Simply Priceless Universe

The idea for Lee T. Lunsford writing a superhero novel came in 2009 on a Monday night as I was watching Monday Night RAW. The character Simply Priceless was inspired when I heard Ted DiBiase Jr do his promo saying he was Simply Priceless and I saw the female wrestler Beth Phoenix.

After those back to back segments on that night’s episode of Monday Night Raw the character Ashley “Simply Priceless” Hatch was born.

Then I decided to throw in my Billy Coatman character I created in Elementary School into the Simply Priceless Universe. Only I gave my Detective Billy Coatman in the Simply Priceless Universe a different origin story than Billy Coatman’s original origin story from when I created him in the 1980’s!

The original Billy Coatman was part of a neighborhood game title Gunman, Gunman was a cop and robbers type game I made up with the Billy Coatman character. Only I was fighting imaginary bad guys. Extreme bad guys such as terrorist. I also wrote Billy Coatman stories while I was in school. My stories were too violent to be read within the sixth grade so my sixth grade teacher Claire told me and my mom I needed to write another story if I wanted to read my story to the entire school.

My mom stood up for me and it was decided I would have to stay home the day everyone was reading their stories to one another during the time this time at Guilford Day School when each grade wrote stories to read in front of the whole school. My Gunman story was titled A Scent to Die For!

I later began to write Gunman stories in he mid-2000s at the same time I toyed around with writing the Hollywood Horror Trilogy! This was before I wrote Roadie to a success.

I have a folder in my room of all the Gunman stories I wrote throughout my childhood. All these stories were based off the Gunman game I made up and played as a kid!

The original storyline for Detective Billy Coatman was he worked for the CIA until he got Blacklisted. Then once Billy Coatman got revenge on the CIA he became a Homicide Detective in New York City.

The entire Detective Billy Coatman storyline was altered for the Simply Priceless Universe in order to make Billy Coatman a Detective for the Atlanta PD. The storyline changed to Billy Coatman was made to go into the military by choice when he had to make the choice and after his military career he became a Detective for the Atlanta PD.

In the original Gunman game Billy Coatman was trained in all the fighting styles in the world.

In the Alternate Simply Priceless Universe Billy Coatman took training at a Martial Arts Academy that taught all types of Martial Arts Types on top of his Military Fighting Training.

That is the Alternate Billy Coatman Storylines!

From 2009 to 2017 I wrote two separate versions of the original Simply Priceless story before I published the first book in the Simply Priceless Universe Simply Priceless in 2017.

Simply Priceless (2017) Synopsis

Simply: Absolutely, Altogether. Priceless: Inestimable Worth, Invaluable. Ashley Hatch is a woman who’s looks are Simply Priceless but she is not an average woman. Sure she has all the physical features and feelings of a woman. Sure she is human but she’s not just human she is superhuman. In the ATL; Atlanta GA Ashley is a superhero known only as “Simply Priceless.” Billy Coatman is a renegade detective who doesn’t like rules. By actions out of their control Billy and Simply Priceless are forced to become partners to take down a massive crime family. So the adventure begins. 

Below is a video that has brief summary about who exactly the Simply Priceless Character is

People say that the movie Captain Marvel was the first comic book story that was similar to the Lethal Weapon Franchise. I happen to disagree with that comparasion.

The two main inspirations for the Simply Priceless original story and the overall Simply Priceless Universe was the Supergirl DC Character in comic books and her movie along with the Lethal Weapon movies and TV series.

I followed up Simply Priceless in 2018 with Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2

Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2 (2018) Synopsis

First Simply Priceless Sequel. Action Adventure HARD R Superhero Novel surrounding around Halloween! Follow Detective Billy Coatman and Simply Priceless on their next adventure where they face off against a left over Python Mafia Crew and a heard of monsters that are trying to bring the END OF THE WORLD! This novel picks up a few years after the original Simply Priceless left off, and Billy Coatman and Ashley Hatch are living an entirely new life!

I am so into my Simply Priceless character (Who Is Inspired By WWE Superstar Beth Phoenix) that I created a Simply Priceless character out of a WWE Ruthless Aggression action figure. I also had an actual custom Simply Priceless figure made by a creator I met off of eBay.

Beth Phoenix 12/27/07

Also during the time period of getting those figures created I got some pieces of Simply Priceless artwork created.

As I surrounded myself around my Simply Priceless I decided to create a Team Priceless line that would resemble LT_Writing’s version of The Avengers of Justice League. The first Team Priceless novel takes place after Halloween Havoc: Simply Priceless 2.

Priceless: A Team United (2019) Synopsis

The Priceless Agenda has been put into effect by President Kiebler. As Simply Priceless, Sophisticated Intimidation, Detetives Billy Coatman and Robbie Brewer are joined with The Gargoyle, Chill, The Fallen One, Double Trouble, and Whisper in the Wind to Form Team Priceless. Team Priceless is on Their First Mission Together when they are faced up against the Axis of Evil. Now the question is will Team Priceless survive working with each other Long Enough to save the world or will the Axis of Evil Reign Supreme for Damone Sandone’s Dream for a New World Order take place?

Also in 2019 I introduce the Simply Priceless Universe to The Game Changer Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat.


The idea for this story came from trying to write a story I was selected to write for my friend Eric’s friend Carlynn. She wanted a story wrote about her Succubus Character Carlynn Carnage.

 I was a bit hesitant when it came to writing this character into a story when I was given just a backstory on the character, and I was to write it then I wondered what happened when it came to selling the book? Who bought the inventory for the books? There were too many questions for me to write it when I wasn’t even getting paid to write the story for Carlynn so at first I was hesitant. Since I always believe if you are good at what you do to never do what you do for free! Never! But I talked to Carlynn, and things seemed cool so I Agreed to write the Carlynn Carnage novel, and I named the novel Homecoming! I was given Creative Conrrol to shape all I knew about this Carlynn Carnage character into an actual novel, and I began on it!

I worked on this Carlynn Carnage Novel for awhile, and got a lot of work done on it with no input from Carlynn well little to no input, and 100% no input from Eric who put this deal together. Then when I am reaching the Halfway Point in the Story Carlynn said for me NOT to Refer to Carlynn Carnage as a Princess! I told her why I referred to Carlynn Carnage as a Princess, and she said either I refer to Carlynn Carnage as a Queen or nothing at all! This was Carlynn Carnage origin story, and the whole story revolved around her going from Princess to Queen because the second Carlynn Carnage Novel I was writing is titled “Demon Queen!”

I got upset because I was having a bad day that day. Then Apparently Carlynn didn’t want to continue on with me writing the story for her because we haven’t really talked since I apologized so me not wanting to throw away pretty much the meat that made up a novel that I worked hard on I decided to change the character’s name, and change the characters appearance. Carlynn Carnage was never a Princess. She was just given the role as Queen well Danielle Hell Cat IS A PRINCESS, and She Earned Her Role as Queen in the way Homecoming is laid out! She wasn’t given any freebie! She’s not into socialism!

I decided to continue on writing Homecoming, and to Publish Homecoming debuting Homecoming and Priceless: A Team United at the Call to Arms Wrestle Con Eric put on the 6th of July 2019!

I don’t want to be accused of stealing anybody’s character! Because if I was writing the Carlynn Carnage Story wrong then there should not be an issue with me changing the character into my own LT_Realm Character! Especially if someone does not want to continue on with this idea of me writing the story for her, and us going to sale the book with her dressed as the Carlynn Carnage character! Especially since I put so much work into a story, and I am expected to change the entire premise of the story once I am nearly at the halfway point in writing the initial Rough Draft! I would have had to change the entire stories story line in order to fix the Princess Ordeal. And if someone had the time or wanted to work with me on a story side by side anybody I wouldn’t of gotten reaching to the halfway point before somebody didn’t like the direction I was going in!

I am not upset anymore and in fact I am happy with NOW have the Danielle Hell Cat Character because I have BIG PLANS in the LT_Realm in ways I can use my NEW Character! I don’t want to insert any spoilers here but Danielle Hell Cat the way I am plotting it out will MOST LIKE BE The Captain Marvel in the LT_Realm!

I hope nobody gets upset by me doing this because Based on the statement that Carlynn Carnage was NEVER a Princess. For me to change it or forget about writing it. And me changing up the characteristics of the character THEN Danielle Hell Cat is in NO WAY REFERENCED to Be the Same Character KNOWN As Carlynn Carnage!

With that being said I appreciate the Motivation, and the NEW Story Line in the LT_Realm I got from Attempting to write a Carlynn Carnage Character Story! I am sorry I could not write it up to the standards of the one that created the character but I feel that Danielle Hell Cat will do me a Better Job in the LT_Realm than Carlynn Carnage EVER DID! Especially Since I can use whatever it is I write in my stories about Danielle Hell Cat, and Do NOT Have to Worry About Pleasing ANYBODY ELSE who’s character I am writing about! This Character is mine 100%, and I have NOBODY ELSE TO PLEASE BUT MYSELF!

Which is How It SHOULD BE!

Homecoming Synopsis (2019)

Alex Harris nerdy Alex Harris just got dumped by his girlfriend who he absolutely worshiped Brooke in front of their friends and all the patrons of Club Zero. Alex separates himself from the situation and goes to the bar where he drinks himself into a stopper while talking to bartender Danielle Hell Cat a not so average jet black haired twenty something with a deep dark secret from another world. Danielle is attracted to how weak Alex is and attaches herself onto him like a leech deciding to own him as her own human dog. While this process is taking place Mandi Crimson comes on scene, and begins wrecking her own personal havoc on the city of Atlanta waiting for her chance to bring home the person she was sent after. As Crimson is burning the place down a monstrous beast destroys the people who have hurt Alex, and as time passes Alex get blamed for the horrendous murders and becomes investigated by Atlanta PD’s B-Team Detective Squad Jake Arparo and Detective Griff Gibson! All this takes place with Alex while he is learning the meaning of True slavery by the one that caught her prey Danielle Hell Cat all while Mandi Crimson is running around in the background waiting to give her prey the Homecoming trip that Crimson was sent to Atlanta GA to bring her personal prey back for. Who will win the Main Event when the final bell rings? Will Alex get passed the murder accusations or learn to accept his role as a human dog or will he ever see freedom again? And what is Danielle Hell Cat’s deep especially dark secret? Will the final homecoming take place in this HARD R Superhero Type Action Pure Horror Adventure? Welcome to a New Level of destruction inside the LT_Realm!

These books are what cover…

The Simply Priceless Universe Main Line

The Team Priceless Line

The Deville Series Line

All These Line of Books Together Complete The Simply Priceless Universe!

The Complete Simply Priceless Universe is in The Gallery Below!

The Simply Priceless Universe is a HARD R Superhero Universe.

I am NOT Trying to Replace the Marvel or DC Universe. I am just trying to give readers of superhero material a different option that the typical Family Friendly PG:13 superhero movie. I have an audience for my HARD R Superhero Franchise.

However some of the spinoffs to the Simply Priceless Universe will be PG:13 beginning with UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin (6) Book miniseries! This (6) Book Series is about what went on in UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin’s life before he arrived on earth in “Priceless 2: WarTrek Attacks

Another PG: 13 title spinoff to the Simply Priceless Universe will be “Fallen Origin” which is the origin story to The Fallen One.

This is The Rated R Novelist superhero universe which has had a following since 2009 way before the first Simply Priceless Universe novel “Simply Priceless” was finally published in 2017. A Simply Priceless Universe novel was published every year from 2017-2019 until the pandemic hit with Covid-19 in 2020. Then in 2021 I published “Demon Queen” and then 2022 became the year that the Simply Priceless Universe timeline was caught up as I begin to move forward in the years that follow completing and publishing all of the remainder of the Simply Priceless Universe novels.

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