MY MAIN Professional Wrestler supporter



Former TNA knockout Ms. Payton Banks


Family Supporters

My main family supporter is my mom. She has gone to almost all of my various events. She has at least made all of my important events such as the Farley Con 2021 event with Jordynne Grace. I give my mom hell at times for not supporting me when in reality she supports me the most out of all of my family. I feel bad as I write this because even though my mom hasn’t read every book inside the LT_Writing Library or checked out every page on the two LT_Writing websites my mom has been more or a supporter for LT_Writing within my family than any other family member.



Business Partnerships

2newlogo-no-backdropIn August 2021 The Rated n Novelist Lee T. Lunsford made a deal with Rocky Spurlock the Promotor of Farley Con to be able to bring Impact Wrestling Knockout, Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Champion, Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Champion, and Former Impact Wrestling Digital Champion Jordynne Grace to be part of LT_Writing’s table at the August 14th 2021 Farley Con Event to help sale The Wrestling Romance Trilogy on the date The Rated R Novelist debut The Complete Wrestling Romance Trilogy.

Jordynne Grace agreed to attend Farley Con 2021 with me as part of LT_Writing and I lined everything up thanks to Rocky Spurlock’s permission. Some of the pictures from Farley Con 2021 are below….


Back in January I got a Facebook Message recruiting me to Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga from Hardcore McClure the Vice President of Talent Relations for Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga. I debut on Wednesday Night Fahrenheit which is Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga’s Wednesday Night Wrestling Show on Wednesday February 22th 2022. I was told by Hardcore McClure that Wrestling For A Cause Chattanooga is interested in using my UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin character at their events as Wrestling 4 A Cause Chattanooga’s version of AEW’s Excalibur on their commentary booth.


Above is All Etite Wrestling’s Excalibur!

You can read all about UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin on the

Unknown The Alien Assassin 

webpage on LT_Writing site 1 or go check out the UNKNOWN The Alien Assassin webpage on LT_Writing site 2.


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