but the team never teamed together before. In that building that day the 1992 Barcelona Olympic USA Dream Team for basketball was standing there. They all knew they were needed, and they all knew they were the world’s only hope. They were all inside their own heads as they mentally prepared for the mission that would make or break Team Priceless.

Priceless and Intimidation flew back to Atlanta, and at the spare of the moment got Carmella to come over, and baby-sit Ashley’s and Billy’s children. Billy and Robbie were up and dressed at the speed of light by their wives. Both men loaded up as good of an arsenal as they could, and were flown back to DC where they were all loaded on a military plane.

Billy and Robbie looked like Rambo or Special Forces Soldiers with the amount of weaponry they had on them. They certainly wouldn’t get through TSA at the airport. Both Priceless and Intimidation found their little soldiers to be cute.

Billy and Robbie sat awkwardly staring at the superheroes around them. They wondered if they could trust the new members of their small unit. Both Detectives thought as they looked at Gargoyle trying hard not to get caught for staring but they couldn’t help to stare and wonder what everyone would do if this guy just snapped. The Gargoyle was bigger more muscular, and taller than any of the other superheroes on the plane so he had to ride in the plane on his knees but his wings still touched the roof of the plane. He was bigger than the green eyed monster from Marvelous Comics. He was meaner too. He would rip things in half with ease, and he wasn’t afraid to dawn and sometimes drink blood!

“Remember that episode of Impractical Jokers Robbie with Murr’s punishment where the rest of the jokers made Murr jump out of the airplane at flight school?” Billy asked.

“Yeah I am trying to forget that is our soon to be outcome.” Robbie explained with fear.

Billy and Robbie began to talk about that Impractical Jokers punishment. On the Impractical Jokers episode Skydiving Is For Losers. Impractical Jokers is a improv comedy show that comes on TruTV with four male friends from high school who dare each other to do challenges, and the loser of each episode that loses the most challenges must be punished. On this particular episode the rest of the jokers tricked Murr that they were at the skydiving school to give a lesson, and instead of giving a lesson they punished Murr by making him jump out of an airplane attached to a sky diving instructor. Murr screamed like a bitch all the way down to the ground, and Robbie wasn’t too fond of the idea of jumping out of the plane he was on right then at that moment. Where as Billy was used to circumstances like the one he was in with all of his military experience.

They were over the drop zone in Germany. Billy and Robbie were all parachuted up. The Gargoyle held onto Chill and The Fallen One as Sophisticated Intimidation held onto Double Team. The back door to the plane opened. Whisper in the Wind was the first to exit the plane. He rushed out the back of the plane like one gust of wind which sucked everyone out.

Whisper in the Wind was dressed like a scarecrow. He had coal colored skin. Whisper in the Wind’s eyes were royal blue. Whisper in the Wind’s image could easily pass for a character from Mortal Kombat. Whisper in the Wind could break himself down into particles, and shoot himself throughout the air at super speed, and reform himself back into his proper form. Whisper in the Wind was also a specialized fighter who could easily hold his own with almost anybody. He was a legit bad ass, and was an icon in his neck of the woods.

The Gargoyle was flying with ease along with Simply Priceless and Sophisticated Intimidation. Billy and Robbie spun around in the air for a little bit finally both men were able to pull their rip cords to their parachutes, and everyone landed safely!

A Cat Toying with a Mouse

Eveill came back to the room where Billy was being held. He was blooded and battered from The Bullet Kliq beating the hell out of him. She demanded The Bullet Kliq to leave, and she walked over to Gunman. Gunman Billy Coatman laid in bounds on the floor his face even with Eveill’s dirty bare feet. Eveill stalked her prey.

“You surrender? Seems like all the fight has finally been beaten out of you.” Eveill said with a smile, and then poked Billy’s lips with her big toe on her left foot. Eveill’s long toenail cut Gunman’s lip.

When she moved her foot away from Billy’s mouth Billy spit a wad of spit mixed in with blood at Eveill’s feet. Then he said “Go fuck yourself. If you get off maybe you will be less of a complete bitch.”

Eveill laughed and then kicked Billy in his bloody face. Then she stated coldly “I wanted to kill you on national television. I wanted to kill you myself personally on national television to prove the man, the myth, the legend, Atlanta Detective Billy Coatman was just a modern man but my boss wants to keep you alive for the time being.”

“I am sorry I didn’t realize a Dominant bitch like you could herself be pussy whipped.” Billy said with a bloody smile.

Eveill laughed then she shoved her right foot in Billy’s mouth gagging him on her long toes. “That’s much better. You know maybe besides killing you I can convince my boss to allow me to keep you as my personal pet bitch. I will break you soon enough and you would obey my every word and you would long for daily foot worship sessions of my Dominant ass kicking feet. Detective Coatman you are going to have to realize something right now as long as you are alive you are my responsibility. No more Bullet Kliq beating or beatings from anybody else. You will have beatings from me if you don’t obey me. Sooner or later the beatings will get old and you will just submit to your proper ruler.” Eveill finished up then removed her foot from Billy’s mouth and he coughed several times then caught his breath. As Billy coughed Eveill thought of her favorite scene from Quentin Tarantino’s vampire horror flick From Dusk Till Dawn.

Santanico said in the vampire movie From Dusk Till Dawn I’m not gonna drain you completely. You’re gonna turn for me, You’ll be my slave. You’ll live for me. You’ll eat bugs because I order it. Because I don’t think you’re worthy of human blood, you’ll feed on the blood of stray dogs. You’ll be my foot stool. And at my command, you’ll lick the dog shit from my boot heel. Since you’ll be my dog, your new name will be Spot. Welcome to slavery.”

Salma Hayek played Santanico in the original From Dusk Till Dawn so she said that above quote to George Clooney with her foot on his chest, and him on his back on the bar floor. Before the scene where all hell broke loose in The Tity Twister Santanico sticks her foot in the character Quienton Taritino played mouth then poured alcohol down her leg to drip off of her toes into the character Quienton Tatitino played mouth.

So there was a hint of foot worship subject matter in From Dusk Till Dawn!

The idea of From Dusk Till Dawn is On the run from a bank robbery that left several police officers dead, Seth Gecko (George Clooney) and his paranoid, loose-cannon brother, Richard (Quentin Tarantino), hightail it to the Mexican border. Kidnapping preacher Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel) and his kids, the criminals sneak across the border in the family’s RV and hole up in a topless bar. Unfortunately, the bar also happens to be home base for a gang of vampires, and the brothers and their hostages have to fight their way out.

That scene where Santanico spells out her plans for Seth Gecko was Eveill’s favorite part of the vampire movie from 1996. Right then over two decades later Eveill was going to live out that scene that should of happened in From Dusk Till Dawn but didn’t happen where Seth was Santanico’s slave because Seth killed Santanico. Eveill was going to live it over and over again because Eveill knew Detective Billy Coatman didn’t have a chance to take her out like Seth did Santanico! So Eveill went on with making Billy her little bitch!

“You promise that will be my life if I live because I could submit if I must.” Billy sarcastically spoke then was met with a kick to his solar plexis which knocked the wind out of him.

“Your cuteness smart talk will only get you in worse trouble. I have nowhere to be so let’s see how long it takes for me to break you.” Eveill replied as Billy tried catching his breath.

Billy had broken ribs, and a bloody face which also included a broken nose. His left eye was swollen shut, and his right eye was black with a blood filled pupil. He was beaten to hell by Eveill and then The Bullet Kliq, and now back to being beaten by Eveill. Eveill who was Detective Coatman’s new owner for the time being.

“I am going to be glad when Simply Priceless arrives and she sends your ass to hell where you belong.” Billy said when he caught his breath. Billy still had a hell of a lot of fight left in him.

“What’s it going to take for you to realize you are defeated and soon enough your team will be defeated, and Damon Sandone’s Mission for the New World Order will take place without issue.” Eveill said then shoved her foot back into Billy’s mouth gagging him with her long toes. Spit seeped out of the sides of Billy’s mouth and his eyes were opened huge. At least the one he could open. He gagged trying not to barf. She removed her foot and Billy thought how can I survive this, and then he decided to put those years in community theatre to work.

Billy began to cry to cue beginning his monologue. “Fine I will do whatever you want just please don’t kill me and don’t hurt me anymore.” Billy spoke through acted yet genuine tears.

Billy was in several plays throughout the years growing up, and learned how to cry on cue by Rachael Style who was a very popular community theater actress that did a lot of plays that Billy was a part of. Billy started off working theater sets just for something to do, and to stay out of trouble. Billy was a true handyman over the years of his life so he was a real asset to putting community theater stages together. Along with painting the stages and everything else that needed to be done. Billy had a side business throughout high school where he painted for a living, and that was how he made his money prior to going into work at the jail which lead to him being in law enforcement.

Billy did all sorta Mr. Fix It stuff as well along with the painting, and his business was Billy Fix It and or Paint It. He made good money with this business so when he wanted to try to make friends he went to work helping the two local community theaters with their sets. Which eventually dwindled down to one community theater when the other one went out of business.

Then before the play Mr. Roberts took place Wes the director was having a hard time casting a role in it, and he felt that Billy had the look of this character. Billy was painting part of the Navy Ship for the Mr. Roberts set. The plot to Mr. Roberts the movie was to give an idea what the play was about was as follows Bittersweet film about a supply officer aboard a decrepit cargo ship during World War II who yearns for a transfer into a combat zone but is thwarted by the ship’s captain, a petty tyrant. Forced to endure various humiliations in exchange for privileges, the crew engage in minor acts of resistance, and look to Mr. Roberts for inspiration and moral support. Based on the hit Broadway play.

Wes came up to Billy as he was painting the Navy Ship “Hey Billy. I have a problem!” Wes spoke with concern.

            “What’s that bud.” Replied Billy with a smile not believing that Wes was coming to him for help but he was about to get a big surprise with what Wes needed help with.

            “Have you ever acted?” Wes asked.

            “Why?” Billy asked nervous.

            Wes told Billy the character’s name that he needed somebody to be recast as because the person who was cast in that role quit.

            “You look just like the part even more so than Derek, and I would love for you to step into this role.” Wes had a copy of the Mr. Robert’s script in his hands.

            Billy thought for a moment and then Wes said “Please I know you can do it.”

            Billy then decided to take on the role. He took the script from Wes’s hands, and went home and told his mother. His mother was so excited about Billy taking the role, and she helped Billy with memorizing his lines to properly meet his role’s obligations. Billy got his parts down pat, and his mom came to every performance that Billy acted in with his first of many plays at the community theater..

            The list of Billy’s plays he acted in along with movies he was an extra in inside the Atlanta area went as followed.

Mister Roberts

 A Christmas Carol

Purlie Victorious

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

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Born Yesterday

            The movie list that Detective Billy Coatman was an extra in are listed below….

Dumb and Dumberer

We Are Marshall

            Billy was talking to the actress Rachael Style one day and asked her “How can you fake cry genuinely?”

            So Rachel Style told Billy “Don’t think of things too sad, because you may really start to cry because the idea is to fake cry, not actually cry. Yawn again and again, until you feel tears come to your eyes. Blink 20 times then hold your eyes open for about fifteen seconds without blinking, then blink 10 more times “

            Rachel demonstrated to Billy what she meant, and went through the process adding words. She really put on a great acting performance back there in her private dressing room at the ATL Community Theater. She really put on a good fake crying performance, and had Billy go throughout the process with her which caused Billy to fake cry.

And at that moment with Eveill Billy put on as good of a performance as Rachel Style ever put on in any of her professional or community theater performances.

“Really why the change of attitude?” Eveill asked lifting Billy up so he was sitting on his butt with his back leaned up against the wall. Eveill slapped the taste out of Billy’s mouth which Billy whined “Please stop.”

“How do I know you are genuine?” Eveill asked with full honesty.

“I’m defeated. I’m obviously a defeated mouse on it’s last leg and you are the cat looking at your lifeless prey. I will do whatever you want please.” Billy said through tears giving his best acting job he ever did before.

Billy acted as well as he did in his biggest role ever Dr. Seward from the Dracula play he was in!

John “Jack” Seward, M.D. was a fictional character that appeared in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. That was Billy’s biggest and next to last role he ever played at the community theater. Billy auditioned for Jonathan Harker who Keanu Reeves played in the Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie from 1992. Jonathan Harker is a main protagonists from Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula. Jonathan’s journey to Transylvania along with encounter with the vampire Count Dracula along with the Brides at Castle Dracula constitutes the dramatic opening scenes in the novel along with many of the film adaptations.

But the director Ricky Randy felt that Billy would make a much better Dr. Seward. Billy wanted to be All In for this play so he decided to take the part of Dr. Seward, and he went on to make many killer performances during the Dracula Halloween season as a young adult! Billy Coatman’s performance was so good in Dracula Preview Magazine wrote a killer review article titled Dracula Takes a Big Bite and Billy was just thankful that the play critic Ruth Cartilage didn’t take a bite out him. He was just so thrilled for his first review that his acting was given a good review, and the play he was in was given a good review.

Billy felt like he gave a better performance right there that day in front of Eveill than he ever did on any stage or in front of any movie camera. Billy really dug down deep into his heart to give a good honest sounding performance to Eveill, and hope she couldn’t read his mind! Billy tried hard to give a performance that would save his life!  The most important thing was his life to be saved so he could get back to his normal life with his wife and kids!

“Ok I will test your theory.” Eveill said walking over to the corner of the room and picking up a chair, and sitting the chair directly in front of Billy. She then sat down in the chair. She placed her soles of both feet on Billy’s face. Billy continued to cry as he stuck his tongue out and moved it on Eveill’s left heel. Then he kissed the spot on the bottom of Eveill’s feet that were covering his lips as he continued to cry.

If this scene was filmed it would remind you of a foot cuck crying because he was being forced to worship a set of feet that the foot cuck did not want to. Whether that was a pair of women’s feet, an Alpha Couple’s feet, or a cash master’s feet. Any pair of feet that the foot cuck did not want to worship but was forced to in the porn video a person would watch for their own personal enjoyment! If filmed it would have made a kick ass forced foot worship video Billy knew in the back of his mind! These type of videos are very popular in the foot fetish category on any major porn websites.

Eveill removed her feet from Billy’s face. She placed her feet on Billy’s jeans which were blood soaked from him bleeding all over his body. It hurt each time he took a breath because of his broken ribs, and his vision was blurred out of the eye that wasn’t swollen shut.

“You really are done fighting for your inevenant future.” Eveill said with a smile then crossed her right leg over her left and she had the toes of her right foot right in front of Billy’s lips.

Billy nodded yes then began to kiss Eveill’s toes, and he even went as far as to suck on them as she smiled like a Cheshire cat. “Please don’t kill me. I will rather live as a pet bitch for the rest of my life. I know how to obey commands being in the military. I consider you my new General and I will do whatever you want.” Billy said sniffling.

“I am sure I can work something out with my boss to make your wish my one and only command that I will come through with.” Eveill said as she stuck all five of her toes on her right foot in Billy’s mouth. Billy sat there sucking all five of Eveill’s dirty toes at once. Saliva built up in the Atlanta Detective’s mouth, and began to leak out of the side of his mouth from the side of her big toe and little toe on her right foot.

Eveill removed her foot from Billy’s mouth. The she put a sole of her foot on each of Billy’s cheeks. She then moved the Detective’s face from side to side with her feet toying with her prey. Billy was disgusted but went through with worshiping Eveill’s left foot that she stuck in front of his face. He licked her foot from heel to toe, and then licked between each toes on Eveill’s left foot. Billy was pissed off he was having to do this in order to keep the remaining moments of his life until either Simply Priceless saves him or until Eveill kills him in a less painful way of living life.

Eveill’s feet were rough. She desperately needed an electronic Pedi tool to sand the rough calluses off of her feet. Then she desperately needed her feet washed followed by a pedicure. Billy was willing to fund Eveill’s foot needs if it got him back to his wife. Eveill is Caucasian but she stays barefoot so her feet were completely black being covered in massive amount of dirt. Some of that dirt was transferring off onto Billy’s tongue. His tongue was black in the areas of his tongue that was used to worship Eveill’s feet.

“You are really going to be good now huh? Eveill spoke very convinced.

“Yes Goddess.” Billy said the first and only thing that popped in his head. Dealing with the Dominatrices in the past he knew how Female Domination worked so he figured that Eveill would enjoy being called a Goddess.

Sure enough she did. “That’s a good boy.” Eveill said with a smile.

As this was going on Team Priceless made it to Moscow to Finish the mission in Russia.

Eveill grabbed a pair of clippers and cut through the plastic restraints on Billy’s wrist and ankles. He was unbound but he was too beaten to amount a good offense on the super solider. So Billy did not try to fight Eveill anymore. He just began to massage Eveill’s feet like he would massage his wife’s feet nightly. She began to purr with enjoyment. Eveill was in pure ecstasy. As she leaned her head back with her eyes closed tight.

Billy thought God damn is this really the end of me. He thought back to the Python case and all the crazy shit he went through to save Simply Priceless. Then he thought about the fist fight with Vampiro and everything that happened with Halloween Havoc. That ended with extinguishing the rest of Python’s cohorts. He thought how none of that came close to ending him. He thought I beat the holy hell out of an ancient vampire, and lived to tell the story. Why can’t I beat the holy hell out of this psycho bitch, and live to tell about it. Gunman thought Eveill was much stronger and faster than Vampiro. It was unlike any MMA fight he was ever in, and it was unlike any other fight he had on any other battlefield with the military. Billy thought as he massaged and worshipped Eveill’s feet that the longer he can fake his submission the more time it will give Simply Priceless or Simply Priceless and Team Priceless to find him, and save his ass. Gunman thought I have been through a lot and lived and this is going to be the same way. Billy felt positive his wife would come through for him after all Simply Priceless has always been the Atlanta Detective’s Guardian Angel.

Eveill stayed in the room for over an hour, and loved the foot attention she got from Billy. Then she left the room and locked the door leaving Billy free of his bounds. His academy award performance caused Eveill to believe that Gunman was ready to be a pet bitch to Eveill for the remainder of his life. Billy sat in the chair in the corner of the room in extreme pain. Eveill was the only person allowed to go in and out of that room on the Luxury Ship, and was the only one allowed to have contact with Atlanta Detective Billy Coatman.

PG: 13 Excerpts

Mother’s Day (One Month Ago)

Mark Turner walked into his mom’s house, and sat down her present which was all bagged up on the kitchen table. “Mom?” He softly shouted out.

A shrill bark over and over again pierced his ears as he looked down at his mom’s terror Chihuahua “Prissey” with a stern look. She sat down and began to growl at Mark. She couldn’t stand anybody but her owner; Mark’s mom Laura Turner. Even one year later of the thirty one year old Mark coming over often, and knowing Prissey from her being a puppy she still couldn’t stand him or anyone else.

Laura walked into the room, and picked Prissey up. She held her black, white, and tan Chihuahua in her arms as she snapped the air towards Mark.

“Look Markie.” Laura said then began to sing “Prissey dog. Prissey dog.”

Like on cue Prissey began to howl at the moon with her head tilted backwards toward the moon.

“Nice. Nice.”

“What’s wrong with you Mark? Won’t you two ever learn to get along?” Laura sat Prissey on the table. She sat down politely as Mark’s mom went through her bag to find her favorite DVD set.

“Us get along. You neglect to remember I lived here for 8 months after you got that little mean ass and she barked at me and bit me any free time she got.”

“Yeah then you moved out to be with your fiancée, or girlfriend, or what are you now?” Laura asked picking Prissey back up from her table seat and kissing the side of her head.

“We are exploring our own lives right now.” Mark sat down at the table and began to go through the six DVDS.

Laura didn’t seem too impressed. She was more concerned about her thirty one year old son’s relationship which he had been in for five-ish years until she believed he had cheated on her.

“I am not discussing this.” Mark said coldly and to the point.

“It is ok. You know it will all come out in the end. She told me what happened for your information, and I tried telling her….

Mark swung his head to the right, and told his mom to stay out of it softly then followed that up wanting the information which his mom told the girl he was on the outs with. His mom however wouldn’t disclose the information.

He stood up telling his mom he had to go to work. Mark is a private investigator who works closely with law enforcement. He was debating joining the police academy but he had a good thing going on his own. Mark currently was investigating a case involving steroids and the local high school. It was a big deal because steroids were a major influence in the small town because steroids weren’t the only drug involved. It was just the rabbit hole in the drug ring. Once people dove into the rabbit hole people were drove to take the white rabbit. Which was the biggest most intense drug ever in existence. A drug which currently was isolated to the small town Mark lived in but was soon going to spread. Which Mark had all the leads of all the individuals involved.

Mark leaned in to kiss his mom on the cheek but he was bit on the nose by Prissey. The tip of his nose began to bleed with three little puncher wounds. His face was full of anger. Mark’s moms gently shook Prissey, and calmly said “You two need to learn to get along I won’t be here forever, and she is your inheritance.”

“Bye mom. I love you. Hey, I’ll come by tomorrow and we can go to lunch as a post Mother’s day present. Then maybe this weekend we can watch those movies. Like old times.”

Mark started walking towards the door. It was like Laura didn’t hear anything her son said. She just told him to call Bree, and she sat Prissey down. She was on Mark’s heels barking the entire time as he walked to the door, and exited the residence. Not stopping barking till the door was shut in her face.


Mark’s phone rang, and it was the Animal Shelter. They had been watching Prissey while he took care of his mother’s funeral, and the final arrangements that were involved with his mother’s death when they were carried out. Pat told him that they couldn’t keep Prissey there anymore unless he was willing to relinquish custody over to them. She went into the spill of how she only kept her that long because she was the aunt of Mark’s ex. Pat told him that it was nothing personal.

He thought for a minute “Should I just go down there and sign the proper papers to get her out of my life.”

`           He was at his mother’s going through her filing cabinet. He found a letter address to Mark, and it was still sealed. Pat hung up but not before telling Mark to either come get Prissey this afternoon or come sign the papers. She told Mark that she would attempt to get Prissey into a Chihuahua rescue organization if he signed off on relinquishing custody.

The envelope Mark found was filed in a blank folder. He opened it up, and sat down to read it. It was about how his mom wanted Mark to sale what he needed to in order to pay for her funeral arrangements. She mentioned an insurance policy which would hopefully be enough to pay off her house. She went on and on about how she loved her son, and how much he meant to him. Mark’s eyes watered up fast. He read how worried she was about his job. She talked about what a chaotic place the world was becoming. He read the long multiple page letter to him from his mother, and closing up the letter was saying that if anything happened to her before Prissey’s personal demise that she wanted Mark to have Prissey because Prissey wouldn’t survive with anyone outside of family, and he needed someone with him who would love her son like family. In the center of the letter it mentioned how she wants him and his ex to work things out because she was good for him.

Mark knew his mom always said the dog she has when she passes would be his. He thought for a moment on that, and deep down knew he wasn’t going to give Prissey up. He kind of felt bad for leaving her with Pat for so long. He could of brought her home by now. He got up, and drove to the animal shelter.

He walked inside, and Pat wasn’t there. A young girl out front went on and on about what a great dog Prissey was. She went and got her, and brought her out to Mark. Prissey was eating the girl up with licks and laps. When she handed Prissey over to Mark, Prissey got vicious and went on the attack. She began to snarl, growl, and eat Mark’s hands up. Mark flinched then held Prissey tighter to be careful not to drop her. The young girl looked amazed, and said “I’ve never seen her do that before. She didn’t even bark when she was here.” The girl spoke so innocent.

“It’s a little game we play. Thank you!” He walked out the door cussing Prissey under his breath. He opened the driver’s side door to his Civic and gently with his bloody, stinging, hands tosses Prissey into the passenger seat.

He got into his car and drove them to his mom’s. He had moved in about a week and a half ago. He had the money to where he could make the house payment if need be but now that deal was void because of the insurance policy. As Mark drove he glanced over at Prissey and she was curled up a sleep in the seat. Thank God Mark thought. Eventually he made it home. He parked in the driveway, shut off the car, unbuckled, and as soon as he opened the driver side door Prissey hopped up and ran and jumped out of the car.

“Hey come here!” Mark jumped up out the car hitting his head.

Prissey pranced down the front walk way then jumped up the two steps onto the porch. She walked up to the door and scratched it twice then barked once.

“Ok. OK.”

Mark got up there, and opened the door. Prissey jetted inside and disappeared. About ten minutes later Mark saw his new pet exploring the house. He knew she was looking for his mom. That hurt his feelings because he missed his mom so much himself. She was his best friend, and he knew in the end he could always count on her and vice versa. They were more than mother, son, they were best friends. Now Mark thought I am stuck with the antichrist. Mark sat down in the recliner. By this point Prissey was on the couch asleep.

Suddenly he felt his phone vibrate. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and it was a series of texts from his ex Bree. It read “I heard what happened. I’m sorry. Spoke to your mom the weekend before she passed. She wanted me to contact you. I was at the funeral, nice service. What you said broke my heart. Want to talk?” Mark sat the phone on the end table, and closed his eyes. He fell right asleep pretty much instantly!

Called to the Principle’s Office

Mark stayed at home till Bree called him, and she put the head nurse tech and office manager along with the veterinarian’s and owner’s wife on the phone. That woman informed Mark more on his mom’s argument with the High School Principle. She told Mark enough where Mark made the decision to go to the Local City High School and talk to Mr. Bamboon. He didn’t tell Bree what he was going to do because he knew she would be against it. He didn’t need her mad at him in case he needed her to bail him out of jail.

Mark knowing he couldn’t leave Prissey in the car and count on her to be there stopped at the pet supply store, and got a pet carrier to carry Prissey on his chest like a baby. That was what the carrier was like. It was like a pet carrier that resembled a baby carrier that people wear as a backpack to carry a baby. The woman at the pet supply store adjusted all the straps as they needed to be adjusted so all Mark had to do when he got to the school was put it on. Which once he made it past security, and found a parking spot he did.

His mind was fogged up a little bit knowing the cost he just spent on this carrier that he wore on his front for his inherence just to chill in while Mark tried to look as manly as possible while performing the actions of a private detective with a small dog that mostly women own in a holder on his chest. When the pet supply store associate brought Mark to a carrier that she felt would work perfectly with bringing Prissey on the job, and then told Mark “The price for this dog carrier is sixty five dollars but it is on sale today for forty five.” Mark felt his blood boil as he delayed his speech by accident to finally break his silence to say he would take the dog carrier because he needed it, and tell the sales associate she was right this carrier would work great with his work. Mark thought as he shut off his car engine how he didn’t know why the animal queen his mother didn’t already have a pet carrier like this with all the Chihuahuas she owned but he searched all over, and wound up having to go to the local pet supply store before he could get started with work He thought about his mom some until he finally stepped out of his car picked up Prissey put her her the carrier, and locked his car up.

After that he went inside the school, and stopped at the Business Office which was the First Office through the First Door on the left. He walked up to the counter and there was a young bimbo out front playing Solitaire on the computer. She didn’t appear to be able to know how to spell High School much less to have ever graduated from High School. Mark made himself known by ringing the bell on the counter several times like a trick or treater ringing a home’s doorbell wanting candy.

She looked up and sternly yelled “What?”

The bimbo who just yelled at Mark looked like a meth head. She had shadows all around her eyes, and her teeth were yellow. Mark was discussed by what he was looking at. Little did Mark know he was looking at Mr. Bamboon’s side hustle since him and his wife were having martial problems. Bimbo’s finger nails were picked down to the quick, and she had several visual crappy looking tattoos that really needed to be covered up with something better. Her hair was brown and blonde where her roots were showing, and her hair didn’t appear to be washed in forever. You could hide a small animal inside what was clumped up on her hair. The bimbo’s eyes were brown, and she wore plenty of cheap jewelry. Mark was discussed by what he was looking at so he broke the silence as quickly as he could!

“I need to speak to Mr. Bamboon.” Mark spoke that sentence followed by two swift barks from Prissey.

“He is in his office.” The bimbo pointed         She ignored all protocol as Mark took her point as an invite to enter an office he entered plenty of times when he was in High School way before Mr. Bamboon became High School Principle Mark didn’t graduate from that High School. He wound up getting a GED. After Mr. Bamboon wouldn’t help him out when he was supposed to be the special education biology para-pro, and he told Mark to just guess and put whatever answer he wanted on the biology work that Mark was having trouble with, and asked him for his help. Mark refused to just guess. He knew Mr. Bamboon was being an ass so he got up from his desk walked down to the attendance office, and told the lady behind the counter to call his mom to come pick him up. She told Mark she wasn’t going to so he said “I am 16 years old I can drop out of High School if I want to. So either you call my mom to come pick me up or I am walking out that front door, and walking home.” That threat got the attendance woman’s attention and she called his stepdad to come pick him up. Mark then then by that afternoon had a Full Time Job at a local Fast Food Burger Palace that his stepdad knew the owner of. A little while later Mark got his GED at an Alternative School and gave the speech at his graduation. He knew one day he would see Mr. Bamboon and be able to tell him what a jerk he was along with how far he made it when Mr. Bamboon didn’t think he would. He went beyond what Mr. Bamboon thought, and dug down deep to accomplish everything he needed to digging down deep to make what needed to happen in order to accomplish the legacy he wanted to accomplish for himself and prove doubters like Mr. Bamboon wrong and make people such as his mother proud.

Mark thought how now he was going to be able to tell Mr. Bamboon everything he wanted to along with he thought how Mr. Bamboon wound up straight in the middle of his investigation so Mark knew he needed to allow Prissey to be the loud mouth on this one, and he needed to say what he has rehearsed to say but Mark knew he had to maintain focus and be able to accomplish the overall mission in the end.

Mark wasn’t a special forces troop in Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else but he was on a mission which he had no choice but to accomplish. Things just got awfully sticky, and Mark knew it as a whole. He missed his mom and knew he must keep his composure. He knew what the lady from the vets office told him about what Mr. Bamboon said to his mom, and how ugly this bastard behind the door in front of Mark was to to his mother. She told Mark how to the point his mother was, and how ugly Mr. Bamboon was to her but Mark’s mom didn’t back down by any means. She wasn’t afraid. Mark knew no man or woman scared his mom. She was a God fearing, God worshiping woman, and she was raised from good stock and values. No man especially a man if you can actually call Mr. Bamboon a man would ever strike fear in Mark’s mother’s heart.

Mark went into the Principle’s Office. Mr. Bamboon had his back turned sitting in his office chair behind his desk. He had his sport coat off and hanging on the coat rack in the corner of the room. He appeared to be on the phone with a phone sex company with how he was talking. Mark snuck in on him he didn’t know his private moment was no longer private. Mark was surprised that Prissey was being so quiet. He stood there and listened to his former science teacher talking about how his tongue was venturing into the person on the other end of the phone’s dark moist cannel. Mark listened momentarily then decided Prissey’s young ears didn’t need to hear the disgusting nature that the Principle was talking.

Mark reached over and cut off the Principle’s phone sex call.. He spoke “Hello. Hello.” As he was snapped out of his trance then felt as if he wasn’t alone in the room. He had the phantasm effect. Principle Bamboon had a erie feeling as if a ghost of phantasm was in the room with him. Mark looked over the Principle’s shoulder as he stuck himself back inside his britches, and zipped up his pants along with readjusted his belt to where it fit properly.

Principle Bamboon turned around in his chair, and came face to face with Mark and Prissey. Prissey stared at the Principle. She had a stern look in her little eyes. She lifted her lip up snarling out one side of her mouth.

“What is this bad dog good cop?” Principle Bamboon asked very sarcastic. Principle Bamboon hated dogs which included his wife’s dogs.

Mark reached in his pocket and tossed a folded up piece of paper on the desk, and directed the Principle to open it. He opened it and saw the picture of him and the magician that Mark noticed the other night on the Simply Priceless USB Flash Drive.

“Who is that with you in the picture?” Mark asked.

The Principle decided to play along with this concept of interrogation. He knew exactly who was in the room with him even though if Mark was to ask he was going to play dumb, and tell Mark that he had no clue who he was. He honestly answered the question Mark posed.

“That is Professor Weiner the college basketball assistant coach.” The Principle answered.

“I know you know who I am.” Mark said in a low stern voice.

“No I don’t.” The Principle replied even though he knew damn well who stood in front of his desk older and wiser.

“Look I don’t know what dumb ass you screwed to get the job as Principle of this hell on wheels High School but Al Bamboon I understand you and my mother argued outside of my dog Prissey’s veterinarian building in the parking lot.” Mark said then gave a brief synopsis of their argument.

“O Yeah that. It happened. What do you want an apology?” The Principle calmly asked

“My mom was killed, and I know all the problems she caused for you Al, and I want you to know I made it a lot further in life than you ever predicted, and I am successful in my field of criminal law. I have my own business, and I am here on a business matter. Al I want you to know I have plenty of people that believed in me even after you were being such an absolute ass towards me while I was underneath your education bandwidth. Those people stood beside me as I got my GED and went to college, and I got myself a degree in Law Enforcement, and studied various other Law Related Fields. Which includes getting my license in Private Investigation. I made it further than you ever wanted to admit I would make it but I was committed to the fact I had prove people like you wrong Principle Al Bamboom. All the other people like you didn’t matter to me as much to have this conversation with you eventually but I was determined to have this conversation with you, and now I am having it, and it means more to me than I ever thought it would! You lost out on this one Al. I have proven you wrong! The only thing better would have my mom beside me as I am telling your fat loser ass this. I won, and you lost! So Al why don’t you now tell me what you and the college basketball coach have in common and you are meeting with him about, and why I am being informed that you are involved in the drug crime scene within the college and High School drug syndicate passing back and forth various forms of attention medicine along with steroids. Give me answers jerk wad or I will let my dog loose on you.” Mark finished up as Prissey began to get vicous while attached to her owner’s chest.

“If you feel better get out of here before I call security.” Principle Bamboon spoke calmly as he got to work on the paperwork in front of him.

“No I don’t feel better. I wish I was there to see what you said to my mom because a different place a different time I would of punched you in your mouth especially if you were in front of me bad mouthing my mother.” Mark explained taking a seat in the chair in front of the Principle’s desk.

“What do you want to hear. I am friends with the basketball coach from the college. We are in athletics. I am the new coach of the high school girls and boys team here, and he has been giving me pointers to how to be a basketball coach especially to a group of hormonal ministration girls and horny boys. Anything else Marcus?” The Principle stood up.

“Yeah it feels good to sit here in this seat without being in trouble.” Mark laughed.

“You think that is cute I am about to call security.”

“Listen Al I am tired of your lies and bologna I will find out what exactly is going on, and I will bust you Prince Albert in a Can. Then I will get in touch with my friends at the police department, and you will be placed under arrest, and then I will have enough evidence that you will go to trial and be convicted, and then you will go to prison based on the information I already have then you will be able to spend time with some of the many people you have pissed off over the years, and unlike me they will take a hunk out of your ass because they have nothing to lose.” Mark stood up.

“I suggest you leave Mark. Now!” The Principle yelled.

Prissey started barking loudly and the Assistant Principle entered the room to see the commotion. Mark walked past the Assistant Principle and went outside, and got into his car. He exited the school parking lot and parked in the parking lot across the street to see if his hunch was going to happen. It didn’t take long but it in fact did happen.

The Principle left the school early, and Mark immediately followed not too far behind. He followed the Principle to the College Gym. Mark parked in a distance and peered at Principle Al Bamboon hid out of sight through a pair of old binoculars. He watched as Principle Al stood outside his family’s minivan as the person he was in the picture with who he said was an basketball coach at the college walked over to him. Sure enough he was dressed as if he was a coach for the college. He was no longer dressed in his magician costume.

The Principle opened up the back lift of the minivan and the college basketball coach was pushing over a Wal-Mart grocery cart from the Wal-Mart down the street. Principle Al began to take boxes out of the back of his minivan and placed them in the Wal-Mart cart. Mark took pictures with his Nikon D40 Digital Professional Camera. He snapped picture after pictures at a very quick rate. He knew he would get to the bottom of this.

The college basketball coach and the principle didn’t talk long at all. Once all the boxes were unloaded into the Wal-Mart Shopping Cart the High School Principle got back into his family’s royal blue minivan and drove back to High School without Mark being aware because he was determined to stay at the college and see what was inside those boxes that Principle Al unloaded into the Wal-Mart Shopping Cart for the college basketball coach. He watched where the college basketball coach went, and once he went inside Mark looked at Prissey and asked if she could go inside with him, and not make a sound.

Prissey looked at him like she understood. They stared at each other like they were having a silent conversation with each other knowing exactly what the other one wanted and needed. It was like those silent conversations out of How I Met Your Mother. Only with a man and a Chihuahua. Mark thought maybe Prissey would do good but if she didn’t maybe he could get them out of a bad situation somehow. He thought regardless he was going to try. He scooped Prissey up and sat her down on the ground. He shut the door to the car, and lead the way.

Prissey followed behind Mark. Her feet hadn’t often been on the ground but she was good at coming to people when called. It helped that Mark’s mom trained her from Chihuahua training videos on YouTube, and a Chihuahua’s For Dummies Book she bought for a penny at a yard sale. Prissey followed closely to Mark because he didn’t move too quickly. Mark made it to the gymnasium doors that the basketball coach went through first. He opened it up and Prissey shot through the crack before the door was opened wide enough for Mark to go through. Then Mark went through ready for an adventure.


Interruption In Regular Scheduled Programming

The Fox News Channel National Presidential Debate was reaching its midway point between current favorite in the polls and current Democrat Vice President Dr. Gregory Mitchell and the young Republican First Term Senator Ian Irish. Dr. Mitchell had the experience on a long successful resume over his much younger opposition. Dr. Mitchell is one of the most well liked people in Washington, and could of easily became President of the United States 8 years ago but he and current President Susan Kelley made the deal that he wouldn’t run which would open the door for Susan’s Democratic Presidential nomination 7 years ago, and she would select Dr. Mitchell as her Vice Presidential running mate to secure the Democrats the White House. Not to mention the first female United States President. Then the doctor would run after Susan’s two terms are up. Which was the plan the older then Senator Mitchell and North Carolina Governor Susan Kelley manifested and the stars aligned for them because not only did they get a Democrat in the White House but over her 7 years as President the Democrats also hit a grand slam out of the park in the next couple of elections getting the house and the senate. America was seeing its most beneficial days that it has seen in many years. It was apparent by the polls unless something majorly went awry then Dr. Gregory Mitchell would have a title change from Vice President to President Mitchell come January after the November election. He was ready for the step up in responsibility, and to finish out establishing his legacy.

In a New York City luxury apartment a man who was a inch higher than six foot with a well defined rock hard body was conducting his nightly exercise routine. The man had a bald head, and a stern look plastered all over his face. His eyes were dark brown that he was using to stare at the Presidential Debate with in the process of doing his exercise routine only in a pair of dark blue silk boxer shorts. The man had battle scars all over his well defined body in various and random places throughout his body. The man looked like an underwear model as he was on the floor with his feet under the futon looking at the TV periodically as he went up and down doing his crunches as he waited for his roommate to finish getting ready for work.

Sean James finished his hundredth sit up as he looked up at the TV from the floor. “Why am I watching this?” Sean thought as he stood up picked up his remote off of his futon, and turned the TV to the season finale of Lethal Weapon he had waiting for him on VDU. Sean sat down but wasn’t sitting there long till his bedroom door became ajar.

In entered his roommate Brandy. Sean first saw a wide bare foot enter the room first. It was a size nine wide foot that had a Lily Munster portrait tattoo on it. He watched the female feet even though the toenails weren’t painted and the toenails ends had been ripped off at the ends of her toenails, and weren’t properly pedicure. The female’s left foot had a Jason Voorhes had a portrait of Jason’s mask on it.

Brandy looked at Sean who sat there in his silk boxer shorts but unlike other times Sean’s little buddy wasn’t completely hid underneath his boxers. Brandy couldn’t look Sean in the eyes and she was in a full blown stare with Sean’s penis which were part of the way out of his boxers. It was like a game of chicken of a different sort. Who would turn first Brandy or Sean’s penis.

Brandy thought of an episode of TruTv’s Impractical Jokers where the jokers in the middle of a challenge where two out of the four of them were trying to teach a business group proper trusting exercises were challenged to conduct a game of tongue chicken. Tongue chicken is where two people stand on the opposite side a room and stick out their tongues. The two people face each other with their tongues stuck out, and the slowly walk towards each other. The first person to turn their heads loses. The only way to win the game is to touch tongues with your friend and not chicken out. The challenge on Impractical Jokers nobody one they stopped before they touched tongues and conducted a trust fall.

Sean eyed Brandy as she eyed him down under. Brandy stood a little over five feet with curves in all the right places. Brandy was definitely a bbw or a big beautiful woman. But Brandy was sexy big. She wore black glasses and was covered in tattoos with fire engine highlights in jet black hair. Brandy’s eyes sparkled like diamonds between her glasses and were crystal clear ocean blue. Her eyes resembled an ocean that surrounded an island somewhere and were so clear blue it appeared like you could leap right in them!

Brandy was dressed in the t-shirt of the club she danced at, and in a pair of jean shorts. All she had to do was slip on her flip flops, and grab her bag and off she would go to work. “Could you walk me down to my car.” Brandy finally uttered out.

Sean finally caught what Brandy’s eyes were getting a look at and adjusted himself. “You sure you are not into men?” Sean asked as he adjusted himself.

“What do you think?” Brandy asked walking into the living room.

“I think we have been roommates three years now, and you are the only person getting any with anybody else in this house.” Sean’s voice was muffled as he put on a t-shirt. He followed that up with a pair of shorts, and met his roommate outside their apartment door.

“You still being hassled by that guy?” Sean asked with concern.

“Yeah.” Brandy said as she started down the stairs clutching her gym bag full of her work costumes.

“I told you to get a restraining order.” Sean dictated sounding like a father figure.

“You worry about you, and let me worry about my clients. Besides he’s banned from the club, and I have you walking me to my cab to get to the club, and I have Amber driving me home. Don’t worry. I will be ok.” Brandy smiled goofy in Sean’s face then walked to her cab.

“When will you be home?” Sean asked in a very caring manner.

“Just keep the door unlocked Amber and I are having date night tonight after work, and I will be home sometime tomorrow to get more clothes for work, and then going back into the club.” Brandy spoke standing behind a open cab door. The cabby was attempting to hurry the conversation along by honking the horn several times.

“Ok. Call me when you get off.” Sean once again spoke very caring.

“Yes father.” Brandy hoped into her cab rolled down the back window, and she stuck out her tongue at Sean exposing her white teeth and a pink tongue stud in the middle of her tongue. Then as the cabby was taking Brandy to her strip club Brandy gave Sean a free show by flashing him.

Sean shot his friend a playful bird, and then went back upstairs to his New York Loft. He and Brandy were like brother and sister. When Sean knew he had to take a roommate after his mother moved to Florida to be with Mr. Charlie Johnson Sean knew he needed someone to live with him for him to keep the loft, and for him to live in happiness he knew his roommate would have to be female. Brandy was one of the last people he interviewed, and he knew she was the ying to his yang, and was the perfect solution to all of his problems. She was lesbian so he didn’t have to worry about a relationship coming from it. He knew he had to have a female roommate practically because he rather be friends with ten women he would never have sex with than be friends with one guy so he couldn’t see himself having a male roommate. Sean had no male friends, and his father was dead in his eyes, and had been dead in his eyes for some time. Every male who had ever been in Sean James life have always turned their back on him. Every male but Mr. Johnson who was a solid friend towards Sean, and didn’t just use Sean as a toy to use to impress Sean’s mother like other men Sean’s mother saw did.

Most of Sean’s female friend’s are also Brandy’s friends. Sean had two original friends prior to Brandy; Paige and Charlotte which are not only two friends but were also ex-girlfriends of Sean’s that stayed friends after the breakup. Paige and Charlotte are also best friends. Paige and Sean had their relationship then they broke up, and then Paige set Sean up with her friend Charlotte for them to have a relationship. Sean and Charlotte had a relationship a year longer than Paige and Sean did but they currently were having a break on having a romantic relationship, and were trying to maintain a platonic friendship which was hard to do but they somehow were pulling it off. However the only woman at Sean’s Loft was Brandy. Neither Paige or Charlotte wanted to come to Sean’s loft since Brandy moved in. As of late Sean has only been hanging out with Brandy and her girlfriend Amber, and all their friends

Sean went inside, and took a shower. He couldn’t help it Brandy turned him on. Everything from her tan skin, to various tattoos and piercing, and the sexy glasses on her face. She couldn’t help but fuck with him any chance she got like she did down at the taxi. Brandy knew Sean would be down to fuck anytime she seriously wanted to but in that same instance she knew the male member did nothing for her so if she couldn’t enjoy the fuck then fuck it just wasn’t worth it. So Brandy would just fuck with Sean until that got old, and then would move on to something else. Seriously though Brandy was very happy with her Fiancee Amber. They planned to get married the second that New York Announced Marriage being a Right No Matter if you are are a straight or gay couple. They were currently saving the money to get married, and to have the honeymoon they wanted at the Atlantis Resort down in the Bahamas. They were nearing their set date a mere 90 days away, and both were already marked off work down at the club, and Brandy got it in stone swear from Sean James to be Brandy’s Best Man.

Neither Brandy’s or Amber’s parents were coming both sets of parents wrote their daughter off for being lesbian. It was turning out to be a friend galore sort of affair. “People ask me how I understand women so well.” Sean thought as he washed his muscle abs. “Nobody would ever believe me if I wrote out an instruction manual to figuring women out.” Sean thought as he turned off the shower, and opened the shower door.

He stepped out onto a towel, and wiped off the mirror exposing his bald head, and his facial hair that went down the center of his chin like his favorite professional wrestler of all time Sting. He looked down at his electric razor, and thought for split second to cut off his facial hair then decided against it when he saw the light underneath the door to his bedroom cut off. He wrapped a towel around him and slowly opened the bathroom door. Sean was in the bathroom that was inside his bedroom. The hair on the back of his neck stood up as…

“Brandy you back?” Sean stepped out into a dark bedroom. He felt like he was in a horror movie but whether it was Jason Voorhes or Michael Myers because it couldn’t be Freddy Kruger because Sean was wide awake he knew that they have met their match.

“Get dressed James.” A female British voice spoke.

“Yes ma’am.” Sean did as ordered as she turned on the lights to Sean’s bedroom again.

“What’s up?” Sean asked the devil in the blue dress that was sprawled across the end of Sean’s bed.

Sean stood in fear of what awaited him from the British woman.

“You don’t have to worry your roommate made it to the club.” The British woman pulled, a folder out from under her breast and tossed it down at Sean James’s bare feet.

Sean leaned down, and picked up the folder and began to go through the folder.

“Please help yourself.” The British woman stood up and walked in front of Sean James. She looked him in the eye, and then looked at the page in the well detailed file Sean was on.

“JihaDoom is planning a major attack with death tolls that will surpass September 11th by many thousands Sean. You knew you would be called upon at any given moment handsome.” The Brit in blue squeezed Sean’s buttocks through his silk boxer shorts.

“I believe ma’am that is sexual misconduct.” Sean stepped back and continued flipping through the file titled Armageddon.

“Your flight ticket is on your nightstand, pack a bag champ, you are being called up.” The Brit left the room and the loft as silently as she came in.

Sean didn’t delay. He packed what he needed, and he Ubered to the airport after leaving Brandy a note simply saying work called, and he would be back as soon as he could. Sean left often on missions of sorts. He was a decorated Navy Seal, and was involved in missions of the classified nature in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and even more classified mission over the Iran border. Sean went on many missions taking out Al-Queda and Isis, and then most recently since the Isis threat was wiped out years back stragglers from the major Islamic Terrorist Groups decided to join together and form JihaDoom. This new brutal barbarian group had people from all Islamic Creeds from the Africans with Boko Haram to the Arab left over from past Middle East Terrorism Group along with people who have traveled to meet with them. .

Eight Years prior to this point Republican President Clayton had the terrorist running for cover but when his two terms were up Democrat First Female President Kelley was elected, and her campaign was based on change, and she described President Clayton as a war mongrel. The whole idea of electing President Kelley was to change the fact that week in and week out that our troops dying was top story on all the broadcast news channels. Once President Kelley was elected she undid all of what President Clayton did, and for eight years JihaDoom had the chance to build up their forces, and strengthen their eyes on the prize which was going to be one bad day for America titled Armageddon.

The plans for Armageddon was found out by a CIA Operative in Afghanistan. The CIA Operative was launched out looking for an Army deserter. The CIA Operative and a few Army solders got in a shootout at a known Taliban hideout that was being monitored for three days before the shootout. The Army deserter wasn’t there but what just arrived at their feet packed up in a nice package with a red big bow from JihaDoom was their notification and all the information packed behind Armageddon.

Imagine the series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, and the reboot 24 Legacy each season in 24 Episodes handling 1 particular terrorist attack per season, and there is like 12 seasons total plus a TV movie but regardless of amount of episodes or seasons the Armageddon folder dictated that JihaDoom was planning to conduct every imaginable terrorist attack known to man in America on the same day America’s independence Day fourth of freaking July, and Sean knew as he sat on the flight from New York to his pick up at Dulles Airport that he stood in the way of saving hundreds of thousands of American lives only 48 hours out from Armageddon.

Sean thought I am not black like the guy in 24 Legacy but I am very athletic. I am a Navy boxing champion, and I am a mixed martial arts champion. I won several mixed martial arts tournaments and best man competitions. I would brand myself a bad ass Sean thought as he began to drift on in his head. He thought I am younger than Jack Bauer was from the 24 series. Plus I have real bad man take down time. My life isn’t that scripted shit. Sean continued to think as his eyes shut. He began to think of the Lethal Weapon television show, and thought how they did the movies justice, and then Sean thought of the Lethal Weapon movies. Sean thought I am like Martin Riggs and full blown Lethal Weapon, and I have the scars to prove it. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder, and came back to reality.

Sean thought of back to high school, and living with his mom and older brother Brodan.

“You really need to straighten up your life.” Brodan told a younger Sean James.

Brodan was 4 years older than Sean, and at this time during Sean’s flashback Brodan was twenty and Sean was sixteen. Sean was home suspended from school yet again and was sitting on his water bed as his older brother preached to him from the doorway.

“Sean are you listening to me?” His older brother sternly spoke.

Sean went from lying down on his water bed to sitting up, and gave his older brother a death stare while their mom was in the kitchen sitting at the kitchen table crying. “You hear what you are doing to mom? Why did you get in a fight this time?” Brodan interrogated.

“The Mexican was messing with Lindsay. She came to me told me about his sexual advances unwanted sexual advances at that Bro, and I handled it. No need for you to worry about it. You are not my father.” Sean laid back down, and began drifting up and down on the water bed.

Brodon rushed over to Sean, and pulled him up off the bed, and asked him “You want to be a hero Sean? Huh! Do Yay?” Brodon got in his younger brother’s face pissed off his younger half brother was ignoring him. He didn’t put up with disobedience, and didn’t tolerate being disrespected especially with the rank he held in the Navy after being in the Navy the past two years.

Broden held Sean by his biceps and stared coldly into his half brother’s eyes as he read Sean his rights “You got five seconds to get that shit eating grin off your face. We might not share the same father but we certainly share the same mother, and I am tired of you upsetting her. I get why you did what you did; this time but you are involved in MMA Mixed Martial Arts, and you need to show discipline from time to time Sean. Remember the movie Con Air?” Brodan let go of his younger brother’s biceps.

“I didn’t kill anybody and I am not a Army Ranger. You are the military man in the family.” Sean tried to walk around Brodan but Brodan pushed Sean back.

Sean tried to move around Brodan’s other side and Brodan pushed his brother even harder. The harder shove caused Sean to fall to the ground, and Brodan placed his boot square in the center of Sean’s chest then asked him if he had a problem with the military.

“Look Brodan I could take you down right now if you really want to go at it like this and upset mom even more.” Sean spoke with confidence.

Broden removed his boot from Sean’s chest and Sean stood back. Broden asked Sean how many times he had been suspended for fighting that year. Sean answered three times. Then Brodon asked his question to his younger brother again asking if Sean had a issue with the military.

“I don’t have a lot of tolerance with being told what to do.” Sean answered.

“Look your dad John wasn’t in the military he claimed to always have fought in Vietnam but he never did but my dad Steve was in the military, and I feel you could benefit from a little discipline, and besides you are already in shape so boot camp in two years should be a piece of cake.” Brodon reached in his pocket and pulled out a card to the ROTC Officer at the High School Sean was currently attending. He told Sean that he contacted his old ROTC Officer, and he wanted Sean to talk to him when he got off suspension for fighting. He told his brother to do ROTC, and when he graduated from High School for him to come to the recruitment office where he would be able to enlist his younger brother in the Navy by that time.

“Fine Bordan I will do whatever you want just let me go in there and apologize to mom, and calm her down. Okay!”

Sean took the card, and his older brother stepped aside.

Sean couldn’t believe that talking to his brother that day in his bedroom which was one of the last times they spoke would lead him down the rabbit hole that lead him on many adventures that any initial adventure could be spelled out into a screenplay, and be a pretty awesome action movie. Sean thought how he met with the ROTC Officer Mike Nelson, and then signed up for the after school ROTC Elective Class. He thought how he attended ROTC from his Freshmen Year to Senior Year of High School, and he shortly after he graduated High School the May after his Senior year he went, and met with Brodan at the mall’s Navy Recruitment Office.

Sean knocked on the opened door to Brodan’s Recruitment Office.

“I was wondering if you were ever going to show up Bro.” Brodan said with a smile.

“I gave mom a promise, and I intend on keeping it. Hey at least in the long run I haven’t made mom cry since the day I gave Jose the ass beating he deserved, and you talked to me in my bedroom when you were home on leave.” Sean smiled standing in the doorway.

“What are you waiting for. Have a seat.” Brodan stood up and pointed at the seat in front of of his desk.

“Just waiting on permission Sir.” Sean spoke in a smart ass tone towards his brother, and saluted him.

Sean handed Brodan his Letter of Recombination to his brother from ROTC Officer Nelson.

“You son of a bitch.” Brodan laughed.

“What?” Asked Sean.

“He wouldn’t write me a Letter of Recombination. Anyway go to that computer to your left, and fill everything out, and I will add this Letter of Recombination to your file I am starting. You brought some gym clothes I assume.”

“Yes sir.” Sean said as he moved to the computer, and began to fill out all the information the Navy needed.

Sean remember it took about 45 minutes to fill out all of the forms needed for him to enlist in the Navy, and then he found himself running a mile run around the mall, and doing the other needed exercises for the Navy Recruitment Office to do their fitness test. Brodan followed Sean around the mall driving in a golf cart timing him on a stop watch. As soon as Sean’s mile run was over Brodan let out another “You son of a bitch.” Then he acknowledged that Sean did a faster mile than he did when he did his fitness test.

Soon enough Brodan completed his younger brother’s file complete with all the medical history Sean brought with him, the printed off forms that were printed off from the computer. and the ROTC and Other Letters of Recombination from other key people in Sean’s life including the High School Principle.

Soon enough a letter was delivered to Sean that the Navy was accepting him, and Brodan drove Sean to where he was going to be for basic training.

“The stewardess said I can sit here you mind. I mean you seem real intense with what you are looking at.” A guy said about average build with brown hair, and the same facial hair like Sean. Sean thought I really can’t say no there is no place else to sit, and he needs this plane in the air to get him where he needs to go. Sean was definitely on a time table.

“Yeah. Sure. I think they prefer flight attendant but I really am in my work so enough said.” Sean cut the chit chat short or at least he tried.

“That’s fine I am in my work too.” The man next to Sean lifted a black batman symbol theme covered stuffed black bear wearing a Jedi costume and Yoda ears to his chest. He closed his eyes and began to breathe like he was a pregnant woman in labor. The man next to Sean had to be his eyes 33 so Sean didn’t get his fear of flying. He especially didn’t get it because he faced a hell of a lot more troubles than worrying if a plane was going to crash.

The plane pulled off and Sean’s annoying guest breathed like a pregnant woman until they were in the air for three minutes. Sean couldn’t concentrate on his flight so when he saw that his seating guest was back to reality he asked “Does that help?” Sean poked the bear in the chest.

“Yeah my girlfriend gave it to me when she can’t come with me.” The man said then reached for his bag under the seat, and pulled out the book Simply Priceless.

He handed it to Sean. He laid the book down on Sean’s folder then said “Wait. What’s your name?”


The man scripted out a personalization in his book then handed Sean back the book. Sean recognized the book when he read the synopsis. He knew the book was a New York Times Best Seller, and was coming out to the big screen that July 4th. Sean tried to listen as the novelist told him his wife Brandy tries to come to every signing but she is busy with her work as manager of the night shift at Wal-Mart so she can’t always get off to go to his signings. He went on and Sean listened as this man told Sean how much Brandy means to him, and how he didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t have her. Sean thanked the man for the book, and told him that he was looking forward to the movie but he would definitely read the book when time permits.

Sean thought as the author of Simply Priceless got busy watching a movie how this man and his Brandy was just one story of countless lives that could be lost if he screwed this mission up. Sean said under his breath “I am not going to have it. Not on my watch!” Sean studied the folder until he interrupted by his “flying partner” hyperventilating again. Sean knew this man’s beside him wife being Brandy couldn’t be by accident. Sean knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to his own Brandy even if nothing romantic or sexual would ever come between them. She was like his little sister, and he made sure nobody fucked with his baby sister even though he only had an older half brother he knew how he would treat a little sister if he had one.

Sean still was deep in thought about his past as the man beside him was shooting Facebook messages back and forth with his Brandy.

Sean was thinking when he decided to be a Seal, and that tap out bell that was right in front of him during every exercise that the Seal Trainees were going through. He thought how he never quit at anything he started. He remembered Mr. Marsh his 7th and 8th Grade Junior High Track Coach built into him that if you ever quit one thing it makes things easier in life to quit the next thing, and then the next thing, and so on!

Sean knew he went through hell during Seal training. He remembered being interrogated by the Native American Steve Cole. The Seals were given X amount of time to hide, and then The High Chief Steve Cole and Veteran Retired Navy Seal and his team went out to find, and capture everybody involved in the exercise. Sean remember he found himself tied by the ankles and hung upside down with his wrists tied behind his back, and he was hanging upside down from a tree branch.

Steve Cole spun Sean around so much to the point that Sean threw up, The High Chief Steve Cole gave Sean a very rough interrogation. He hit Sean with all his might, and slapped Sean around. Steve Cole was a High Chief at a nearby Native American Cherokee Indian Grounds in North Carolina. The Navy Seals only used the retired seal for this exercise with training new and upcoming seals with interrogation training as part of Hell Week!

Sean went through hell that night with Steve but after the fact High Chief Steve Cole told Sean James he never had a recruit take as much punishment as Retired Navy Seal Steve Cole dished out on Sean that night, and not bat an eyelash, and especially not quit.

Sean graduated in the top of his class after the 24-week School of Basic Underwater and Demolition Seal School. Which included a basic parachutist course. Then Sean went on to a 26-week Seal Qualification Training Program. Sean made his older brother proud when everything was all said and done, and Sean James got the classification as a United States Navy Seal.

Brodan saw his younger brother one last time after Sean’s graduation. He took Sean out for a beer, and told him how proud of him Brodan was. He told Sean that he was being called away for a little while but he would see Sean soon. Little did Sean know that night at the low rent bar that his brother and him were attending that was near Sean’s base that that night would be the last night he would ever see his brother alive.

Brodan went on a very difficult mission involving JihaDoom. Him and his team took heavy gunfire, and none of them made it back to the United States alive. They were ambushed by more Jihad doom terrorist than were originally planned to be at the terrorist bungalow that they were hitting that night. The mission was a complete flop, and nothing went like it was supposed to. Sean saw Brodan in the casket at his viewing, and thought at least before his brother’s life ended that he made his older brother who was like a father to him proud of him, and he knew he would continue to make his older brother proud of him as Brodan looked down on him from Heaven.

Soon the plane was on the ground, and Sean knew who he was supposed to meet. He waited for the plane to clear, and then he put his Simply Priceless signed novel in his bag that was in the overhead compartment before pulling it out, and exiting the plane. He walked off of the plane and into the airport terminal on a mission. He walked down to catch the subway train and took it to baggage clam. Sean walked out investigating everyone till he saw a sign that read New York New York with the word Hollywood above it.

The man holding the sign was a tall bald headed white man with visible Navy Tattoos. Sean knew his code name was Hollywood since growing up in New York he auditioned for several movies before joining the military. Sean walked up to the guy, and both men walked outside. The bald headed navy tatted up sign holder brought Sean outside to a red jeep wrangler. He hopped in the driver’s seat, and Sean hopped in the passenger seat still neither men said anything to each other as the bald headed driver cranked the engine and sped off.

Sean day dreamed as his Chauffeur drove him to wherever he was taking them. He thought about how he left the Navy when he was eligible for leaving at the end of his original tour, and how he took some off time, and then to the point he decided to reenlist in the Navy. He remembered going through the process to reenlist filling out all the forms and proving he was still in tip top shape, and then he waited for the notification that he was reenlisted but besides a letter coming in the mail he got a phone call to come into the mall recruitment office.

He went to the military recruitment hallway of the mall and the Navy Office and a big Closed Sign hung up the front door. Sean was mosey so he pushed the door and it opened up. He knew he had a meeting, and knew he was early so that meant he was on time. He walked in the front recruitment office, and nobody was there where the secretary sat and then he saw the office door to the recruiter that took Brodan’s spot at the recruiting office was open. Sean walked toward the recruiter’s office door.

“Lock the main door and come in here.” A British Female voice spoke.

Sean’s curiosity got to him so he locked the main door an walked into a dark room. The only light was a cigar from the person sitting behind Brodan’s old desk. Then suddenly the lights flipped on in the office, and there stood a woman in a red dress by the light switch, and Sean recognized the Director of the CIA sitting behind Brodan’s old desk with the Navy Recruiter standing behind the CIA Director.

Sean looked funny, and didn’t know what to expect. The British woman told Sean that she knew that Sean saw the information that Brodan had at his apartment on the various missions he went on including the last mission that went to hell.

“Yeah I thought all of it had to do with one of Brodan’s stories. You mean that confidential information was real?”

“I thought you said he tested better and was smarter than Brodan in every category.” The CIA Director commented standing up.

“He is.” The Navy Recruiter said,

“Your brother was involved in a lot of shit, and now we have an offer for you.” The British woman said trying to save the mission at hand.

“I am listening.” Sean replied.

The CIA Director sat back down, and commented on all of Sean James achievements, and how advanced he was. He summed it all up with a invitation to Langley to dive deeper into advanced Intel like his brother was in. The CIA Director slide a folder across the table with a check with Sean James first payday as a probationary CIA Operative, and the information he needed to know along with a flight ticket to get him to Langley for CIA Training.

Sean thought as he was being driven to the location in silence by the man that picked him up at the airport how CIA Training was nothing like the training with the seals, and how Native American Chief Steve Cole’s interrogation was far worse than the interrogation he went through by the CIA Operative that did that part of the training. Sean thought maybe a day will come where I am a commentator for a major news organization. He thought it wouldn’t matter what Global News Organization he was a News Commentator for whether they went along with his political beliefs or not he could live the simple life, and maybe be married to Charlotte. Possibly I could have kids; possibly. He didn’t know how he felt about having kids because he didn’t know what type of father he would be since his father was an asshole Sean was scared those asshole tendencies would rub off on him, and he would be a terrible father and a terrible husband. He knew Brandy and Amber wouldn’t want him around with them forever. He wasn’t their human pet like Sheldon was Penny and Leonard’s human pet on the television sitcom The Big Bang Theory. This was real life not a comedy on TV.

Sean knew Long Term he would figure something else as he stopped with the personal train of thought, and began to think about Armageddon. He knew another mission stood in his way, and his normal everyday life. Sean knew he had to be briefed, and then the real fun shall begin. Sean thought about the author from the plane, and he knew if he could ever dedicate the time to write a fictional book based on real events he experienced that he knew he could have a real life best selling novel to promote while he is a commentator on a global news station. He always was going to dedicate the time to write that novel but he never could bring himself to the point to actually write out what he was thinking about writing. Writer’s block is a funny thing. Honestly it was a good thing that no other professions had blocks to them. What if doctor’s had medical block. What if half way through heart surgery a cardiologist forgot what he was doing. What if I Sean thought forgot how to be my bad ass self then I would wind up getting killed on one of these missions I am ordered to go out on. Then I would be dead like Brodan. Sean knew if he ever did write the book he kept in the back of his mind to write he would dedicate it to Brodan. Brodan was his hero, and Brodan saved him from going down a very bad road just by putting him in touch with ROTC Officer Nelson. Sean began to go through the folder the Britt gave him again for the last few moments of the ride, and began to get his eye on the prize zoning himself in to the fact that he had a mission to accomplish. He was a real life superhero, and Sean knew it! He was about to prove it soaking up the knowledge that was in his mission folder in complete silence.



Public Humiliation

Club Zero was the place everyone went in Atlanta. It was like the pits of hell inside there with a mosh dance floors patrons walked down to a series of steps from where you enter the club at the top floor where there are four separate bars surrounding the upper level. There were lit torches walking down the entry way into the top level of the bar area. It was like you were walking through an underground tunnel once you entered the Club Zero front door until you got out into the main bar area. The décor echoed hell complete from top to bottom as loud kill the puppies music played. Everyone knows kill the puppies music as being the nickname that is given to the “Metal” music genre by those that appreciate real music instead of this genre of Metal music that is known as kill the puppies music which can barely be referred to as Music in majority of people’s eyes. This music has been given this name because the music itself is just as horrible as killing puppies! The kill the puppies music was all that could be heard from the downstairs mosh pit to the very back of the top level floor where you would find an arcade room. The place was lit with orange lights, and there were flames and all sorts of demonic images on the wall. It was a scary place for the average Joe especially each time the front door open a demonic recording would state “Welcome to the seventh level of hell!”

The ceiling was glass with a giant Lucifer face looking down through the glass. Christian Churches around Atlanta have been trying to get Club Zero to remove the giant Satan statue off of their roof. Some of those church groups went as far as to take Club Zero to court. Which their case went all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington DC, and the Supreme Court sided with the nightclub business in the same way the Supreme Court had sided with little mom and pop bakeries who did not wish to cook wedding cakes for gay couples because the Club Zero Owner’s Legal Counsel sighted that the man who owns Club Zero is a Satanist as far as his relgion. So the Supreme Court ruled making the Club Zero owner take down the giant Satan statue that appears to be trying to smash his way through the roof of Club Zero would in the end be a violation of the person’s freedom to practice any relgion he wishes to practice.

Since the Club Zero owner won that case he added other Lucifer statues within sight of anybody driving by his club knowing nobody could do anything about it. Once of the more standout statues he put in front of the club was of Lucifer having Jesus bent over and the Lucifer statute moved back and forth and appeared to be raping Jesus from behind with a series of cigars inside his mouth as Jesus appeared to be crying. A lot of people took pictures with that statue, and all of the club owner’s other statues that a person could walk up to!

Alex, AJ, Kevin, and Randy picked up their girlfriends Brooke, Stephanie, and the twins that dated Kevin and Randy; Karen and Kate. The group went straight to the club. They got there at 4pm, and waited outside behind the rope to be let in at six pm. The line was already huge when they got to the waiting zone at 4pm and the entire time Alex was with his friends especially really heating up ever since the club first opened up which was about six hours ago. Brooke nagged Alex continuously the entire time, and Alex took it. All the time his girlfriend was ever like this he took it. He didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t take it. He didn’t want to wind up being alone! She was such a bitch at times though and they both knew it. Brooke would admit she was a bitch. She had no shame in the manner.

Alex stood there in front of the hallway to go down to exit the club holding Brooke’s shoes. Brooke was wearing very expensive Louis Vuitton Streamline Pump Heels.

The Streamline pump is in calf leather, and is a futuristic style! The heel combines a technical upper inspired by the iconic LV Archlight sneaker along with a feminine stiletto heel. The graphic cut-outs sensually reveals the woman’s foot, while the shoe’s long laces add a sporty touch. The Streamline pump Brooke owns is finished with a back loop in Monogram canvas

Alex just stood there holding Brooke’s shoes while being annoyed because he was ready to leave as Brooke talked to the other people within the group that came that night. Alex stood there holding her shoes thinking maybe I should just lay these shoes down, and Uber home. Alex wore khaki shorts, a Star Wars T-shirt, and Darth Vader Star Wars shoes. Alex’s shoes were similar to a skater’s shoe. The Star Wars shoe was black and tan with little Darth Vader heads all over them. His bald head shined under the spotlight above, and he was really getting tired. Besides that he had to work in the morning. The gang knew he had to leave early, and it wasn’t an issue to any of them before coming out that night. But his group of friends weren’t always as respectful to Alex or what he needed as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Ross Geller from the 25 year old television show as of September 22nd 2019!

Friends is about a group of Three young men and three young women that are of the BFF kind, and they live in the same apartment complex. They face their lives and love lives inside the world of New York City. This group is not above sticking their noses into one another’s business along with no above swapping romantic partners so this always leads to the type of hilarity average people in the world will never experience. This goes especially during time of breakups.

“Sweetie.” Alex finally spoke shyly. He was really nervous about what was about to happen because he knew it wouldn’t be good. Brooke had been on his case for several days now. Alex just figured it was that time of the month. He didn’t have a calendar keeping up when the red eyed monster came but after being with her for the length of their relationship he thought he should create a calendar and keep up with her period.

Some people are actually turned on by a woman’s menstrual cycle. These people suffer from Menophilia. The term menophilia is the love for menstrual blood. This sexual interest is called “Flow” and the act of performing oral during the monthly period has become known as “earning your red wings” But with this being said Alex wasn’t interested in menophila he was only interested in keeping up with Brooke’s periods because she became more abusive than usual during her time of the month..

“What!” Brooke turned around staring at Alex burning a hole right through him.

“Remember I have a book signing tomorrow. It’s after midnight. You said we weren’t going to stay out all night.” Alex spoke with fear.

Alex had a flashback of those times where Brooke was absolutely abusive towards him.

Alex thought of how Brooke was filled with rage when she told him “I am going out with a real man tonight. I am tired of dealing with you.”

            “What are you talking about?” Alex asked concerned of his spot in Brooke’s life.

            “You better listen to me!” Brooke yelled then knocked the pictures closest to her that were hanging on the wall.

            “What is your problem?” Alex asked backing up.

            Brooke lunged at Alex with her hands out in front of her. She grabbed a hold of Alex’s face and buried her nails into Alex’s cheeks. She kneed him between the legs and he dropped to his knees in pain.

            Brooke held onto Alex’s face and eyed him directly in the eye “Listen to me. I am going out on a date with a real Alpha male tonight, and you are going to stay at my apartment and clean it. Do you understand me?”  Brooke spoke a bit psyhco. This wasn’t the first time she acted like this either.

            “Yes ma’am.” Alex said scared as a cat.

            “Good boy now kiss mommy’s shoes.” Brooke said with a smile.

            Alex leaned down towards Brooke’s pink tennis shoes that he bought her a while back. They were very dirty, and she rarely wore socks inside them. In fact Alex could smell how smelly they were as soon as he pressed his mouth against the toe area of the shoe and began to make out with Brooke’s shoe.

            Brooke kicked Alex in the face when she was done with his make out session with her shoe. Then she left his house. Alex crawled to the corner held his knees against his legs and cried. He sat there in the dark until it was time to go to Brooke’s apartment.

            He got to her apartment early and she decided to put him through humiliation that she knew he absolutely hated. Brooke didn’t respect anybodies limits and Alex was so much of a people pleaser and needy person he would literally go to hell in order to keep the right girl in his life.

            “Strip and lay down on the blanket.” Brooke ordered.

            “No. Please. No.” Alex begged knowing what awaited him.

            “Do it or leave me alone for good. I am done fucking with you.” Brooke harshly spoke.

            Alex broke down in tears as he stripped butt naked and laid down in the floor on the blanket. Brooke walked in the bedroom and came back out holding a diaper. Alex was laying on his back with his knees bent crying.

            “Please no. Please no.” Alex begged.

            “Don’t disappoint Mommy now.” Brooke said as she began the process of put the pink diaper onto her baby.

            Brooke was into strict evil mommy adult baby play. Brooke had an older boyfriend a long time ago that introduced her to Paraphilic infantilism which other termanology for this fetish is autonepiophilia, psychosexual infantilism, along with adult baby syndrome. This is a real sexual fetish which involves role-playing where an adult has a regression to an infant-like state. Behaviors the infant will show in role play will include drinking from a bottle or wearing diapers Which leads into diaper fetishism.

Diaper fetishism also known as nappy fetishism or diaperism, is a type of garment fetish or paraphilic infantilism. The person who has a diaper fetish derives their pleasure from the diaper and/or use of it.

            This boyfriend paid Brooke even after the fact they broke up to be his mommy, and she agreed to take care of him as a mommy domme.

            Mommy Domme is a Dominant in the role of a mother or a caregiver and a nurturer but she is still in control of the Dominant submissive dynamic.

            Brooke enjoyed the money for years being her exboyfriend’s mommy. They developed a true friendship out of it. Brooke even dated other guys and her boyfriends became her baby slave’s daddy where he served them both as mother and father.

            Whereas with Alex he wasn’t into adult baby play or anything Dominant submissive wise so none of this turned Alex on what-so-ever!. Humiliation didn’t turn him on. Being a slave didn’t turn him on but he was forced into slavery like in this relationship with Brooke! Especially if he wanted to keep Brooke in his life Alex was vitually a forced slave for Brooke by living life on her terms in order for her to be willing to keep him around, and he did all of this because he loved the She-Devil.

            He thought as she was strapping the diaper on securely why do I put up with this. He thought as he cried how Brooke emotionally, physically, and sexually abused him. He thought how one night Brooke tied him up and stuck dildos up his ass, and that lead to her using a strap on invading his virgin ass. Alex thought he loved Brooke, and thought deep down she loved him as he cried even harder when Brooke told him.

            “You can’t take this diaper off even if you have to use the bathroom while I am out. Got it? You used the bathroom then you use the bathroom in your diaper and you leave your diaper on until I get back. Got it!” Brooke explained.

            Alex nodded in tears as Brooke explained the notebook is on the table with a cleaning list and cleaning instructions for everything that needs to be cleaned while she was out.  She explained if everything wasn’t up to her specifications when she got home that he would wear the diaper even longer than she originally had planned even if he shit in it.

            Alex said “I will get the job done.”

            Brooke patted Alex on the head, and said “Good boy.” Then she left got in her car and drove to meet who she planned on meeting at the movie theater as Alex only dressed in his diaper went to work cleaning the house.

            Two hours passed and Alex had to pee. “No. No. No.” Alex said trying to hold it. He couldn’t hold it though. Alex wound up peeing his diaper. Alex screamed as he felt his wetness on his body. He knew there was nothing he could do but finish his cleaning job by the time Brooke got home, and hopefully she would let him put his Venom boxer shorts back on. Preferably after he wiped himself off with a warm wash cloth to hold him over until he got home where he could take a shower.

            Alex hated this treatment but this was just part of what Brooke put Alex through throughout their relationship. This is just part of what Alex took on a routine basis after she got comfortable with him just to keep Brooke in his life. Alex just didn’t want to be alone so he put up with treatment like this not because he felt like he deserved it but for the sole reason as mentioned he would go to hell for a girl if it meant keeping her, and he would do even more for the right girl that he truly loved!

Looking on from the bar was Danielle. Danielle Hell Cat to be exact. She stood there after she got done waiting on the current bar patrons thinking what the fuck. About to see some action Danielle thought as she watched Brooke stormed up to Alex.

“Some of us have to work.” Alex spoke with fear.

“Work! Work! Work! You call what you do work?” Brooke yelled as she jerked her 13 hundred dollar shoes from Alex’s arm.

“Yeah it is work I do.” Alex was physically tremoring a little. He was in pain and embarrassed how Brooke was acting. He noticed people looking on at their show Brooke and him were putting on.

“How many copies of this or that have you sold? Honestly how many?” Brooke yelled.

Alex Harris was a self published independent author of multiple books that covered a mass amount of genres. Alex Harris had been doing the writing gig for multiple years now and that was how he made all of his money.

If for some reason he needed extra money he may go trade in some video games or comic books at the local video game or comic book store for quick cash but other than that all of his money came from his sales with his written work.

Alex wasn’t a New York Times Best-selling Author by any means but he made enough money selling his books to survive but not enough money selling his books to be super rich. His debut book was Virtual Community. It was a wrestling romance novel. Where a male college journalism major and journalist for his college’s paper The Communicator was sent on the road with a professional wrestling promotion to travel with Angel. Angel was a Latino female wrestler that Alex modeled after the professional wrestling female manager Zelina Vega.

Zelina Vega was born Thea Megan Trinidad and is an American professional wrestler. Zelina is also  a professional wrestling manager, and Zelina is also an actress that is signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), where Zelina performs mostly on the SmackDown brand. Zelina is best known for being the manager for Andrade Cien Almas who she managed in the minor league of WWE; NXT and on the WWE Main Roster after they were both called up together.

The fictional character’s real name in Alex’s book for the wrestling superstar that goes by Angel is Thea Vega and she was a control freak, and she controlled the grade Mark Pittman would get from his journalism instructor. This book as mentioned was a love story where there was sexual frustration between Vega and Pitman throughout the book. It is about Mark following Thea on the road, and her being her bossy self. When suddenly a love interest brews between the student and the professional wrestler; hint the term wrestling romance novel. The question is how does this love interest turn out? Guess you would just have to read the book which was modeled after the original wrestling romance novel Roadie that spawned the wrestling romance trilogy by another author.

The Roadie synopsis goes like….

Roadie is all about following your dreams and shows in life anything can and probably will happen. Have you even fantasized about any celebrity regardless of their line of work? Luke Turner did. Roadie is one big fantasy turned reality. It all starts with some major bad luck. Which led Luke to apply for his dream job and meet the woman he idolized. A journey quickly began unlike any other. Roadie is a story about life, love, friendship, and all the struggles in between. It follows Luke Turner on his quest to find true happiness. Is there such a thing?

Alex really liked the Roadie book so he modeled the first story he wrote in a very long time after the same outline the author of Roadie used for his Wrestling Romance Novel. He used the same blueprint as the Roadie author used only it wasn’t an exact duplication. Alex was happy with his outcome after the sales for Virtual Community started coming in. They were much bigger than 0 sales like a bunch of people told him that he would sale which was zero copies. There were articles on professional wrestling websites written right away on Virtual Community and Alex Harris was also featured on the @KingofPodcasts wrestling podcast. Which all of the publicity brought Alex more Twitter followers than he ever imagined, and brought him more sales than he expected.

Alex’s books were available at the local independent book store that a friend of his mother ran, and Alex went and sold his books at different venues over a year’s time period each year since he decided to fully dedicate his life to trying to hit the streets and become a professional novelist. Which he made that decision after he lost his job at the local movie theater when he was let go due to lack of work because of the recession.

Alex wrote Virtual Community while working inside the box office at the movie theater. Then when the recession hit and he was let go due to lack of work, and he couldn’t find another job he took his last bit of money and put that amount of money into publishing Virtual Community. He wound up making that amount of money back and then some so Alex Harris added other self published books to his Brand.

When he sold books at events it was a virtual hit and miss depending on events. Some events he sold more books than others and some events he went to back to back with a dry spell selling zero copies of any of his copies that he brought. He never knew before he attended an event if he would sale anything or not. The events he usually thought he would have a big success at he usually didn’t have such a success at. Then those events he attended that he believed that he wouldn’t be much of a success at those events usually turned out to be his best selling venues he attended. Alex sold his books at wrestling events, comic cons, book cons, his own stand alone book signings, and the local big time comic book shop War Games whenever they did an event there because Alex Harris wrote superhero and fantasy titles that took place afterward Virtual Community! But still even with the added titles Virtual Community was still Alex’s top seller!

Alex was proud of his work, and he was probably more proud than the people around him. Most people didn’t show interest in his life. Especially didn’t show interest in his work but it didn’t discourage Alex to the point he quit. He was never going to quit at least not until he became that big time best-selling author he knew he could be with the movie deals, and the big time publication deals that he wanted and needed so bad.

Alex was a glutton for success because Alex Harris was full of habitual greed which is the definition of gluttony. He was also a major workaholic when it came to his work as a novelist.

Workaholic is a person who compulsively works hard and long hours, and Alex worked many long hours on his way to a potential overnight success story. He believed everybody had one good story inside them that if published could easily transpire into a best-selling novel. Alex tried different story from his wrestling romance novel to novels about zombie all the way to a story about someone with a gambling addiction. But none of his stories were best-selling novels. In fact Virtual Community sold better than any other story he wrote, and Alex felt that was because people mixed up his Virtual Community story with Roadie which for the author of Roadie did make that author a Best Selling Author!

He kept trying though, and kept writing rough drafts editing and publishing those rough drafts while trying to promote his Wix website for his writing and his WordPress for his writing on social media. He busted his eyes especially when Brooke took over being Alex’s Boss even though technically Alex Harris was his own Boss doing something the people on the show Shark Tank would consider a hobby instead of an actual business due to his limited number of sales not being a best-selling author on any chart somewhere, and just being a self published author instead of having an actual book deal through a major publishing company.

Shark Tank is a show about entrepreneurs who are given the chance in order to bring their dreams to life in the form of a reality show. This reality show is from executive producer Mark Burnett.  In this show all of the entrepreneurs present their ideas to their product or business to the sharks inside the tank. These sharks are five titans of various industries which made their own dreams come true and who turned their own ideas into a very lucrative empire of their own. The contestants attempt to convince any one of the sharks to invest money into their own personal idea. If more than one of the sharks decides they want to invest in the entrepreneurs product a bidding war will erupt which will drive up the price of the investment. Then it is up to the entrepreneur to decide on which deal he or she wants in regards to which Shark will be investing into their business.

Alex used to fantasize about getting one of the sharks from Shark Tank to invest in him, and his books. Alex thought if he just had a more reliable car, and not the piece of shit beat up gray Civic he owned and the money for vendor fees and hotel stays he could hit more conventions whether comic conventions or wrestling cons and could have more of a target group to offer his work up to on a silver platter which would lead to more sales in Alex Harris’s mind. Alex thought it was so hard to be a independent author, and he got no respect from anybody around him.

Being an indiepenent of indie author is the approach to writing and publishing meaning if an author sees themselves as the sole creative director of their books, this is taken from the concept to the completion and beyond, then that person is an independent of an indie author.

Brooke took over being his boss when they began their relationship and was more involved and supportive in Alex’s work in the beginning than she was by the time that point in time came inside Club Zero. She typed out Alex a weekly schedule to follow. She expected him to work a 7 hour workday with a 30 minutes break everyday.

She put forth deadlines, and really controlled him as any supervisor would control their employee. She was really supportive and made sure he stayed on task until she saw his work wasn’t advancing along to her standards, and she got tired of playing boss until Alex repented to her for his failures in her eyes, and then she usually decided to give Alex another shot to try to prove to her that he had what he needed inside him in order for him to deserve to have Brooke as his writing bosss and deserve any support she gave him. That was one thing that turned Brooke on to Alex as a person was the fact that Brooke always almost imeditely from the start cared about his work as a novelist. Along with the fact she pushed him in a managerial role where other people seemed to not really show interest in Alex’s writing. It was when she started getting angry with him when his work did not sale as she thought it should have been selling is one thing that bothered Alex. Then when Brooke accused Alex of not trying to promote his work in the way she spelled out for him to promote his work really bothered him because Brooke would tell Alex he wasn’t trying which wasn’t the case at all. Alex was an inventor of worlds in his mind as he usually worked on multiple different novels at one time which Brooke broke his balls on for doing because she would say “All the work you are putting into these stories that aren’t even published is plenty of time you could be using to promote your work across all the platforms I told you to promote your work on.” Brooke was good in her managerial role when she wasn’t abusive but Brooke had all of Alex’s confidence as a Boss Lady, and that is one reason he fought so hard to keep Brooke happy and to keep Brooke around because Alex felt if he lost his Legit Boss Lady over his work that all the work he has ever done and any work he could ever do would just go up in a blaze of fire, and he would never be able to make it in the field of writing again. Alex held onto Brooke as a security blanket in regards to making his work a success because she motivated him within his work unlike anything ever before!

Even though Alex for the most part had a Lady Boss behind him to help him advance in the field he chose after losing his job at the movie theater in the middle of a recession when he could not find another job it is so hard for a independent author to truly break into the world of being a novelist. One reason it is harder for the independent author unless an author publishs with a big time publishing company the odds of the authors work actually ending up inside a bookstore for sale is slim to none. Most likely it is none that the author’s books if they self publish will be inside a bookstore because big chain bookstores just don’t stock self published books anywhere except they are cataloged online. Yet unless the author promotes themelf the bookstores aren’t going to let anyone know where to find the author’s published books at. So it is hard to be a independent author because it is a lot of doing things yourself from writing and editing to after their work is published you are now the main one to promote your book and so on!

The drinking Brooke did that night only added to the hatred she had for the boyfriend she has had for the past half a year. She was irate and everybody was watching as Brooke hauled off and slapped Alex not once but three times in a row. Brooke wanted Alex sometimes and didn’t other times. She was real on and off again and Alex was her human toy to put on and take off a shelf in the process! Alex was the only person to be able to put up with Brooke’s attitude and not slap the shit out of her. Simply because Alex did not want to ever be mistaken for his father, and Alex’s mother always taught her favorite son to treat ladies like ladies even when they are not acting as such. Alex always did what his mother told him to.

Brooke lashed out like this a lot. Alex put up with it not wanting to be alone plus on the other hand thinking that he could change her. She was like a bipolar patient who wouldn’t take their meds to keep their moods stabilized for the most part, and when she added alcohol she turned into a complete banchee from the depths of hell.

Bipolar of course is a psychiatric illness that is characterized with having both manic plus having depressive episodes as well, or manic ones only depending whether you are bipolar 1 or bipolar 2.

Brooke definitely had both manic and depressive episodes. That was for sure with plenty of anger in between. She didn’t want to go be properly diagnosed. She didn’t want to be on medication like Geodon.

Geodon is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and is a popular drug for these disorders but Brooke was totally against taking any drug to treat anything mental because she didn’t like the way the medication made her feel like most mental patients who will stop taking their medication because they are so used to not feeling normal that the feeling of not feeling normal was the only way they could function.

She didn’t want therapy. She didn’t want a damn thing medical, and Alex just continued to put up with her nonsense because Brooke would always apologize to him, and make up for things for a certain period of time until the next incident lets say.

Alex put up with it though so it was his own fault to a certain extent of the chaos that took place because that chaos or those incidents would not have taken place with him if he just left her as he threatened to do at times but never had the balls to do because Brooke made Alex feel like she was truly sorry and really would change but it was like the story of the tortoise and the scorpion.

Below is a short story by Anthony Sanchez that Alex Harris thought of….

There was once a tortoise and a scorpion faced by a huge incoming flood. Fearful, but wanting to do the right thing, toward his own kind, the tortoise had told the scorpion he would carry the deadly creature across the raging waters to safety, if the scorpion would promise not to sting him. The scorpion gave his word and climbed onto the tortoise’s back. The mighty water engulfed them both and the tortoise’s short, strong legs swam powerfully, seeking a patch of land the currents hadn’t touched. The waves crashed over them, sending them reeling back. The tortoise swam and swam and swam, struggling to bring them forward, never making progress, for the mighty waves swept them back each time. The waves grew fiercer. The tortoise became tired. Soon, even the light weight of the scorpion began to seem like a heavy chain threatening to drag him under. The tortoise, however, refused to ask the scorpion to jump off, remembering his promise to the scorpion, and more, truly believing he had made a new friend where, as before, lines had been drawn. These thoughts made the tortoise swim harder, and finally a shoreline appeared into view. They were really going to make it. And then, just like that, the scorpion stung him. Dug his pincher deep into the tortoise’s back, allowing the poison to sink deep into his flesh. The tortoise looked back in shocked bewilderment, the poison burning his blood and shocking his mind. His legs turned instantly to lead. He could no longer move. They both began to drown. At the last minute of life, with salty brine filling his mouth and nostrils, the poor tortoise cried, “Why did you do such a thing? You have killed us both.” The scorpion replied simply — “Because it is my nature.”

Brooke stung Alex every time he turned around and Alex never learned from his mistakes by continuing to forgive Brooke, and he wasn’t going to learn as long as he was able to continue to go around her because he was absolutely whipped by Brooke, and would continue to put up with things in his own mind until she stopped the behavior or it killed him because of his fear of being alone, and the fact nobody else wanted him!

“What is your problem?” Alex asked as his supposedly friends were laughing at him as Brooke went on to throw her shoes at him then spit on him. Alex’s face turned a bright shade of red.

“I am done with you. You know what, I have been done with you for awhile, but now I am really done! Hand me my shoes we are done.” Brooke demanded as she stood there in a black dress which really showed off her rockstar look well. She was covered in tattoos. Brooke had lime green hair, and wore sexy black glasses. They were the type of black glasses that would usually be worn by the female who was acting in the role of a school teacher or college professor while filming a teacher and student sexual fantasy pornographic video. The type of video where the student in failing in school and must do whatever the teacher wants in order for her to feel sorry for him, and pass him. Usually those types of videos are involved with foot fetish catergory and the videos contain a lot of humiliation with foot worship with no real regular sexual activity going on. But what is regular with sex anymore? As long as it is two consenting adults and as long as it is legal who gives a fuck.

Foot Mode Productions is a well-known foot fetish video movie company that sales foot fetish dvds out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They sale dvds that consist of Girl vs Men Fighting and Domination, Girls vs Girl Fighting and Domination, and Girl vs Girl Foot Worship and Humiliation titles that all involve plenty of foot worship and degradation for about a half hour. The videos involve Foot Worship – Toe Sucking – Sole Licking – Foot Smelling – Foot Smothers – Knock Outs & Much More! They have subject matter like maids who can’t properly clean and they get foot punishment from their boss. Other content consists of male burglers breaking in on martial arts specialist who beat the intruder down, and then force him to worship their feet. As well as teachers who make failing students worship their feet in exchange for the teacher not telling the poor failing students parents about her failing the teachers class. Foot Mode Productions is one of the bigger known foot fetish selling dvd websites.

Danielle watched as Alex bent down to pick up Brooke’s shoes but Brooke kicked Alex in his face, and demanded he not touch her shoes, and for him to just walk away from her because they were done. She explained Alex was not worthy of her. “You’re not worthy Alex. You never were.” Brooke spit on Alex. Alex didn’t have a spit fetish so this sickened Alex.  A Spit Fetish Definition on Urban Dictionary Reads as Follows….

A sick disguising trend on Playboy tv where the girl spits on the guys dick to give it lube. then continues to do it numerous times even though the guy doesn’t seem to enjoy it.

Usually financial dominatrix make spit videos on various porn pay to play for videos websites, and free spit videos on social media of a findomme spitting out right or spitting on their submissive pet. These videos however are of the financial dominatrix spitting and letting spitting drool out of their mouth or spitting in a submissives face and slapping their face more so than a financial dominatrix spitting on a submissive’s dick because a dominatrix could care less about a submissive’s penis unless they are doing sph which is small penis humiliation or cbt which is cock and ball torture. Those two kinks are as written where a dominatrix either makes fun of how small a submissive’s penis is or tortures a submissive’s cock and balls with various objects causing intense pain! It is pretty self explaining.

Everyone was watching and laughing at Alex including his friends. “You know

what fuck all you. Who cares anymore.” Danielle heard Alex say as he was walking straight toward her empty bar stool.

Brooke sat down in the floor and put on her shoes. Then the twins helped her up, and they all left while Alex sat down at the empty bar stool in front on Danielle.

Danielle placed a glass with Jack Daniels mixed with coke and a clean washcloth.

“Your nose is bleeding a little. She gives love a bad name am I right?” Danielle tried to make a joke.

Danielle joke was about the Bon Jovi song “You Give Love A Bad Name.” But the joke didn’t take off well with the crowd she said it to because Alex didn’t even crack a smile. Instead he stayed focus on trying to get his nose to stop bleeding.

Danielle was a very attractive with jet black long hair on her head wearing black glasses that were much sexier than Brooke’s glasses Alex thought as he took the washcloth and tried to get his nose to stop bleeding. He continued to think I bet this bartender’s glasses are actual prescription unlike Brooke who just wears them to improve her look.

Some people wear glasses especially females wear fake glasses to improve their looks or as part of their style. Two more reasons a girl may wear fake glasses is to look smarter and for a teacher and student sexual fantasy.  So there are many reasons a girl may try to improve her look with fake glasses.

Alex’s nose stopped bleeding and he put the washcloth on the bar top. “I didn’t order a drink.” He said.

“Trust me you need a drink. It’s on me.” Danielle said with as much of a smile as she could give. She wasn’t used to smiling too much. Where she came from it wasn’t permitted!

“Thanks.” Alex said but not before pulling out a five and putting in Danielle’s tip jar. He took a sip of his drink, and wondered how this person he never even seen before knew what he liked to drink when he did drink. He didn’t drink that much.But when he did drink he would drink Jack Daniels and Coke.

“How long were you two together?” Danielle asked wiping up the bar where patrons that left had sat. She seemed to really care.

“Six months.”

Alex tried to hold back tears but he couldn’t help it he broke down. “You know I am a good guy.. A great guy really but every girl I have ever been serious with has used me, cheated on me, and just plain treated me like the dirt on the bottom of their heels.

Just walking all over me nobody cares about me!” He ranted in tears after downing the rest of his drink..

Danielle made Alex another drink, and Alex continued “I have had two relationships before Brooke. Two! Both girls rather have me as a slave than have me as a boyfriend. Both girls rather have a cuckold relationship with me than have me as a boyfriend. Even one girl I saw briefly asked me if I minded if she put me in the corner naked on a comforter, and I watch her have sex with another man. What the fuck!” Alex continued to rant as Danielle laughed without being notice.

A good brief example of a cuckold relationship is where two people are in a committed relationship with the loophole where one of those people are allowed to go out and have committed relationship type activities with other people! While the other person in the relationship is not allowed a relationship with anyone else, and sometimes will be in the corner of the room being forced to watch the person they are in a relationship with have sexual activities with one of the people they chose to experience the loophole in their original relationship with the person in the corner with! The term cuckolding comes from the cuckoo’s habit of laying their eggs inside another bird’s nest. The equivalent words in the French language along with other languages applied to both the bird and the adulterer! There are many kink sites involving porn videos with cheating wives who claim their husbands are not good enough for them, and that their husband displease them sexual! These videos consist of men being made to watch their wives have sex with other males usually in chastity. Some of these videos consist of husbands licking their wifes and their wife’s boyfriend’s feet or being made to do force bi-sexual activities. Cucks are usually known for funding their wife’s or girlfriend’s relationships with the other men in their life besides their cuckold boyfriend or husband. It is a very unique kink.

“Fool me once shame on me Fool me twice shame on you. Fool me three times well? Alex what do you think?” Danielle said sitting down another drink of the same kind.

“I don’t remember saying my name?” Alex said confused.

“You didn’t the person if I can call her that who treated you like a bitch did.” Danielle said with a sadistic smile.

“Whatever I don’t know what that bitch said. That’s right I said it. Brooke is a bitch!” Alex yelled at the top of his lungs then downed another drink. Danielle had another drink waiting. She sat that down and downed that too. So she made another and sat that down even though she could tell Alex was getting drunk.

Danielle was into forced intoxication as a kink which included forced intox of any kind which included forced intox with cigarettes or marijuana. It didn’t matter. It just hit her in all the special places to force someone to get intoxicated regardless of the item or items used to gain that intoxication. She thought it was more fun with people who would resist, and not just guzzle the drinks down or smoke whatever but she had to admit to herself this was the most fun she had since she came into town.

Besides that Alex kept dropping money in her tip jar. It wasn’t singles either. The last bill was folded up and Danielle was pretty sure that one was a hundred. He had no money left in his wallet so the other bartender that was there called him a taxi to take him back home complimentary to the club because Alex was passed out with his head on the bar, and Danielle wasn’t around.

It was a financial domination game in Danielle’s personal life involving forced intoxication making people pay her for her to make them drink or smoke up until she would give them permission to stop using the substance Danielle was making them use. On average however the person using the item to get intoxicated wound up paying until they passed out similar to what Alex did besides Danielle giving them permission to stop using what they were using during the forced intox session from Danielle because she just didn’t play like that. She had men and women go out and buy literally bags of alcohol and sit in the floor with a webcam pointed on them while they drank, and placed money after more money in PayPal transactions. On average the moment the transaction stopped was when they passed out like poor Alex was involved in an involuntarily real life forced intox session with Danielle Hell Cat in person.

A financially based submissive relationship with a findomme can be one of the easiest relationships someone can have in their life if you find the right financial dominant. Because you usually get what you pay for, and if you want a friendship experience with your financial dominant there is a possibility you will get the friendship Dominant submissive relationship that you want if you obey your Dominants rules and you don’t cheat them out of anything financially and you keep all of your financial promises. That last part is very important.

But you will usually get whatever you pay for, and if you are 100 with your financial dominant things will usually work out. Then you can have whatever relationship you want with your owner. These type of relationship are easier than the typical romantic vanilla relationship because if you pay and keep your word financially you will usually get whatever it is you pay for, and you don’t have to worry about any surprises like you do with vanilla romantic relationships where feelings change because a financial dominant never seems to give up on receiving free money where a romantic partner could give up on you just because they feel that is the right thing to do!

Alex laid down in the back of the cab passed out. He was dreaming of Danielle. All he saw was her face, and saw the scenes that transpired at the bar earlier. He thought she was a Princess, and thought how he never knew what to do when beautiful girls like her spoke to him because he was so shy. He thought that is probably why everyone would rather have me as a slave under cuckolding terms than have me as a equal boyfriend. Danielle’s eyes lit up red as he saw her face again in his dream. The dream that was bouncing all over the place but the main subject matter of his dreamscape was of that person he found to be a Princess behind the bar that night that he knew when his older brother Shawn was helping him into Alex’s room that night from the taxi; Alex figured he would never see that Princess again!

Alex never dreamed about any other girlfriend in his entire life or any other girl he met out in public since Danielle wasn’t his girlfriend. Alex knew even in his dream that Danielle may never be his girlfriend. But he saw her face clear as day. It was amazing how beautiful she looked in those bar scene flashbacks where she was serving him all that Jack Daniels. Alex admired how sexy Danielle was dressed in those holely jeans, and black sexy top. Alex saw how nice Danielle’s clevage was inside that black top. He was so infactuated. He admired her glasses, and the way her hair was shaped around her face. Alex was drooling in real life as he laid in bed because he thought Danielle Hell Cat was that hot, and she most definitely was a Hell Cat. Only Alex did not know how much of a Hell Cat Danielle really was.

Alex dreamed about Danielle and the dream never left the bar where he met Danielle at. Danielle’s personal question and answer panel took place with Alex in his dream like a panel from a comic con because a light shined down above Alex Harris’s head as he openly and honestly answered the questions that Danielle Hell Cat fired Alex’s way. Alex felt very uncomfortable but he was answering all the questions truthfully that varied on so many different levels of personal. Alex was truthful as he spoke clearly and openly in such a unique dream that he didn’t want to escape. People say you can control your dreams but Alex had no control over this dream at all. He was very uncomfortable as the people in Club Zero eyeballed him on the spot truthfully answering Danielle’s interview question. Soon enough night was coming to day, and it was about time for Alex to exit this questionnaire he was truthfully answering throughout the night in a dream he would never forget only when Alex left Club Zero after Danielle disappeared in a Puft of smoke like a Magician Alex found himself in his own personal hell beginning with following Danielle’s voice out of Club Zero.

Midnight Visitor: Mandi Crimson

That night at midnight down the street from the Sound Shop at  LT Cinemas a portal opened up, and out fell a blonde with rose colored highlights that was tan, and was wearing a white top with a plaid skirt, and black heels. She pulled herself up and dusted herself off.

“Princess Diabolus!” The woman hissed as her eyes glowed red.

The woman walked down the street then slipped into an auditorium back door that an eighteen year old guy was holding open for his under seventeen girlfriend that LT Cinemas was not going to allow into the movie theater because the African American sixteen year old’s Asian boyfriend was not her legal guardian so he was not allowed to buy her ticket to an R Rated movie!

The woman that came out of the portal stormed passed the Asian. He checked out her ass as she entered. His girlfriend did not notice. She walked into the auditorium and took the precise middle seat of the stadium seat auditorium. It was like she knew just the precise movie theater seat to sit in like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory episode 9 of season 2 titled The White Asparagus Triangulation.

Leonard and his date Stephanie were sitting in their seats while Sheldon Cooper went around the theater sitting in different seats shouting out “Ha!” Sheldon was trying to find the right spot in the theater to hear the best acoustic sound. Then after siting a handful of different places Sheldon came back to Leonard and Stephanie and said “You were sitting in the right place the entire time.”

Nobody sat beside the woman that appeared like a Terminator right away but soon there wasn’t a single empty seat inside the auditorium. The Asian eighteen year old’s sixteen year old girlfriend came into the auditorium and they sat up top in the very tippee top of the stadium seat auditorium. There was somebody on every row, and the auditorium was packed as the previews began to play, and soon enough the movie Minotaur began to play.

The following began to play on the movie theater screen. The wording Crete, Greece Ancient Times play on the screen in blood red ancient script that was followed by the following scene.

Crete. Greece: Ancient Times

The theater patrons began to scream. It was mostly the African American patrons screaming and talking already.

Some preppy white kids shushed the much younger black kids in front of them, and then they began to bicker among themselves as the movie was playing.

A young virgin woman ran around the corner. She was bleeding from her head and arm, and was in a mass panic trying to find her way out of this maze she found herself in. She ran up a set of steps when she ran right into the beast. A thud was heard as she ran into its bare hairy chest. She tried turning around but it grabbed her by the head, and twisted it right off. Her body fell in its final resting spot. The beast lifted the head up in the air, stared up at the rock ceiling and let out an awful howl.

Then the wording Crete, Greece Present Day appeared on the screen after the title of the movie appeared on the screen in blood ancient script. The movie was titled

Minotaur. After Crete, Greece Present Day showed on the screen the movie began to play and everybody in the theater sat in silence and watched the movie that played on the giant screen!

Then following wording appeared on the screen in a more modern blue font, and as the wording was disappearing off of the screen it turned darker and darker winding up turning blood red. Then when each of the twenty something characters went away a skull image appeared where the character was and bled from it’s eyes and it’s mouth. The scene with the skulls would remind you of Terrance and Phillip from South Park with the way the bleeding skull heads were shaped.

The film the people in this auditorium were watching was Minotaur, and was a B Gore filled horror independent flick that was a one night special inside the movie theater that night. The horror icon in this movie isn’t someone who visits you in your nightmares or someone who slaughters you at summer camp it is a Minotaur. A Minotaur is an object inside Greek mythology. It is a mythical creature that is portrayed in Classical times. The Minotaur has the head and tail of a bull and has the body of a man. Roman poet Ovid described the Minotaur as a being “part man and part bull” This Minotaur was a for sure beast even though the visual effects to the movie wasn’t up to par.

The Minotaur was played by The Great Kahli. Dalip Singh Rana played the role of the Minotaur. Dalip is much better known by his ring name in World Wrestling Entertainment The Great Khali from 2006 to 2014. He is an Indian professional wrestler, promoter and actor. Dalip was a professional wrestler since 2000. One of The Great Kahli’s most well-known rivalry’s were with John Cena. But now he was sticking to acting going the route of The Rock, John Cena, and Dave Batista only he was made up as a giant muscular Minotaur!

Crete, Greece: Present Day

The present day activities began to play on the movie theater screen as the one that came out of the portal laughed under her breath, and rocked back and forth in her theater seat like a crazy person. She truly belonged in one flew over the coo coo’s nest as the people around her tried to ignore the one that they weren’t aware just entered earth from the gates of hell.

On the screen was a group of no name actors. They probably had experience with Lifetime movies in the past or possible Hallmark movies basically this cast had zero experience in movies that would play in movie theaters because their only experience either came from television movies or community theatre.

A group of young adults were picking up their bags at baggage claim at the airport. There were eight of them four guys and four girls all in their twenties varying in age.

“Scott this not how I wanted to spend our honeymoon.” A red head complained.

“Nicole baby I promised you the Paris trip in December. Then we agreed to go to Hawaii and Disney World or Land in the spring and summer. We’re young how many people can say they are going on an adventure trip in ancient Greece. We are talking real Indiana Jones shit.”

“Watch your mouth Scott you know I hate foul language.” Nicole corrected

Nicole is twenty three. She is tall, and is a model. She met Scott when she was eighteen and he was twenty four when she began to go to the college that Scott graduated from with his Associates in Theatre. Scott dreamed of being a big time Broadway or Off Broadway performer but so far the only job he had was helping out at the local Community Theatre in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee getting paid very little money to do so. Nicole brought in all the money for them. She was a customer service rep for a computer companies technical support team. She has blue eyes, and tan flawless skin.

Scott was mesmerized once he laid eyes on her. First thing he saw was her feet and legs. She was sitting beside him in his Composition class. She wore khaki shorts, a yellow strappy top, and flip flops. She sat beside him with her left leg draped over her right leg dangling her black flip flop. He just stared at her legs as she moved her foot around. He was lost in stare until he heard her laughing. Then he heard her whisper to her friend April who was also with them that day at the airport

“This guy beside me keeps staring at my feet. You think he likes toes or something?” Scott was embarrassed as he heard what Nicole spoke. He rushed out of class as soon as it was over with but he wound up outside the library where he dropped his books. Nicole was there and she helped him pick the books up. She handed his books to him. “Here you go.” She said.

“Thanks.” Scott shyly replied.

“So I saw you looking at me in English class. Is my pink toe nail polish really that hypnotizing?” Nicole laughed.

Scott couldn’t help but laugh too. “You caught me.” He said.

“Look I usually don’t do this but here is my number.” Nicole took Scott’s hand and wrote her number on his palm. “My middle name is Allison, and last name is Cooper look me up on Facebook and add me. I have some really hot pictures of me barefoot in a bathing suit sunning.” Nicole laughed then walked off.

Theater doormen came into the theater and started shining their flashlights at those that were talking there were four theater doormen in the theater going row to row shushing people and checking the younger crowds movie tickets once more. As other people tried to pay attention to the movie theater screen with what adults paid to see this special showing that night. All tickets costs $15 to see Minotaur that night for that special midnight showtime.

On the screen…

It didn’t take Scott long to comply. They went on their first date less than a week later, and were engaged six months into their relationship. Neither one of their parents agreed with the engagement so they both moved out into their own apartment, and lived there for years before finally saying “I do” in Vegas. It wasn’t the wedding Nicole wanted but this wasn’t the honeymoon she wanted either so she was used to disappointment. Not really! Scott was great! He treats her like a Princess. He all the time is pampering her in some ways. He does everything from massage her to run her bath water for her. She loves him with all her heart, and finds him very sexy how he is about three inches taller than her topping out at six foot two with an average body. He has short brown hair with blonde highlights, and brown eyes. He was her Prince, and even

though he didn’t have much money he was everything she wanted in the perfect man. Just as Nicole was his perfect woman. He never loved anyone the way he loved Nicole, and if anything happened to her he would be lost.

The other people on the trip were Mark and Brad who is April’s two best male friends. They are a gay couple. They are polar opposites. Brad looks like a professional athlete while Mark looks like a major Trekie. Their personalities met half way though. April’s looks represented a computer nerd. One of those girls who are too smart for their own good. She was book smart but when it came to real world problems she couldn’t think past her nose. April is a brunette. She has long flowing hair, and wears a sexy pair of black glasses. She has a perfect body, and looked like she stepped out of anybody’s sexual famtasy.

Jennifer was the youngest in the group. She was twenty. Jennifer just had turned twenty in fact a week before this trip. She was a wild party girl. She had various piercings and tattoos. She had a tribal symbol on her lower back, her right nostril had a small stud in it, her tongue was pierced, her hair was long and blonde with pink highlights. Jennifer is a bit sluttish. She brought her on again off again bi curious girlfriend Renee. Renee is twenty six. She has long auburn hair, and emerald green eyes. Renee’s skin is very pale. She has no tan to her at all. Most people referrer to her as a vampire. After all she does dress gothic the majority of the time but that day she dressed pretty normal.

The outcast of the group was Jamie. He was a real wisecracker. All the time playing pranks. He is five foot even with short spiky red hair. He has dark eyes, and dreams of being a professional skater. He is a high school dropout, and been working and now managing a local Burger King. The same Burger King he has worked at since he was sixteen.

“Baby you know this mouth does a lot of good.” Scott said then kissed Nicole. Nicole playfully slapped her husband’s face and replied “Pervert!”

“Guys are we going to stand around here all day or we going to go to the hotel room then go out for one good night of partying before cave exploring tomorrow.” Jamie said.
The doormen got the crowd to settle down. Two of the doormen stayed inside the auditorium while one of the other doormen went to give her theater manager the heads up to what was taking place in there, and the other doormen was ordered to help out in concessions.

The two doormen stood in the corner of the auditorium watching what was taking place on the theater screen.

“Should we really be going exploring alone. Shouldn’t we get a guide?” Mark asked being very hesitant.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Brad asked then kissed his boyfriend.

“We make that look a whole lot hotter.” Jennifer said then passionately kissed Renee.

“Ok are we just going to screw around here the rest of the day or are we going to go? We have a big day tomorrow.” Scott took charge.

The gang loaded their luggage up on a cart, and Brad pushed the cart outside where him and a taxi driver loaded it up in a giant white van. They all got inside, and the van took them to their hotel. Some hotel employees helped them with their bags as Nicole got them checked in. Then the hotel personal brought them to their suite. The suite was like something a person would see on the Real World. There was enough room for all eight of them.

The group rested for a little while then once nightfall hit they got ready and went out. They went downstairs, and walked to the club across the street from the hotel. They went inside and began to get their party on.

Brad and Mark were dancing but Jennifer cut in and began dancing with Brad. Mark used that as his exit to go get him and his man some drinks.

“Are you really gay?” Jennifer asked.

The black kids burst into laughter and started talking crap about gay people. The doormen went into action again trying to hush their commotion.

“Yes shorty! Yes shorty!” The bigger black teen said to the doormen.

“How about you show me a little respect before I get security.” The doormen said trying to stay calm.

“Just shut up Kelvin.” The black girl in the center of the two black men said then smacked Kelvin in the face.

“Damn.” The black man on her other side spoke then got a backhand from that same girl.

“Now both of you shut the hell up. Jesus!” The black girl spoke hateful.

Both men shut up and the doormen went back to where she was standing as the preppy white collage aged patrons laughed amongst themselves, and the movie continued to play.

“Why don’t I look like it?” Brad replied.

Jennifer pulled down her top exposing her breast. “These don’t do anything for you? I mean Brad you’re not feminine at all, and you act rather straight other than the fact that you are a complete Pufter based on what Mark has said. Why don’t you touch them?” Jennifer said.

The girlfriend to one of the college aged guys behind the black group in front of them covered her boyfriend’s eyes but she continued to watch the movie.

That guy with his eyes covered tried to jerk his head out from his girlfriend’s palms and the other couple sitting next to them were laughing as the movie continued.

Brad just laughed as Renee came up from behind her girlfriend, and began to hug Jennifer from behind. Renee pulled up Jennifer’s top. “You know I am the only one that wants to play with those.” Renee said.

Jennifer turned around. “I know baby.” Jennifer began to kiss Renee. Then she pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. Renee took the cigarette out of her girlfriend’s mouth, and took a Puft herself.

“Want to go back to the room?” Renee asked.

“I never thought you would ask.”

Jennifer and Renee exited the bar without saying bye to anyone. The only one that knew they were leaving was Brad who watched the two last few actions.

Scott was in the bathroom. He was standing at the urinal relieving himself when he heard two drunk guys arguing.

The movie finally got silent. And the doormen finally felt comfortable enough to leave the auditorium. There manager was making those two stay late until Minotaur let out before they were allowed to go home in case the auditorium acted up again. Both

doormen were pissed off about that as they took a seat in the empty hallway next to the Minotaur auditorium door.

The two doormen more like door people began to hold hands. One doorman was a man and the other was a girl. They were the movie theaters power couple. They talked amongst themselves deciding to go to the 24hr a day burger joint after they were able to leave the theater that night. Their conversation lead to hand holding since they weren’t being watched as they waited for further complaints to come from the packed Minotaur screening.

“There is no chance in hell I will go to the Griffs. You have to have a death wish to go there.”

“Come on man those are the best caves to explore.” Another guy said.
“I’m not doing it Shawn. You can go without me.”

The woman that left the portal was holiding onto the arm rest very tightly. This individuals name was Mandi. Mandi would remind you of Natasha Henstridge from the Species movie franchise. The Species movie franchise was an alien sci-fi horror franchise which began in the mid-ninties. Natasha Henstridge with her Goddess looks played an alien who was camouflaged by the outer appearance of a beautiful woman with model looks which was similar to the same situation with Mandi only Mandi did not come from space; she was not an alien in the sense of extratetrresstral! But Mandi was a foreign indity to planet earth because she came from the depths of the bowls of the darkest levels of hell. Mandi wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she appeared because if someone was peal back all of Mandi’s good looks with her rose colored blonde hair, and model framed build they would find out underneath Mandi’s Goddess appearance was a fully formed demon straight from hell, and was in Atlanta with a mission at hand.

Mandi saw in her mind everything that was going on around her. She saw into the hearts of everybody’s hearts inside the movie theater. She had a villianous smile as she clinched her eyes shut and underneath her eyelids her pupils were glowing red. She was rocking back and forth with a Chucky Good Guy Doll from Child’s Play the horror Franchise laugh.

“Hi, I’m Chucky, and I’m your friend ’till the end! Hi-de-ho, ha-ha-ha!” is the Good Guy’s catchphrase. The Good Guy Dolls were the extremely popular doll inside the Child’s Play universe. The Good Guy Dolls were aimed at young children. These dolls were created and produced by the Play Pals toy factory inside the Child’s Play universe.

Mandi saw all in her mind about everybody’s lives inside the movie theater. She saw all their lives play inside her mind as Minotaur continued to play on the screen.

“I am not going you have to have a death wish.” Shawn replied.

Scott zipped up then walked up to the guys.

“What’s the Griffs? I couldn’t help but over hear.” Scott said.

“Only the sickest most twisted caves ever. We are talking ancient.” Shawn said.

“Where are they at?” Scott asked.

“Are you staying at the hotel across the street?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah me and my friends.” Scott answered.

“I have a man that was going to take me and Jason there but obviously we are canceling so I will call him tonight, and tell him he can bring your group. It is already paid for. He will bring you and pick you up. You have to leave early. Like in a few hours because he will get you there at dawn, and pick you up at dusk.” Shawn explained.

“Ok great I will tell my friends. What’s his name?”

“Pedro.” Shawn answered Scott’s question.

“What time?” Scott asked.

“Be downstairs at four am. It takes almost three hours to get there so you will get there just as the sun is rising.”

Scott looked at his watch. “Ok about two and half hours. Thanks I look forward to it. Will Pedro be staying?”

“No way man. He is just a driver. You have to have a screw loose to want to go there.” Shawn said.

The dressed preppy college aged patrons and the African American couple in front of them began to make out at the same time as the theater employees outside in the hallway began to make out at the same time.

While other patrons paid attention to the movie playing on the screen.

“Thanks I think.” Scott said leaving the bathroom without washing his hands.

He got the group together and convinced them to leave. They went back to the suite where Renee had Jennifer moaning.

“I’m not listening to that all night!” Nicole yelled.

“We will just have to be louder. See who can quiet the other.” Scott replied.

“You’re not getting any sex from me on this trip. I am not a exabitionist I don’t like an audience.” Nicole replied walking into her’s and Scott’s bedroom.

“Baby!” Scott said defeated.

Everyone got into bed but none of them slept. Before they knew it there wakeup call came, and they got up and ready. They grabbed their gear and went downstairs where a red van with orange demons was waiting for them. What looked like a country Hispanic wearing jeans, cowboy boots, a red t-shirt, and a straw hat stood beside it with his right foot propped up behind him on the tire well. He was chewing a spitting tobacco. Everybody got inside the van and Pedro took off. Pedro didn’t say anything to them. The friends talked, and Jennifer commented how the demons on the van weren’t actually demons but they were demonic looking bulls. None of them knew what to expect.

Three hours passed and they arrived at the Griffs. They got their gear, and Nicole tried to convince Scott to leave. He wouldn’t have it. Once there gear was out Pedro left without saying a single word to the group.

The theater employees went back into the auditorium. Everybody was paying attention to the screen. They leaned back against the walll and began to pay attention to the movie playing as well.

“Hey when are you coming back!” Nicole yelled as the van was kicking up dust.

“He’ll be back. Come on let’s do this thing.” Scott said.

Everybody geared up then they repelled down the Griff and entered the cave.

“Are you ready?” Mark asked.
“As ready as I am going to be.” Brad said.

They walked inside and Jennifer about tripped over a rock. She stumbled and the rock moved which caused a giant stone door to seal the group inside the cave.

“What did you do Jen!” Mark yelled.

“Shit man I have seen movies like this and it usually winds up there are mutants in here. I have played Resident Evil but this is no video game.” Jamie said.

“What are we going to do?” Renee asked.

Scott was silent knowing he got his friends in this mess. The cave was dim. There was some light in there.

“Look guys there is light there is another way out.” Brad said.

“Scott you are so not getting any for a very long time if we live through this.” Nicole scolded.

The group took off down a corridor not knowing which way to go hoping they were going in the right direction. Unaware they have just entered the maze from hell, and unknowing of the beast that lived within.

After that last scene Mandi Crimson began to squeeze the arm rest of the theater seat. She began to heat up her body. Her body began to glow as bright as malting lava, and then the entire room began to heat up. and the entire room caught on fire as the heat sealed the door shut, and all the patrons to the movie Minotaur burned alive screaming the entire time. Once they were dead Crimson walked out of the the burned down movie theater auditorium at LT Cinemas with burned skin, and bunt clothing. She stepped over dead burnt to a crisp body, and disappeared into the night before the fire department or any other first responders showed up!

Those patrons at LT Cinemas burned alive like the Jews in the Holocaust. Topf & Söhne’s is the company that made the crematoria ovens used on the Jews, They also made the ventilation systems for the gas chambers at Auschwitz II–Birkenau.

The Holocaust was the genocide that took place during World War II in Nazi Germany where six million European Jews that is around two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe from 1941 to 1945 were murdered.

The people inside LT Cinemas screamed as their flesh bubbled up. Some tried to escape and wound up getting trampled by those that ran faster. It was a scene out of a horror movie as all that could be heard was screams down the hallway. Mandi who could only be known as Crimson at this point stayed in the room as she watched these people’s skin bubble up and they experience the worse pain of their life. Pain which was the last thing they felt as their life ended.

They burnt to crisp which ended their life, and the first responders didn’t know what to expect once they came on scene to put out the fiery inferno! Screams from Crimson’s victims was all that could be heard along with Crimson’s laughter. Which could be heard above the innocent victims screams. Crimson was proud of her work as she envisioned all the pain and torture those victims went through; seeing their skin bubble up and burn to a crisp and all the victims run like cockroaches when the lights come on in extreme panic. Watching them scream in pain, and watching them be tortured to hell and back, and there was nothing they could do about it. This was all Mandi thought about as she laid her head down to go to asleep that night at her final resting place which was at an abandoned house.

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