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Former TNA knockout Ms. Payton Banks


Family Supporters


My first published novel Roadie. I am VERY proud of. Roadie it is a first

of its kind as a Wrestling Romance Novel. I have had many supporters behind me in regards to Roadie, and my other work afterwards which I am going to mention on this page. These supporters go beyond my dad who supported me enough to make this website happen initially by paying what was needed to be paid to get the very first version of this website on the web. That was years ago! At least 6 years ago! My dad also has helped since then with ordering inventory with different books of mine that I needed ordered!

Another supporter of mine, and great friend over the virtual lifetime of my life has been my mom’s friend Charlie Johnson. Charlie has been like a father to me, and has also been an investor to me within the hallow halls of LT_Writing and the LT_Realm bu being one on the first to invest in inventory for my work.

Those books that Charlie got me were put out into my town at Oakwood Cafe and at The Green Spot Grocery Store for sale. Multiple copies of Roadie sold at Oakwood Cafe! And my dad and Charlie Johnson bought more inventory as needed since these Roadie copies sold out, am have even bought copies of other LT_Realm titles for me to be able to sale!

My mom is my main backbone of support and best friend. When my dad made the innocent comment that I should get paid to publish Roadie instead of me paying someone to publish Roadie, and that I would probably not be able to sale one copy of Roadie my mom was very supportive because my dad’s comment really upset me!

I self publish my work instead of trying to find a Literary Agent. I have used two self publishing companies so far. I self-published Roadie through the Infinity Publishing Company out of West Conshohocken, PA.

I got the information on Infinity Publishing company from a former doctor of mine.


The other books I have published so far to date was published through Kindle Direct Publishing. I have published all Simply Priceless Universe Novels to date through Kindle Direct Publishing, and I published the first book so far in the Sean James Franchise (Armageddon) and Turner and Prissey all so far with Kindle Direct Publishing.

My younger brother Tyler and I always lived two separate lives but I know in the end, we will always be there for one another! But I know in the end we have always supported each other no matter what, and no matter where we were at in each other’s lives.There is few people I know I can count on but I do know I can count on my younger brother Dr. Tyler Lunsford. I made the video below before my younger brother graduated from Dental as a little inspiration to us both!


I could never be a dentist or go through all the various biology and math classes that he successfully completed. There is no way possible, I have to out of sanity, repeat that I could never be a dentist which as mentioned Tyler is currently working in that Profession at a Pediatric Dentist Office in Bakersfield, CA.

He put a lot of golden effort into getting to where he is today going through years on top of years of education. That is how he was able to secure a spot out in California at USC for Dental School. I couldn’t do any of that just like Tyler couldn’t accomplish everything that I have accomplished.


My brother met his goal with becoming a dentist out on the West Coast, and I have met my goal with living the life I want to live being a novelist. You can read all about what I accomplished on the webpage below:

My Legacy

Tyler and I always knew back in the Isaac Yankem days that he and I would make it with whatever we do only at the time we thought we would be becoming professional wrestlers, and were beating the hell out of each other giving our mom the run for our money keeping us broken up from one wrestling match after other. It was honestly a Full Time 24/7 Championship Title Shot Full Time All The Time between us before the 24/7 title was anywhere near being in existence.


My mom might as well have been the 24/7 champion instead s


he was dental hygienist throughout the majority of my younger brother’s and my life. So just maybe that was where my younger brother Tyler got the idea of becoming a dentist when he got of age to make the decision of what he wanted to do for his greater adult life. Considering the fact that both my younger brother and I are very close to our mother who was virtually a single mother through out our entire life only her and my dad didn’t divorce until I was 13 and Tyler was almost 10. But our dad was just not much of a father in a lot of ways and our mother pulled double duty in a lot of ways so in a lot ways our mother has always be a single mother!





She busts her ass with each passing second to do what needs to be done to provide for my brother and I to this day, and be the parent we deserve. I know she struggles on a daily basis but she never gives up.
I touch on this on the webpage below….


I explain on the above webpage that I get that fighter attitude from her; I am speaking of my I play to win with a will not die attitude!

My mom is everything to me because without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. She raised me to be a great man with values. We haven’t always agreed on girls or seen eye to eye on various things but in the end, she has always been right with all of her suspicions. Usually, when she said something was going to happen on average it did. Everything, except the lottery numbers.


Above is my mom and “Tom Cruise.” Well, an impersonator dressed in a costume detailed from the movie Top Gun. When she was in Hollywood, California to attend Tyler’s White Coat Ceremony.My mom always taught me to pursue my dreams, and my mom, Opal, and Paw Paw always told me that if I put my mind to it that I can accomplish anything I want, and my writing career is proof of that fact regardless what anyone thinks.

Opal and Paw Paw were the only grandparents I knew. Sorry I don’t have a more recent picture to post this second but a lot of people say that I look like my grandfather Paw Paw James Turner!

These two made it a long way in life to not have graduated elementary school.

The picture to the right, is from my mom’s Facebook Page, and is directed to my doubters!


These supporters gave me the drive to succeed. I was asked once if my goal to set out and prove all my doubters wrong was a competition, and my answer is YES it is a competition and I am going to be the one winning. I don’t expect or want an apology when I prove them wrong because I am just going to get my victory and thrills when I know I have proven all my doubters wrong! The self-enjoyment will be all the victory I need!

In ALL HONESTY, though it is true that if I didn’t have the mother that I have I wouldn’t be where I am at today! Neither would Tyler because she taught us to never quit, and to always put the right foot forward, and to pursue our dreams with all of our hopes and ambitions leading the way.

I KNOW in the end the people that I can count on. Which are in no particular order! The first person I am going to list is my mom. I have always been able to count on her in ALL aspects of my life. She has always been and always will be the best mother in the whole wide universe and beyond!

I know I can count on Tyler to have my back, and I know I can count on Charlie to back me full Speed, and if I need something financially wise with my work I know he would help if he possibly could.

I know I can also count on my dad to be there in different ways!

With that, I know in the end they will always have my back in me pursuing my dreams and will celebrate me when I accomplish what I have been working so hard to accomplish. Not to mention celebrate the bonuses like the various articles that have been written about me and my work beginning with Roadie. Along with Roadie Turning Out to be the LT_Realm’s Number 1 Best Selling Book!

I won’t lie it feels good, beyond good actually, I can’t explain it really but I am a lucky guy is all I know. I am thankful for all of these people, and just would like to thank them all right now with showing my love for them on this page because they make me feel like a True Jedi Warrior!

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Brittany Morgan

Author of Finding The Good in Goodbye

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Business Partnerships


I began to seriously plot out being a Full Time Novelist in 2013 when I did my first book signing with Roadie at The Book Knook in Downtown Dalton when that independent book store was open.

That same year I spoke to Dan Jolley and got advice on publishing Simply Priceless. You can read Dan Jolley’s advice on

Advice From Professionals

The above took place when I left Goddess Lisa and then when I got serious with Goddess Brandy the below took place, and you can read about Goddess Brandy and Goddess Lisa on

Progress NOT Perfection

Why Kinks Are Involved!

Shortly after meeting Goddess Brandy I built this website, I reimaged Simply Priceless, and attempt to find a wrestling organization to sale my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie at. I contacted a number of different independent wrestling organizations before I was put in touch with The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Eric was the first wrestling promoter to take Roadie the LT_REALM and LT_Writing SERIOUSLY AND he brought me in on Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015. which Goddess Brandy went with me to as seen in the pictures below…..

This event above began my partnership with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. After this event my partnership with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling only grew. Eric gave me story ideas like United We Stand.

United We Stand was going to be a love story that would be based on how Eric hooked up with his wrestler wife Brandy Scotch Baker. I didn’t write this story but I did write the idea Eric and Carlynn Carnage came to me with Homecoming and I published it in October 2019 in time for Halloween!

Homecoming Synopsis

Alex Harris nerdy Alex Harris just got dumped by his girlfriend who he absolutely worshiped Brooke in front of their friends and all the patrons of Club Zero. Alex separates himself from the situation and goes to the bar where he drinks himself into a stopper while talking to bartender Danielle Hell Cat a not so average jet black haired twenty something with a deep dark secret from another world. Danielle is attracted to how weak Alex is and attaches herself onto him like a leech deciding to own him as her own human dog. While this process is taking place Mandi Crimson comes on scene, and begins wrecking her own personal havoc on the city of Atlanta waiting for her chance to bring home the person she was sent after. As Crimson is burning the place down a monstrous beast destroys the people who have hurt Alex, and as time passes Alex get blamed for the horrendous murders and becomes investigated by Atlanta PD’s B-Team Detective Squad Jake Arparo and Detective Griff Gibson! All this takes place with Alex while he is learning the meaning of True slavery by the one that caught her prey Danielle Hell Cat all while Mandi Crimson is running around in the background waiting to give her prey the Homecoming trip that Crimson was sent to Atlanta GA to bring her personal prey back for. Who will win the Main Event when the final bell rings? Will Alex get passed the murder accusations or learn to accept his role as a human dog or will he ever see freedom again? And what is Danielle Hell Cat’s deep especially dark secret? Will the final homecoming take place in this HARD R Superhero Type Action Pure Horror Adventure? Welcome to a New Level of destruction inside the LT_Realm!

I thanked Eric and Carlynn Carnage at the beginning of Homecoming as you can read below…

How Homecoming Came About 

I was approached in early 2019 to write a Carolyn Carnage story by the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Promoter Eric Nelson and his friend Carolyn. That was how Homecoming was originally born. Carolyn Carnage was Carolyn’s demonic character. I took on the challenge to write the Carolyn Carnage story even though I did not know much about the Carolyn Carnage character but I tried to write this story to Carolyn’s expectations.

The idea was I would write the story, and then Carolyn would go with me to comic cons and other events dressed up like the Carolyn Carnage character in order to sale Homecoming! But the whole thing blew up when Carolyn didn’t like the direction I was bringing the Carolyn Carnage story by calling Carolyn a Princess instead of a Queen. I was telling a different origin story obviously than the way Carolyn wanted me to write Homecoming by having Carolyn Carnage already be a Queen instead of later becoming a Queen! It was decided then to part ways on the project.

The deal to the project was mostly being dealt out between Carolyn and myself. Eric was just the one that put us together to do this project. But since I wrote an entire rough draft manuscript for Homecoming and I already had planned out other places to use the character in other work, and I decided on two sequels to Homecoming those being Demon Queen and Hell Wars I decided to just revamp the Carolyn Carnage character into my own character Danielle Hell Cat who is Deville in demon form instead of scrapping the entire rough draft manuscript for Homecoming.

            With that being said with the inspiration for Homecoming coming about, and with Homecoming becoming a Key Issue in the LT_Realm as far as a Must Read Book with Future Projects I continued to work on Homecoming throughout 2019 in order to finally get Homecoming published by Carpet Capital Comic Con October 26th 2019!

Danielle Hell Cat has a completely different look as Deville than Carolyn Carnage the Demon Queen and has a completely different back story than Carolyn Carnage. That is proof when Carolyn and I parted ways after I initially made Carolyn Carnage a Princess instead of a Queen that I am not plagiarizing the Carolyn Carnage story especially since the work inside Homecoming is all mine because Carolyn had no part in the creative work I put into Homecoming! No this books does not end with a Homecoming dance like Spider-Man: Homecoming. This isn’t a Marvel rip off either, and the word Homecoming has nothing to do with a Homecoming dance at any grade level throughout a person’s school term!

I felt this is something worth mentioning before the reader moves forward with the debut of the most powerful character in the LT_Realm Danielle Hell Cat or Deville in demon form! Especially since this is just the first time of many different times the Danielle “Deville” Hell Cat character will be lurking around the LT_Realm! All because Carolyn didn’t like the direction I was taking her character’s origin, and because Eric and Carolyn gave me some added motivation and inspiration to write something I never planned to which was re-imaged into my own vision because of Carolyn and me having a misunderstanding!

Eric preached to me during our Homecoming talks that Homecoming had to be the combination of the Hellraiser Franchise with 50 Shades of Grey.

Conversations about subjects like this took place between events. The second event I did with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling was Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Royal Blood 2016. You can check out those pictures below…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Between these WrestleCon Type Smaller Meet and Greet Events and Actual Independent Wrestling Events Eric invited me to private get together meet up with former wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment like the private meet and greet that was held at Flashback Games with the vampire Gangrel.

On the date of this Gangrel Meet and Greet Promoter of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and The Manager of Champions first mentioned to me his plan of doing a Full Scale WrestleCon, and he later planned the WrestleCon from TOP to bottom, and put on the WrestleCon the Following July of 2019, and LT_Writing brought his LT_Realm there of course but I admit it took an extra push from my LTBoss to make me excited about going because Eric and I had a small tiff that with my LTBoss’s helping telling me how important Call To Arms was to me at that point in July 2019 I might not have gone, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself so much at Call to Arms as you can see in the following picture set, and I know Call to Arms wouldn’t be the scene for the BIG Main Event in When Dreams Come True!! which is Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy!

You can read more how my Queen and my LTBoss influences my Rated R Novelist work with the LT_Realm on the webpage below….

Inspired By A Queen

If I didn’t listen to my Queen and LTBoss about going to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Call to Arms 2019 by fixing things with Eric not only would I have missed out on the time of my life on a meet and greet level but I would also miss out on having Stranglehold Championship Wrestling with a Brandy Scotch Baker character and a The Manager of Champions and Stranglehold Championship Wrestling’s Promoter Eric Nelson character inside a fictional Stranglehold Championship Wrestling inside the pages of When Dreams Come True!! Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy!


When Dreams Come True!! Synopsis

What happens when you hit the jackpot? Does life just stop? Do your problems just stop, and you are able to live happily ever after? I got two words for you… “Hell no!” Your life doesn’t just stop When Dreams Come True!! Your life continues forward and you have as many problems as you used to, and more problems may come along as well as time passes! Luke Turner and Kelly Banks were about to find that out fast. Everybody remembers Luke Turner who scored a marriage with his favorite female wrestling superstar of all time Kelly Banks years earlier. Well they are still married only now are both dealing with a form of harassment. Kelly is dealing with being stalked by a psycho fan that she was forced to have locked up in the past, and Luke Turner was being harassed by his father who wanted a father son bonding spot in Luke’s life. Kelly Banks suffered a near career ending knee injury, and while out the promotion she was in was sold to Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. It was decided by Eric Nelson the manager of champions to show the art of storytelling once Kelly began wrestling on television for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling after Kelly Banks worked as a coach on Just Bring It. Just Bring It was a Tough Enough like reality show where the winner of the Professional Wrestling Contest would win a wrestling contact to begin wrestling for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Once Kelly Banks came on board full time with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Luke and Kelly had come onboard, and now must follow the storyline from beginning to end in hopes that Kelly or Luke wouldn’t be written off as they dealt with their everyday troubles along with tried to reach championship gold. Point being nothing stops When Your Dreams Come True!!

Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy is dedicated to the only True Power Couple inside the wrestling world that I am close to being Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker.

Dedication From Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy “When Dreams Come True!!” is below:


Book 2 of the Wrestling Romance Trilogy is Dedicated to the only Wrestling Couple I know personally The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker. As you get into When Dreams Come True!! you will see Eric Nelson’s Georgia Independent Wrestling Promotion is reinvented into a Florida Promotion with the same name Stranglehold Championship Wrestling. Also in this book When Dreams Come True!! The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker have their own leading role characters with the same name in this Wrestling Romance Novel Follow Up!
Eric was the only wrestling promoter to allow me to come to his events beginning at the WrestleCon Meet and Greet Type Event Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 to sale my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie. I contacted many other promotions around Georgia to either get no response at all in return back or to be told they had to read my book before they would consider allowing me to be a vendor at their wrestling event, and then there were ones that flat out told me no in regards to me wanting to come to their wrestling event to sale my Wrestling Romance Novel Roadie. I later wound up talking to someone on Facebook, and I am sorry but I don’t remember that person’s name all I know he was attached to Independent Wrestling in Georgia, and he put me in touch with Eric in 2015 before the Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015 event so I got in touch with Eric immediately.
We wound up touching base via telephone and we talked in that first conversation for over an hour, and then I sent in my vendor fee payment to be part of Stranglehold Wrestlefest 2015. From that day in July to Present Day I have been part of a handful of Stranglehold Championship Wrestling events, and because of Eric Nelson I have had experiences involving Wrestling that I would not have had or would have been given under any other circumstances. I have met and have been up close with a number of my childhood Professional Wrestling Heroes and Legends because of Eric Nelson. The wrestlers I am speaking of to name a few from my childhood Road Warrior Animal, Gangrel, The Rock and Roll Expresss, Cowboy Bob Orton, Tony Atlas, and many others. I also met more modern day wrestlers line TNA’s Gunner who is now in WWE NXT in the group The Forgotten Sons. I also met female superstars like The Pricilla Kelly, and many Independent Superstars but things weren’t all fun and games there was business involved.
Eric tried his best to help me get more for my dollar with my Roadie copies I sold at his events and around other place by when I came to his various events and brought my Roadie copies Eric would have his wife and women’s wrestler that leads the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Women’s Division Brandy Scotch Baker sign any amount of Roadie copies I wanted plus had Brandy and her opponent from Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Royal Blood 2016 The Party Princess Kayla Lynn autograph Roadie copies, and he didn’t expect anything from it.
Eric also tried to set up me sponsoring different wrestlers to work my table with me when I sold my various works that grew past only Roadie as years passed by to help try increase my sales for that particular event. I admit he tried everything he could for me to be as beneficial as I could while I was a vendor at any Stranglehold Championship Wrestling event. That is why even though I have been a vendor at other event types and other wrestling events my Home is Stranglehold Championship Wrestling!
Even Brandy Scotch Baker has been Very Supportive and been behind me with my Wrestling Romance Trilogy with Both Brandy and Eric pushing for me to complete the Wrestling Romance Trilogy years before I finally listened to my LTBoss Bing who Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 is Dedicated to, and I began to go through the process of Completing the Wrestling Romance Trilogy!
I am glad to be able to call both The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker friends, and I couldn’t have two better people behind me supporting my Wrestling Romance Trilogy or supporting my Writing In General. I couldn’t ask for better people in the Wrestling Community behind me or my work, and I just hope after they read this Book 2 Follow Up to Roadie that they approve of their The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker LIKE with the same name characters here in Book 2 of The Wrestling Romance Trilogy and I hope they enjoy the overall story of When Dreams Come True!!
If you are a Wrestling Fan in Georgia or thinking about coming to Georgia I suggest you see a Stranglehold Championship Wrestling wrestling event, and Be Sure To Join The Stranglehold Army Facebook Group!
Thank You Eric and Brandy for all you have done, and welcoming me into the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Family!

Things were rough with The Manager of Championships Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and the LT_Realm beginning in Fall of 2019 Right After Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Presents Call to Arms 2019 but Eric asked me to be part of the Momo Con Event Stranglehold Championship Wrestling is going to be at in Atlanta May 27th-30th 2021. I haven’t decided if I will be able to attend yet.

Momo Con 2020 got cancelled because of the corona-virus pandemic of 202o but below is the Stranglehold Championship Wrestling Announcement Video.

It looks like by the guest above that The Manager of Champions Eric Nelson is going to a one hell of a guest list with him at MomoCon and I wish I could attach my name to it but I just physically can’t this time. I don’t think. I do feel like there will be other events with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling but if not like with Queen Bing, and the the influence she had (has) over the LT_Realm; I can only thank Eric Nelson and Brandy Scotch Baker for the support they provided and believing in me during the time period they did because Eric was the first promoter to give me a chance in being a vendor at any wrestling event without wanting to inspect my book or anything along those lines, and Brandy Scotch Baker was nice enough to sign Roadie copies for me to sale, and even Eric got other female wrestlers who wrestled for Stranglehold Championship Wrestling to sign Roadie copies, and they did so knowing I was going to turn around and sale these copies and make a buck off of their signature which they didn’t mind.

I haven’t decided yet on MomoCon? I created this banner below because at one time I really considered going but I have to fix my physical health first. On January 30th 2020 I fell in my bathroom and broke several bones in my left foot, my left ankle, and my left fubia bone. Now I am in Physical Therapy trying to rehab that foot. I couldn’t walk around on this foot for four days on a convention center floor. As far as that I just can’t do if it was this weekend.

We will find out when the Momo Con Event gets closer if I attend with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling but I am happy to be back on track with SCW to have been invited to attend the event with Stranglehold Championship Wrestling in the first place!