MY MAIN Professional Wrestler supporter



Former TNA knockout Ms. Payton Banks


Family Supporters


My first published novel Roadie. I am VERY proud of. Roadie it is a one

of a kind being a Wrestling Romance Novel. I have had many supporters behind me in regards to Roadie, and my other work afterwards which I am going to mention on this page. These supporters include my father even though my dad won’t read my writing because he claims it hurts his feelings that my real life childhood intertwines with my fictional writing because they say the first rule of writing is to write what you know.


That is what I did I wrote what I knew. That was including my dysfunctional childhood inside LT_Writing. When my dad read the dysfunctional relationship Luke Turner had with his dad my dad stopped reading Roadie claiming that my book hurt his feelings because in his mind I was talking bad about him. So my dad says he will not read anymore of my work.

(However he has supported me in my career as a novelist to a certain degree because first my dad wanted NO PART of my dream to be a Full Time Novelist. My dad later supported me enough to make this website happen initially by paying what was needed to be paid to get the very first version of this website on the web. This was at least 7yrs ago! My dad also has helped since then with ordering inventory with different books of mine that I needed ordered!)

The FULL STORY About My Father and Him SUPPORTING my writing Can Be Found On


Webpage along with Information on How My Mom Linda Turner Inspired My Writing, and has been there for me when it came to LT_Writing! That I Will Touch A Little Bit On Now!

My mom is my main backbone of support and best friend.

When my dad made the below Negative Comments and many others as I was getting ready to publish Roadie through Infinity Publishing because Kindle Direct Publishing wasn’t around at the time my mom gave me supporting words, and reminding me she was in my corner.

These are just some of the negative comments by dad threw my direction….

“You should get paid to publish Roadie instead of me paying Infinity Publishing or anyone else to publish Roadie!”

“You will not be able to sale one copy of Roadie Lee because wrestling fans don’t read!”

“You have a unhealthy attachment towards Kelly Kelly! You are too obsessed with her, and it is unhealthy. You will get nowhere with your writing and you need to seek help!”

My dad made other negative comments on top of these trying to discourage me from publishing Roadie (My First Full Length Novel as I have mentioned. I was Really Proud of Roadie especially during this time period I was getting ready to publish Roadie, and was really talking it up with those I thought cared about me! Completing Roadie was a major accomplishment that I wanted to make something of!)

My dad yelled at me at our table in the middle of Cracker Barrel telling me I had a unhealthy obsession for Kelly Kelly. My dad acted like I would stalk Kelly Kelly like this idiot stalked and tried to kidnap Sonya Deville all these years since that Cracker Barrel dinner. My dad didn’t stop yelling until the female server walked up to take our drink order. We went the rest of the meal without saying two words to one another.

I didn’t listen to my dad and I published Roadie ANYWAY! My mom was very supportive since my dad’s comments really upset me! Only his comments didn’t upset me enough to discourage me in any sense! As a matter a fact his negativity only inspired me more because I planned to stick my success to help. Which would include any success I gained with my writing as a Full Time Novelist. At the time in 2008 I didn’t know but I was on the road to a Full Time Novelist Career that my mom would Fully Support MORE SO Than Anyone By Going to my VARIOUS Events with me to sale my work!

.My mom always taught me to pursue my dreams, and my mom, Opal, and Paw Paw always told me that if I put my mind to it that I can accomplish anything I want, and my writing career is proof of that fact regardless what anyone thinks.



My mom might as well have been the 24/7 champion instead she was dental hygienist throughout the majority of my younger brother’s and my life. So just maybe that was where my younger brother Tyler got the idea of becoming a dentist when he got of age to make the decision of what he wanted to do for his greater adult life. Considering the fact that both my younger brother and I are very close to our mother who was virtually a single mother throughout our entire life only her and my dad didn’t divorce until I was 13 and Tyler was almost 10. Our dad was not much of a father in a lot of ways and our mother had to  pull double duty in everyway so our mother was practically always a single mother! Which included the days my mother and father were married because of my father’s lack of knowledge in being a father and him just basically being a sperm donor.images

She busted her ass with each passing second to do what needs to be done to provide for my brother and I to this day, and be the parent we deserved growing up!

 I know Present Day that she struggles on a Daily Basis but she NEVER Gives Up.

My Mom is a True Inspiration and even though I argue with her about her supporting my Younger Brother and his dental career more so than she supports my work as a novelist I know deep down that what I am saying is complete wrong and my mom does support my work as a novelist or she wouldn’t come with me to as many events she has gone with me to involving me selling my work!

These are some random pictures of my mom at my table from random Farley Con Events in East Ridge, Tennessee. My mom has gone to more events with me but these were the only pictures I could find at the moment of my mom with me at my events where I go to sale my work!

My mom is so critical of everything when I go sale my work. She complained that I used to tape my banner to the front of the table. My mom gets irritated when people say they will be back to buy something then my mom knows people that say that AREN’T COMING BACK!

She gets irritated about other things like me not having a table cloth, and she talks about how I need to be more professional with certain things. My mom also seems upset if I don’t sale a book at different events sometimes telling me people don’t read anymore and seems all disappointed. When I on the other side even though I did not sale a book I am happy with that day’s event because I usually scored some autographs or bought myself something cool or BOTH!

My mom wakes up on mornings of my events and forces herself to get out of bed, and forces herself to get ready in order to go to my events that particular usually Saturday morning. She usually winds up staying in her car for awhile at the event in the parking lot until she feels well enough to come inside and sit with me at my table. My mom doesn’t feel too well and suffers from bad knees among other medical problems so she really forces herself to do everything she does. But I know my mom cares and supports me by her forcing herself to go with me to the different events she has gone to with me!

I try my best to push myself as much as my mom pushes herself. I try my best to be as strong as my mother and to have that no give up attitude my mother has! I try all this with all my might! I get my fighter attitude from my mother; I am speaking of my I play to win with a will not die attitude!

My mom is everything to me because without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. She raised me to be a great man with values. We haven’t always agreed on girls or seen eye to eye on various things but in the end, she has always been right with all of her suspicions. Usually, when she said something was going to happen on average it did. Everything, except the lottery numbers.


Above is my mom and “Tom Cruise.” Well, an impersonator dressed in a costume from the movie Top Gun. This picture was taken when she was in Hollywood, California to attend Tyler’s White Coat Ceremony.

My younger brother Tyler and I always lived two separate lives but I know in the end, we will always be there for one another! I know in the end we have always supported each other no matter what! We have supported one another no matter where we were at in each other’s lives. There are few people I know I can count on but I do know I can count on my younger brother Dr. Tyler Lunsford. I made the video below before my younger brother graduated from Dental School as a little inspiration for us both!


I could never be a dentist or go through all the various biology and math classes that he successfully completed. There is no way possible, I have to out of sanity, repeat that I could never be a dentist! Tyler is currently working as a Dentist at a Pediatric Dentist Office in Bakersfield, CA.

Tyler put a lot of effort in getting to where he is today by going through years on top of years of education. That is how he was able to secure a spot out in California at USC for Dental School. I couldn’t do any of that just like Tyler couldn’t accomplish everything that I have accomplished with my writing.


My brother met his goal with becoming a dentist out on the West Coast, and I have met my goal with living the life I want to live being a novelist.



I’ve  accomplished a lot so far as a Full Time Novelist! I am NOT working any other job but my job as a Novelist, and I have been living this life as more than just talk since 2014! I Explain all my current successes being a Full Time Novelist from 2014 to Present Day on the Below Webpage….

My Legacy

The Above Webpage Spells Out The Rated R Novelist’s Legacy Perfectly and This is A Legacy Nobody Believed I would have because a lot of people didn’t believe I would sale one copy of Roadie or any other title inside the LT_Writing Collection!

Just part of My Legacy includes….

That I self publish my work instead of trying to find a Literary Agent.

I have used two self publishing companies so far. I self-published Roadie through the Infinity Publishing Company out of West Conshohocken, PA.

I got the information on Infinity Publishing company from a former doctor of mine.


The other books I have published so far to date was published through Kindle Direct Publishing. I have published all Simply Priceless Universe Novels to date through Kindle Direct Publishing, and I published the first two books so far in the Sean James Franchise, along with the first two books in the Deville Series, and Turner and Prissey all of these titles are what I published so far with Kindle Direct Publishing.


The Below Wrestling Romance Article with Wrestling News Depot, The Johnson Transcript, and The Daily Citizen Article on LT_Writing took place as some of the beginning blocks in putting My Legacy together.  You can read each article by clicking each individual picture below!

Another supporter of mine, and great friend over my virtual lifetime has been my mom’s friend Charlie Johnson. Charlie has been like a father to me, and has also been an investor to me within the hallow halls of LT_Writing and was the first to invest in inventory for my work.

Charlie got me Roadie copies to put out into my town at Oakwood Cafe and at The Green Spot Grocery Store to have Roadie out in my town Available for sale. Multiple copies of Roadie sold at Oakwood Cafe! Shortly After I put Roadie copies into The Green Spot the grocery store closed their doors, and I used those Roadie copies to replace the Roadie copies that were selling at Oakwood Cafe! I also used those Roadie copies to mail off for wrestling news sources to review my One of a Kind Wrestling Romance Novel!

The picture to the right, is from my mom’s Facebook Page, and is directed to my doubters!


These supporters gave me the drive to succeed. I was asked once if my goal to set out and prove all my doubters wrong was a competition, and my answer is YES it is a competition and I am going to be the one winning. I don’t expect or want an apology when I prove them wrong because I am just going to get my victory and thrills when I know I have proven all my doubters wrong! The self-enjoyment will be all the victory I need!

In ALL HONESTY it is true that if I didn’t have the mother that I have I wouldn’t be where I am at today! Neither would Tyler because she taught us to never quit, and to always put the right foot forward, and to pursue our dreams with all of our hopes and ambitions leading the way.

I KNOW in the end the people that I can count on. Which are in no particular order! The first person I am going to list is my mom. I have always been able to count on her in ALL aspects of my life. She has always been and always will be the best mother in the whole wide universe and beyond!

I know I can count on Tyler to have my back, and I know I can count on Charlie to back me full Speed, and if I need something financially wise with my work I know he would help if he possibly could.

I don’t know too much about my dad here in Present Day if  I can count on him to be there for me in anyway at all? I have not spoke to my dad in anyway in almost 2 months, and I don’t plan to ever speak to him again. I will explain more about my dad’s and my parting ways on the Inspirations Webpage because my dad whether he is in my life or out of my life has inspired my work life in a lot of ways!


With all this being said I know in the end the majority of these people will always have my back with me pursuing my dreams and the majority of these people will celebrate me when I accomplish what I have been working so hard to accomplish. Not to mention celebrate the bonuses like the various articles that have been written about me and my work!

I won’t lie it feels good, beyond good actually, I can’t explain it really but I am a lucky guy is all I know. I am thankful for all of these people, and just would like to thank them all right now with showing my love for them on this page because they make me feel like a True Jedi Warrior

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