Sean James Franchise

The Sean James Franchise is the LTRealms version of the Jack Ryan Franchise.

Above are the Jack Ryan Actors. Jack Ryan has went from being a set of books to movies to now being a series in its third season on Amaszon. Below is the Ryanverse book series!

Below are the five film Jack Ryan Ryan movies….

Now the Jack Ryan Amazon Series is in its 3rd Season…

I was hoping the Sean James Franchise would be this popular. The First Novel in the Sean James Franchise is title Armageddon!

Armageddon Synopsis

Sean James was at home planning for a normal night until his roommate Brandy came home safe and sound but instead of a quiet night in front of the TV he was called into work by his British speaking operative who ruled his life ever since he left the military, and got a job with the CIA. The night and actions that was about to take place were going to be pure hell as it seemed like with terror attack after terror attack which were conducted throughout Sean’s time period trying to take down a coalition of various terrorist from different countries who formed a true Axis of Evil, and planned to use every type of terrorist attack to destroy America in a short time period. Sean James was teamed with another operative named Mel who was Australian, and they were the ultimate Martin Riggs teamed with a cloned Martin Riggs character from the Lethal Weapon movies creating the Ultimate Action Packed Combination! They were a couple of maniacs out on a mission to save the United States from several events that would claim more lives than the Nine Eleven terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center in New York years back! Only these terrorist weren’t only attacking the United States they decided to get personal and wage war on Sean’s personal life by going after Brandy! Will Sean James be able to complete both missions in time saving Brandy and her fiancee from danger along with saving the United States from chaos! Who knows but if anybody has a chance to do so; he does! Enough Said!

Armageddon is Dedicated to my dad John Lunsford.


                I am dedicating my Debut Sean James Novel Armageddon to my father John Lunsford. I am dedicating Armageddon to my father John Lunsford because I remember growing up when my parents were together growing up with my father reading the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels, and my father taking me to see the Jack Ryan movies that began with A Hunt for Red October with Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan.

                Sean James is my version of Jack Ryan inside the LT_Realm, and this is Sean James’s Debut Novel from LT_Writing, and his first appearance with my work inside the LT_Realm! I am sure my father will love this novel when he reads it because he enjoys the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels, so I am dedicating this novel to my father.

                I think out of all my novels written, and stories I wrote, printed off, three hole punched, and placed in binders over the years that this is one story my dad will actually like.

                My father is a hero in his own right with how he gave me the money to pay to keep my website: online at least until its renewal date now in May 2019! My dad has ordered copies of books for me to sale and have in inventory, and my dad has paid vendor’s fees for me to be able to be part of various wrestling events, wrestle cons, and comic cons selling my work as a vendor at those events!

                My dad John Lunsford has done a whole lot more for me than I have ever given him credit for! That is a sad but true statement! I hope this dedication in this debut Political Action Thriller that is debuting my Sean James character helps a little bit to show my father John Lunsford that I appreciate everything he has done for me whether I said “Thank You” or not! No matter if I acknowledge what my dad did for me or not, I am thankful to have him as one of my backers with the LT_Realm and have him behind me as I add more content inside the LT_Realm with the work I do with LT_Writing!

                John Lunsford and Lee T. Lunsford don’t always see eye to eye on things! There are time we probably feel like ripping the other one’s throat out! It has been a rough time at times throughout our lives but in the end, we are there for each other when we need to be! My dad paid the last part of my editing bill to Kym LaFever the woman that edited Simply Priceless for me which was good or it wouldn’t of been released when I planned for it to be released. My dad has done a lot he hasn’t gotten credit for or things that has been overlooked.

                I hope my dad appreciates this dedication because I am putting all my heart and soul behind it. I want you to know dad I do appreciate everything that you do whether you get Thank You or not but you should out of common curtesy always get a “Thank You1” Let me say I am sorry you don’t get a Thank You 100% of the time. But I hope like everybody else you will read ahead and find out what Sean James is all about. Named after my older brother Sean Black and my Paw Paw James Turner here is your new military contractor action star Sean James in his debut novel Armageddon. If this book became a movie, I would like to see Captain America Chris Evans play Sean James but until that time allow Sean to live on in literature, and flip passed this page to check out the actual story of Armageddon to get a feel on what Sean James novels are about before the second Sean James novel Christmas Blood is released. Hope you enjoy dad, this one is for you, and I thought of you as I wrote this thinking if this was a movie this would be one, we would watch together! Hope you enjoy and Tanks for everything!

The Sequel to Armageddon was Christmas Blood

Sean James is being called up to the plate for another life threatening mission. Sean has been playing it cool lately writing fiction spy novels and working as a contributor for different televised news programs. That has been his life since Mel and Sean stopped Armageddon. In the world today women have the right to choose whether or not they wish to complete the pregnancy they have with their baby due to The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a fundamental “right to privacy” that protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose whether or not to have an abortion but Evan Marahlago, his foot soldiers, and his backers disagree with a woman’s right to choose! This domestic terrorist has his team armed and trained ready to make a statement on abortion by shooting up an abortion convention on Christmas Eve. That is only if Sean James and his new partner doesn’t stop Evan and company first! Only Sean is burdened with his new full time romantic lover and his relationship controlling his mind to the point he is ready to turn in his walking papers after taking on these domestic terrorist, and the question is will that distraction cost Sean the entire mission as Sean finds himself on a mission full of chutes and ladders leading Sean to meet other anti-abortion radicals. It is a game of cat and mouse inside the United States on American soil with Sean James who was facing off with people the same skin color as Sean’s and because of that Sean James had one quote on his mind as he moves forward on another mission which may cost him everything in the end! “So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban on — you know, they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban,” Don Lemon (CNN)

There are other sequels planned for the Sean James Franchise as well…

         Sean James is the vision of what a True American Hero looks like. In the foot steps of similar novel franchises before mine like the Jack Ryan novels by Tom Clancy and the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child the Sean James Franchise turns things up a notch. I introduce Sean James to you in Armageddon and I plan on bringing you at least Five Other Sean James novels which will bring you through Sean James Presidency all the way through post Sean James serving as President of the United States!

         Sean James is who you call in when nobody else can handle the job. Sean James is a CIA Contractor who comes from a military family. His older brother Bordan James got him into the military. Bordan James was in the military himself, and was killed in Active Duty. Which is touched on in the first Sean James novel titled Armageddon!

         The seven Sean James Novels are as follows:


Christmas Blood

Freedom isn’t Free

Lone Wolf

Queen’s Chaos


The Kingdom

         These novels are action packed adventures that follow the lead character of this franchise on many dare devil type missions to save the United States from terrorist attacks on a magnitude of levels. Each novel is more action packed than a season of 24. So far as planned the first Sean James novel is Armageddon where Sean James is just a contractor and the planned final Sean James book Collusion takes place post Sean James Presidency where Sean James is part of the retired intelligence field but is forced to get back into the water when the current President of the United States takes away Sean’s Security Clearance, and Sean must begin to personally investigate the President’s possible collusion with the Russian Government which leads down a military rabbit hole! Collusion is followed by a ripped from the headlines Sean James Novel involving Saudi Arabia titled The Kingdom!

You can currently pick up Armageddon and Christmas Blood inside the


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I am Currently working on Book 3 of the Sean James Franchise Freedom Isn’t Free as I continue to construct the Sean James Franchise!